Saturday, January 28, 2012

hold my beer and watch this..

My KY cousin called yesterday afternoon to report that a halfway built cruise ship for a major line got STUCK trying to navigate a bridge close to her home. Pictures and everything, ya'll. Her son is an EMT and was on the scene like he always is. Can you imagine how pissed off that pilot is! Uh, like sorry boss. I didn't know the bridge was there. Here's your sign. That's the second blow in a week to pleasure cruising as a sport considering how that Italian stallion reportedly jumped ship and left everybody behind. Oh, and by the way? Big Ernie saw you.

Today is my in which to piddle in and out of the house with sunny skies as initiative to clean house and get my shit a little more together. It's amazing that I've managed to make it this far with my poor organizational skills. Definitely not my mother's child in that area, if you know what I mean. Even though she's blind, she still manages to know exactly how much money is in the account at any given time. Music is ranging from Kid Rock to George Strait at the moment. Great motivation!

We had some traffic yesterday afternoon when Pride's BFF came out in her new cowboy boots to feed and visit. Another friend pulled up and was amazed at how he just lays in the yard like a dog. It gives a whole new meaning to the term animal house. Back in the day we would about break our necks trying to keep him in. Slowly but surely the fencing has gone by the wayside. The problem is gonna come when the crops get planted. Sorry dude. No more roaming.

Another pecan picker just wandered up over in Pride's pasture. Those ancient trees were loaded with wild ones. I walked the yard yesterday afternoon, soaking up the sun and noticing that crocus and buttercup as well as snowdrop are all in bloom. Life is good here on the hill.


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