Wednesday, January 11, 2012

in the cosmos

Talk about some karma, ya'll. One of the last things that I babbled about was how people sit there and blame each other for things going wrong when there is always an element of human error. I was faced with a young lady today who had been somewhat "coached" by others to be indignant about an honest mistake. She had her own reasons and story for why she was so agitated but damn. Give a girl a break,ya know? I explained to her my history and qualifications and fessed up to a similar error myself not too long ago. Shit happens. Deal with it. The petty politics of the local office doesn't contribute a damn thing to the goal that we strive for....customer satisfaction.

Yesterday had one of those "this is what it's all about" moments with a former customer's wife coming by to let us know that he had died peacefully. It was then that I realized how easily we become a part of the life of someone else just by being compassionate. She seemed composed, but then she had been watching him slowly die for six months. "He never gave up hope" she said. I wouldn't either dude. Here's to you and your ornery Vietnam vet self!

Big round of applause for Mitt Romney and his NH showing. I don't know about ya'll, but I'd be watching over my shoulder for Ron Paul or Huntsman. Or both! I'm just tickled not to have to listen to much of Palin and/or that other girl that looks like Jesus just came down from the heavens every time she talks. Rick Perry is my favorite to bash though..."It's cuz I'm from Texas ya'll!" Uh. Yeah, we saw where that one went. I read the part of Dubya's bio where he quit drinking and I decided right then and there that I liked him much better as a party animal.

It's not cold yet and there is still propane in the tank. He got a check which was promptly cashed and I vow to catch up soon. Two jobs are better than one and refund time is coming, if the government doesn't go broke before then. I'm rearranging my bedroom to feature an altar with a southern view for my new money tree. Everything on that side of the yard is positioned just right for maximum light. Thus the forsythia and quince that will get bitten.

It's hump day people...'Nuf said ^j^

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