Monday, January 2, 2012

peaks and valleys

My vacation is tripping right along toward day last so I'm already in training to head back to the sawmill, as in getting my mind in the right place. I love the people and I love the work...sometimes it's just too much with all that other stuff on the plate. Today is really the first that I've had to sit and enjoy the quiet hum of electric heaters running up my TVA bill. Tennessee Valley Authority is the one, ya know, that tacked on a "surcharge" to the local utility company's service to us. It started out really small...a few dollars that nobody would notice. That was in April '10 or 11. Last month, thanks to my frugality and warm layering, we did quite well except for that damn surcharge which was a full FIFTY damn percent of the entire usage. All of this while their execs got nice bonuses. REALLY?? They said it was cover the "repair" costs for all the acts of nature this year. Bull.Shit. I hope Dyersburg Electric and their ever so gallant attorney get somebody's freaking attention over there in the east. What part of hell no do you not understand???????

I was really happy to see all the Verizon customers smack 'em down on that little "convenience" fee. Ya'll gonna charge us to pay our own bill? I think not dudes. ATT already has free mobile to any mobile and when you're using a phone as your only link to others, that counts for a lot. Not everybody is on your network, asshat. Hmmm? Wonder why! One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that righteous indignation is catching and eventually collective voices will be heard. If not in this life, then the next. Lord...I sound like a preacher.

The horse just flew by the front window down the gravel drive expecting to be fed, I presume. Somebody will come along and do that. Faith is still kidnapped and I'm beginning to miss her terribly. She is such a calm influence in the midst of those scruffy boys and the crazy ass calico. Her highness Lily will sit on a dresser and clear it off one item at a time in less than five minutes. We find stuff everywhere that we never even knew we had.

I should be celebrating...and in many ways I am. I found, to my great relief, that I'm not to be a grandma yet. Timing is everything, ya'll. Not that I really believed that dipsticks from the dollar store could malfunction. Sometimes it comes in handy to have technology. Most businesses are closed again today taking advantage of a holiday weekend stretch. As Martha would say "That's a good thing."

Ya'll say a little prayer for us here on the hill. Challenges seem to keep on coming and of course we all know that's how we grow courage. Yikes! Somebody hold me now. Some days, I just want to be the baby again.


  1. Well, I'm sure you don't want to wait until May 2012 to have peace (see Drew, I can do it too, LOL) So I'm going to send peace, hugs and prosperity to you for all of 2012.