Sunday, January 15, 2012

i love it when that happens

Anna has always been a part of our lives in one way or another. She and BG and their teenage accomplices managed to raise nine kinds of hell and never get in (serious) trouble. She and most of the others have kids now but they're still MY kids when push comes to shove. She and baby daddy have been together for years and have worked their way from poverty into a comfortable lifestyle with a back yard for Conner. They are planning a June wedding and I was blessed with the honor of snapping an engagement picture right smack in front of the barn where they have fed Pride over the years. That is a humbling thought.

Politics is still off limits here because there's nothing to talk about anymore. Arrogant entitled assholes living off of the backs of American workers have killed the spirit. Or have they? Occupy isn't over yet, ya'll. Consumers will more likely buy American when they can afford it and it should be thus and so. Listen to me sounding all biblical and stuff. I still recall the happiest day of my life as when I walked out of bankruptcy court free from 30K worth of plastic debt. American dream, my ass.

Had a bunch of company yesterday with friends hooking up and others meeting each other. My earthmother friend should be on the Gulf Coast by now teaching Katrina ravaged neighborhood gardeners how to grow their own food. How many years ago was that anyway? I will never ever as long as I live forget seeing the mass chaos that followed that one natural disaster. Sure, they knew the risk and lived there anyway. But it was home.

Thanks to my editorial boyfriends I've got a mental picture of what my book might be so that's half the battle. The biggest thing is just getting my AdHD ass to sit down and focus. Let's pray and be specific on that one,'Umkay?

Over and out from Pecan Lane ^j^

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