Saturday, December 31, 2016

the end

Oh my lord, it felt good to sleep for 12 hours even if I did wake with a head full of snot and bronchitis.  It's one of those days that if you were of a mind to slit your wrists, the dreariness of the rain and cold would make it seem right.  Fortunately, I'm not one of 'em.  I made about 5 stops in the mess and scored some goodies from the health food store in between taking Larry back to the shelter and the 'gentral.  My last stop was at the fireworks stand which was totally empty except for me.  Got sparklers and roman candles to start out 2017 right.  

I didn't cry when I left Larry this time.  He had an opportunity to have a home and was just too wild and young to adapt.  He chases cars and bites at the tires......followed my brother onto the bypass the other day.  Somebody was gonna' get hurt and it had to be done.  In my Pollyanna mind he'll be rescued by somebody with a fenced in yard and time to train him.  Wendall promised :)

I've ramped up my protests about Ethel to the corporate level so maybe I'll get a call back next week.  If not, I'll keep trying.  I'm like a dog with a bone when somebody's been done wrong.  Sometimes you just have to do the next right thing.  

Adios 2016.  As far as I know Betty White is still alive and James Taylor so there's a positive.  Whatever the new year brings, it is what it is.

Keep the faith ~

Friday, December 30, 2016

peaceful easy feeling

That sigh of relief you hear is me walking away from the sawmill for a rare three day weekend,  It is absolutely cray cray up in there what with all the winter illness.  Our lab serves not only the inpatients and ER folks, but also lots of out patients from doctor's offices, home health agencies and the like.  The crud is slowly creeping all over.   The past two mornings it took a while to get the old sinuses cleared out.  I haven't seen a doctor because it costs too much and as long as there's no fever, I'll tough it out.  

As promised, I spoke with chicken store manager about Miss Ethel and he told me "if I knew the circumstances...yada."  All I could say is that she would not steal.  I've not known her very long but I know what kind of soul she has.  Those girls in there are straight up rock solid hard workers and he publicly humiliates them trying to act like big Ike in a little chicken store.  Most of them don't last long.  

I'm a gonna' try to figure out how to fry cabbage crisp enough that I'll like it because I need the folding money.  Peas will be from a can I feel sure.  Cornbread and voila.  Mr. Van used to carry all the essentials including hog jowl at the Plaza.  Lord I miss that place.  Billy Jack's farm equipment looks like an ad for an ag magazine.  At least when it floods again, there's nothing to be destroyed.  Two years back to back turned that two mile stretch into a no man's land.  The owner of the building next to the grocery lived in Memphis and it's actually pretty cool how the tiny bays are being restored.  Let's just say Southtown doesn't look dead anymore, as much. Well......

There are no resolutions here, only a peaceful wishing of joy for the new year.  I am manifesting my destiny as we speak because you never know when it's going to be a wrap.  If it did happen right now, I'd have no regrets.  I have made amends to those I've intentionally hurt and learned a kinder and gentler way of being.

One of my fondest memories is of my baby brother T dressed up like the New Year's baby, diaper and all, over at Gaga's house on Wheeler.  I'm pretty sure Millette was a player too.  These are the things that you can't make up and only a handful remember.  What is sad about the passing of family members is the shrinkage of those who can actually say "I remember that!."  lt's scary to be an elder :)

Epiphany ~

Thursday, December 29, 2016


I was raised in that little Beaver Cleaver bubble where you think that life is fair which it most definitely is not.  After getting dumped by my first love, I grieved for years.  That was my first experience of having something bad happen and not knowing "why".  I suppose it's my scientific analytical side that always wants to know a reason to feel more comfortable with tragedy.  Miss Ethel is a spitfire of a woman who works at the chicken store, until today.  She's the one who calls everybody "beautiful" and keeps the pace going when there's lots of traffic.  She was fired today because somebody isn't paying attention to who's doing the work and satisfying the customers.  It's on my to do list to call her manager and tell him how much I will miss her.  I just wish everybody would do that, in her honor.   I certainly know the feeling of being done wrong by people in the power position.

The weather is strange just like the rest of 2016.  When I read that Debbie Reynolds died too I just about keeled over.  Enough already!  Sadly, that's the circle of life and what shocks us today will be forgotten in the days to come when more loss comes.  That's why it's so very important to really grieve a loss in healthy ways because if you don't it's like carrying an anvil around the rest of your life.   Most of us think of these losses in terms of death of a person but every change in life from moving to changing jobs to marrying or divorcing marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.  Be kind to thyself.  

The cold is better but still hanging on.  The dogs have settled into a routine of staying inside when I leave and there have been very few accidents, thank the lort.  They are learning to sit for treats except for Oscar who just looks at me like WTF.  He's the one who was physically abused by the crazy previous neighbors.  

Hang in there kids.  It's a new year on the horizon which means a clean slate and plenty of opportunity to screw up set the world on fire!  

Namaste ~

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the creeping crud

Well, as it turns out there's a strain of flu that the shot didn't cover  that is making the rounds already.  It's a crapshoot from year to year when big pharm chooses which ones to include.  We are seeing lots of folks with high fever and severe upper respiratory infections which may or may not be influenza.  In my case there's been no fever, but a miserable good old fashioned cold.  My co-worker and I sound just alike, hacking and sniffling through the day.  We both have a few shifts off coming to hopefully get back in shape for "winter in hospital land" which is kind of like a house on fire.  

I haven't owned a pair of boots in years choosing instead to tromp around in the snow and ice with just tennis shoes.  While I was at Walgreen today picking up cat food I saw some simple ones for 15 bucks and now I'm ready.  Got several cans of de-icer left from last year.  I do need to get the windshield washer fixed because it barely squirts on the driver side and not at all on the passenger side.  I also have antifreeze to get the doors open as well.  Be prepared, says my inner Girl Scout.  

It rained a LOT night before last and the water was still standing when I left for work.  I have to leave Larry in when it's like that because he's faster than the Camry in water!   I've decided that my friend Lorna is so right when she tells me to be kind to myself.  That's why I take the time to do simple things like try makeup and clothes again.  The makeup makes me itch and doesn't last long.  FINALLY my hair is long enough for Sondra to style into a clip so I don't look like Trump on a bad hair day.  

There will be a story, I feel sure.  My friend has enough information to weave one man's inheritance into the story of our family on this farm.  That covers 60+ years.  I don't think I'll be back there for awhile.  If it moves, there will have to be frozen ground and that's not always a thing here in West Tennessee.  Time will tell.

Ya'll cover your mouth when you cough and wear a mask when you need to.  It's ugly out there!


Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Very few of us are born with silver spoons in our mouths.  The ones that are never know what it's like to go without.  They enjoy summer in the Hamptons and caviar never giving a thought to those who have nothing.  Well, I suppose there's an occasion do=gooder up in there.  Celebrities are good about that.  Politicians, not so much.

Carrie Fisher was a genius who used the talents she had in a lot of different ways.  She was a recovering addict when she died and shared much of that courage in her work.  As an actress, she was more than the Princess.  On a humorous note, at least 5 people told me today they didn't realize George Michael was gay.  O.M.G.

I met with a young friend this afternoon for a stroll down memory lane.  Her camera is MUCH better than mine and I can't wait to see what she got.  It was a good day for a hike around the dairy barn.  


Monday, December 26, 2016

the morning after

We woke up early this morning and BG got packed to go back home to Jackson.  She couldn't find her bra and found it IN THE YARD thanks to Larry.  Ditto for her shoes and one of mine.  Rain is in the forecast and the wind is blowing pretty hard as in wobbling the car a bit.  I know every little landmark on 412 including but not limited to Jim Rice farm equipment right around Maury City and Friendship.  He is one of the best friends I've ever had though we don't see much of each other.   Green Frog Coffee Company and the Safari Park are also highlights of that strip.  When I was a teenager that highway was two lanes between people looking for something to do and places like Old English Inn and the pizza place that still stands.  It's heavily traveled by commuters to and from Jackson.  Today, the sun was shining and traffic was light.  Thank you sweet baby jeebus, and also that the car made it.  It worked out much better than I had "planned" with Lauren here for two nights and us just kind of each doing our thing.  For one of my presents she swept my room!!

The upstairs at the cabin is down to outside walls and studs which is pretty amazing.  It's so much lighter up there now! The steps are split log and in good shape.  I remember falling all the way down one time on my ass when I stepped on a wasp. 
Oddly enough, its healing for me to spend time there now that it doesn't look like what I've always known.  I'm seeing wooden floors that have been covered since I was a child.  I've spotted the windows I want already and they are to die for cute.  I picked up my mailbox from the porch and it rode shotgun up the lane to be installed whenever.  Do you have to do concrete for that?  

Probiotics are on the list.  I feel like a giant fungus and it's only to be expected with the barrage of antibiotics that healthcare throws at us.  Sometimes they're good.  If it's viral, forget it.  Flu season has officially begun which means it's a good time to wear a mask if you didn't get a shot.  Hit that hand foam y'all.  

Gotta go ask Larry where my other shoe is.   

Sunday, December 25, 2016

you know the type

There are those who begin planning Christmas by Halloween and have it in place by black Friday.  By the PM hours of December 25th all that shit is history and it's back to "normal".  I prefer to remain slovenly and bedecked until I have time to re-group which is not today by any means.  Maybe next weekend.  

BG made it home and we'll be hitting the road early AM to get her to work.  The dogs won't let me sleep anyway unless all the blinds are pulled and the fan is on.

  These manic planners are the very same ones who control every other aspect of their lives to stay on schedule.  Go to work.  Come home. Buy food.  Athletic practice. Dance lessons.  And on and on.  There are days that I'm really glad not to be a follower.  I pushed BG in sports and she had talent which totally killed it for her.  Well, that and other things.  She was a good volleyball player and didn't have enough confidence to shoot a roundball.  Girl totally could smack a softball though.  

I showed up at work around sixish and found a card that my friend had left telling me how much she loves me and other stuff.  I cried when I read it.  We had not one but TWO meals not bought in the cafeteria done pot luck style instead.  Thank goodness for the microwave. We can't have a toaster anymore because it's "against the rules".  Alrighty then.  

I believe in God the Father, maker of heaven and earth.  And in Jesus Christ our Lord.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it ~

Saturday, December 24, 2016

things you can't make up

We gathered together and blended families at Millette's for brunch and I had my first mimosa ever.  It puts a nice buzz to the feast she prepared.  She, my brothers, Sandy and Nancy are the remaining grandchildren in that branch.  Debbie's kids were all there along with Mo and Ron's son, Laura and her hub and a bunch of kids ranging from 7 months to umm...tenish.  There was bottle warming and bouncing and I toured every square inch of the magnificent old home.  She is a designer by trade so is uniquely in tune with small details that make space work.  And coffee was served in my mother's Christmas china pot, with cream and sugar to match.  There in spirit.  So as the story goes Kristen lost a crown eating gumbo last night and it just so happens that her brother is a dentist so he glued it back on for her.  I love it when that happens.  The food is amazing and her flair for entertaining is genius.  

Bubba showed me more recon pictures and the original linoleum in mama's room is hideous old school floral.  That's the bottom layer on wood.  More walls are out upstairs but studs remain.  More light can get in, basically.  It's a "good" thing.  

If you are sick at the hospital, I'll see you there bright and early.  Please stay away unless it's life and death.  If it is, we'll be right there with you along with all other emergency responders.  It takes a village, you know.

Rejoice ~

Friday, December 23, 2016

what day is it anyway?

This week has been a blur of activity most of which has been putting out fires so to speak.  It reminds me of the time when my life was like that 24/7 and I still have trouble relaxing at times waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I'm not into the Christmas season at all even though I'm a big believer in the reason for the season.  Like with every other aspect of my life, I've had good intentions and gotten very little done production wise.  Lord knows I try!

The sawmill wasn't that bad today because everybody's winding down.  The usual droves were absent with stragglers here and there most likely wishing they were anywhere but at a hospital.  I saw quite a few folks loading up Santa in their trunks where it had been hidden at work and was being transferred to home.  Daddy used to hide ours at his office in the Baird Brewer building.  

I'm already dreaming of a return to Okaloosa Island in September after Atticus Deak gets into the world and his mom is ready for some beach.  This time BG will road trip with us.  That's a long time away and Lord knows what will be going on by then, but a girl's gotta' have something to look forward to.  

My priorities for the new year are simple.  Get a new ( to me ) more reliable car.   I really think that would release me from the feeling of being trapped and limited in decision making.  To all of you who have helped this year with transportation to and from for visits to Jackson, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It's only 45 minutes away but seems like a hundred with the state of my car.  

I want to get serious with the farm history now that the dust has settled with finishing up the estate.  I'm planning on a small garden, Lord willing.  I'd like to get my office set up as a comfy place to visit, not just hang out and listen to YouTube.  In a perfect world there would be a Bose radio and a love seat.  And of course, Sugardaddy.

Let's manifest all this and more for 2017 how about it?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

could break an anvil

I have a reputation for being tough on appliances and lawnmowers.  That's why I now pay Mayberry to do it because it's much easier than trying to keep a mower going in this yard full of roots.  Ain't got time for that.  He has really done an amazing job of shaping up the landscape around here which formerly looked like the grapes of wrath kind of deal.  Daddy bought a mower on the farm's dime once not knowing it wasn't really the cool thing to do so that mower is still taking care of the shack.  What goes around comes around.  I used it a couple of years until Bubba grounded me from it.  I broke a lot of belts.

I also tend to overload the washer but have been quite careful since Kevin got onto me about it.  The other day I set the load to small for tennis shoes only and forgot to change it when I put the next bunch in.  Um...loud noises and dead last night.  The stove too.  There's no light in the basement so I went down there with my phone to flip breakers which didn't help.  Oh well.  It'll be there tomorrow, I thought.  I gave a shoutout to a buddy who said he'd check things out.  

When I got home I pulled out the washer to find it and the stove were unplugged, probably by the jarring action.  One issue addressed.  After a fitful start it did, indeed, drain and spin.  Thank you sweet baby jeebus.  Oh, and also thanks for helping my friend Tiff get a new car!  She loves you tons.  

The sawmill will be skeleton crew for four days and then for four more next weekend.  I'm kind of looking forward to the non hustle and bustle of daily business.  I'll bring the tequila.  Just kidding folks.  We are medical professionals.  When we're not saving lives, we're eating.  

I've been channeling Meredith Gray lately in some odd way....that show is so real with humor and compassion that I relate to most every scene and relationship.  I've lived most of them over 40 years.  

Larry got grounded today for digging at the chicken pen though I doubt he minded.  It was nice not to have to dodge him in the dark!  I just didn't have it in me to stop more than one place so I paid 8 bucks at the chicken store for a bag of food that will feed the tribe once.  OMG>   Just about every time I've been in there this week it's been with teary eyes.  Ethel notices.  

Enjoy the moments ~

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

christmas merkle

Miraculous things tend to happen when you believe with faith that things will work out.  Take for instance the Christmas Eve when I pulled up to the mailbox and discovered that I had an honest to goodness blog fairy who would bless me over the next two years.  The fairy's sentiment was this:  I have been financially blessed and feel compelled to share with you.  He or she has remained anonymous to this day.

BG and I had finally thrown up our hands on her getting home for Christmas and my heart just about broke thinking about her sitting in that apartment alone on Christmas eve.  The plan was for me to drive over there on Saturday and take her presents then come back home so I could work the next day.  Knowing the circumstances, two angels who work with me came up with a way to get her here for Christmas and back.  I was so touched I cried.   This was after another one slipped me some cash to "help with Larry."  

It's amazing the number of folks who still manage to get cards in the mail in spite of busy lives.  Maybe when I become not so employed I'll have time for the little things.  As it is I've done well just to make cookies and cheese grits and get to work on time.  The sick take no vacations.  It is a particularly hard time of the year to have a family member in his or her last days.  I would think you imagine that the rest of the world is rejoicing while you cry, but that's not so.  There's a whole lot of suffering out there and you are not alone.  I do remember that much.

It is what it is ~

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

more mayhem

I knew it was gonna' get witch tit cold ( stole that phrase ) so my water has been dripping at all three faucets for two days.  When I woke up this morning it was 10 degrees and I went about my business of face washing and tooth brushing.  As I continued to get ready I noticed the trickles getting fainter and fainter until they stopped.  The damn thing had frozen anyway!  Nothing I could do so off I went to work only Sam and Larry slipped outside when I was leaving.  Of course Larry chased me all the way down the lane and after I got to work I got worried about them being outside in the big chill. I go on break to get them back in the house and find that the water is still frozen.  

The temp hit 33 at about one PM and I figure that's when the water started flowing, literally everywhere.  I had turned the faucets on high while tinkering this morning and failed to slack them off.  There was water on every floor involved.  Drop towel, rub with feet, repeat.  OMG.

Also today I noticed the phone acting wonky and couldn't figure out what was up until LP called and said our service had been cut off.  I had just made a payment a week ago and was puzzled why no service.  "It was due on the 8th" they said.  The payment on the 13th was for last month.  I have never even when in contract known what my billing date was.  If it's not sent to my phone "you owe me this much" or something similar, I'll miss it.  Normally I get these messages, plus that annoying voice mail from ATT wanting to discuss my wireless account.  I make payment arrangements around paydays, keep them and it's always been good.  Now I'm out of contract and it seems they no longer value me as a dependable customer.  Y'all ever hear of unlimited bitches?  Anyway, we have to have phones to wake up and face the day so I paid them which put  me in the hole at the bank.  Four days after payday.  Pride melted, I borrowed money against my next check and all is in the black once again.  

I have lived my life like this off and on for years but lately not so much.  There were large chunks of cash up in there to supplement my income and now that has all trickled down.  I didn't splurge when I had it.  I just lived comfortably.  I'm not really into money except to maintain a comfy lifestyle and help others do the same.  It's what baby Jesus would do.  

Some time ago I mentioned running into a friend at work whose husband was critically injured.  He's been in the hospital about six weeks and took his first 17 steps today!  You GO Rodney Henry.  There is a trait that I have which is pure Billy and that is wanting to get one thing done so as to move onto the next thing on the list.  I'm paralyzed by this and end up in limbo, missing the moments.   My first resolution for 2017 will be to push less and listen more.  

Monday, December 19, 2016

manic and merry

The heat got fixed mid afternoon yesterday and before long it was warm as toast.  Seems the regulator on the unit got frozen during the 50 degree drop in temp after the tornado warning.  Mamye and I made cookies, dipped pretzels and roasted pecans.  It was a good day with a good friend.  

I never left the house yesterday so even though the ice was gone my doors were frozen shut.  This involves a back seat entrance which is pretty hilarious to watch as I climb over into the driver's seat ( in the dark ) in the 15 degree weather.  I thought I had lost my phone last night and found it in the trash can by my desk ( thanks Lily) after sending a FB shoutout for somebody to call me!  The wonders of technology never cease to amaze.  

Meanwhile, the violence continues in the Middle East with an ambassador being gunned down at an art exhibition, all fully documented with pictures.  The Turk who did it supposedly was pissed about Syria,  Um, okay then.  Always with the Allah Akbar.  Geez man.  

As I've mentioned before this will be a very different Christmas and I might as well be working and spend it with my lab friends.  My family will gather at Millette's on the eve and it still haunts me that I bricked on that last one where everybody was alive and able to attend.  It's a good thing to be able to throw off guilt sometimes because spending your life with regrets is no way to live.  

I see most everything now as a blessing, even it if seemed painful at the time.  I've learned a lot about me myself and I this year. During a time when I was grieving heavily and had complications at work, I almost gave up the faith.  But then I saw my daughter change and grow in her new life and the pressure slacked off at work and the "firsts" are almost over with my parents' deaths.  

I forgot and left mama's Christmas clock in the room and heard at least three carols before I finally got up this morning.  It was too cold to leave the dogs out so they all piled up for the day inside and I headed to work.  Just another day in paradise. 

Emmaunel ~ 

Sunday, December 18, 2016


I went to bed during a thunderstorm surrounded by dogs with the AC running.  Sometime during the night I woke up cold and had to put on a robe.  Back to bed.  When I finally rolled out at 8AM the temp in my house was 52 and there was ice on the windows.  Only in Tennessee.  I did the usual reset and blew cold air.  Alrighty then, time to call Bubba.  We tried changing the batteries and no luck.  Thanks to propane guy there's plenty of gas.  The heater just won't strike.  Alright then..time to call Corey!  Now heat and air guys are notoriously absent on the weekends because a lot of them hunt and whatnot.  This unit has a ten year warranty on everything and it's only a couple of years old.  We shall see how I fare with these two little electric heaters through sub freezing temps.  I know, just couldn't resist the drama.

My friends Mamye and Steve heat with kerosene and wood and it's a daily battle for them to keep a warm spot.  There is always business at the k pump at the chicken store because "tis the season."  Poor Mr. Gene out there in his coveralls changing the gas prices.  I had intended to go to church today but then all the heat thing came up and it was too cold to take a shower so there you go.  Here I sit at the keyboard with all three faucets dripping!  

I really hope your holidays are merry and bright.  So far I've enjoyed being pulled into the season by others.  I feel something that is new, a coming together of the common folks who are being misled and screwed.  When things get bad enough ( and they will ) God has a history of stepping in with such things as fires and floods and such.  If I knew that my survival of that wrath depended on how I treat other people, I would sure be nicer.  The least of these are far more important than golden idols.  

We are still adjusting to having Larry back in our midst and I've found that he barks at everything that moves so it's best to keep the blinds closed.  I think he's got supersonic hearing too.  A family friend is coming this week to do a story about the cabin renovation.  She is quite the talented writer and this is one heck of a subject!!

Y'all stay warm out there.  OR in there.  And keep the faith ^j^

Saturday, December 17, 2016

crazy weather

I woke up this morning to quite a hot house because the temp went up and up during the night and my heaters were on.  Now, in typical Tennessee fashion, the air is running.  On December 17th no less.  There is a 100% chance of rain with a cold blast behind it.  By tomorrow the "drip" notes will be back in place.  

I've already made my run to the 'gentral where I found good prices on a few things like butter for 2.50.  Larry went to see his Papa last night with Brook and was outside on the front porch when I woke up.   I'm not sure if she dropped him off or he just came back on his own!  Between me and her this dude seriously has it made.  When he saw her walk in the door he was so excited he jumped around like a kangaroo.  He loves to ride in the car and off they went to Lenox.  

We're still trying to figure out Christmas around here what with two work schedules that don't mesh.  It will be what it is.  Maybe Santa can figure it out.  I sent her some extra holiday bucks yesterday.  Girl struggles to pay the bills on minimum wage, even with a roommate which is a shame.  Thank goodness there's no kids to support!

I went down to check on the cabin and found the upstairs wall gone in Daddy's room.  It's a very different perspective looking down those steps now.  I get the mailbox but will have to find some guy to help me put it in the ground.  Mine has the front door missing which results in a lot of wet mail on rainy days.  

Mama's clock just chimed the ten o'clock hour playing Oh Christmas Tree. She keeps me on schedule and reminds me of the season every time it plays.  So now there is laundry to do and dishes to wash and floors to clean.  Oh Sugardaddy where art thou?????


Friday, December 16, 2016

half a dog

Well folks, it's a Christmas miracle that should be a Hallmark movie.  Brook and I talked every day this week about Larry and were in daily contact with Wendell and Derrick 'n'them.  I had told the people at work what a dumbass I feel like for dropping a dog off at a shelter and then paying to get him back.  Kind of like marrying the same guy twice.  I ran into my old friend Ruth Brigance there and me and Wendell did a couple of big fat hugs on the parking lot while we loaded Larry into the crowded backseat.  He whined ALL the way home.  I seriously thought he was going to break his teeth off trying to get out of the cage when he saw me again.  Wendell said 'I told you mama would be back.'  There's this mastif that has his own room because he's so big.  I met a guy whose cat was in serious condition because brother slammed the door on him and also his girlfriend just left him and went back to TX.  He had scribbled on the top of his intake form....."please let me know how she's doing."  Said that cat was all he had.

I've decided that I talk entirely too much about things I can't control.  Let them get under my skin so to speak.  I mean the reality is this:  We have a president coming into office that has filled his cabinet with other robber barons.  I can't fix that because it's way bigger than me.  Same for healthcare.  And Wall Street.  And Syria.  

I heard a sermon one time where the speaker made the point that nobody was gonna' steal his joy.  That is what we do when we obsess about things that can't be changed.  Oh yeah, it's all cool to destroy the earth.  I just hope it happens quick and it doesn't hurt.  We are feeding paranoia to a country divided.  If half the GOP would stand up with McCain and say WHOA, well.  One can always dream I suppose.  It is Christmas.  

Bubba and I went over the timeline one day of where we did the holidays last year and Christmas brunch was a small affair of us four doing pot luck in the dining room and she looking quite frail.  The pain began shortly after that and was pretty much ignored until her return visit to the ortho.  That's when all hell broke loose...literally.  Failed screws in an osteoporitic hip.  There was a large bruise on the opposite side which was photogrpahed as a routine procedure.  It's required, you know.

So I'm back to colonoscopy in january come hell or high water. Or snow.  Where there's a will there's a way ~ 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

actions and words

I am not your typical analytical type mind that is cautious enough to sit back and keep my mouth shut.  For that reason I tend to get in loads of trouble.  I am what some people call assertive and tend to hang on like a dog with a bone when it comes to doing the right thing.  I am not rude or insensitive though I was in my younger days.  I am usually quite direct in stating my thoughts and work hard not to let emotions get away from me in professional situations.  Confrontation doesn't bother me in the least as long as it's not hostile and mostly honest.     

Technology has made communication instant and situations usually arise where once things are said, they can't be taken back.  It's also very hard to gauge the intent of the other person without looking them in the eye.  That's why big media is such a danger to those who are just fed by TV and money backed politics.  

My heart is in Aleppo right now and all those other little towns where the civilians and rebels are being rounded up to.  Their home is gone.  We were a part of it and so was Russia.  That is not a legacy to be proud of.  

On a happier note, it's going to be yard work weather on Saturday and 13 that night.  By then I plan to have Larry back in the house with us unless some angel adopts him first.  It will be a hardship financially and peace wise, but he's worth it.  BTW, all donations for the "bail Larry out fund" are welcome and Mamye put in the first five bucks.  Also big bags of dog food would be a sweet gift for the kennel up in here.  I'm about ready to make them all a bed in the basement and put some blankets and a heater down there.  Like that would work.  

Y'all stay warm ~ 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

this old house

Against my better judgement I went by to see Larry at doggie jail after work and it tore my heart out and I left crying again.  I guess the part of "surrender" is something hard to do when there's love involved.  He knew me and cried too....but was quietly napping in a clean cage when I approached.  Even had a little bed.  I'm sure that at some point the lights go out and they all sleep and hush but it's loud up in there when people are in and out.  

After that I moseyed on down to Casa Grands for a look see at the renovation.  It is an absolutely surreal experience to see a house that I lived in all my life returned to the way it was before I knew it.  There will be many updates, I assure you.  It's going to be a masterpiece.  

I've had a stomach bug and feel absolutely blessed not to have a bloated cramping belly.  I've decided to wait for "my spot" to open back up before I do the scope.  It's just so much easier.  I saw my previously mentioned beautiful friend and she told me about her treatment plan.  It's pretty scary but then you can't just keep getting blood every week. Namaste my lovely one.  

Advent.  It's all about the waiting ~

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

the larry saga continues

My phone rang twice while I was on Gay's treatment table and when I checked it afterward, I found it was Wendell at the Humane Society.  I had already called this morning to check on him and the progress and he was doing well.  Because of rush rush hurry hurry I had not had time to let his Mama know what was going on but we had discussed it beforehand.  When Wendell couldn't reach me, he called Brook and she rushed over to meet the potential adopters.  They wanted him, but not just as a foster and so it was a gridlock once again.  He told me when Larry saw his mama he literally began to cry like a baby and then so did he and Brook.  Then I started crying about it while he was telling me the story.  Just like I did all the way home after leaving him.  And again out of the blue at work today.

In a perfect world, Brook would have the money to get him neutered and build a fence and all would be well.  As we all know, the world ain't perfect and it's complicated.  Wendell assured me that he would stay in touch and invited me to come by and visit which I will do tomorrow after work.  WITH treats. I have faith that this will work out in Larry's favor.  He will not be euthanized and if push comes to shove we'll pay his tab at the shelter and bring him home to share.  

This may seem like a lot of petty drama while the people of Aleppo are slaughtered and Trump fills his cabinet with high rollers.  I'm pretty emotional right now because of the holidays and my parents so it doesn't take much to send me over the edge with caring.  Larry got my heart the very first time I met him.  At least I care.

I promised Gay some roasted pecans as my gift in exchange for a treatment on her.  Times are hard all around and she feels most in tune with the universe when she's working.  What a gift!  She knows I'll be back when the money gets right.  

Forward. With rose colored glasses ~  

Monday, December 12, 2016

at the shelter

Larry and I went in to chat with Wendall this morning about a fostering plan.  I didn't realize how BUSY things are for these folks on Monday after being closed for a day.  There was a lady from Missouri who adopted a dog on Saturday and had come back to get the vet records.  A calico cat that looks just like Lily was perched on the counter and proceeded to crawl on my shoulder and around my neck just like Lily does.  The place was crawling with volunteers doing various things like transport to the vet's office and one was even painting a picture of a dog on the wall.  I saw one lady leave in tears because she didn't have the money to get her dog out.  I certainly know the feeling.  Faith got picked up 3 times and I should have had to go to court for #3 but they let me slide.  They are good people doing their best to take care of furbabies.  The shelter is named after Mrs. Betty Parker and Tommy Lipford who were both animal lovers.   The humane society is a class act that has struggled with funding since day one.  Consider a donation to them if you will.  Do it for Larry.  

The aches and pains have gotten pretty bad again so I'm off to see Gay with the magic hands tomorrow after work.  Myofascial release is a technique that was developed by a physical therapist in which the practitioner stretches out the fascia that surrounds the entire body.  Unlike chiropractic medicine or massage, the focus is on releasing the tightness of that fascia which causes a world of problems.  A stretching out of things, if you will.  Gay treated me when I had the bitch right shoulder that eventually went under the knife because of a completely torn tendon.  I heard it snap when I hit the ground.  I wasn't able to have surgery for about six months so she kept me going, and her treatment after surgery is what helped me recover.  

I haven't seen BG since Thanksgiving because of our work schedules and tight money plus crappy car.  Boy do I miss her!  She is happy and well and that's all that matters.  Christmas is up in the air depending on our work schedules so I don't have a clue what will happen.  My cousin Mo who makes Martha Stewart look like a novice is hosting the entire family on Christmas Eve for brunch.  I'm making Gaga's famous cheese grits.  

It's quiet around here today which is what I need.  Y'all know where to find me.  On Pecan Lane :)


Sunday, December 11, 2016

rabbit rabbit!

That phrase is one used by my friend Vicki on the first day of the month.  I've been seeing quite a few bunnies around lately and had to dodge to miss two this morning.  When researching the totem, I found that rabbit is so "scared" of being eaten or otherwise harmed that he sends out negative energy that actually attracts what he fears like hawk or eagle.  Rabbit lives his life as prey because of his sweet gentle nature and connection to the inner soul.  Perhaps I need to examine just exactly what it is I'm afraid of.  Trump maybe?

My brother and his buddy just brought in about half a room's worth of the end of the end at Casa Grands.  Inside work begins tomorrow and they will be going down to the original hardwood floors and walls.  No walls upstairs, just one big open area.  It will be amazing to watch it change from home to its' original state circa 1940ish.  

Mamye just came by to pick up some pecans for Memaw and is headed to take her to the mall for Christmas shopping.  Lord.Have.Mercy.  I'd rather shoot myself in the eye than go to the mall or Walmart.  Online shopping is my friend.  

This is day 3 of naproxen for the knee and it works pretty well if I stay on it which I must.  Daddy always told me that the cold of winter gets into arthritic bones and makes a dull ache.  I never really noticed it until now.  I have a day off to rest and go meet with the doggie foster guy at the shelter to figure out a plan for Larry.  Let's hold hands and say a silent prayer on that one.  

Y'all stay warm and dry.  That's the plan here on the hill.  

Saturday, December 10, 2016

it's all the devil

Mary is the MSW in charge of all things Aspell.  I met her one hot summer afternoon during a visitation with my daughter in the courtyard between the meeting area and the house on Highland.

We talked about drugs that day and how chemical dependency destoys lives.  I particularly hate opiates for personal reasons but she put it in perspective for me.  Anybody who uses a substance to escape reality and happiness is an addict.  It can be sex or drugs or rock'n'roll.  If you can't find a happy place, you might as well give it up.

My dear friend Lorna is now a great grandmother to Carter and grandma again with Noah.  Today was deadline to get all the family stuff boxed up for transit to my living room tomorrow.  This is why we can't have nice things....just saying.  Meanwhile I just hang out in the three rooms that are warm and where my stuff lives.  Easy peasy.

Friday, December 9, 2016


Today was the annual sawmill Christmas lunch at bossfriend's house.  It also happens to be the day that Linda, who just retired last week,  became a great aunt/grandmother.  Katie has lived with her since she was four years old and is now a mother herself.  The party was half Christmas half retirement party for Aunt Linda and the baby was polite enough to be born before time to1 eat.  Bless 'em all.

I also found out about my "raise" which is performance based.  Last year I got  1% and the year before 0.5%.  This year's haul totaled 0.8%.  I realize that many folks have gone years without a raise but mine barely covers the rise in health insurance premiums.  Basically, I broke even by showing up every day and working my ass off for shareholders.  This is the way of corporate America.  If I didn't do it because I like helping people, I wouldn't bother continuing to try and improve patient care.  

The healthcare piece is one that Trump et al should address promptly because it's KILLing the economy.  The wall can wait.  No matter who is POTUS until we raise the living wage we will continued to be plagued as a country by people living in poverty who get entitlements or a working class that has no money to spend while all the wheeler dealers eat caviar and bon bons.  When I read today how much of Trump's campaign chest went into his OWN business interests that had nothing to do with politics, I almost fell out.  McConnell's wife alone made over a million from Wells Fargo last year and that's just one of her gigs.  

I truly believe that people, when given the chance to earn a decent living, will do their best to make it work.  That means more tax revenue for the government and fewer bennies for the bums.   Like it or not, the old school Dems are the ones who landed us in this mess.  Poverty and mental illness do not know race class or creed.  Charter schools which are profit based and many time have religious connections are killing the public education system.  No child born into a minimum wage household has much of a chance except to struggle like his or her parents.  Seven dollars and 25 cents in the great state of TN.  My bachelor degreed daughter makes about 8 now but has no company benefits and less than full time hours.  Also the way of the corporate world.  Yet she has gone from riding the bus to her job to finding a friend who will take her and catching rides home.  It works when you work it.

Our reworked plasma freezer came rolling in right about the time I was leaving today and I kissed it big.  It's just the little things, you know?  I'm working this weekend and praying for a light one because I'm behind on continuing education to keep my license to work.  One year I did the whole 24 credit deal on New Year's eve.  I am such the procrastinator.

Ya'll enjoy the hustle and bustle and cold ass weather.  The Camry didn't really want to run quiet this morning due to 18 degrees but it got me from here to there and back.  

And for that?  I am grateful ~ 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

puppy dog tales

It was just last night as we gathered around the table to bag pecans and started talking about where all the dogs came from that I realized Larry came from the same place where Luke the great dane lived.  Luke is the one who bred Faith for the first time when she was ten! and she subsequently developed pyometra and died.  Luke's owner had died unexpectedly and without her there, he was constantly roaming.  Of course, my house is where he decided to hang.  This dude was HUGE and unless I planted myself just right he would knock me down.  The humane society picked him up multiple times and he had to ride in the cab because he was too big for the bay.  He was "Donna's dog" and I don't know where he ended up.  

Fast forward to Larry who lives down there and is her son's dog only he won't let him in the house.  Larry is a beautiful brindle mountain cur with a lovely disposition and a bad habit of chasing cars.  My friends clipped him yesterday on the way in and even with a limp, he beat them into the house.  Oscar came from the crazy ex down the lane neighbors where somebody had been mutilating his back.   Vicki and Paula named him Scruffy but we decided on Oscar to honor my great grandfather.  Sammy D was delivered by Tim Dunagan and Amy and it was love at first sight, even though he was supposed to be for my parents.  That lasted one night.  

Here's the thing about Larry. I love him dearly and adore having him around but I can't even afford to take my own dogs to the vet and keep them fed, much less take on another one.  He needs to be somewhere he can shelter inside for the winter and have room to safely run.   His owners cannot afford to build a pen I am told so he stays on a leash most every day when he's there.  Which is not often.  I told Brook I would try to find him a foster home until she gets to a place in life where she can properly take care of him.  Right now she works everyday and spends her off time taking care of her grandpa who is dying of cancer with hospice care at home.  Her roommates don't help with him at.all. even though one of them brought him home.  

I know there are good people out there who would care for and enjoy him.  Please put the word out that Larry needs a home or at least y'all start a go fund me page to feed him.  He eats like a horse!  I was out early this morning at the gentral' buying 30 pounds of dog food and headed on into town to pick up a pane I had cut for corporate's photographic masterpiece.  Also some super glue to fix the cracks in the old window that is the frame.  Lord only knows how much it will cost to ship this thing to Michigan.  I also picked up a night light bulb for the one Mayberry Christmas piece that I kept which is a courthouse.  

Today's projects include laundry (lots), floor cleaning, dish washing and making deviled eggs for the masses at work.  Oh yeah and I finally remembered to get razor blades to scrape off the sticker that whatshername put on my mama's china cabinet.  Haint.  

So there  you have it....Larry needs a home besides mine.  Let's get out there and find him somebody for the holidays!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

share away

I installed some code for a new share thingy on the blog with some online assistance from my friend Mahala in NC.  In the holler, of course.  She lives with her daughter TA (the Amazon) 45 minutes away from big city.  Thankfully she didn't get torched during the recent outbreak of forest fires in that quad.  

All the pecan picking of this season is about to come to a close because we have two huge batches to bag up and share.  Stuarts will be roasted, for my part.  The little ones are nice to grind up because they're sweeter.  I may not be a lot of things, but my Mama raised me to be a kick ass cook.  And polite to a fault.  Being assertive is something I had to learn in therapy.  Always the good girl little southern girl.  

I was only 14 when Woodstock happened which put me as a hippie wanna be.  I ran around with lots of older folks who were into the culture and the first doobie I ever smoked was with a guy named Jimmy who is long gone.  First time I got drunk was on Old Charter and I can't even stand to see a bottle to this day.  I snuck out of the house to meet a guy and got caught.  There was a divine being following me at all times because I could have had some really bad luck as naive as I was.  There's always that to be thankful for.'

The fuller Trump's cabinet gets the more I see how terribly screwed we are.  Not only do we have the two military guys in place but also Mitch McConnell's freakin' wife.  Sweet baby Jesus, hold me now.  

If anybody out there in Facebookland has some mistletoe you could shoot down and send to me I'd be much obliged.  Merry and bright, ya know?


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

when it rains it pours

I know we're drought stricken around here but I was totally not prepared for the river at the end of Pecan Lane this morning.  In the dark.  With Larry running alongside me through said water.  The Camry almost gave it up during the deepest part but I just gave it some gas and soldiered onto dry pavement on Samaria Bend.  This hill that I live on drains that way and it's a constant problem not only with flash flooding but backwater from the mighty Forked Deer. That is why my lug nuts are rusted on.  Larry followed me almost to the bypass which ain't a good place for his wild self.  I let his mama know he was on the loose in dangerous territory.  His favorite spot in our house is in the antique chair that's been chewed to pieces by previous critters.  It's hilarious to see his huge brindle self curled in a ball on that chintz covered chair.  

My buddy stopped by to pick up some Christmas houses that I had promised him.  He's been busy working on his home to get it refinanced and it looks like it's about to become a reality.  Good on him and the whole sweet little family.  I first met him years ago when I was a youth club leader on Wednesdays at FUMC.  Lord, the tales we could tell.  

One of my favorite patients told me Merry Christmas today in that way like "if i don't see you before then."  She is beautiful and full of grace and we talked about the importance of blood donation to treat people like herself. 

I don't know about y'all but I'm extremely encouraged by the outcome at Standing Rock.  Lots of little people standing in solidarity do, indeed, make a difference.  Somebody asked me today who Edward Snowden is and what he did and I was just kind of flabbergasted.  Said she had heard O might pardon him only he's not really been charged or arrested so um... that's a tricky one.  Personally, being the freedom of speech kind of gal I am, I think he's a hero.  

That's all for now.  Keep remembering that there's only so many shopping days left and get y'alls butt in gear.  

Noel ~  


Monday, December 5, 2016

christmas past

I found myself pondering the marathon that used to be Christmas when I had family.  There was dinner on Christmas Eve at  a paternal aunt's house and later at my cousin's place.  Since we were a mix of Methodist, Baptist and Cumberland Presbyterian often there was a midnight service involved or the earlier one around 5PM for kids.  One of the most magical I remember was in the snow at the CP church.  It was right out of a Hallmark movie.   

Mom's family ( all hundred of us) would celebrate the morning at home then load up for breakfast at Gagas' until she moved into an assisted living.  You could barely move in her duplex but we all got in there and savored the moment.  I'm talking pure chaos for a lot of little kids running around wired on the season.  After she was gone, we continued the tradition at our log cabin where we shared the cooking and feasting and present opening.  My parents ADORED Christmas and would go all out decorating the cabin inside including outside garland and lights.   I've worked in healthcare my entire life and working on Christmas or the eve is my norm.  We always worked around it.  
Most of the players in this Christmas story are gone now.  My family consists of 5 cousins, one aunt, two brothers and a beloved daughter plus a niece and nephew.  Many of them I rarely see.  I regret that I took so much for granted during the days that we were together as a family for any reason.  

Mamye has made sure that I don't drown in darkness during this season of light.  She gave me a tree and made me wrap presents for the dogs.   It's been awhile since she's had one at her house so I think it's special for her too.  

There is so much tragedy I refuse to dwell on it and give it power.  Joy can be found in the most difficult and darkest circumstances and I think that's what Christmas is all about.  I devoutly observe the seasons of the church even though I'm not always in attendance.  The birth of Christ is only the beginning of the good news.  

Y'all be careful out there shopping and give somebody something random.  It feels so good to give for no reason.  Feliz Navidad!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

the moors

It's dark and wet and dreary outside so I'm camped out for the day in my little office trying to get organized.  My only outing has been to the chicken store.  I hear little footsteps clicking on the wood floor as the dogs wander and look for a warm spot, which is normally my bed.  The tree is lit and all is well with the world at the moment.  

In my never ending quest to find Sugardaddy, I colored my own hair yesterday and must say it turned out pretty good.  I'm letting it grow a bit because I can't stand not to be able to put it up in a clip.  Almost there.  I finally have some prints to frame and of course I got rid of every one of them during the estate sale.  I'm talking BOXES full.  The project for corporate is in progress and I'm framing one or two favorites for myself.  Currently I'm doing chair yoga and trying to get motivated for productivity.  Not sure that's gonna happen, if you know what I mean.  

The more Alec Baldwin pokes fun at Trump the stupider he looks when he tweets.  Shut the eff up're about to be POTUS and that requires a little bit of class if you can muster it up.  If're fired!!

Nothing new here so just use your imagination to figure out what kind of strange happenings will come about today.  It's always something.  In two weeks it will be about the time that my mother broke her hip and left the home never to return.  She wanted to experience the festivities at church and was moving from here to there when her fragile little hip just popped and she went down.  We spent Christmas with her at the rehab with her all looking frail and tired following hip surgery.  When the screws came out a few weeks later she went back to the hospital for hip replacement and died on a snowy January night with my brother at her side.  Hospice is a blessing and angels are everywhere.  

I got two cakes made yesterday with delivery coming up tomorrow.  I'm in charge of , you guessed it, deviled eggs for our lab party on Friday.  Thankfully I'm off on Thursday because those dudes take time! Pecans are heading to Mr. Lowrance this week as well.  We are in high gear for the season.

Remember who you are ~  

Saturday, December 3, 2016

dream a little dream

I don't normally dream much because I go out like a light.  Last night was an entire dream sequence featuring my celebrity boyfriend John Cusack. We were at a party or something and he was oblivious to the fact that I am such a catch and he was ignoring me.  Where this came from I have no clue, except maybe I've been watching Shameless which stars his funny as hell sister Joan.  I caught another sister's name in the cast of Grey's Anatomy one day.  I reckon they're all in the business.  

Grocery shopping could wait no longer so I slept late and then went Krogering.  The Salvation Army folks were out there ringing bells and this time I had cash to put in the kettle.  Normally all I have is a card!  I've never worn leggings before this year and I can testify now that I am in love with them.  Totally.  To hell with a bunch of zippers and buttons.  Granted, there are many folks who can't get away with the look in public...y'all know the ones. The  oversize Santa shirt that Mom gave me is just right for covering the butt and belly which continues to grow. No, I'm not pregnant.  I've just regained the appetite I lost during five grueling years of drama.  There were times when my co-workers told me I was so thin I looked "sick" and that was at 148.

I was foolish enough to get into a contract with DirecTV via ATT when I don't even watch it.  Services have been reduced for weeks now and the only way i know is by email.  If it doesn't happen on this laptop or the phone, I don't know about it.  Not a bad way to live.

Here are some things I've discovered bring me great joy.  Burning white sage. Peach Pecan whiskey.  Frankincense.  Soy candles. Hand crafted natural soaps.  Spontaneous visits from friends with a history.  Shooting the breeze.  Life is not a race.  

Happy weekend to you and your mama'n'them.  

Friday, December 2, 2016

here's your sign

My co-worker came rushing in breathless this morning saying she had witnessed a car crash with *no people* and was delayed while calling the law.  We all crawled into the boss's office window and watched the action.  It seems that somebody had parked in the patient loading zone and left his car in neutral then went inside.  When CB walked by she witnessed a driverless car rolling backwards and it smacked into not one but two vehicles.  Dude was looking pretty sheepish when the law showed up.  It was kind of funny except that I can totally see me doing something like that.  It reminded me of when I ran over Daddy's foot while he was getting out of the Camry at Aunt Granny's visitation.  

I can honestly say that today was like an episode of some TV medical show with lots of scurrying about and teamwork.  And, of course, chaos.  It was energizing for me because I was out there amongst them quite a bit rather than confined to the cubicle.  I actually stood up straight when I walked quickly from here to there.  I saw my Aunt Kathy and we shared Thanksgiving stories  

I'm off with a to-do list a mile long.  We'll see how all that turns out, umkay?  Y'all keep it between the lines and no texting while driving.  I almost had a wreck today from some idiot doing just that.  

Blessings ~

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

in the dark

I didn't even notice it but one of the ancient pecans became uprooted and was dangerously close to bringing down the electrical wires.  My brother called around dark thirty to let me know that they would be cutting the power for a couple of hours to get limbs off before they destroyed the whole deal.  Now, for a country girl I am ill prepared for power outages.  I have kerosene lanterns with no kerosene.  I have no candles except for those little tea lights that don't do squat for seeing.  With no computer and nothing to do I wandered around the house with my phone as a light trying to find things and finally gave up and went to the porch to watch the show.  There were several trucks and a lot of lights and I listened to the buzz of the chainsaw and enjoyed the light show about 100 yards away.  I could hear the voices and see the guy out in the field with a power beam dancing off the trees.  Two and a half hours later the power was back on and it was bedtime!

When Ryder had her last litter by Chester, she chose to give birth under the barn floor which was totally out of reach for us.  We could hear them but couldn't see them until BG came up with the grand idea of using the light on her phone.  There were 9 of them, and Sophie was the keeper.  The rest went to various homes thanks to incredibly generous people.  They were barely weaned when Ryder took a flying leap out in front of my brother's truck and got hit.  She ran back to the house and seemed to be okay.  Sometime during the night she crawled into my room and lay down beside my bed where she took her last breath while I rubbed her head.  I had to work so Bubba came out and buried her before I ever got home.  This yard is a virtual pet cemetery including numerous cats, Butterbean, Ryder, Faith and Lord knows who else.  Oh yeah....the horse is buried behind the barn!  He's supposed to have a headstone with Pride on it but that hasn't happened.  

I'm hitting the naproxen again which is helping with arthritis somewhat.  It's what my Daddy took for years before Celebrex got rolled out at a hefty price, then pulled from the market.  He used to actually get gold shots the old school way from Dr. Holt in Memphis.  

Propane guy made a delivery and I've lost the receipt already but I'm sure I've got enough to get me through until the deep freeze.  Good old Butch.  Since pecan season is winding down we'll be hauling our loot to Tatumville for the crack and blow treatment for which the Lowrances are famous.  Plus, they're cheaper than you know who.

Over and out....peace and love ^j^

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

a brand new year

There is something about a new calendar for the upcoming year that just tickles me to death and I received one today from the recruiter at our nearby blood center.  She's a real go getter which I totally appreciate since our blood supply depends on healthy recruitment of donors. The holiday season is a particularly horrid time to try and keep shelves stocked because fewer take the time out of a busy schedule to give a unit.  Unless your life has been touched personally by blood donation, you probably don't get the importance.  Just imagine if you were bleeding to death and there wasn't enough to keep you alive!  Technology now allows for the blood to be separated into components which are safer and can help more patients.  Platelets are removed, and plasma.  Both of these when left sitting in a unit of whole blood are useless as treatment but excellent when prepared to make packed cells.  Platelet donors are the really dedicated ones because they stay hooked up to a machine for several hours with needles in both arms.  And all of this?  Is done for free by volunteers.

The storm that blew through yesterday knocked down another basket full of Stuarts and I think that's probably it for the crop.  Hopefully next year all the other stuart trees will come back with a vengeance.  So, Gatlinburg is for real on fire and that's scary as shit.  Yesterday's high winds fueled the flames and in spite of rain it kept on raging.  The drought, she is unforgiving.  

I got a text this morning from Larry's mama looking for him and my response was I haven't seen him.  I let the boys out to do their business and when they came back in shut the door and finished gettin' my ready on.  I looked down as I passed through and saw Larry's face peering up at me like a long lost friend.  Dude had snuck in with the others and I didn't know he was in the vicinity.  He misses us.

Another amazing thing is how quickly it takes to get tired after getting good rest.  It makes 12 hour naps seem like the norm.  The aforementioned benefit didn't pan out which I didn't really expect.  I'm working on a grocery list for the edibles I plan to give as gifts.  If you've been a good boy or girl you get roasted pecans or a cake.  Propane came by today not because I was out but because we both know it's better for me not to call him on Christmas Eve.  Which I did one year.  He definitely needs a cake.


Monday, November 28, 2016

everyday miracles

I'm still being a slug, spending my last day off that began with a long wakeup sitting in jammies. Actually, I slept in my Bernie hoodie last night so I guess you could start some gossip there.  The house is so quiet now with the new windows that I could sleep forever except that the bitch cat demands to be fed.   

I stop at the chicken store every day and many times more than once.  My usual stop is about ten 'til 6 where Mr. Gene greets me from where he's sitting on the curb with one of the girls at shift change.  As I pulled in this morning I spotted him putting boxes in the dumpster with his hood pulled up.  This man does what he does come rain, shine, heat or snow.  He is always grateful for moderate weather.  He also changes the gas price signs.  His last words to me are always " you be careful out there."  Indeed sir.  

There's this sweet little couple that eats lunch there everyday about two and they usually smile and greet me as I head to the cooler.  I can tell they don't partake but they're always friendly to me.  They are there EVERY day.  It's the kind of place where older guys like Horner sit around drinking coffee waiting to see who comes in.  Like my Daddy used to do at McDonald's.  Every single one of that coffee group has passed on except for Kyle.  

I have a phone appointment at 11 concerning a benefit that I didn't even know existed.  I may not be eligible but it never hurts to try.  The only catch would be "income limit" and while I have a stable income, there's a lot going out to BK court etc.  There is no way I can afford a car without some additional funds.  And Lord knows I need one!

The way I figure it Big Ernie is running the show and it will happen in His time.  However, I may lose my religion if I have to go through one more winter with no door handles.  I ordered some prints of my farm shots to go in an old window as a gift to the farm owner.  He likes stuff like that, ya know.  There was a huge 9 pane hanging on Mom and Daddy's fireplace that now lives in Bubba's office.  I made it ten years ago and they loved it.  

Hope you don't have a holiday hangover from all that rich food.  Now....onward to Christmas treats!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

in the ditch

I was happily typing away when Gumby called me from his cell in the ditch.  He was trying to cut up a utility pole for a bonfire and the pole flipped him.  It took dyersburg city, county, THP and a whole bunch of people with scanners to get him out.  Daddy brought the tractor up and bitched the whole time. He refused ambulance transport with morphine and came on up to the house and hit the whiskey bottle.  While we were waiting I got down by his head and talked him through the panic of being trapped like that.  Fortunately the ground was soft.  He had a big piece of tin in the bed of his truck and that's what EMS used to pull him out while the crowd lifted the pole.  It was a sight to behold.

Once upon a time BG was dodging a squirrel and landed in a ditch full of water upstream.  Joey came and got me to say I should probably check on her.  As you all know, she survived.  She made the comment when she was here that everything is weird and indeed it is.  Everything is still fresh, yet we try to keep the faith as a family.  

My wheeling dealing self sold the oak bed this morning.  It's one of the last pieces from when we moved out here 28 years ago.  I haven't used it in years so that's 50 bucks I didn't have.  I previously sold the massive dresser and BG has the upright chest.  With the bed gone the office is shaping up nicely as a hangout.  NayNay's uncle said putting it up would have to wait 'til tomorrow because "NFL Sunday".  

I found a bunch of baby clothes in the attic that will go to Katie's baby boy who is due in about a month or less.  Luckily her Aunt Linda will be retired and ready to help!  Linda and I have worked together for 39 years....she was there when I started!  This was her 40 year celebration which is what mine will be next year if I make it.  

Enjoy your day kids.  I'll be busy piddling.  

Saturday, November 26, 2016


It's a beautiful fall day on the hill with lots of color and a few pecan pickers.  They are the only group that has permission to be here and these guys are faithful picking up those small ones.  Bubba Wayne has worked for the Pritchetts since time began so it's like he's part of the land.  

I skipped the gentral' today since we made a run yesterday morning and went to pick up my happy pills instead.  I DO NOT need to go without them, just saying.  Then I stopped by Lowe's to look at trees and found a nice selection at a good price.  That, however, will have to wait until payday.  We had a hundred strands of lights at one time and I have no clue where they are.  Maybe they'll turn up during today's piddling.  This is heaven to agenda and don't have to even know what time it is.  Or what day, for that matter.  I seriously needed this time off.  

My gut didn't take all the holiday food very well!  I'll spare you the details but you know.  I'm not used to eating rich stuff like that at all so I'm staying close to a bathroom.  I know, TMI.  I fixed my friend a to go plate with the leftovers and washed those dishes pronto.  There is some turkey left which is really all I want.

Other than that, I got nothing.  I haven't seen any news in 2 days and actually hesitate to look.  I am so proud of the veterans who are mobilizing to go to Standing Rock.  It shows me that no matter how bad things get, somebody will do the next right thing.  

Peace out kids ~