Saturday, August 10, 2019

coward to the end

Jeffery Epstein knew his gig was up.  He was facing the rest of his life in federal prison and so he chose to end it.  I can't say that I'm sorry, but there is no closure for those victims who wanted justice.  He denied them that with his self absorbed action.  Heck for all we know Trump may have put out a hit on him before he started squealing.  Yeah, I am a real conspiracy theorist.  

We are all behind locked doors and armed around here since the murderer is still on the loose.   As an example of how quickly things can happen, I was at the chicken store today and some guy tried to get into my car.  Luckily that can't be done on the passenger side.  I shook my head no and he wandered off to another silver car.  And yes.  I had my knife in my pocket.  

Mamye treated me to a California bowl to go last night.  She's good about taking care of me and knows I don't cook much.  Yesterday I found myself in deep prayer with tears for all the blessings I have, large and small.  I prayed for the safety of my daughter and granddaughter and that's when I got to crying.  It's a crazy world.  They will never know the good old days that us baby boomers experienced.  How sad.

Y'all be careful out there and keep the faith ^j^

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