Friday, January 13, 2012

swift justice

I'm not real big on dealing with the law so I try to stay clear and keep my t's crossed except for that pesky seat belt thing which is probable cause for a pull over. That also includes that absent driver's side brake light on the camry. BG is driving the Neon quite slowly because it needs brake shoes and wobbles like a sumbitch. Anyhoo...this friend of mine had some luck yesterday that sounded like something that would happen to me! She was cruising through the 'burg to run errands and lo and behold wasn't strapped in for the first time in forever. The girl is a FREAK about it. The officer stopped her and issued a warning ticket and she went on her way for a few blocks before the lights came on and he came to get her again! Poor thing didn't have a clue what was up.

She was arrested and booked into the county jail still not knowing what the charge was on the freakin' bench warrant for her ass. Um.Hmm. As it turns out, she had moved and didn't receive a notice for a second court date on a civil matter that had been paid in cash to a clerk's office. Paper receipt? Gone with the wind according to said office. Bond? 237 bucks. Another court date...more fees. I mean, really? She made it to work on time too. Meanwhile, the meth madness continues around these parts, unscathed by every law enforcement agency's attempt to kill the demon. And we still don't know who killed the lady out there on Halloween.

The sawmill was buzzing today and it just about wore me out to creep toward quitting time. Lots of transition coming up there, as usual. I know in my heart that new tennies will make all the difference and that's on the short list for my next windfall. The meager pension is at least paying half of the rent, if not the utilities so things are looking up. There are a couple of guys braving the cold to pick up pecans today, bundled against the biting wind. And Faith's boyfriend showed back up after a long absence.

She's snoozing on the couch with a pain pill and could care less.

Happy weekend ya'll!


  1. Happy weekend to you too Janie.
    Any progress on the item we were discussing?