Friday, September 30, 2016

taters and onions

My daddy was famous for his volunteer work and one thing that really put him on everybody's radar was fried 'taters and onions which he and Joe Wood cooked by the hundreds of pounds at the annual Moody Wadley benefit BBQ.  Back in the day that's where we bought all our vehicles and the yearly benefit was part of the American Cancer Society fund raising.  As time passed, folks became weary of supporting a national organization with high administrative costs so the Community Cancer Fund was born where all money raised goes to benefit local cancer patients.  As I drove through downtown this morning I passed the setup in progress and saw none other than our road commissioner Jeff Jones in the middle of the street preparing to carry on the tradition my Daddy and Joe had started.  

I got a notice yesterday from the church of a memorial in Mama's memory which I haven't seen in months.  That brought me back to how recent the losses are and how they stay with me.  On the way home I had a quick vision in my head of that empty log cabin looking all beautiful and began to cry.  Not just for me, mind you.  I cry for the family of Grace Phelps.  For those who lost Dianne Roberts.  And on and on and on.  It is a cycle that spares no one.  For Kenneth Hutson who had a stroke and for Ron who fractured his back.  For the people of Aleppo. 

Larry was back this morning with a different collar still limping but gone when I got home this afternoon.  I'm not sure what's up but my blogs aren't posting right so I guess the only traffic I'm getting is the regulars.  Maybe FB was teasing me with that smooth post layout that just went *poof* a couple of days ago.  Probably gonna make me pay for the privilege.  

Anywho, I'm all maudlin for now.  Maybe a weekend off will help!  Namaste ~

Thursday, September 29, 2016

fatigue and skunkbait

It's Thursday which in my neck of the sawmill is a very busy day of the week.  I tried taking half a BP pill yesterday and though I'm sure it was "normal" I felt like shit today so there you go.   Or maybe it's just because I'm getting older and on my feet constantly.  Who knows. 

I kept smelling the scent of skunk yesterday afternoon inside the house so I just assumed that the dogs had gotten into it with one and pissed it off.  I didn't notice it this morning but when Sam met me at the car door, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It's him, of course.  Larry went home with his mama yesterday and was back this morning before I left the house. *sigh*  When I pulled up this afternoon I loaded him up in the backseat of the Camry to take him home and didn't have my keys on me so just said eff it and tried to get him out.  He wouldn't budge.  He is now lounging in the car with the door open in case he decides to get out.  Oh yes, I am the dog whisperer.   He's limping now, probably from my boys going all alpha on him.  

We don't have a no kill shelter here so I won't go that route.  He's way too sweet.  I guess he'll just be part of the pack.  He would make a perfect house dog for somebody who didn't already have three on the inside.  

I have no words of wisdom or smartassisms today. Maybe tomorrow, umkay?

Manifest ~

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

larry update

Dog #4 is lounging against the front door watching life pass by on Pecan Lane.  I finally talked to his real mama a bit ago and she's picking him up when she gets off.  "He's my baby" she said.  I could tell by his sweet demeanor that he's somebody's baby!  She said he went all the way to Halls one time.  Reminds me of Faith and her by-pass crossing ways.  One time she ended up in Lenox by way of UPS driver.  On yet another occasion I had to rescue her from the ATT lot when she got locked in after hours.  I picked her up from the humane society three times and once at the karaoke bar.  

She shared with me that her grandfather was just diagnosed with lung disease and she's worried about how she'll keep up with Larry while helping to care for  grandpa and work.  I know the feeling girl.  I certainly do.  We'll work it all out like animal lovers do.  It takes a village.  

Sam was originally meant to be a replacemet dog for the one my daddy dragged down highway 51 behind his truck.  He was going to the co-op and had him chained in and didn't notice he fell out.  That was about the 5th border collie he lost and after he was put down he said to hell with it on dogs.  A well meaning friend who had an active pup living in his daughter's apartment brought Sammy D out here looking all precious and offered him up as a condolence to Daddy's loss.  He was sitting in Amy's lap in the cab of that ancient truck.  It was love at first sight.  

I was soooooooooo excited and took him down there to try him out.  Mom said it was like having a stranger in the house.  As many pets as we had growing up, there was never one allowed in the house.  I guess that's why I sleep in a pile of dogs and cat.  

I'm feeling pretty blessed  and assertive.  That's a powerful combination when coupled with peace.  It's what makes things happen in the universe.  The weather is moderating but the allergens are killer.  I checked my propane yesterday and found to my surprise that there's a goodly amount there.  I must have bought ahead when the money was flowing.  

Learning to be still.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

hill street blues

Alrighty then.  According to who you listen to, Hillary kicked Trump's ass live last night. This is what happens when a dumbass debates a smart person.  End of story.  Sure, the media had their spin on it but.  I'll just be glad when it's over.  

More dead people in public places, thankyouverymuch NRA.  Of all venues, you never think of being struck down at Macy's.  Or elementary school.  Or the movie.  He had a gun which he may or may not have stolen, but he was able to get off five deadly shots in sixty seconds and had a history of mental illness per his own family.  Then there's Aleppo being bombed to high heaven.   My friend the little general quoting her mother would say " if not this world, then the next!".  

Larry's owner came and picked him up yesterday and he was back this afternoon when I got home from work.  So much for him staying on his end of the road.  If he kills Bev's chickens there will be hell to pay!  There was a heavy fog again today so I crept into work through the misty darkness in much cooler air.   Thank you lort. 

I was at the shady Dolla Gentral' on the way home and ran into my old friend Margie.  Her son and BG played teeball together a hundred years ago and she had an oops boy who is just about to graduate.  Lots of baby mama drama and all that but she's upbeat and still taking care of her mama Ms Irene.  As usual, I paid for a bag of ice and forgot it because I was busy talking.  

At Money Mike's t he cute girl at the counter asked me if I wanted to see a picture of who her husband is messing with.  Um..sure.  "She's ugly" I said.  "I know right??"   I told her to call old girl's husband and let him know what's up.  There is always karma to count on.  

Y'all  be careful out there 

Monday, September 26, 2016

every dog has his day

 I hope you are all incredibly excited about the debate because I am not.  To think that these two people with their transparent lives are going to duke it out on live TV makes me sick because really?  If you don't know by now, why bother.  It's not like there were a slew of viable candidates.  I predict the GOP will swing Hillary's way.  We shall see, as they say in the Bible.  

Larry the brindle pit has become a fixture at my house which is nice for a visit but um, go home dude.  He has also visited the end of the lane where chickens lives.  He's still alive so I reckon he didn't kill any of them.  This is the dog I named Billy during the estate sale and later found that he had a name.  I got in touch with one of his people today and said let's fix this thing.  It took five phone calls just to make that connection a mile down the road.  Lerd.

Speaking of phone marathons, I called to make an appointment for DSL repair this  morning because the gigs are steady burning on the badass phone.  I got somebody in the Southwest region who couldn't handle my billing adjustment question and got transferred three times.  Never one to give up easily, I hung up after an hour with an appointment for cable replacement and the resolve to get justice.  When I got home I called Mary and we hashed it all out about the outage adjustments and whatnot.  Plus the fact that UVerse is not available even though I'm a cell and TV customer.  She marked that as "important."

So the buzz is now that corporate is kind of circling the wagons and the divesting of more facilities is "to be continued."  Wayne Smith, bless his heart, only got his usual whatever millions last year and no raise.  Here's a news flash dude....neither did I.  And I haven't seen one this year either.  I understand that you're in bad financial trouble.  The whole world knows it!  Just remember that a whole shitload of people are in the trickle down of how you handle this divestiture of  what Old Hoss would call "A  bad move."  The sheer magnitude of debt that was the HMA merger was more than the industry can sustain at this point.  There are strengths to many networks such as Tennova if they are free to capitalize on what CHS was originally about.... quality rural healthcare.   We don't need to be a flagship here in the 'burg.  But we've got the talent to make good things happen.  Tick.Tock.

Today's totem was none other than the sly Mr. Fox whom I thought was Larry except the tail was bushy and he jumped like a quick brown one.  That was right after raccoon.  Hopefully with the cool down there will be no more armadillos.  

Y'all keep the faith.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016

hotspot redux

My phone bill doubled this past month due to replacing a lost "device" for BG and using my own device as a hotspot for a week.  This was not the fault of the guy who came a week after I called to fix the  line which took half a day, bless his heart.  He said somebody would be by soon to bury it.  Um.  The line made it through Mayberry's first mowing because I gave him a heads up.  Yesterday, it was different guys and they didn't have a clue.  Thus, line cut to pieces.  I do have the nice man's number who fixed it last time and will be giving him a call.  This time he won't have to cut the bushes away from the box on the house.  Little things.

The Johnson family have been my neighbors my whole life.  There's an entire village between Pecan Lane and Casa Grands on the right side of the road. Out mayor lives in the first house set back from the road closer to the river.  She sees water out the back door lots of times.  There is a lot of family drama swirling right now on their side of the road and I feel for them.  With one family member on hospice care and another between nursing homes, it's a hot mess.  Poor David doesn't understand why he can't watch TV ( it was cut off ) in his trailer with no windows.  I found him pissed off on the road yesterday with a phone book, ranting about his brother.  Just remember guys:  He ain't heavy.....

His particular situation highlights the flaws in our mental health system with particular emphasis on long term care.  Thousands of people deal with this dysfunction on a daily basis because there is no help outside what insurance will pay.  When they're done?  You're out on your ass.  I still owe a local home money for when my Mama landed there two years ago out of Medicare $.  Maybe the Chinese billionaire will change his focus from the gaming industry to quality care. could happen.  

Larry the dog has taken up residence here but I'm not feeding him or letting him in.  He belongs to the guy at the very end of Samaria Bend to the right who owned the GREAT DANE who got Faith pregnant when she was 10.  She developed pyometra and died within a year of giving birth.  When she was sick, BG and I took her to the hospital in the Camry and Cassie Rae came out and drew her blood!  White count was 60K and never budged.  She was my special girl and I miss her still yet I see her gentle spirit in granddaughter Sophie.  

I was in bed way before dark yesterday just because I could be and slept for over 12 hours.  What a blessing to be able to rest.  The house is still a mess but the laundry is getting done and the rest will follow.  I've got nothing but the rest of my life.  

love thy neighbor ~

Saturday, September 24, 2016

major tech fail

My internet went out about a month ago which involved a guy coming out to lay cable from the cornfield to the box.   It never got buried and was cut today by the yard crew.  I think it's time to shop because using a Samsung as a hotspot is not in the budget.  

The critters woke me up around five and I piddled until Kroger opened so I could get some decent food.  There is a roast in the oven that I'm sure will be enjoyed by all.  If you're hungry you know where I stay.  The front desk doesn't open until 9 so I had an intense conversation with Western Union by phone over my internet failure.  Girl gave me six bucks off of the usual 12 for wiring to Jackson.  Bitches have my number and everything.  

After that I went down to Heaven Cent to pick up my family memorabilia that accidentally got hauled.  It was in a little room all safe and sound.  The dreadlock guy carried it to the car and Bobby Dean brought it in for me.  Currently it sits on a nasty ass floor.  Maybe I can work on that.  DG told me he bought the fireplace for his house.  That made me smile really big.  "Have a blessed day" he said.

So.  As of today Norman Rockwell is on the way to Medford thanks to an incredibly gracious UPS salesperson.  She even offered to repack at no charge.  Customer service..that's what's up.  Last time I looked I'm working for China.  How about you?

November 8, 2016.  Speak your mind. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

the afib flutter

Linda Sue returned to work today following her heart episode which she thought was resolved but um, no.  About middle of the day she started getting in a twit and there it went like a house on fire.  She has only been on the meds for two days and it takes time and tweaking to get things right.  If that doesn't work, there's ablation.  I heard that her words to the ER doc were "I'm so mad I could SPIT!"  I bet girl, I bet.  The sawmill is stress enough but her plate is full of family stuff too, bless her heart.  We expect our cures to be quick and easy when actually they're a process.  Removing stress is the absolute key to healthy living, no doubt.  

I was working today and all of a sudden had a teary moment remembering the remodel of this housed 28 years ago.  We started in October  and by the time it snowed Daddy was painting and hanging wallpaper.  I will never forget the first cardinals in snow.  Lord, what a sight.  It was April when we moved in with a truck load from GAFCO bought with the sale of our house on Tickle.  We made 5K and spent every penny of it furnishing this place.  Now, there's nothing left but the antiques and a few hand me downs.  

Even though I sold the super gigantic heavy dresser I've been adjusting to the one from my father's room which, still, smells like him.  I catch a whiff now and then.  I don't need a ten foot wide mirror.  I need "little boxes" that are organized to where I can find my shit when I need it.  Fortunately I have piles and piles of them.  

Happy Friday from me and the critters.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

the better to see you with, my dear

I finally quit procrastinating and got my eyes checked last week.  I had noticed that my far away vision like when driving was um..not very good.  The specs that I picked up today fixed that for my drive to Jackson.  As usual, nothing worked out as planned and my BK petition to get a car was postponed again until October for some more number crunching.   As I was emptying my stuff to go through the detector I noticed a familiar face standing nearby, none other than Robert Moore doing federal courthouse duty.  I wondered where he went!  The lady in front of me remarked on how fancy the official BK courtroom is considering all the people who come there are broke except for the attorneys.  Just a little bit of overkill on the decor, ya know?

I walked with attorney back across the courtyard where the (not so) trusty Camry was parked and we chatted about a few things.  She is an old family friend as well so we all know each others' business.  Her brother Tony was pallbearer for not just one but BOTH of my parents.  Then I headed up Highland to pick BG up for birthday lunch.  She had her mind on a good burger so we tried Red Robin and I was in awe of how good a real burger tastes.  Plus....bottomless fries.  Neither one of us could eat the whole thing so she went home with leftovers.  Black and die for.  

My usual route to and from her house is blocked totally for construction so I did a few back turns both going and coming.   At one point we ended up heading north to whatever town is next and did a U turn to get back on track with the by-pass as our guide.  Nothing but time on our hands.

And yes, it's still 90 with no relief in sight until the first snow falls..that's  how we roll in Tennessee.  Wearing a sweater to homecoming is no longer a thing.    I noticed Larry the dog hanging out at Poopie's Pet Hotel this morning so Sophie is grounded until her time is past.  

Let's think positive on that one.   ^j^

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the sting

Tomorrow is not only BGs birthday but also the first day of fall.  Not that you can tell it by the weather around here. It's freakin' hot as hades still.  I have a continuous problem with wasps around here and have been stung twice in a week most recently today when I walked in the back door and grabbed something.  Little shits are sneaky when they hide.  Ice and tobacco are a band-aid and ease the pain a little.  I wonder what, if any, good purpose they serve in this world?  

All the little tiny bugs are everywhere too, even inside.  I chased one down at work and smacked him on the keyboard.  There has been heavy fog the past two mornings so I have to take it slow to avoid deer and whatnot.  Bev said they've had mice since the corn shelling but i reckon Lily is TCB around here.

One of the things that I've come to believe with all my heart is that karma is powerful and that doing no intentional wrong and paying it forward are ways to manifest personal wellness.  It will return to you when least expected which is why I try not to expect anything from ANYBODY and be tickled when a gift comes my way.  

Which brings me around to police shootings.  I love cops....absolutely adore the ones who care about folks and truth, justice and the American way.  I know that right now they're all scared the hell to death which is an atmosphere that makes for much quicker and deadlier mistakes.  The reason for this, IMO, is the media.  Yes.  Black lives matter.  Yes, there are bad cops.  It's not all about being black when your rights are taken hostage by an officer of the law.  Or when they shoot you and you have a gun next to the book you're reading.  The whole world is on edge from Aleppo to Charlotte and playing quick draw on either side doesn't help.  

I am watching with interest as the dynamics of corporate change due to an Asian investor.  It hasn't done much for the stock price which was 9 to him because "mega! buy!.  The guy who brokered the whole HMA fiasco has cashed in and is probably in Fiji on MY spot leaving me to deal with Chinese bosses.  Lerd.  Also, in my humble opinion, at least the worker bees should know what's up.  There are 5K in the Nashville area alone.  There is also a new construction planned in Antioch for corporate everything as part of a project on a century farm.  How sad is that.  

I love my job and most of the people I work with.  They are my family away from home, and most days my only human interaction unless somebody drops by the house.  Patients are precious and even when they're a hot mess, they are our job.  We all have stories, lerd.  But because the federal government assures the patient a right to privacy, those stories are told anonymously while we regroup from the trauma of dealing with the walking wounded.  

Thirty two years ago today I had been sent home from the hospital in "false" labor that ended about 24 hours later with the birth of Lauren Elizabeth Parker, aka LP and Apostrophe. 
The epidural worked well and I couldn't feel my feet until the next morning.  I remember Mary Stuart asking me if it was forceps or more pushing and I screamed "get it!".  She was wet and ugly like all babies when they're born but truly a miracle.  

She is my only child and was the only grandchild until about 8 years ago.  In other words, she grew up totally being the shit with her Memaw and Grandaddy.   On a very long road trip to Padre Island when she was 2, I remember her sitting quietly in the back seat with Aunt Nez who had no legs, a bedpan and lasix on board.  UCMTSU

Got an appointment in Jackson tomorrow.  Holla :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

the perfect meme

In early social media days there was a lot of copy and paste type deals where you tell about yourself in a list of things like favorite food, etc.  Boring as hell, and I admit I did it on more than one occasion.  Trust me..nobody reads them.   My first few years as a blogger were rather rant driven so it wasn't until I left Poop Happens that I began to see my blogging as THE story of my life.  Thus, the rambling resume as template for the golden years ahead.

I love to cook but haven't had a dishwasher in years and it's just me so there you go.  I learned from my mother all southern and gracious and deep fried and decadent.  For years I carried around a high cholesterol and triglyceride because my husband liked to fry everything and smoke pork.  Once I started eating lighter, that went away and so did the blood sugar hovering at high normal with the HA1C.  Now I eat when I'm hungry and pick what I want instead of just shoving down the usual. Tonight's menu is a chicken kabob from the famous Dodger store.  

Just got off the phone with friends who lift me up and help me believe that it's all good.  I refuse to be any other way, ya know? There is no future in negativity and control.  I need to save my money for a badass camera but I keep spending on little pleasures like handmade soap from Epiphany Soapworks in Newbern.  

Nothing else new in this neck of the woods.  Carry on ~

Monday, September 19, 2016

to be or not to be

When push comes to shove, that is really the end of the road when seeking a quality lifestyle.  I have "been" for much longer than I should have, ignoring the whispers of the universe that it's time for something different.  Creative, if you will.  I don't have word so my resume goes something like this:

Team builder:  I'm the one who stands back and observes what people's strengths are and figure out a way to make that a positive.  I think outside of the box and always have.  While I see the need for occasional accountability for screwups, I choose to empower somebody else to do what they are taught.  That's what old school people do.

Computer geek:  I have been in the clinical lab since before automation and interfaces and I can tell you honestly though they're a pain in the ass, if properly managed they are solid. When Methodist bought the seven at once and eased us onto Sunquest, the entire system went down for a week.  Of course we had a "backup plan" because we'd been doing it on paper all those years.  That's a lot of writing.

Blood banker:  I hated the clinicals in MT school because the employees made us process blood that came into John Gaston from the blood bank.  I'm talking a hundred at a time.  During my tenure at the local hospital I've learned to appreciate the fine art of balancing supply and demand when it comes to blood and blood products.  We don't like to waste something that was a gift.  

Holistic healer:  Being in a hospital for 39 years has given me a keen awareness of how scared people are when they're really sick.  Heck, the whole family is scared usually.  They need attention other than the minimum standard in order to thrive.  Which is our goal, right?  Babies are born and people die every day in the building where I work.  If you don't think being someone's advocate is worth the time, don't clock in.

Blogger:  Y'all know the drill on that one.  I love photography as well but left the badass Leica in the rain one night and uh.  No more.  Instead I just document life with my badass phone.  The windows that were taken out in February are turning into works of art at different places and that just tickles me to death.   

Friend:  If you are my friend I will climb mountains or go into the valley with you.  Same for family.  There are friends and there are people you know.  There's a huge difference.   A true friend will call you out even if it's not pleasant.  That's not to be confused with bullying, which I was guilty of many years ago.  

This resume will be continued ~

Sunday, September 18, 2016

little bunny foo foo

The neighbors came by yesterday to pick out a window and we made it back up the steps with no mr snake visible except for that skin.   We were dawdling in the driveway and Mandy noticed movement in the corn shucks over by the asparagus bed.  She edged in a little closer and found a tiny rabbit which she scooped up in her hands to the delight of her son.  We were hauling that big ass window around to the front and got almost loaded when the bunny escaped and took off hoping every which a way while we scrambled around trying to catch him.  I wish I had a video!  He was retrieved and even got posted on FB with his humans.  

Predictably so, the sawmill was dead for hours and all of a sudden jumped to life like a wildfire.  I got to see many of my favorite nurses today so there's that blessing.  We know each other so well we can communicate with facial expressions.  Each of us cares about quality patient care and it shows.  

A friend and co-worker is scheduled for a heart cath tomorrow and she's a hot mess which I totally would be too.  I think it's probably less scary having it done on an emergency basis where you don't have time to dwell on what's coming.  Anywho....Linda Sue's mama died recently and she's trying to tie up loose ends to retire so she's pretty stressed and scared.  Y'all all send up some positive vibes for her health and healing.  
I finally got a good gander at the harvest moon this morning veiled in wispy clouds as I pulled out onto the lane.  I felt my parents sending love through that, if it can make sense at all.  Both of the mornings I showed up to claim their physical bodies, there was a full moon lighting the way.

So I leave you with that, in faith ^j^

Saturday, September 17, 2016

an american healthcare story

Let me preface this piece with the statement that everything referenced here is history that can be fact checked.  I woke this morning to a message from a friend stating that "rumor has it" that the mothership of my workplace is in the market to sell their company (ies) because of insurmountable debt.  I offer up nothing more than objective facts on the paper trail of how we got from there to here.  There have been both very good and very bad leaders at every stop along the way and it's not my intent to criticize any one company or management style.  I do, however, have a huge problem with hedge fund managers determining the future of American healthcare.

 In 1997 Wayne Smith became CEO of Community Health Systems as a pioneer in expanding the portfolio of investors by purchasing rural hospitals such as ours.  We were part of the West Tennessee seven that was purchased by Methodist Healthcare ( we know what a miracle you are ) in the 80s from various county governments.  Following a lengthy and heated community conversation about buyers for our facility, MHS paid 10M over market value for a facility that was 30 years old and in need of massive repair and upgrade.  We, and the other six, were to serve as feeders to their Memphis market which included Central, North and Germantown.  They grew the West Tennessee Regional market and continued to feed until the company's vision changed to transplant center and a partnership with UT Memphis.  That is when they summarily sold us all to the highest bidder which was CHS.  We lost half of our accrued sick time in the sale.  In spite of the uneasy feeling of being "divested", we continued to thrive as a leader in rural medicine. 

In 2013 I was flipping through personal email and found one for investors of CHS announcing intent to merge with (also) Franklin based Healthcare Management Associates.  There was about 8 billion involved in this acquisiton which followed others involving Tenet, Triad etc.  In the end there were over two hundred acute care facilities making them owners of THE largest number of beds for that purpose for profit and thousands of clinics.  There was a hedge fund manager whose name escapes me who engineered the whole transaction and then bailed earlier this year when the stock started collapsing. It went from 60ish to 10 in a matter of months.  The announcement of possible sale activity bumped the share price up a couple of bucks yesterday and now there's a Chinese billionaire as 10% shareholder.

Over the past year there have been spinoffs like Quorum and Tennova.  Again, I offer no opinion other than those which you know I have if we've ever talked.  I am not about to get dooced, thank you very much. Medicine, particularly wellness benefits and preventive care, are paramount to keeping healthcare costs down and minimizing human suffering.  It's not all about the diagnosing and curing.  Sometimes, it's about the patient's overall health.

I woke up to thunder and lightning but rolled right on over and snoozed some more until my alarm went off at 5.  It was kinda' sorta' raining when I left but nothing big so I took off down the hill in front of the dairy barn going about 50 and hit water halfway up that ran to Samaria Bend!  Thankfully the engine didn't stall.  

The corn is gone thank you lord, and I can see again.  Larry came by for a minute and we watched the dogs wandering to and fro south on the lane checking out every little thing along the way.  Life is good.  

Always remember who you are ~

Friday, September 16, 2016

dust in the wind

I know, I know.  What a cliche!  That's about all I can say about what's happening here on the hill.  It is day 3 of corn shelling and should be about over once the field across the road is cleared.   Pretty soon I expect to see turkeys out there amongst the leftovers.  I can actually feel the power of the harvest moon working in my life as I move toward something different.  Until I had the time and energy to work on my house, I really did not realize how bad it had become.  Not quite hoarders, but definitely not a Good Housekeeping winner.  I'm not OCD about clean but I do enjoy knowing where to find something if I need it.  I actually sorted bolts and screws from my old toolbox yesterday.  There's therapy up in there.

My goals are crystallizing slowly, morphing into ideas with hands and feet rather than random fleeting creative thoughts that get swept up in the details of life.  A friend commented the other day that I should write a novel and, in fact, as a blogger I have.  The early days were mostly ranty pissy things because I was so mad at Bush and all them.  Blogging was quite a "thing" until several months after I started and then everybody and their mama'n'them had one.  Print editions have them too which seems to kind of defeat the purpose but who am I to judge.  One of my mama's greatest sorrows was that she couldn't read the paper and know what's going on and Daddy just flat refused to read to her.  Bg did it a lot and me on occasion.  Sometimes Ms. Faye.  In her mind if she didn't know the details of every rat killing in Dyersburg she was out of touch.

I got a call at work today from an old friend who played a part in cleaning out Casa Grands at the end.  At their thrift store she had found boxes of my mother's hand written diaries and said she cried over how sweet they were.  That savvy woman right there is the very reason it takes me an entire paragraph to get across one point.  We Reaves girls always embellish.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

float like a butterfly

I was taking a break on the back parking lot the other day and it was cool enough to have my arm out the window.  This fragile looking delicate butterfly landed on the mirror and I coaxed it on over to my funky finger where she chilled a bit while I thought deep things.  It was the act of actually BEING still in a moment and feeling the awe.  That's a very good totem.  

Lily let me sleep until 8 but I was up at at it pretty soon with a long list of shit to do.  That included a trip to Lowe's for AC filters and pansies plus an oil change.  Sometimes I whine and think I have it bad but these poor guys at SpeedLube were total gentlemen and took care of me and Betty while we traded tales.  As it turns out, this minimum wage guy got immediately promoted to manager when the oil guy walked off yesterday because they can't get any.  He trotted his little self right on over to O'Reilly and hooked us girls up.  

Next stop was Patterson Brothers to get the bad tire checked out and they found nothing so, um.  Why is it going flat once a week?   I visited a shady used car dealer down the road and don't like the terms so I might as well make the trusty Camry a safer place to be.  The spray nozzle on the windshield is broken so I went looking for a fix for that.  Auto Zone was little help, however a lady at O'Reilly found the part for 18 bucks but I'd have to install it.  AutoZone guy suggested cable ties which O'Reilly lady just happened to have so I saved some money there.  

By then it was dolla' gentral time and approaching 85ish.  I now have a hair dryer which has been absent from my life for about a month.  I use the one at work in hematology sometimes! 

I wandered around watching Diane stock Halloween candy and thought about Pax and my pitiful attempt to have pumpkin spice vodka delivered to his doorstep.  BTW dear, I'm working on plan B.  Fear not my brother.  

When I got home it was full on dust in the wind time with corn shelling all around me.  Following a small break, they continue.  The landscape around the barn is changing again and it makes me think about when we had puppies born under there from Ryder.  There were ten of 'em and each found homes thanks to a network of dog lovers.  Chester was their daddy and he got fixed shortly thereafter.  He and Reece haven't been to see me lately.  

There is a peace that comes with ceasing to beat your head against the wall.  Adapting to change is a survival skill that will make or break a lifestyle.  As a country we are on the precipice of putting government back into the hands of voters.  That can only be accomplished by pulling the lobbies and donors out of the process, Period.  Voting along party lines without actually doing your homework is sort of like betting on the Superbowl.  What the eff ever.

Time to play in the dirt.  Later kids ^j^

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

social work

Over the course of the past few years I have been involved with every possible point of entry in the entire fractured healthcare system that serves us.  Basically, it's all about the money and what Medicare pays based on acuity of care and length of stay.  If you're sick and require a lot of care then you're out on your ass and if there's no family as full time caregiver, you're screwed.  This is where I know that my babygirl will step up to the plate if I get to the point where I can't function.  Many folks don't know that luxurious feeling.  I've talked with several friends today about their frustrations with access to care.  One involves mental health and a juvenile in trouble, and another just a freaked out young lady who is a kickass writer and has a sick mama and elderly granny.  Skibaby hasn't even been gone for three months yet and they're dealing with all this.  

That being said, I have a day off and intend to sleep until either the cat acts out of I have to pee.  I still feel very blessed to be out of pain.  It's still hot as hades.  I remember that it was miserable the year Lauren was born all the way up until we brought her home down the street from the hospital and it cooled off enough for her to wear the little calico dress from the gift shop.  We lived there for four years in a nice 22K house that we flipped to move out here to Green Acres.  The rest is history!

For the life of me I do not understand hatred and greed.  I've been guilty of some sins, but have never really felt those because I'm so warm and fuzzy.  After watching the video about the 10 worst cities in TN and seeing that our crime rate is 5th and unemployment is 8% I understand why options here are limited.  There is, however, a real push to revitalize the downtown area and capitalize on the natural resource that is the Forked Deer river.  All it would take is a cleanup effort by concerned citizens.  

I hope Hillary got some steroids and antibiotics so she can kick Trump's stupid ass.  That is all from me and mine.  Say hey to mama and all them.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

learning curve

Even with all my healthcare experience I probably wouldn't have known the importance of a blocked LAD artery had my own husband not had one that almost killed him at 39.  It's called "the widow maker" because the EKG is characteristically tombstone looking.  That was 20 years ago when activase was brand new and routinely used to open blockages like his for transport to a big city facility for heart cath.  He went in a helicopter and the clot busting drug worked so well that his EKG was normal before he left our ER. Dr Hayes and my sister-in-law were there to explain it all.  

He was so anticoagulated that the cath had to be put off until the next day where it was treated without stent placement.  Less intervention, don't you know.  Long story in 50 % of these cases that don't include a stent, he had early closure three months later and returned to Methodist North to have the whole thing redone.  

Fast forward to today as I watched from the control room while a patient had that very thing done in what used to be the ER where my husband was treated.  I watched the goings on waiting to do my little bit which was never needed but it was an interesting experience to say the least.  Watching on screen as blockages are located and resolved is pretty darn cool.  I observed in amazement as people in masks communicated via microphone with the RN in charge of recording the whole thing.  She is one helluva nurse, BTW.  

The facial recovery continues but the GI symptoms are causing some shall we say "butt issues" which are many days away from resolution because of the number of Augmentin left in that bottle.  And yes, I'm using probiotics.  

It's still hot...those 50s never showed up and are nowhere in the near future.  I read today that this August was the hottest one ever recorded which I totally believe.  The heat was relentless, and still hangs on.  Perhaps someday, this too shall pass.  Then it will be the dead of winter with only a week or two of pleasant weather. is what it is in this area of the country.  

Only in America do we chastise a presidential candidate for being sick on the campaign trail and elevate a fallen Olympian to TV status as a dancer.  Geez man.  Where are our priorities!  Last on my list of things to worry about is NOK because if they want to blow us away, it's all over but the launching.  They are ruthless and power hungry.  

That's is for Terrific Tuesday from Pecan Lane.  More later.

Monday, September 12, 2016

it's a good thing Martha Stewart would say.  Good to be pain free with minimized swelling.  I finally turned the corner this morning on the latest painful event in my never ending quest to stay under the little black cloud.  About two dollars worth of generic drugs plus some shots finally got me a bit more comfortable.  I mean like, enough where I actually smiled at work today and could carry on a conversation.  This experience comes real close to the rotator cuff repair in extreme and unusual pain.  Thank you God for the relief.  

I suppose since it's a slow news day it's all the talk that HRC has pneumonia.  I mean good Lord.  She's been walking around with this for lord knows how long and felt the pressure to keep on keeping on and NOT miss 9/11 in the HEAT and they're all making out like she's about to die and isn't being "transparent".  Bullshit.  If we're gonna get all personal about medical backgrounds how about we take a peek at Trump's psych evaluation?  I got a "make america great again" POS mail from his camp today along with a handmade birthday card from Marti Ann.  Hers totally cancelled out the absurdity of his!

An Iraq vet friend and I had a sidebar conversation today about wars and how the Iraq deal was totally uncalled for....and he was there.  He thinks the Saudis started it all and I don't doubt it but in the end?  It was about the USA protecting big oil interests like in Desert Storm.  Hind sight is 20/20 ya know.

It was cool enough yesterday for me to let my inner pyro child light a small pile in the back, a ceremonial thing mostly including an old bar stool from Century 21.  I have more, trust me.  And a whole boatload of pictures and albums and family trees.  Still purging, slowly but surely.  

All in all it's been a marvelous Monday.  That's in honor of you 
Jerry Allen, wherever you are.  

Relief ~

Sunday, September 11, 2016

facial update

The swelling is down considerably but not gone.  I was planning on birthday lunch with BG but seeing as how I'm in the shape I'm in we decided to postpone.  On the way home from Kroger I stopped by Sonic for breakfast to prepare my stomach for the arsenal of meds that is fighting this beast.  The expected runs have begun and are relentless so it's best to stay close to a bathroom at all times.  Probiotics don't begin to touch what Rocephin and Augmentin will do to a gut.  

I hear that UT beat VT in the game of all games.  My parents are rejoicing in heaven as I type along with a whole lot of other Big Orange fans.  Bubba says the corn will go down this week thankyousweetbabyjeebus.  I'll need to stock up on AC filters and ride it out but it will be worth it to have a view again.  A cool front passed through late yesterday and it's quite pleasant for a change.  50s at night is what I adore.  

No other news except for piddling and sorting.  I have piles of family linens and treasures to be shared with what family is left which ain't many.  Mo and Sandy and Marilyn will all get to pick whatever they want.  Besides that there are ceramics made by Gaga and a ton of Christmas village houses.  Not to mention all the family history that is still stored at the cabin.  It's a process, you know.

Getting through my first birthday as an orphan wasn't as bad as I expected emotionally because I was so sick.  I had a visit yesterday from a former co-worker and her tribe who had been to the fair.  They came in two vehicles and even included Russell and Anna .   There's a story about Russell that I've told before and it's pretty cool.  His father and Steven were on patrol together in Iraq and switched positions at the last minute.  Sean was killed.  Steven went on to marry Sean's widow and they then had Princess Anna.  The rest is history, as they say.  

Y'all keep the faith  ^j^  

Saturday, September 10, 2016

the saga continues

When I got up this morning my face was still swollen up to the eye so I headed to my favorite FNP at Hometown Urgent Care.  It was pretty obvious I needed a shot so there were of steroids and the other of Rocephin to kick those other antibiotics into gear.  She wasn't alarmed so I'm not either now.  She told me the pharmacy got broken into this morning and I headed that way with my prescription for MORE steroids.  

What I found was a very busy staff carrying on business while the cleanup was underway on the broken window.  It happened, in broad daylight, at 7:40 this morning and according to one of the girls all they got was a big box of skittles.  Sometimes people are just stupid beyond belief.  I remember one time this guy I knew broke out a drive through window at a local pharmacy and crawled in, all on camera.  Idiot.

This brings me back to my usual rant on the evils of opiates when unscrupulous doctors hand them out like candy for a co-pay.  Sure, they're harder to get now so abusers have turned to other fun things like heroin.  This didn't happen overnight and is largely the fault of people like Pharma Bro et al.  

Since I'm wired on steroids I expect to get a lot done at Casa Poops today.  Stay tuned!


Friday, September 9, 2016

from bad to worse

By the time I got a couple of pain pills in me yesterday things settled down enough so that I could piddle a bit before retiring early.  I woke up this morning and hit snooze a couple of times before getting up to start my day.  I knew my face felt kind of tight but it wasn't hurting so it wasn't until a little later when I was in front of a mirror that I saw the swelling.  Like, a lot.  The left side of my face from jaw to hairline looked like a Snapchat picture.  Alright then, I guess my eye was still open because I kept ice on it all night.  Still no pain but a warm feeling ono the cheek so here I go to the sawmill to face the day.  

As I pulled in and walked up the hill in the dark I hollered at the ER doc coming on duty and told him what was up and of course he couldn't see a thing in the parking lot.  Inside with light he felt of it and heard the rest of the story and we decided on one test which was normal.  He was kind enough to help me out with souped up antibiotics which I went to get ASAP when the pharmacy opened.  I've seen enough body parts swelling that I'm particularly afraid of the face and head.  This is the very same guy who pulled my funky finger back into place a month ago..I got the bill for that today, BTW.  

And then, it started to hurt again.  I have to say that I have a very high tolerance for pain which is why drugs have never been a big thing with me.  I experiment to see what works and if ibuprofen will get it, that's what I choose.  Unfortunately, that ain't the case here.  Of course I've googled cellulitis and punctured sinus cavities and all manner of things.

Marilyn came by work today to bring me some birthday cookies so of course I got to bawling over how sweet what she said to me was.  "I'm not your mama or your daddy but we're still family."  Indeed sister.  Indeed!

Thank you for all the warm wishes and virtual hugs.  That kind of love is what keeps me going and believing with faith.  People are good.  And so is God.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

on a scale of 1 to 10

Overnight, the best root canal ever turned into a throbbing mask of pain on the left side of my face in spite of ibuprofen.  Mid morning I called the dentist office and asked for some relief which I picked up at lunch.  Since I was working I only took half which didn't even begin to touch it so I downed the other half on the way home.  There is nothing like that kind of pain to make you humble.  It's hovering around 7 or 8 right now which is most definitely not a smiley face on the chart.

The folks cleaning out Casa Grands finished this morning after two days of phone and text tag.  They respectfully placed family items on the bar for us to go through later.  It's empty now, with voices from the past whispering to each other inside the log walls.  There is a trailer to empty which will fall to me because somebody "doesn't have the time."  That's fine.  I've done most of it anyway.

I eased back into the sawmill today and did okay until my face started hurting and then it just turned into a struggle to get away for some pain relief.  I cruised on down to lock up the house one.more.time. and was met by neighbor Gerald wanting to know how we're making it which, of course, got me to crying.  
Meanwhile, I'm car hunting believing that the trustee will allow me to purchase a car sometime.  The wheels turn slowly, you know.  Some kind soul and I can't remember who, suggested to me recently that I live in the past too much.  I suppose that's because I'm a writer and story teller and that's the material I draw from....what I know.  History as therapy, so to speak.  

My husband always told me that I think too much which is probably true.  I have enough rebel in me to question authority and the way things are when there seems to be injustice which is a whole helluva' lot of the time.  My goal should be to not give a shit and cover my own ass I suppose.  

Of course today's big news is old what's his name who asked "what is Aleppo" and had to be reminded about what we all know is happening there.  It is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions which we had a part in creating.  

This is my last day as a 60 year old, moving forward to 61 with no fanfare.  Just another day, as they say.   I share a birthday with a co-worker and her twin sister and we told each other happy bday eve on the way up to our respective floors.   I call her sister, but there's a whole lot of others that get called that too.  

Peace and love ~

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

as root canals go....

The one I had today was probably the best ever.  The infected root ran from under a bridge up to my nose and I've been carrying it around for four months with the help of three rounds of clindamycin.  First I got my eyes checked and there was no evidence of loss of vision.  I had to leave before I picked out glasses so as to get to the dentist whom I found kicked back reading the newspaper.  He and I share the same birthday so he got the last of the UT framed prints.  

I was scheduled to meet the non-profit who will clean out the house at around 12 and was headed that way when I got a phone call saying there's a delay.  Whatever.  I've got time to burn on this my last day off of 5.  I could totally get used to it, just saying.  

I got a birthday card hand crafted by my friend Kathy in Florida.  She was supposed to be headed this way for her mom's birthday in September  Hurricanes.  Maybe in October she says!

Lorna and Gracie and Jasper and Hazen all just left here.  They have had a long haul from Silvertop to Miami  (with hurricane) and back but all is well.  We are all in this thing together oddly enough.  It's amazing how life works those things out.  

Work called yesterday just to check in I guess because they miss me.  Heh.  Sounds like the same old song and dance on a different day.  I will report in the AM and do my best to save lives and make a difference.

Quality care ~

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I loaded up a few things to take to their new owners this morning on the way to the dentist.  Kay wasn't busy at all so we had the rare treat of an uninterrupted visit at the FH which has been my home away from for the past year or so.  I delivered four'o'clock seeds for she and Marla and ANOTHER couple of UT prints that will go to appreciative folks who don't have a clue they're on the way.  

The bad news is that I have to get a root canal in the morning.  UGH.  Under a bridge, no less which will require drilling through said hardware.  I think he was kind of wanting to do it like "right now" but I wasn't prepared for all that.  Soooo....on my last day off I'll get my vision checked and show up for the deed.  If I had a buck for every one I've had, I could go to Fiji right now.  

Next stop was the law office where I found an empty desk in my friend's office and no Mark.  I just left the Mayberry Courthouse and Andy's patrol car right in the middle of that desk.  No explanation required, ya know?  I dropped the parcel in the mail that contains a commemorative silver dollar honoring Lewis and Clark.  That goes to Quapaw Canoe owner John Ruskey in Clarksdale.  

Little by little, folks are sharing the life of my parents through what they left behind.  To say that I'm relieved to almost be done with it is an understatement.  I got a random call from a long ago co-worker today wanting to know if I was at work because she was having something done.  Nope.  On the way to the dentist!

If you happen to go to the Dyer County Fair this week, please say a great big thank you to all the volunteers who make it happen each year.  They give tirelessly, in the heat, to make sure everybody has a good time.  Ag rocks. 

My friend Tracy offered me some chickens which I said thanks but no thanks to because *dogs.  She swears they make friends easily.  I have a dozen country eggs in my frig thanks to Beverly so I don't need the extra work.  Three dogs and a cat are plenty of animals.  Really.

Y'all keep your fingers crossed on this root canal.  It probably won't be pretty.


Monday, September 5, 2016

changing gears

It has taken me two days to realize that I have nowhere to go and I can wake up slowly.  This is a rare pleasure for me as I'm usually up and at 'em by 5AM.  What a great feeling to wake up and see the sun already climbing over the house!  I've been digging and organizing and absolutely love using baskets to sort with.  There is a pile by the door waiting to be loaded in the Camry for several friends.  

So much stuff from Casa Grands is in this house now that I actually catch a whiff of the homeplace when I pass by a piece like Daddy's dresser.  The grief is still fresh in many ways and it blindsides me without notice.  I've been so busy that there has really been no time to deal with the business of mourning.  That is what these days off are about to me.  Emotions bubble up every time I reach into a box of history.

It's quiet here with nothing but the hum of the refrigerator and a random dog snore.  I had intended with all my heart to go to opening night at the fair.   Emotionally, I'm a hot mess and the thought of taking this tired old body down the steps to the auditorium is something I can't fathom.  People will understand because they're good.  

Acceptance ~

Sunday, September 4, 2016

labor day eve

Me and mine are all about the happiness of anticipation and often start with "happy birthday eve eve" or some such.  Merry Christmas eve eve eve!  For my mother every occasion required a family dinner and most times there was a ketchup bottle on the table in the picture.  That's how we rolled because there was almost always grilled burgers.  And always, with the cake.  I didn't have one last year because she was all busy getting a cast. I especially adore DQ ice cream ones.  Once she sent lunch for the entire lab PLUS cake.  What a woman.  

I miss her now but in a different way than before.  She is becoming alive again as I sort through the history and give away her things mindfully.  The nurse who took care of her at the end got the gorgeous antique bed and already has it up.  Mama would like that.  I see the impact that she and my Daddy made on this community and I am humbled.  

It's kind of cool going through their things in the comfort of my own home with time to savor memories.  My favorite Labor Day memory is the last dove hunt Daddy and Harry attended together.  It was right across the road from me so naturally I was out there with a camera.  Bubba fried fish and a good time was had by all and their ATVs.  Jim's retriever was the only one I saw.    Other times he cooked burgers at the cabin.  Being a manager has its' perks.  He's enjoying the hell out of Pickwick right now.  

On my run to the gentral' I bumped into Danny and Jacob on their way to church.  He and his sister had so much fun while we were estate selling down there.  And so did everybody else.  Now I have time to call the two old timers about farm history.  

The clan at Silvertop made it home like a sparrow in a hurricane and that's just a blessing from God.  There's an entire book up in that story but it's not mine to tell.  Because can't make this shit up.

Enjoy your day and count your blessings ~

Saturday, September 3, 2016

mission accomplished

Last I heard from Lorna she and her daughter were reunited in the midst of that last hurricane.  I know that Gracie is beside herself!  Their plans are to stop by Appalachicola on the way back to Tn.  They got hit like a mofo.  The last hurricane that I personally remember there was Isaac which destroyed my favorite place to stay in Gulf Shores at the state park.  This is where the turtle volunteers schooled me on nests.  

BG is on her way to her own getaway with the very pregnant Heather.  There was a big wreck off I-40 at Bucksnort which put her about an hour behind but I heard them squeal when she walked in the door.  God is good, all the time.  

As for me, the piddling has become intense and won't stop until I have some sort of order in this old house.  There will be pictures and invitations for dinner.  Trust me!

Peace out ~

Friday, September 2, 2016


I have five days a row!  It's been several months since I knew that feeling and that was with two days of hard travel to the beach and back.  This time there is no travel involved except to the beer store.  I intend to sleep a lot, piddle a lot and generally forget about real life outside of my own little world.  Mamye and Steve came over with power tools and removed the ancient medicine cabinet in my bathroom so that we can put up the "pretty" one from Mama's house.  It was quite a shock when the old one came out to see the bare oak studs of BG's closet wall.  There was no money stashed because we looked.

I can actually feel fall stirring in the air, something that Mama and I used to start lusting for around the 4th of July when the cicadas start up.  Though we never topped a hundred this year, it was a very looooong period of super size hot and humid.  Horrendous, is what Little Patsye called it.  She's on her usual mission to get everybody together for a meal which is like herding cats.  They all know that when I'm working, I don't get back out for dinner.  The jammies just feel too good.  

I'm ashamed to say that I'm not really sure what Labor Day is about but I'm assuming it's in honor of all us working stiffs.  You know, we the people who work all our lives trying to make a difference in a country where money and politics rule.  The wars that were fought in the first part of this century were honorable and true.  Nothing since Korea has had any sort of true meaning except for protecting oil.  During the Great Recession our government bailed out multi-major corporations and the price of gas was 4 bucks.  Perhaps renewable energy is about to become a real thing.

Our local newspaper had an article yesterday about our regional power provider TVA and their "surcharge".  I remember when it first appeared on my statement in line item style and was told that it was a temporary fee to recover the cost of repairing the coal ash spill in Roane county and paying fines for toxic waste.   It took two years longer than the five projected for the EPA to pronounce it fixed and yet the surcharge remains.  Good work dude.  Keep on asking questions.  

Always rebel with a cause ~

Thursday, September 1, 2016

no time for that

Being a medical professional myself I have very little patience with overbooking when it comes to my appointments.  So, when I showed up for a scheduled eye exam and found a FULL waiting room I asked if it was "one of those days" to which the kind lady replied yes.  I immediately re-scheduled for next week in the early morning.  If I find the same situation again, I'll look elsewhere.  My time is important too, and I'm the one paying for it.  

There's a slow leak in my front tire so I headed to Patterson brothers to air it up one.more.time.  I really need new ones but am waiting to see what happens with the BK trustee about getting a newer car.  If I have to keep this one, they will be replaced and so will the hubcaps,  There will be repair on the exhaust to get rid of the noise and I'll drive it 'til I die.  

Finally, the oppressive heat has lifted and there's a breeze.  It won't last but it sure is nice.  Meanwhile, Florida is looking like hurricane territory.  The very spot that Lorna passed through yesterday which is Perry looks to be right dead center of the path but not many folks will be spared the heavy rain including the east coast.  This is when beaches would be a "nice place to visit" but don't really want to live there.  

This thing in Turkey is simmering and one of my co-worker's husbands is chilling in Bulgaria seeing what's gonna' happen.  Around those parts you  never know.  There's drama everywhere so we just have to hang onto each other for dear life and be strong.  

Since my scope was cancelled postponed I have a dental appointment when I would have been under the twilight with something up my ass.  Instead there will be hands in my mouth as long as Dr. Bob hangs on 'til then.  

Cousin Mo designs high end hotels for a living and is on the road constantly with various Indians and a smattering of local investors.  Her current project is a huge one and totally cool....restoration of a grand hotel in Little Rock built in the early 1900s.  My mother had a trivet that said "I am not Martha Stewart" but she and Millette come closer than anybody I've ever seen.  

It's almost my birthday which is always in fair week.  Back in the days when I worked the gates I usually got a cake delivered by Mama or Daddy as they came and went.  It was over by the cemetery then, the gaudy lights and music in stark contrast to the tombstones.  I remember attending my Uncle Bud's full military service with that crazy stuff going on in the background.  It kind of took away from the moment, so to speak.

For the first time in three weeks, my hip isn't aching.  That's what happens when you listen to your body and rest.  

Over and out.