Tuesday, April 7, 2020

musical press secretaries

So, the Trump administration keeps shuffling the deck to see who's up next.  Stephanie Grisham was removed as White House press secretary without ever holding a briefing.  It boggles my mind to watch the cast of characters change daily.  Talk about instability.  

I am really inspired by the possibilities of an antibody test for COVID and a rapid diagnostic test.  Fifteen minutes just like flu and RSV.  It will take a while to get all that rolled out but still, it's something.  I have also heard of giving infusions of antibody positive plasma to patients who are currently ill.  We have amazing technology available and I see that as a glimmer of hope.

I have discovered the amazing daddy/daughter duet of Mat and Savana.  The most magical thing about it is that you can see the love and pride of this father for his daughter as they croon together.  My daddy and I used to sing in the FUMC choir together, he as a tenor and myself as an alto.  Those are some of my fondest memories.  

Mrs. Council's narcissus row hasn't bloomed in a couple of years but this is their year to shine because they didn't get cut down too early.  That is the sweetest smell ever.  

Curbside is now a way of life and I tip accordingly.  It's about time to put together a Kroger order for pickup on payday so that is today's goal.   Y'all keep smiling and keep shining ^j^

Monday, April 6, 2020

by the numbers

I have noticed a slight downward trend in the number of views for this blog which is surprising because everybody is stuck at home. All I can figure is that they were reading at work! It can't be political because I have friends all across the political spectrum and they know me like a book.  Yesterday someone came up on MY page and accused me of trashing her.  I kindly reminded her that she was the troll, not me.  So I'm blocked which means we weren't really friends anyway.  Hey, I met her once.  

I had to get some more of that famous Propel and while I was out took the trusty Camry to Bart and Robert about the oil leak from the gasket.  See I know these things because guys tell me.  Anywho....he has a car for sale that is like mine only with new tires, battery, everything. I'm a gonna' pray about that vs. the 200 bucks for a gasket change.  

Day 2 of Holy Week is beautiful and sunny.  I do believe I'll get out there amongst it.  Y'all be blessed ^j^

Sunday, April 5, 2020

triumphal entry

Yes indeed, it is Palm Sunday.  Two different churches had parking lot services today and since my car radio doesn't work I was out of luck .  That didn't stop me from flying that palm branch out my car window as I made my way around town.  Ellie had followed me out when I left and was nowhere to be found when I got back.  So, here me and palm branch go down Samaria Bend Road to look for her.  I met up with her at the cabin and got to see Daddy's dogwood and purple iris in bloom.  It was truly a God moment for me personally.  I'd be willing to bet about 90% of folks who saw that branch flying in the breeze didn't get it.

My inner pyro started a small fire yesteday as I am cleaning up the yard for mowing.  Man, I love me a good fire. Once upon a time I let one get out of hand ( okay more than once ) and it burned a corner of the field next to me.  Fire department came.  It was on the front page of the paper.  I will NEVER live that down.  My daddy freaked me out one spring after I had been working forever to clean up pine needles in the grove.  He just lit that sucker and watched it burn.  I guess I get it honest.  

It seems downright eerie to see the beauty surrounding us during this trying time.  The colors are to die for everywhere you look.  I call it eye candy for the soul.  

Y'all be blessed and remember what this week is about ^j^

Saturday, April 4, 2020

something new

Of course, I had to make a run to the 'gentral this morning.  I watched a DIY video on how to make face masks out of bandanas and pony tail holders so I bought the last of the bandanas.  Plus ice cream and of course, Propel kiwi strawberry.  I go through the Propel at a rapid pace.  As I was pulling out I decided to hop across the by-pass and visit the new diner called Area 51 Diner.  As it turns out, I knew all the folks that work there so we had a nice chat at a social distance while Greg was cooking my food.  They had just started up when the no dine in order went out.  I see a rosy future for these folks whenever "normal" comes back around.

Anywho, no outdoor play for this old girl today because they're spraying the wheat.  You can literally see it hanging in the air like a haze.  I'm about as scared of that as I am COVID.  Let it settle then carry on.  

I have found myself calling random people that I haven't talked to in awhile while the Spirit is moving us toward Easter.  Yesterday I talked with the woman who pastored our family through my parents' deaths.  I had a chat with Kimowasi yesterday and Anna today.  Carol.  Patsye. Mary Beth.  At this point we all have to stick together and stay in touch by whatever means possible.  It disturbs me on a lot of levels that ZOOM technology is being hacked by idiots.  Tele-whatever is all we have to work with right now.  

Some time ago post surgery Gigi offered me a giant dog cage for Ellie to kennel in.  It's in the middle room where Ms Rose's baby sister almost died.  Ellie never used it and there's a soft blanket in the bottom.  How long do you think Reaves to lock herself in?  She and Gaga's ceramic Charlie Brown were having a ball up in there.  Of course that was before lockdown.

We will get through this.  Faith alone won't get it.  Faith with works will ^j^

Thursday, April 2, 2020

totem of the day

As I was heading out to go to the 'gentral I noticed a flock of seven turkeys heading through the wheat field.  I stopped and tried to get a good picture. They appeared to be heading toward the thicket which is where the deer hang out also....right smack in the middle of a field.  When the water is up, which it is, they are forced out of their natural habitat around the river and move to higher ground.  I looked up the spiritual meaning and it was a very good one.  Grounded in earth and spirituality and abundance.  Hey...I'll take it!

I counted the empty spaces for sale between here and Four Points and there are no less than 15 that could be used for a grocery store with REAL food.  Now, I certainly don't have the means to do that but many of those property owners do.  What a missed opportunity!

The weather is beautiful and getting warmer which is, as Martha would say "a good thing" because I'm almost out of propane for which I still owe.  I'm paying as I can just like with everybody else.  People know I'm good for it.  The Marketplace failed to call yesterday as scheduled.  I guess they're sick of talking to me but it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.

Peace and Grace to you and yours.  This month promises to be a wicked one in terms of COVID so stay at home and wash your hands continually.  We will come out on the other side of our new normal hopefully with a new understanding of our ability to help others in times of crisis.  Many people have described the entirre ordeal to me as like watching a horror movie.  I can definitely relate.  

Namaste ~

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

mad as hell

I did not give up cussin' for Lent so I'm allowed to use that word.  It's a good thing because I called a lot of people mofos today including the guy who almost hit me while merging and talking on his phone.  "Get off you effin' phone" I yelled into the space of my car.  My reason for being out was to pick up some steroid cream for the poison ivy.  Nothing more.  Oh yeah, I did go to the ATM where the line was a mile long.  Some poor lady at the front of the line waved at the pregnant girl in the car behind her for help using the new ATM.  Bless 'em both.

Mostly, I am mad at Trump, like more than usual.  During a time when people are losing their insurance due to COVID he has refused to allow open enrollment for the ACA because...well you know.  It was Obama's baby and he hates all things Obama.  That little 1200 buck check won't even begin to cover medical costs for the uninsured.  I also blame him for the my huge mess with the Marketplace.  He has whittled away at it since taking office.  I am still in active appeal on my case and expect a phone call this afternoon.  Let's pray I don't lose my cool and cuss somebody out.  

The girls are happy and well as they can be while under quarantine.  You know what's really scary??  To think that the ventilator that kept me alive post-op is now an essential for Covid patients that is being rationed.  What if that had happened to me in these times?  It was all just beginning while I was in the hospital.  I was put on a vent due to a life threatening emergency that involved two surgeries in two days.  That's a lot of anesthesia.  

I try to stay positive.  Really, I do.  But this entire debacle could have been headed off at the pass if the powers that be had listened or if we had in place a good emergency response system.  If, if, if.  Yet we are stuck with the reality of what we have.  A global pandemic without enough supplies and exhausted healthcare workers.  God help us.

Sorry there's no rainbows and unicorns here today.  My last post was a bit more upbeat but I'm in a mood that I can't seem to shake and it's not about isolation.  It's about a lack of leadership during a crisis of proportions that we have never seen.  

Rant over.  May the Lord bless us and keep us ^j^


It's one of those days y'all. I'm searching for happy thoughts like everybody else and something popped into my mind.  Once upon a time my friends and I were on the way to Arkansas crossing the Mighty Mississippi.  All of a sudden fireworks started brightening the night sky.  That's when the teachers explained to me the concept of serendipity....an unexpected joy or surprise.  I carried that with me from then 'til now.  Being grateful for the little things is a positive and peaceful way to live.  

I am so very much trying to avoid a visit to the doctor's office for poison ivy.  I had it last year this time and still had some topicals that are kind of halfass working.  We shall see.  MEANWHILE....

I'm still in daily contact with BC/BS and the Marketplace over my appeal.  This could go on for months but nobody is hounding me for money so I'm just going to let it play out and do my part with due diligence.  I am reading/watching the Trump briefings the day after and they keep getting more bizarre.  These unprovoked attacks on the press are idiotic and he shows his true colors every time he goes off on one.

Dr. Fauci gave us a glimmer of hope which we seriously need right now.  The entire world is freaked out and overwhelmed and our capacity to respond to an emergency is being severely tested.  My advice to all is to use this down time constructively to figure out what really matters.  To me that is family and friends.  Not those fair weather kind, mind you.  The true blue ones.  But then, nobody asked me for advice.  I'm that much like my mother where I struggle not to say "you should."

The spring edition of SHE magazine came out and I didn't even know it until a friend told me.  My picture is all plastered up in there sitting on the curb at the Bus Stop taken by none other than the great Rachel Townsend.  Daddy loved chicken livers and so my submission was for bacon wrapped baked ones.  My husband used to grill them and they would be gone before anybody could turn around.