Monday, January 9, 2012

southern exposure

Against all odds, Oscar got a bath this afternoon but only because I needed one too. Presently, he is laid out on my bed covering the top layer of warmth with his almond and shea butter scented body. This, is why we wash blankets every single day. Faith and Sam pretty much groom their short haired selves in the winter but not the wild man. BG brought all three of 'em up to mama's work today on a road trip and we did puppy sugars through the open windows of the not quite yet repossessed Neon with almost 200K miles. The good news is that she's back at work where she got laid off a few months ago.

I tuned into the GOP debate on Saturday just for kicks and was treated to about fifteen minutes of Santorum whining before I switched over to something funny and mindless. That boy needs some boundaries, which is something the big networks don't provide for entitled candidates. It is absolutely amazing to watch the grand old party piss away their chances to do something good by coming to the table in compromise and figuring out how to fix this whole gal'durn'mess. That's what Doris says about any situation that seems like going to hell in a handbasket. Don't blame the Dems for this one ya'll.

By nature, I am fiscally conservative because I have to be right now to survive. I see all kinds of opportunity to create program that would help folks navigate their way in life by bartering and trusting that Big Ernie will provide. That does not include entitlements for being repressed or discriminated against. A couple of generations in this country are living off of the middle class right along with the filthy rich. In the words of my friend Sally, "This is not acceptable."

Still mild here but I think the big freeze is coming because it always does. Last night there were five of us in the double bed...a mother and a daughter and three dogs for warmth. Guess you could call it a three dog night.

Peace and love ^j^

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  1. Woof.
    "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." ~ Thomas Jefferson