Wednesday, January 25, 2012

it's a stretch

Meanwhile, back on the hill I've enjoyed an entire day of spa like pleasure in my own home accompanied by three dogs, one cat and a come and go BG. And of course, music. My ethereal friend donated a yoga mat and blanket and I'm hooked. Get thee away from me naproxen! This old girl is ready to bust out and live a happy stress free life. Um hmm. I even got home delivery of lunch and necessities so it's a successful day off with no (not much) contact to the real world. Life is good.

I called mama while daddy was out to lunch and she sounded incredibly relieved to be alone with her thoughts which included how to get her high dollar meds from the internet pharmacy that is pimping for the federal government and their retiree program. My father served in the Air Force during the fifties and then proceeded to be an ag specialist with the USDA until he retired at the age of 55 to become a full time farmer. The maps in his basement office tracked the progress of Japanese beetles on the cotton crop all over the country. With push pins, no less. No of the day included hand written reports submitted to the feds by their postal service. Stamps were probably about a nickel then. My intense passion for green comes straight from him. Mama could care less about working up a sweat in the yard following the patterns of seasons that come and go like clockwork.

Mama taught me how to cook and thanks to her I can do something with just about anything in the frig and a few spices. Lately, I use EVOO and real butter to sautee what I really want rather than throwing something together that is unhealthy and easy. Dollar General makes a brazillion bucks off of mac'n'cheese, I'd be willing to bet. I love green onions, Duke's mayo, asparagus and parmesan smeared all over an Italian loaf and broiled. Maybe a little ham or turkey. Yum YUM. Tomato basil jelly is also good with all that. I watch people when I'm shopping, seeing what they toss into their carts and more often than not they are cheap choices that fit on their cards to feed a house full of folks.

I'm over it ya'll. As my internet boyfriend says, we can't go back and undo the Asian connection. They own us lock stock and barrel and it's time to either put on big people panties and deal with it or cast a vote, preferably both. Not that at matters, but at least you can say you tried. Mine's wide open and I wonder who's gonna come after it? I believe in the process if not the system, ya know?


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