Monday, August 19, 2019

sparking joy

I set out on a round of errands this morning that included three stops to give people some happies I had saved.  One was a firefighter who wanted the old UT tickets.  Yet another was some old pictures of Rachel's Pop along with a mini John Ruskey poster.  Lastly was visit with Stella for some therapy and some chat with Kay.  Stella was featured in SHE magazine and I had picked up a couple of extra copies for them.  Plus an old newspaper clipping of Danny Jeffries coming back to DHS for a football banquet.  Yes, I have one of everything and  multiples of some thanks to my mother. 

The yard guys were hard at it when I got home after helping out a client and getting a new debit card.  I showed up just in time to give them one more job with old flower beds and gave dude a beer.  It's insanely hot out there, still.  The Gig the Goldfish bus should be showing up out here this afternoon so stay tuned for pictures.  

Peace and love ^j^

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