Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the things we do for love

Well, I guess some folks would say "sucks to be you" right now. Just yesterday I was told by an informed source that the roommate who left on his birthday with a bottle of high dollar whiskey was seeing someone else the entire time he lived here. I knew it, of course, but didn't feel like dealing with the drama at that point in time. When his father died and I sat in the back row all alone while he and the fam' snuggled up and reconnected I said to myself "Self...something ain't right here." Beginning of the end, so to speak. Total disrespect by someone who slips in and out of people's lives at whim using them as he goes. My bad for allowing that to happen here on the hill.

I'm up later than usual, working an odd shift that ended early thanks be to the gods who oversee patient census. More and more the trickle down effect is hittin healthcare providers as in: unless you're really sick or blown up, most people can't afford the bill. If I had a buck for every drug seeker who has shown up in our ER over the years, I'd be in Fiji at the moment writing that book while accepting a fruity drink from the oh-so-attentive hot as hell cabana boy.

In typical Poopie fashion, I watched Tosh instead of Obama because really? All I want to do is have fun. Political speeches unless delivered by Stewart and Colbert are not much fun. God bless all ya'll. It will be what it is. I totally respect those two gentleman for doing what they do even though they're close to the 1%. Ditto for Chelsea and her entire bunch.


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  1. That isn't very nice. (the back row) Needs his butt kicked, just for old times sake. Just sayin'
    Hugs and prayers