Wednesday, November 30, 2016

in the dark

I didn't even notice it but one of the ancient pecans became uprooted and was dangerously close to bringing down the electrical wires.  My brother called around dark thirty to let me know that they would be cutting the power for a couple of hours to get limbs off before they destroyed the whole deal.  Now, for a country girl I am ill prepared for power outages.  I have kerosene lanterns with no kerosene.  I have no candles except for those little tea lights that don't do squat for seeing.  With no computer and nothing to do I wandered around the house with my phone as a light trying to find things and finally gave up and went to the porch to watch the show.  There were several trucks and a lot of lights and I listened to the buzz of the chainsaw and enjoyed the light show about 100 yards away.  I could hear the voices and see the guy out in the field with a power beam dancing off the trees.  Two and a half hours later the power was back on and it was bedtime!

When Ryder had her last litter by Chester, she chose to give birth under the barn floor which was totally out of reach for us.  We could hear them but couldn't see them until BG came up with the grand idea of using the light on her phone.  There were 9 of them, and Sophie was the keeper.  The rest went to various homes thanks to incredibly generous people.  They were barely weaned when Ryder took a flying leap out in front of my brother's truck and got hit.  She ran back to the house and seemed to be okay.  Sometime during the night she crawled into my room and lay down beside my bed where she took her last breath while I rubbed her head.  I had to work so Bubba came out and buried her before I ever got home.  This yard is a virtual pet cemetery including numerous cats, Butterbean, Ryder, Faith and Lord knows who else.  Oh yeah....the horse is buried behind the barn!  He's supposed to have a headstone with Pride on it but that hasn't happened.  

I'm hitting the naproxen again which is helping with arthritis somewhat.  It's what my Daddy took for years before Celebrex got rolled out at a hefty price, then pulled from the market.  He used to actually get gold shots the old school way from Dr. Holt in Memphis.  

Propane guy made a delivery and I've lost the receipt already but I'm sure I've got enough to get me through until the deep freeze.  Good old Butch.  Since pecan season is winding down we'll be hauling our loot to Tatumville for the crack and blow treatment for which the Lowrances are famous.  Plus, they're cheaper than you know who.

Over and out....peace and love ^j^

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

a brand new year

There is something about a new calendar for the upcoming year that just tickles me to death and I received one today from the recruiter at our nearby blood center.  She's a real go getter which I totally appreciate since our blood supply depends on healthy recruitment of donors. The holiday season is a particularly horrid time to try and keep shelves stocked because fewer take the time out of a busy schedule to give a unit.  Unless your life has been touched personally by blood donation, you probably don't get the importance.  Just imagine if you were bleeding to death and there wasn't enough to keep you alive!  Technology now allows for the blood to be separated into components which are safer and can help more patients.  Platelets are removed, and plasma.  Both of these when left sitting in a unit of whole blood are useless as treatment but excellent when prepared to make packed cells.  Platelet donors are the really dedicated ones because they stay hooked up to a machine for several hours with needles in both arms.  And all of this?  Is done for free by volunteers.

The storm that blew through yesterday knocked down another basket full of Stuarts and I think that's probably it for the crop.  Hopefully next year all the other stuart trees will come back with a vengeance.  So, Gatlinburg is for real on fire and that's scary as shit.  Yesterday's high winds fueled the flames and in spite of rain it kept on raging.  The drought, she is unforgiving.  

I got a text this morning from Larry's mama looking for him and my response was I haven't seen him.  I let the boys out to do their business and when they came back in shut the door and finished gettin' my ready on.  I looked down as I passed through and saw Larry's face peering up at me like a long lost friend.  Dude had snuck in with the others and I didn't know he was in the vicinity.  He misses us.

Another amazing thing is how quickly it takes to get tired after getting good rest.  It makes 12 hour naps seem like the norm.  The aforementioned benefit didn't pan out which I didn't really expect.  I'm working on a grocery list for the edibles I plan to give as gifts.  If you've been a good boy or girl you get roasted pecans or a cake.  Propane came by today not because I was out but because we both know it's better for me not to call him on Christmas Eve.  Which I did one year.  He definitely needs a cake.


Monday, November 28, 2016

everyday miracles

I'm still being a slug, spending my last day off that began with a long wakeup sitting in jammies. Actually, I slept in my Bernie hoodie last night so I guess you could start some gossip there.  The house is so quiet now with the new windows that I could sleep forever except that the bitch cat demands to be fed.   

I stop at the chicken store every day and many times more than once.  My usual stop is about ten 'til 6 where Mr. Gene greets me from where he's sitting on the curb with one of the girls at shift change.  As I pulled in this morning I spotted him putting boxes in the dumpster with his hood pulled up.  This man does what he does come rain, shine, heat or snow.  He is always grateful for moderate weather.  He also changes the gas price signs.  His last words to me are always " you be careful out there."  Indeed sir.  

There's this sweet little couple that eats lunch there everyday about two and they usually smile and greet me as I head to the cooler.  I can tell they don't partake but they're always friendly to me.  They are there EVERY day.  It's the kind of place where older guys like Horner sit around drinking coffee waiting to see who comes in.  Like my Daddy used to do at McDonald's.  Every single one of that coffee group has passed on except for Kyle.  

I have a phone appointment at 11 concerning a benefit that I didn't even know existed.  I may not be eligible but it never hurts to try.  The only catch would be "income limit" and while I have a stable income, there's a lot going out to BK court etc.  There is no way I can afford a car without some additional funds.  And Lord knows I need one!

The way I figure it Big Ernie is running the show and it will happen in His time.  However, I may lose my religion if I have to go through one more winter with no door handles.  I ordered some prints of my farm shots to go in an old window as a gift to the farm owner.  He likes stuff like that, ya know.  There was a huge 9 pane hanging on Mom and Daddy's fireplace that now lives in Bubba's office.  I made it ten years ago and they loved it.  

Hope you don't have a holiday hangover from all that rich food.  Now....onward to Christmas treats!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

in the ditch

I was happily typing away when Gumby called me from his cell in the ditch.  He was trying to cut up a utility pole for a bonfire and the pole flipped him.  It took dyersburg city, county, THP and a whole bunch of people with scanners to get him out.  Daddy brought the tractor up and bitched the whole time. He refused ambulance transport with morphine and came on up to the house and hit the whiskey bottle.  While we were waiting I got down by his head and talked him through the panic of being trapped like that.  Fortunately the ground was soft.  He had a big piece of tin in the bed of his truck and that's what EMS used to pull him out while the crowd lifted the pole.  It was a sight to behold.

Once upon a time BG was dodging a squirrel and landed in a ditch full of water upstream.  Joey came and got me to say I should probably check on her.  As you all know, she survived.  She made the comment when she was here that everything is weird and indeed it is.  Everything is still fresh, yet we try to keep the faith as a family.  

My wheeling dealing self sold the oak bed this morning.  It's one of the last pieces from when we moved out here 28 years ago.  I haven't used it in years so that's 50 bucks I didn't have.  I previously sold the massive dresser and BG has the upright chest.  With the bed gone the office is shaping up nicely as a hangout.  NayNay's uncle said putting it up would have to wait 'til tomorrow because "NFL Sunday".  

I found a bunch of baby clothes in the attic that will go to Katie's baby boy who is due in about a month or less.  Luckily her Aunt Linda will be retired and ready to help!  Linda and I have worked together for 39 years....she was there when I started!  This was her 40 year celebration which is what mine will be next year if I make it.  

Enjoy your day kids.  I'll be busy piddling.  

Saturday, November 26, 2016


It's a beautiful fall day on the hill with lots of color and a few pecan pickers.  They are the only group that has permission to be here and these guys are faithful picking up those small ones.  Bubba Wayne has worked for the Pritchetts since time began so it's like he's part of the land.  

I skipped the gentral' today since we made a run yesterday morning and went to pick up my happy pills instead.  I DO NOT need to go without them, just saying.  Then I stopped by Lowe's to look at trees and found a nice selection at a good price.  That, however, will have to wait until payday.  We had a hundred strands of lights at one time and I have no clue where they are.  Maybe they'll turn up during today's piddling.  This is heaven to agenda and don't have to even know what time it is.  Or what day, for that matter.  I seriously needed this time off.  

My gut didn't take all the holiday food very well!  I'll spare you the details but you know.  I'm not used to eating rich stuff like that at all so I'm staying close to a bathroom.  I know, TMI.  I fixed my friend a to go plate with the leftovers and washed those dishes pronto.  There is some turkey left which is really all I want.

Other than that, I got nothing.  I haven't seen any news in 2 days and actually hesitate to look.  I am so proud of the veterans who are mobilizing to go to Standing Rock.  It shows me that no matter how bad things get, somebody will do the next right thing.  

Peace out kids ~

Friday, November 25, 2016


BG just left headed home with a lot of stuff to haul in Heather's truck.  Since I overcooked she has turkey and dressing for her friendsgiving.  The seriously cute mailman showed up today with my purchases so Christmas shopping is *done*.  We had a great meal yesterday with Bubba and he met up with us at the cabin today  I forgot where the key is so me and Lauren just looked the windows and sobbed.  She hasn't been there in forever, and never to the cemetery so we did that too.  Closure is good.  We cruised by Mo's new house on the way home. 

We slept together for two nights in a queen size bed with dogs and it was divine.  I got inspired to go through ornaments today and she picked out what she wanted.  We seriously don't know how to be anymore but usually figure it out.  She cleans, I cook and we just chill.  Sophie is such a lover she slept between us and never moved.  

I seriously hope y'all aren't at Walmart.  I hear it's dangerous out there.  ^j^

Thursday, November 24, 2016

in praise of leftovers

It never ceases to amaze me how long it takes to prepare a Thanksgiving meal that is consumed in 30 minutes.  But then there's more for later!  We've got turkey out the ass because I got an extra one.  I almost got through the blessing before choking up.  I'm the elder now....the one to give thanks for who we are and what we have been as a family.  I think Mom was looking down from heaven in approval of my rendition of her recipes.  

BG got here late last night and is steady curled up with the dogs on my bed watching TV.  She already has a Christmas tree so there will be some ornament shopping from the giant pile.  I don't have one yet and will probably go with the live kind.  There's just something about a cut tree that makes me happy.  Daddy used to get white pines with a ball and planted them here and there all through the yard.  Once my brother and his friend backed over one in their truck and they tried to duct tape it back together to stay out of trouble. Didn't work. Y'all be careful out there black Friday shopping.  Support small business and buy something besides ties and sweaters.  

Gratitude ~ 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

the office

I have moved the desk to BG's room to facilitate organizational things needed for a home office.  The sun rises on this side of the house so it's much lighter in the mornings.  This house tends to be DARK so I'm looking at some lighting options that will be more old eye friendly.  Plus, I can watch the golfers out the window!  Believe me...they play all year round.  It's an unofficial UT room with the two items that I kept displayed.  All the rest went hither and yon which is okay because I'm not a big football fan.  It's for my parents ;)  

Lauren and Heather should be on the road soon depending on who got away from work early. I passed my friend Susan in the hall today and she shared with me that holidays after a death are hard which I already know.  This is the second year for her and she said it doesn't get any easier.  It's when you miss family the most I think.  

I never wear makeup and put some on yesterday and it drove me crazy.  Probably need hypoallergenic or something.  So much for finding sugardaddy.  I guess he'll just have to be a naturalist.  I do well to get into decent jeans and a nice t-shirt but I try to be presentable.  Scrubs make you lazy when it comes to fashion.  Just sayin'.  

Hopefully the hoorah over Trump will simmer down and we see which way we're headed.  Like Dan Rather, I believe that the time is now to speak up and act responsibly.  The POTUS has very little power outside of the veto and pardon things so there's that in our favor.  I predict that it will turn into such a big mess that he'll end up out of office before the term is finished.  I approve Nikki Haley in that role.  Bannon needs to go.  Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea to hook up McCain and Boehner in the mix somehow.  HRC looks very tired, and rightfully so.  Bernie gave her hell in the primary and then she got dropped on her ass by the electoral college.  Also, watch out for Elizabeth Warren kids.  She's fierce and true in her motives concerning Wall Street which is what we need desperately.  For a bunch of bankers to tinker with our economy to their advantage is just wrong.  

I am thankful for a lot of things right now.  My health is good and my job is fairly manageable.  I have some wonderful family who would go to the moon and back for me and lots of friends who would do the same.  My dogs adore me ( and sometimes the cat ) and I carry a light load when it comes to worry.  Doesn't help a damn thing, ya know?  Here's to living the thankful life, with gratitude and faith as the cornerstones.  It keeps me sane, if you know what I mean.  


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

gal pals

There is a small and eclectic group of women my age who get together when Patsye is in this part of the state.  She lives in East Tennessee but has a cottage here near where her family is.  For most of them dinner is the choice meeting time which is bedtime.  So, we did something different and met for lunch today.  A whole lot of the conversation centered around the election and how devastated we were.  It was refreshing to be around others who are as bewildered as I am about the whole deal. 

There will be very little Christmas shopping done here and I've already started online with small but personal gifts for the few.  I'm pretty sure I owe the law office a cake for all the pall bearing and whatnot.  It used to be a yearly event but got lost in the shuffle when life got crazy.

My man Trae came out of hiding to deliver a heartfelt Thanksgiving message to all of us about respecting differences of opinion.  He has a mouth like a redneck sailor but makes solid points with a somewhat liberal slant.  Plus he's a Tennessee boy.  

My friends came to help with cleaning again yesterday and I just didn't have it in me.  The fatigue is about to get me down so I'm looking forward to a few days' rest.  I am understanding more and more my parents' frustration with not being able to do what they once could.  Yet they never gave up.  I pray that I keep that fighting spirit with me.  

On the morning run to the gentral' I picked up a rag mop that you don't have to squeeze by hand and, of course, I can't figure out how to use it.  I've run off two sets of pecan poachers in as many days and told Bubba Wayne and them to keep an eye out.  Only they and the neighbors have permission to pick.  And Mamye, of course.

Y'all keep it between the ditches.   

Sunday, November 20, 2016

we gather together

Today marks the beginning of Thanksgiving week which is always hurry hurry rush rush especially for those with big families.  That is definitely not the case around here.  I spent my lunch break at Kroger picking up what I need to prepare for the three of us.  BG is on a 7 day stretch at work to be able to have the time off to come home.  I have made arrangements and unless somebody dies I'll be spending quality time with her. Bubba called today to touch base on the prep and his turkeys will go to the smoker tomorrow.  THREE birds.  One for me, one for him and one for our feast.  Since he works at Kroger he stocks up when things are on sale.  As usual, my favorite butter was on sale and totally sold out.  Who the hell buys unsalted butter anyway???  Just leave a couple of those and fill the rest of the space with the good old salted kind.  

I saw a few familiar faces but didn't linger  The last of the floors got waxed today and we're mighty grateful to Shine for getting that done while working around a bunch of bitchy women.  It's folks like that which make work a happy place.  I can hardly believe it but my otha' babygirl Charlie B is 40 today!  We have worked together off and on for lots of years and I always think of her as a kid in a grown ups' body.  She's loads of fun and moody as heck.  Just like I was at that age!!  The pressures of parenting teenagers and making a living while trying to blend families is something that a lot of people deal with and it can be stressful.  So can peri-menopause.  

Mamye and Steve are out there working the Stuart crop following 2 sub-freezing nights.  They're selling for an ungodly amount this year but we're more interested in keeping these babies for roasting.  Back in the day I was famous at the bar for bringing in the prize winning nuts as a snack.  Recipe to follow y'all.  

Roasting pecans is an art and one that requires the patience to stir and salt every 15 minutes.  Then you gotta' drain.  My other favorite recipe is for a triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate icing topped with holly and stuffed with chips.  Also, recipe to follow.  

Stay tuned for more culinary news from the lane.  My mac'n'cheese will be baked coated with a homemade roux of melted butter, flour and cheeses.  Asparagus is standard from a can and dressed with cream of mushroom, buttered cracker crumbs and cheese.  The dressing is my mother's brand made from various breads and chicken stock.  

Yep...I'm on a mission.  

Saturday, November 19, 2016

whirly bird

My first experience with a helicopter was when my youngest brother landed in the field next to my house right smack in the middle of town to pick me up for a ride.  Up we went, and with no doors there was plenty of noise and a great fear of falling out.  That's just like something I would do.  He took me down in the pasture behind Mom and DAddy's because I was about to hyperventilate.  It was surreal, but I've always been fascinated with watching them take off and land.   I recall the first time one landed at the sawmill and I stood in awe watching it maneuver onto the pad out back.  Now it's a daily ritual and the flight path is directly over my house.  I lost a very good friend and co-worker when her crew went down in a random thunderstorm.  KK let me in a little early to have some private time before the droves arrived.  Lots of media coverage.

It takes a special breed of healthcare provider to deal with trauma and not all are cut out for it.  Those who are burn out often.  You must remain somewhat objective in order to do your job.  But when you forget what that person is feeling like um TERRIFIED or really sick, it wouldn't hurt to give 'em an extra pat.  It's what Jesus would do. The weather is changing which means lots of coughy sneezy stuff which puts things in high gear for us.  Our last hold out on the flu shot got bit so she's mask free until somebody snotty gets in her face!  

So it seems as if our local shooter came from nearby Ripley which is a hotbed for that kind of bullshit.  He was probably running his own game and somebody at that party done him wrong.  Not that I'm all CSI or anything.

The weather is gorgeous....peak colors about a month later than usual.  We finally got some rain yesterday and I literally danced in it to roll my windows up.  Me and the cleaning/pecan crew visited and ate some pizza while it poured.  There was a frost this morning.  Got me some Stuarts...just saying.

Tomorrow is my mama's birthday...83.  She's been gone long enough that it's painfully real that the traditions we carry on without her must make her proud.  She was the master of our family gatherings at the cabin.  I think about how much she used to do and it literally wears me out to consider all that effort.  She wasn't working when Daddy retired and they were both fairly young so she got to enjoy a lot of things like girl trips to England or Lake Barkley.   Earlier this year I found one of her little ornaments of spun glass with a tag attached.  It was dated 8-8-1999 and was a gift from the Christian education department to her or Daddy.  And the day I found it was 8-8-2016.  It's a delicate glass heart and the tag reads " love never fails".  And, of course, I broke it.  

I've gained five pounds which doesn't seem like much but my clothes don't fit so there you go.  Time to eat healthier anyway.  My lipid panel is very normal and glucose as well.  I think it's the ice cream.

Happy fall y'all.  Soak it up like the eye candy that it is ^j^

Friday, November 18, 2016

drive by

Dyersburg has a pretty low violent crime rate in spite of the rampant drug use and poverty.  I got a call from work yesterday evening asking about blood use for a child that had been involved in a shooting.  One person died and the six year old is in critical condition.  Several others were injured.  My first thought was "gang related" but who knows.  Back in the day our 'burg was home to several gangs that terrorized the west side of town around Forrest Street.  At that time we had a law enforcement team dedicated to working with this neighborhood and others at risk for gang activity.  They were literally run out of town on a rail.  I pray that this is not a return to that kind of violence.  

My friends are coming over today to help me clean so I went to the gentral' for supplies and treated myself to new pillows.'s the little pleasures that count.  The manager told me that she had recently fired not one but THREE employees at the same time for theft.  Seems they were in it together.  That leaves a mighty slim crew to run the store until background checks etc are finished for new hires.  Stupid people.  

It's the last day of 80s with a front coming through to cool things down.  Hopefully there will be rain!!!  It's dry as a bone out there which is why East Tennessee is on fire.  But no, climate change is not real right?  Pfffft.  

I'm quite the liberal progressive in case you didn't know.   That being said, I'm tired of all the hate mongering and fear stirring over Trump.  Laugh and get over it kids because it is what it is.  It may just get cold enough this weekend for me to wear my Bernie hoodie.  I also have a Poehler Fey 2016 "bitches get stuff done" t-shirt that is a favorite.  

Y'all don't forget to make your dressing ahead because it's better when frozen first.  Just ask KK.  Bubba is smoking some turkey and I cannot wait.  Of course I have to make about two dozen deviled eggs because that's his favorite.  Must have a to go plate of those.  

Happy Friday even if you're working the weekend like me.  See ya there!


Thursday, November 17, 2016

hacked by ISIS

Well, the good news is that my blog is now a secure site and is still free.  Now and then I get a random comment in Swahili but other than that it's usually on FB.  Sometimes it's just easier to press like and move on.  But here's the thing y'all.  Those stats count to writers.  Those devoted 30 or so who have a feed to Pecan Lane or take the time to find it boost the brand, so to speak.  

I totally enjoyed watching Bernie and Colbert talk about our progressive futures.  Uncle Bern just kept re-assuring him that this election was historic in many ways and the unpredictable happened.  Move on to Plan B and don't buy into the fear.  I didn't vote for him, but he is the POTUS.  I almost spit up in my mouth a little typing that.

Anywho, my buddy Adrian got 0.9 of the vote in our district and I'm proud of being a drop in that bucket.  Watch out world.  He will be back in '20 and much wiser but still just as happy.

It's an Adele kind of afternoon.  Teresa is coming to help me with the house tomorrow.  Actually, considering how bad it WAS, it actually looks pretty damn good.  Just nasty floors from years of boxes packed into every corner.  

As for entertainment, I'm gonna' just have to catch up on Southern Mama until Trae comes back out to play.  I'm a sucker for redneck humor and a long time John Boy and Billy fan.  They were a staple back in the day.  My favorites were "axe ike" and the frontage road preacher.  It's time to turn so's youuuu don't burn!

Smile.  Someday you'll look back on it and laugh ^j^

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

beetle juice

The invasion of the Japanese beetle has commenced in a storm of crawling bugs at every door and window just waiting for a chance to move inside.  I used to think they were "ladybugs" but noooo...nothing good luckish hanging around here.  They are competing with the flies and wasps for air space, if you know what I mean.  Currently, the central unit is running on air.  On November 16th, no less.  I have to be able to breathe and that's the only way with a little help from Pharma bro in the form of flonase and singulair.  Occasionally a zyrtec.  

I was a few minutes late to work today because I got caught at changeover during a stop at the chicken store.  That takes a while and ain't nobody happy.  As I was walking toward the door of the lab I got a phone call which I couldn't answer and when I walked in the door they were on the phone calling me.  O.m.G.  After the morning run I got informed that my alternate assignment for the day would be guessed it...the oncology center.  Lerd.  Again, I found a blessing through a random meeting with and old friend and her husband.  We ran together 40 years ago, if that tells you anything.  We got lunch at work which is normal because "reps rock".  My two thirty something friends who also work there had plans to run together after work and invited me to try and keep up.  I passed.  Girl knows her limits, just saying.  

My left shoulder is becoming more and more of a problem.  It's not really a traumatic injury like the right one was.....just arthritic and achy.  I find myself struggling for the energy to do anything other than work and do minimal housecleaning when actually MAJOR is what's needed.  I'm the next Martha Stewart in our family and I at least have to make a presentable place to eat a meal.  Y'all holler if you have any spare time between now and then.  

I think it's hilarious that Joe Biden is finally getting famous after being O's shadow for all those years.  Good old Uncle Joe.  I am happy to see social media outlets being pro-active in monitoring racist dialogue and hatred.  Hey's free.  They can pull the plug on you at any time.  

The moon is still beautiful.  And God is good...all the time ^j^

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

small world

I had the good fortune to reunite some old friends today both of whom I hold dear.  Had our staff meeting not been cancelled rescheduled I would have missed that little bit of serendipity.  Little miracles...I'll take them and say thank you lort.  

So, umm.  Trump is busy building his team with the biggest bunch of blowhards I've ever seen.  I swear to you if Glenn Beck ends up on the SCOTUS, I'll shoot my eye out.  As for the Roe v Wade speculation, I imagine that if there's another justice in there who tries to overturn, there will be hell to pay in the form of the illegal abortion industry.  Sure, you could go to another state.....unless you're in the South.  I personally know folks who either went to Canada or got the wire hanger treatment before safe procedures were made available.  Our system pays for those who continue to produce children that cannot be fed or clothed.  Go the the freakin' health department and get some contraception.  

This is not Obama's fault, nor Bush's.  Or Hillary's or Trump's.  Because in the end?  The government rules.  It's only in the reaching out in faith to another that change can happen.  One at a time.  I don't read the news anymore much less watch it.  At this point in life, it's all about finding the sweet spot and hanging on for dear life.  

I'm working on a grocery list for Thanksgiving because it's on me this year.  I have Mama's recipe for dressing and Bubba is having turkey smoked.  Asparagus casserole and deviled eggs are a must.  Other than that, we'll improvise.  

Thankful ~

Monday, November 14, 2016


We had pecan thieves on the lane today but never fear.  Dyer County law ran them off so that Mamye didn't have to shoot anybody.  Evidently Patrick thought they were harmless and gave them kinda' sorta' permission.  Officers Spain and Fisher worked the case and were perfect gentlemen.  Mamye got a bucket full of stuarts and we are in business for Christmas baking.  

There was a heavy frost this morning so I imagine the kudzu will be dead by tomorrow.  That reminded me to dig out the de-icer and keep one at home, car and work.  Be prepared and whatnot.  I have never had a carport or garage in my entire adult life.  My ice storm adventures were epic and there was once that all three vehicles were frozen in place for 24 hours.  Mother nature does not play.  

As I type, there is a big roll out going on at the sawmill for our interventional cardiology service.  All of the salaried folks are there helping out with the party which is why I'm glad to be a peon hourly.  If I'm not mistaken, the super moon will rise one more evening and carry me back in the morning.  It's a comfort like when Mama and Daddy died.

So, Trump is POTUS.  Deal with it.  He has racist friends and staff.  Deal with that too.  Laugh often and loud.  Tell somebody la' you bye.  Keep the faith ^j^

Sunday, November 13, 2016

go figure

I've had the old windows from this house in the basement and attic since March when they were replaced.  I took a few down to the estate sale but nobody wanted them so I just brought 'em back here and posted them for sale yesterday.  Not long after that post I got a message from someone who wanted two which I put back.  Shortly after THAT I got a message from the grandson of the folks who lived in this house before me.  Mr. and Mrs. Council lived here for years and Allen grew up out here.  He came out and walked down memory lane and then bought every window in the basement!  Since I was a little concerned about how to buy lunch for the next week, that was a blessing sent straight from God.  

Mr Council had been living here alone for ten years when he was moved by his son to a safer location for an old dude.  To say it was a hot mess is an understatement.  He raised rabbits and all other sorts of creatures and there were empty feed bags stacked in the attic.  The basement took about 10 years to clean out what with all the old farmer horse man stuff down there.  His name is spray painted on the basement wall!  We had a nice time remembering his childhood here and he will be my go-to guy for history on this plot.  I ran into him when his mother was dying last year not knowing that my own parents would be right behind his.  Small world, as they say.  

I've already been to the gentral where Diane the manager told me she had to fire three employees at one time for stealing.  This woman works all.the.time on salary.  It makes me glad not to be a manager, ya know?

There's a chill in the air so I went looking for warm stuff in the closet and lo and behold there was my Bernie hoodie that I bought last fall.  I will wear it with pride even though the election is over.  Yes, I'm a Bernie bro/sis.

Keep on doing the next right thing y'all.  The violent protesting and hell raising solves nothing.  Remember who you are, always.  Anything is possible if you leave room for the spirit to work.

Peace ~

Saturday, November 12, 2016

to write or not to write

Blogging is a way of life for me and has been for about 12 years.  If I had a buck for every time somebody said "you should write a book" I'd be rich and could retire from the sawmill.  My book writing has been one day and one story at a time.  It would take an editor to go through the massive compilation of history and random thoughts to actually make it marketable. Besides who would buy the book when the blog is free to read!  I tried doing NaNoWriMo one year and didn't make it past the first week.  I'm a story teller, not a novel writer.  

I ran into an old friend at the chicken store who asked about the history of this farm and it turned into a long discussion of how the Calcutt family came from there to here.  Perhaps if I can get some ADHD meds I could tell that story and include all of the many vintage pictures.  What began as a purchase post WWI by a man from St Louis turned into a life for me and mine.  We've seen a lot of changes over the years, but the history still stands proud in the three houses that remain and the two barns, one with huge silos.  There's a tiny cabin known as "the shack" which used to be the meeting place for the owners when they visited from Michigan.  Daddy became farm manager when my grandfather Harold handed it over to him about the time I was born.  Thus, he lived every farmer's dream.  A full time USDA man who got to run a farm in his spare time!  He did that for years until he retired from the fed at 55 and proceeded to focus on the second job.  He was always one to do his best for the owners as my brother is now.  
Until about six years ago, there were cattle.  Two horses lived here when I moved in, and others followed.  Now there there are none.  Times change.

It's a beautiful brisk day here on the hill but I'll be mostly doing laundry and trying to sort some more.  It's hard to focus because it seems overwhelming at times, but I'll get there.  Hide and watch.

Onward ~

Friday, November 11, 2016

project next

Alrighty then, here we sit on a balmy Friday evening in November.  I had to turn on the heat for ten minutes when I got up but back down it went.  We had a light frost this week but not enough to kill the kudzu, so to speak.  If you don't know about kudzu, you're not really Southern.  Just ask my friend Idgie at the Dew.  Once she got caught in an ice storm on the interstate in Atlanta and had to walk to the hotel and buy beanie weenies and tiny wines.  You can't make this shit up

So, since I'm off for a couple of days I stopped by to see Tracy and pick up a tiny bottle of peach pecan.   The brand Old Camp belongs to Florida Georgia Line, she said.  Whom, BTW the redneck liberal would rather felate? in Times Square on New Year's eve than see a Trump victory.  See people listen and have their favorite parts!

No more political chatter.  I'm counting on EW to stand up and kick some ass.  She's spunky yet diplomatic enough to deal with what's going on.  And IN FACT Bernie ain't done yet....right Pax?  Mitch will die someday and then we'll have who knows what kind of evil no term limits dictator.  The whole process is flawed and stacked in favor of the rich in both major parties.  Dodd Frank?  Does that ring a bell???????????????

I'm about to enjoy the balminess of the afternoon and visit with my friend Mamye a bit.  Ladies night, if you will.  My focus these days is on hugging and saying the L word.  You never know when it might be the last time you see somebody this side of heaven.

Grace ~

Thursday, November 10, 2016

veteran's day

I remember earlier this year when all the FB folks were a'twitter about Memorial Day being only for those who died in service.  At that time I was still reeling with emotion and wondered just who has the time to split hairs like that?  Jesus people....get a grip.  The biggest toxic thing about social media is that it gives sick and angry people a place to show out.  

As a Girl Scout I marched in many parades on that special day, lining up at the Piggly Wiggly parking lot in uniform, by troop. It was like herding cats for the parents and leaders!  The vets were mostly old and from I and II because Vietnam had yet to be a thing. I won't bring up how they were treated because it just makes me mad and I'm trying to de-stress.  Daddy served in the Korean conflict and Mr. Bruce was at Iwo Jima.  Robert Taylor did his duty in Desert Storm.  Joe Deak served our country in Iraq.  To all of these men and women who have defended our country even when the odds were stacked against them, I say thank you with a full heart. d

This country was built on the determination of lots of "refugees" to not be bound by the rules of monarchy but to be self sufficient.  The Native Americans helped with that little culture shock and there was much breaking of bread and giving of thanks.  After that, things got ugly.  

I think, sometimes, that we look at what Hitler did and think that our tactics are somewhat less inhumane.  Like Japanese camps during WWII.  Or Gitmo.  I know, I'm such a drama queen.  But you know what?  I speak from the heart.  

Gratitude ~ 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

the morning after

I went to bed expecting to hear that HRC will be the new president and lo and behold just the opposite happened.  There has been so much hatred, violence and bigotry throughout this campaign that I hesitate to say anything more but feel that I must.  It is beyond my comprehension that enough people believe in Trump and his philosophy for him to win the presidency.  That being said, the people have spoken and I pray that they're ready to take on what they asked for.  Those who voted for him will have no defense when he and corporate America sell us out to the highest bidder.  His attitude toward women is disgusting and one of the biggest reasons I don't trust him.  But, it is what it is.  I'm sure my brother is ecstatic.  As for me I could sure use some Trae Crowder right about now.

Today was fairly quiet at the sawmill, thank you sweet baby jeebus.  It ebbs and flows, if you know what I mean.  The early sunsets are still kind of weird and I worked different hours today so my body is totally confused.  As usual.  

Nothing new here.  Just keeping the faith ^j^

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

no place like home

Lauren has moved out twice before only to return to Casa Poops for one reason or another.  Today marked her 3rd official move with all the stuff in her room going to Jackson where we she now has a place with a roommate.  This is a monumental step for these two young ladies and a big cause for celebration all around.  There is an echo in that room now which will require rethinking and arranging to make a new space.  It won't be set in stone though.  You never know when they'll come back bringing more!

Early this morning as I was in front of work i noticed an ambulance pull out next to me and take off with lights and sirens.  Not an unusual sight by any means.  I moseyed on into the sawmill and discovered pretty quickly per FB that there was a REALLY bad wreck involving a car and a fueltruck on the main highway.  My immediate thought was that my friend didn't need to be alone, so I headed to find her and saw her whip into the parking lot.  I met her halfway and at first she was horrified because she thought I was there to tell her hubs was gone.  "He's okay" I said, and I clutche d her and we walked in to face reality.  Other friends were there and the nursing staff was excellent.  I quietly took leave and snuck back to work.  Per the First Baptist info line known as my Aunt Kathy, he's in critical condition at The Med.  Hey...that's where I'd want to be.  

But here's the thing.  Without excellent local emergency response which includes not only law enforcement and hospital but  air evac and ambulance transport this sort of case doesn't have much of a chance.  That is what we are all about....saving lives.  When push comes to shove, we all work together to do our best when the rubber hits the road. And it ALWAYS does.  

It's the bullshit of a large part of the general population that clogs up emergency rooms nationwide.  Because of the fact that we cannot refuse treatment there's a steady influx of non-compliant patients of every stripe.  Many are just elderly and stuck in the hamster wheel that is end of life.  The last five years of my parents' lives were filled with hospitals, doctors and rehabs.  And I was the driver!

I won't be staying up for election announcements or anything like that.  It'll be like on Christmas morning or this year's World Series.  Wake up and it's all happy shit!

Think positive. Do good things.  Keep the faith ^j^

Monday, November 7, 2016

twas the night before.....

Thanks be to all that is holy for the election being over tomorrow.  I have completely lost faith that anything will ever be accomplished by either candidate because of the constant Congressional bickering.  I am sad beyond words that Bernie isn't on the ballot because I think he could have pulled this one off considering all the hoorah. FBI my ass.  I haven't trusted them since JFK's death.  

Anyway, my hero of this election season is none other than Adrian Montague, an independent candidate vying for the 8th Congressional seat in the state of TN.  Imagine Bernie as an "approaching" middle age veteran who really wants to make a difference in how Congress works.  Stephen Fincher was the ag man rep which is very profitable vote wise in this district.  Not sure what "man" Kustoff is but I know one of the other contenders was a millionaire doctor.  No special interests, especially not ag or healthcare.  Remember Frist?  Gah.

Speaking of which, healthcare is the number one industry in our state so no wonder all those corporate giants like Blue Cross et al headquarter here.  Lower tax rates maybe?  Who the hell knows.  Nashvegas is headquarters and the hub for many providers is centered around there.  That is where our public health lab is and they perform amazing feats with very little funding from state government.  

It is what it is.  Open enrollment has started and my health insurance went up 3% with no raise in two years.  Y'all do the math.  I got the bills for my funky finger and was floored at the amount I owed the contracted ER group.  There will be more discussion about this.  Come and get me.  The hospital co-pay I can live with and the radiology guys' 30 bucks for 2 x-rays.  

Lock your doors tomorrow night.  There may be anarchy!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

for all the saints

I wasn't real sure what time it was when I woke up but saw a bit of daylight and realized it was only six.  My phone changed again like it was supposed to this time, which is a good thing.  Lily knocked it off the nightstand early am so it was her fault I didn't sleep later.  I was waiting in the foyer of FUMC when Marilyn and Freddie arrived to share the service honoring church members who have died in the past year.  I was real careful not to sit on the same pew as last year but we were up close.  I like it better that way.  I got lots of hugs from people I rarely see outside of the hustle and bustle of every day life.  They are my tribe of sorts, my church family.  The wreath up front had 11 candles burning, one for each saint.  There was a 12th that remained unlit to signify saints to come.  We were invited to light individual ones on the altar with communion and ( of course) mine wouldn't light so I just prayed while Melanie did it for me.  The service was inspirational and uplifting.  I cried, but not much.  I could feel the presence of both of my saints in that sanctuary just like in the old days when we sat together as a family and that gave me faith.  Many of the others on the list I was close to....Mr. Fisher, Dusty, and Dianne just to name a few.  I even got my picture made in the Sellers SS class by cousin Ann next to the wreath Mama donated.  

My friend Jim spotted yesterday evening's barn pic and offered to do a little fixing which turned out beautifully.  I'm more of a composition kind of person and don't take the time to enhance.  Plus, I have no camera....just a badass phone.  Maybe Santa will bring one.  

T+ 2 days and no sign of Larry so I reckon he's grounded.  God love him, he chewed up every flip flop in the house.  I have nada to piddle around in.  That's okay though.  I'm the one who invited him into the inn.  

Y'all have a blessed day.  

Saturday, November 5, 2016

poor bambi

I had errands to run this morning ( yes the gentral' too ) and was cruising north on highway 51 when a guy in a red jeep passed me and I looked in horror at the dead deer he had strapped ON THE HOOD of his vehicle.  Geez man, get a truck or something.  If that thing had flown off and hit my windshield I would've had the big one.  

Next stop was the money changer's place to help BG out with moving expense next week.  After that I hit up the pharmacy drive through and UPS store where Dena and I talked trash about my brother...ha!  She said his border collie Sally is sad because she doesn't get to ride in the back of his new truck.  Lerd.  It might get a scratch because she hangs over the side.  If I know him, Sally will be trained within a week not to do that.  

I never dress up so I always get caught at funeral time with nothing to wear and no decent shoes.  All I ever put on is scrubs and tennis shoes.  Anywho, I did purchase a cheap pair of black flats for all somber occasions in the future.  They're canvas, but who cares.  My old friend Ricky died and I knew he was sick, but not that bad.  There was another death yesterday that broke my heart.  This girl, still quite young, had a very hard life with little to no quality parenting.  She was a non-compliant diabetic who liked her drugs and girlfriend.  In the business she is known as a frequent flier and, of course, we all get attached to them.  The tragedy is not that she died but that the quality of her short life was so very scary.  It literally

Larry got home yesterday with minimal drama and sweet little Brook apologized for his chicken chasing ways.  My heart goes out to her as well because she is helping to care for her Papa who is at home with hospice care.  She said the morphine had helped his breathing a lot.  For the life of me I don't understand why more people do not choose this option except that they normally don't get told the cold hard truth by a doctor who's making money off the deal.  Sad but true.  There is a fine line where oncology and palliative medicine meet and a good practitioner always keeps that in mind.  

There's somebody out there pickin' pecans so the dogs have somebody to roam with for awhile.  All is well with the world.


Friday, November 4, 2016

fostering larry

Ever since the estate sale, Larry has been my on and off companion.  I have grown to love him like I do all critters.  He likes being here because there are other dogs to play with and I let him in the house and feed him.  Knowing the circumstances that his mama is dealing with right now, I've done my best to be kind to both him and her but it's been pretty nerve wracking at times with a fourth BIG dog around.  The tipping point came this morning when he got into Beverly's chicken coop again.  I spent a lot of break time texting between the two parties and in the end somebody came and saved Larry from a visit to the pound.  

A very nice young man from the humane society came by to chat with us today about the drill on leash laws, etc in the county which basically don't exist the animals ends up on someone's property who doesn't want him there.  If I had a hen house, I wouldn't be giving him any hospitality either.  William explained to me that our shelter has a very low kill rate and most dogs like him are snatched up pretty quick.  All he needs is a place where he's allowed to shelter in the house at times.  Brook and I just talked and she's just about the sweetest girl I've ever known who's hit a really rough patch.  All's well that ends well, and in this case Larry is at home and not doggie jail.
I'm off for the weekend, hallelujah and thank  you Jesus.  See y'all on the other side

Thursday, November 3, 2016

history in the making

Much has been said and read and talked about concerning the Cubs so I won't even go there because I'm not one to follow the season, just to jump on somebody's bandwagon at the end.  Real fans don't like that, you know.  Lily is perched in the picture window and Larry is barking at her from outside, bless his heart.  I'm not letting him in much anymore because he's too much with the rest of the tribe.  I can be doggie daycare as long as he goes home at night.  

The sawmill was ummm....quite busy.  And I'm getting older by the day.  The waxing is almost done thanks to Shine.  When I got home this afternoon the tree was halfway gone as in a big pile of branches from the outside section.   There's one in the front too but it's just like a giant stick reaching up to the power line.  The limbs are looooong gone.  

I have one batch of cornbread done for the dressing and will be cooking another one soon because I intend to have multiple pans.  The hunt is on now for furnishings for BG's new place and she is to die for excited.  I have to say she has paid her dues and this is one step she deserves.  Always mindful, of course, that God is good.  

The leaves are (finally) turning which is about a month late but go figure since it's still 85.  I was thinking on the way out to the car this morning how dreadful it is to be trying to de-ice the Camry in the dark.  That's the downside to winter at my house. 

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me~ 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

cry me a river

I'm not gonna was much better than yesterday at the sawmill.  Thank the lort' for little things.  Shine has been waxing around our workplace for a couple of weeks now and has been met with some surly attitudes.  He's the cutest thing y'all.  That name came from his employment at Curry Funeral. He also details cars.  

My last boyfriend's daughter works there too and she's a beautiful girl.  We met when she was a teenager living with her dad and she was pregnant at graduation!  She always has a special look for me when we pass in the hall.  The same for that Hawkins girl.  

My hypochondriac self thinks I have that kind of arthritis that comes with skin conditions.  I have a derm appointment next week with my long time co-worker to see what's up with that.  Our last visit was all about actinic keratosis, a precursor to skin cancer.  Boy if only I had known all those days I was baking in the sun.....

So tonight's the night and I can't wait to see what happens when the Cubs win, which they of course will because there is a god and he is a Cubs fan.  We are T-6 days and counting until the whole deal is settled until a recall happens.  I really think that the courage of independent candidates has made voters more aware of personal choice.  And by the way, I wrote in Trae Crowder.

I feel a rant coming on so bear with me.  Everybody who claims to be a loyal American with beliefs solidly founded on the constitution fails to recognize the one about separation of church and state.  See: roman empire and all that jazz.  Oh, and Pharisees and Saducees!  While I believe that the charity of the church should be honored with tax exempt status if they are doing outreach, I don't think that megachurches with rich pastors should not support the least of these with their tax dollars. That makes it a cult, of sorts.  

My personal philsophy as a Christian is to meet people where they are and do the next right thing.  It might be calling them out or it could be a big fat hug.  Once I let go of control, the rigid behavior went out the window.  Working in healthcare is a unique opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.  We all know that people are born and get sick and die.  It's reality and so many times we run away from that.  More and more these days I consider my personal wishes and think about whom I know will honor them.  There aren't many left.

I cried a lot yesterday, not over the tree or the bell ringing or anything in particular.  It was just my time to grieve I reckon.  To everything there is a season.


 Actinic eratosis Our

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

the view

There is an ancient tree right outside BG's bedroom and the kitchen that died this year.  Mr. Homes the tree guy was out here picking pecans when I got home and will return tomorrow to take it down before it gets the house.  Now every picture I've ever made of that barn from the back porch has that tree in the front.  Imagine what a feeling it will be to see it wide open!  The first snow will be a sight to behold.  The tree has always been there.  I think the grapevine killed it...ha.

Since Halloween is a memory Sunday will be All Saints Day at the local FUMC and many others who observe.  I know the hymn by heart and at my home church there is always a solemn reading of the names of members who have died in the previous year and a bell is rung with each name from the choir.  Last year I cradled my sobbing mother as we listened for Daddy's ding and when she heard it I swear she perked up.  For a minute.  She was still grieving him pretty badly at that point and had moved from home.  Dell mentioned to me during the time of Mama's funeral that she remembered seeing us there with KayKay right on the front pew.  This bell will be for my mother.  That may require a valium, if you know what I mean.

November 20th is her 83rd birthday.  I'm sure I saw her on the 82nd but that was a lot of drama ago.  I bricked on the sit down dinner at the home but we did all manage to pull off Thanksgiving in her room all Cracker Barrel style.  A couple of weeks before Christmas down she went in that very church where we will celebrate her sainthood.  

I so hate that her last days were spent in rehab.  The hospital was much better in that there's good communication and more room.  Plus, I work there.  Win, win.  It was hard for some folks to understand why I didn't go back up there at night to visit.  It's different when it's your job AND second job....right Pax?

So...tree guy is going to leave the stump out back in the flower garden so I can decorate with it in the spring.   Mamye brought me a fly trap for the kitchen because those little bastards are driving me nuts.  Storm doors have a purpose.  

Other than that it's all unicorns and rainbows on the lane.  Peace out y'all.