Tuesday, January 15, 2019

never give up hope

I saved all the cards, books and gifts that my blog fairy sent.  That fairy gave me a reason to believe during some very dark times.  She or he remains anonymous to this day.  The thing that struck me the most was that all the gifts were chosen with a personal attention to detail.  There was a large amount of money spent on me and mine during that time.  We were a couple of struggling working girls.  Somehow we stayed warm.  And somehow we survived.  

If I were not ignoring him I would make a cheeseburger joke here.  Bless his little heart for paying during a government shutdown.  MAGA!  Buy fast food for the top college team in our great nation.  It makes you look really "special".  One of the upsides of sitting with a client is that we get to watch real TV while the talk shows are on.  I've totally learned to get into that because it's a great escape from our reality at present. 

We have to stand up together, in solidarity, for peace.  This old hippie refuses to give it up.  ^j^

Monday, January 14, 2019

the book of me

I found myself trying to explain what a blog is to someone who's never been on the internet much.  I still don't think he really gets what I meant when I told him he got blogged.  I write everyday so there are about 14 years worth of tales out there under a Creative Commons license.  "You should write a book" they say.  I already have, is my response.  If somebody wants to work with me editorially on fleshing out characters and putting stories in order, I'll self publish.  Otherwise it's day by day tap by tap.  

I got my grandbaby fix today while Lauren ran errands.  She's always so busy that we rarely have time to sit and talk.  She has her stuff and I've got mine.  We struggle, parallel to each other, to do the next right thing.  Our tribes are shared as are our struggles and joys.  Dat' baby is the cutest one ever birthed in my line ( only ) and has a fiery fun spirit.  She loves to laugh and giggle and (sometimes) snuggle.  When it's time for the chair and the bottle she wants to settle into the little rug that KayKay got her when she was born because she adores soft.  She will entertain herself for long periods of time playing and exploring.  And she dearly loves her people.  She's on whole milk now and is coming off of it slowly due to constipation.  

I woke up today itching like crazy on my right shoulder and neck.  There's a rash and all I can figure is it's from wearing jackets that rub there all the time.  Within the next week we'll move from jacket to full fledged coat weather.  Note to self:  check propane.  

I will no longer give Trump the attention he so desperately wants.  At this point I think it's time for somebody to take the wheel and give the country a break.  We didn't ask for this bull.  Somebody rein him in and do some damage control.  As it stands now we've got an entire year of adjustment over a month long stonewall.  

That's all I got.  Y'all stay warm and keep the faith ^j^

Sunday, January 13, 2019

secret shopper

Okay, so I slept again today.  It gave me the energy to get out and get what I needed which was crab salad and a few clothes at Penney's .  Nothing big, just jeans to work in and shirts without bleach spots.  The place looked bare of merchandise and checkers yet I was fortunate enough to get prompt kind service by 2 lovely ladies.  Same for the girl who grinned at me from the Taco Bell window.   I had intended to watch church  live stream but I even slept through that.  

Once upon a time some creep commented quite harshly about my intentions to go to church and my practice of NOT going.  The truth is I go when the Spirit moves.  I believe that the church is out in the world, one human at a time.  A one on one ministry with someone can make all the difference in that person's life.  I have several friends that discuss religion and spirituality with me and we all agree that God is Good.  All the Time.  Do not attempt to do harm in the name of the Great one or you will be smacked down Old Testament style.  Just saying.

How's that for a sermon?  Some of the most influential ministers in my life have been female.  Marti Margrave.  Dell King.  Susan Sharpe. Patti Lou Parker. Kay Curry. Delores Jones. Donna Locke. Annetta Camp. You don't forget it when someone sees the potential in you as a fierce woman with a soft side.  It is that fierceness and determination to preserve human rights that keeps me believing that all will be okay with the orange one.  The worse things get, the stupider he looks.  Sorry fans.  He's demented.

Not my circus ~

Saturday, January 12, 2019

pass the popcorn

Several friends and I hit the matinee today to see The Upside and we were not disappointed.  This group brings their buckets for free refills on popcorn and uses coupons.  I passed and bought a Sprite and then nibbled on theirs.  I've been a Bryan Cranston fan since Breaking Bad so I know his talent.  He outdid himself with this one as did Kevin Hart and Nicole Kidman.  It's full of emotional ups and downs and has a happy ending.  I'm all about the happy endings these days.  

I am blissfully unaware of the real world today.  Sleeping late was delicious but that's over for a while.  I've got places to go and people to see like my girls.  I sincerely hope SNL is back tonight.  I about died without them and the Colbert crew.  I was delighted to get a live Kristin Hampton video post-flu.  This gal is hilarious.  Her car is full of beauty products that she buys and product tests on camera.  

No bitchin' here.  Peace be with you ^j^

Friday, January 11, 2019


Lauren and I are both big believers in conspiracy theory when it comes to government.  People in power with their own agendas have access to a lot of ways to push us ordinary citizens around.  I still believe with all my heart that someone here had it out for JFK and framed Oswald for it.  Thanks to Wallace Milam I know a lot about the subject and it has just never added up.  That was many years ago when Cuba was all up in the mix.  Fast forward to current times and we still see Russia playing with us and being helped by a willing partner.  Disgusting.  

Today's outing was to where else but the 'gentral.  They have a whole new staff, of course, because nobody lasts there very long.  The aisles were packed with inventory to put up.  They have PIN pads now only the main one died after I was rung up so we had to take the bags down to the other register and redo the whole thing. When I left the spunky little manager guy was attempting to fix the whole mess with a screwdriver.  Just bless his heart.

There is ice to the north of the 'burg but just rain here.  It is predicted to last through tomorrow.  More gray and cold but hey, it's winter.  If the sun is out, I can deal with it.  When it's like this I want to hibernate.  I have a few days off if all goes as planned.  I'm slowly easing back into a routine as is my client and her team.  She got her hair did yesterday and was excited!

As Lauren would say, stay in your lane and take care of you and yours.  Find joy where you can and expect nothing.  Be grateful.  Remember who you are.  And always, keep the faith ^j^

Thursday, January 10, 2019

mexican standoff

It continues on.  I really have nothing left to say which is unusual.  That may change by tomorrow and normally does.  I should just quit reading about what this is doing to our country and play pretend it's not happening.  You know, things like no FEMA for California which just got burned out again two months ago.  Like kids in cages at the border and people not getting paid for weeks on end.  Joshua trees cut down and the park vandalized.  As much as some folks hate the government, it provides a lot of valuable functions that are removed during a shutdown.  Like FDA inspections of food.  That's a healthcare crisis waiting to happen.

99% of the people who know me and the decision that I made to retire early say it's the best thing I ever did.  It has taken me a year to overcome the stress of that career.  I hate to say it, but it's all about the money.  If you are fortunate to have a caregiver who does the right thing count yourself as very blessed.  We do what we do mostly for the patients while jumping through corporate and governmental hoops.  The 1% that never fails to gig me about not having a "real job" get some sort ego shot from putting me down.  I know how the game is played and I can take it.  The trolls don't even bother me anymore!

I have absolutely no idea where I'm headed.  I dream and have desires to do this or that but nothing has smacked me in the face yet and said "this is your life."  Learning patience and discernment has allowed me to sit back and think about what brings me joy but can also bring cash flow.  I'd like to be closer to my girls but not in their laps,  ya' know?  Reaves is growing up quickly and recklessly just like her mama and me.  That spirit can be a dual edged sword and I pray that she will be focused on her self esteem.  She hears the word love so often that should be the first thing she says.  They've been practicing.

Otherwise, the world keeps on turning.  The sunrise this morning was a brilliant orange and yellow bomb as I left the house.  Dark is obviously later now.  I found a premature buttercup in the back bed and it stirred the spring lover in me.  I know we have a way to go, but it helped.

Soldier on ~


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

out of shape

I went to exercise class today for the first time in 3 weeks and BOY could I tell I had not been.  We were all pooped after 30 minutes except for Amy the energizer bunny.  Snoozing the alarm, I slept through yoga choosing to take it easy on the start back to routine.  Lorna and I had lunch at Dave's afterward and got caught up with a proper chat.  

Yes, indeed I did watch the President's speech but there was no watch "party" so to speak.  It was predictable and more grandstanding.  I also read the fact check and wasn't surprised at all the stretches of truth and outright lies.  But hey.  Not my circus, right?  My theory is that he's shooting for a record on the longest shutdown in history.  That will be his legacy.  Meanwhile, people struggle to get by.

I aim to keep on the sunny side.  All things pass, and this will too.  Justice prevails we just don't always see it.  With all the hoopla about the wall it's refreshing that the mass shooters have taken a break to re-load.  I guess they don't want to compete with Trump for media coverage.

Y'all keep it in your own lane.  Be kind and tolerant with healthy boundaries.  Celebrate diversity.  And keep the faith ^j^