Friday, January 27, 2012

where's my refund?

About 90% of the people I know are not so patiently waiting for money from the feds that was used interest free all year via this willy nilly sort of tax code that allows corporate gains (ya'll know they're people, right?) to be taxed at the same rate as the income of the middle class. Like me. And you and your mama'n'them. Being the southern belle that I am, old money is revered and treasured because it was earned mostly by people who had the spirit of, um. Capitalism? It's nothing new , just the devil in another pair of sheep's clothing. The older I get, the more I appreciate the barter system. It's when you get the pharisees up in there doing the tax thing that the trouble starts. Infrastructure, my ass. Makes me want to kick over a damn table and do what Jesus would do in the temple.

I have been following a reporter named Michael Yon since the beginning of the "war on terror." An self-professed adrenaline junkie, he has been an embed in countless military operations all over the world. With a particularly unbiased political view, he has managed to capture the spirit of those who serve our country with respect for the horrors that they witness just doing the job of being a part of our armed forces. Many people forget how many other countries have sent their folks to protect and defend, only to be shot at and rallied around like trophies. In that part of the world, it will never change. Like my daddy says "it has always been thus and so." Now that's biblical if I ever heard it!

The GOP is giving me some really big giggles these days because, really? What have they got. One is brain dead and the other is your mother's worst nightmare. I'm hoping Ron Paul will bust out and do a third party thing. Choice is good, umkay? It's early yet though. I will hang onto my smartass redneck vote until I'm sure I've been heard by somebody other than the MSM.

Have a good weekend, and call your mother when you have time. You know she needs to hear our voices ^j^

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