Monday, January 23, 2012

things that go bump in the night

Well, we dodged a bullet on last night's storm. As a matter of fact I slept all the way through thanks to the magic of benadryl. Safe.Effective.Cheap. My kinda drug! Right after I got settled I saw a big ass truck pull up in the driveway and it was a former roommate returning some stuff that was mine ours and theirs. I was tickled to find my warm house shoes that have been missing for a year. We sat in her floor and went through what left when she moved out and back to the farm over a year ago.

I made a run down to mama'n'them's to count pills and check on the state of their union. Daddy was in a mood because he's killed both remotes and can't do what he wants with the TV in a split second. Ritual is his best friend, and he hates the commercials. The skies are gray again following a morning of sunshine and it's still peeping in and out. Nice day to burn some shit if the wind dies down. More than likely a home manicure will win out on that little deal. My ethereal friend dropped off a yoga mat and blanket so I'm free to stretch my little shoulder out and work on "the bitch" as I call her. Her best friend is naproxen.

The dogs are out digging for whatever critter is in the dirt out there...wet and muddy and not even allowed on my bed until they dry off. That's what the doggie beds are for ya'll. I love you, but....

Peace and love.

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