Tuesday, January 31, 2012

quiet time

I came home after work today just dying to stretch out, watch Chelsea and laugh out loud. As I topped the back steps and looked into the kitchen I noticed a munchkin size kid peering at me through the glass and remembered that BG was babysitting Junior. To him, anybody around when something needs fixing is "mama" and he kept both of us hopping until they left a few minutes ago. Cute as pie, and active as a year old child. After the third or fourth spill, I told BG that I wasn't ready for this yet. She concurred.

My brother sent me out on a photo mission yesterday at the old dairy barn which is due for some repair. The roof has fairly new tin and the beams look sturdy in spite of their age. Many of our former sheriff's campaign signs are still on the dirt floor next to the silos just waiting to be pitched on that brush fire in the making. It is quiet now, just me and the dogs hanging out listening to music with our friend out front picking pecans. The calm after the storm, so to speak.

Ya'll know I've been a Ron Paul fan for several years now and it just tickles me shitless that he went all stealthlike up to Maine while the loudmouth boys in Florida try to win a pissing contest. One poll that I took today had Dr. Paul and Gingrich neck and neck which is no small thing considering all the bullshit we've seen flung around thus far. If there is one single contributing factor to my loyalty it is the fact that he voted against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here we are all these years later, still there with enlistees looking at new tours when our own infrastructure is falling apart. Big military = big money. Spend it wisely, ya'll.

There is a cause up in the internet spotlight at the moment thanks to combat reporter Michael Yon concerning medivac flights and Geneva convention rules that put them at too great a risk for life saving runs at times. His current story features the death of a 24 year old who was alive but died because he had to wait for backup to transport him to a hospital. His mama is mad and so am I. Michael's agenda from the beginning has been to showcase the sacrifices being made by those who believed that our government will take care of them because they serve. There are several books, which I have not read because I've been devouring it all on the interwebs. Great work dude. They're all my heroes, thanks to your reporting.

Do no harm. It is a simple oath that all healthcare providers...not just physicians...take when being trained. It is so much about the money today that the mantra gets lost in the shuffle on many occasions. I certainly don't claim to have the answers, but I'm gonna do my part to make the world a better place, one life and one situation at a time.


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