Friday, January 20, 2012

full circle

It's been forever and a day since I've had a beer up in the kudzu. On the way home today, I noticed that the proprietor and the manager Becky were on duty so I stopped by to chit chat and catch up on life. Rick rolled in with lunch and we visited while they ate. About that time a few guys strolled up for their afternoon libation and we visited as well. I haven't seen Rodney in six months and he looked quite good for someone with full blown lung cancer and liver mets. He was talking about the Alaskan cruise he's been wanting to do but then there's always something coming up like his son's wedding and whatnot. If it was me, I'd smooth be on the way and check up on the ship's captain to make sure he's not buzzed and gettin' laid at work. I guess you gotta go somehow.

The old W2 was in my box today so that's on this afternoon's to do list. Since it was payday, I splurged on lunch in mexico with my dear friends after stopping by to buy some new electrodes for my tens unit. The bitch lesion in my upper right shoulder MUST die or I need muscle relaxers. Hopefully we can work this thing out. Dogs napping? Check. Cloudy skies? Ayep. Feeling blessed? You betcha'. And for the record? It's not Obama's fault any more than it is Dubya's.

Over and out from the lane ^j^

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  1. I been saying that part for a long time. But no one listens, because I'm from north of the 49 so I couldn't possibly understand. But the whole world is falling apart (sort of like the home made granola bars I made). It's no one's "fault", except that the boys who make all the money keep wanting more, so they find places where there are no regulations, or ways to bend the rules when there are and screw everyone over, including governments and the little people. What can you do except live life to the fullest....
    Hugs and prayers