Sunday, July 25, 2021

oscar gets his ride on

Lauren and Oscar have a special bond and he loves to go for rides with her.  She went to the store this morning for drinks and took him along.  The regulator on her left back window is going out and it takes an act of God to get the window up.  She forgot, and opened it so he could hang out the window.  Ooops!  There was another dog in the parking lot and she figured that would be when he jumped out but him was a good boy and stayed put.  Now she's waiting for another act of God to get the window back up.  It's his or miss.  I woke up this morning to Reaves standing next to my bed loving to see her Gaga at that moment.  She brought her Peppa pig people and crawled up in bed with me.  What a moment!

I'm headed to Baptist East tomorrow for a second opinion on the surgery.  My friend Gigi is driving Miss Poopie.  I should be able to make an informed decision after that.  I am spending this afternoon trying to get my shit together by cleaning out the desk drawer and putting all important papers together by category.  That's a major deal for an ADHD person like me but it has to be done.  I have cleared a path to the attic but it's an ordeal to slide that board to get up there. Plus, I bet it's about 110 degrees under that metal roof.  Y'all stay hydrated and praise God ^j^

Saturday, July 24, 2021


I wrote one of the best blog posts ever yesterday and somehow deleted it.  I couldn't re-create it if I tried so here we are on a new day with a blank slate.  I do remember that it was all about it being a small world.  I attended a funeral yesterday with my dear friend for one of her oldest friends who was also a good friend to all.  Her middle child who is my old time  buddy did the eulogy and  never choked up once .  There is no way I could have made it through a eulogy for my parents without doing the ugly cry.

After that we went to Coby Jo's for the best.burger.ever and visited with even more folks.  I ran into a former co-sitter and of all things, one of Mr. Council's sons came and sat with us.  Lots of memories there on Council Rd.  And history too!

The girls are coming for a sleepover so I'm going high on the hog and grilling steak and shrimp.  I got hot dogs for Reaves just in case.  Girl don't appreciate fine dining.  

Y'all be happy and blessed.  And keep the faith ^j^


Thursday, July 22, 2021

therapy warning

For those of you who don't get into my whiny stuff, move along to videos of dogs doing funny things.  Today was free so I began moving things around in the one corner by the steps that is as Mama would say "a mess."  It's all those old photo albums and stuff that came from down here to up there and back down here again.  Lauren was in charge of cleaning out her Daddys apartment when he died and I have a packet of letters that I wrote to him when we were divorced.  A bunch.  I read one and that was enough for me.  They will go in Lauren's pile.  Maybe someday she will read them and realize how much I loved him even though we couldn't make it work.  My boundaries were getting stronger then thanks to therapy.  I read nothing but self help books for two years.  I was obsessed with healing my inner child.  

The year 2015 is the one that almost did me in.  There was death after death after loss until there was nobody left but us chickens.  In that one year two of my aunts died, my ex-husband. my father and my mother.  My sister cousin had died a few years before and I distinctly remember laying my head in my mother's lap and sobbing like a baby.  All that time I was working at the hospital.

All of that changed when I had a second rotator cuff surgery where they were unable to repair the tear.  The ends had atrophied after the tear and there wasn't enough to hook back up except by cadaver graft which the surgeon had never done.  I had a reasonable though painful range of motion but I knew that it wouldn't last much longer with two damaged shoulders.  I never went back after that last surgery because I was 62 and eligible for early retirement.  I don't regret that for one minute, even though times have been lean.  

Reaves was born when I was still working so I spent a lot of time in Jackson that year.  I will never forget walking into that labor room without a clue that it would take three days for her to get here.  When I got there Kimberlie was sittin' there looking all beautiful in the rocking chair.  I slept in that room for three nights.  I ate Subway and ChicFila until I didn't want it for a loooog time.  And Lauren failed to induce.  Finally after the long haul, they broke her water so it was show time.  The section was performed at 1030 PM on the eve of LP's birthday.  I was her coach and the first to hold dat baby.  All of her tribe came in once they were in a room and swooned over Elizabeth Reaves.  There were two more surgeries after that and it was pretty much a long fall.

There now.  I feel better!  Y'all look inward and let it go.  With that, comes peace ^j^

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

hold my beer and watch this

I bought a new car in December of 2020 and have yet to receive the title.  The lender said that it was sent to my old address and never came back to them because USPS did not deliver.  I called bullshit and asked to speak to my account manager.  Evidently I don't have one now since the vehicle was paid off quite quickly by an angel friend.  The best they could offer was a release of lien to which I said "bring it on" by email and snailmail.  

The smoke from the distant fires has made it to West TN from the west.  It looks like a bunch of haze.  I read today that the couple who did pyrotechnics at their reveal party have been charged in the death of a fire fighter.  What a stupid loss.  Stupid people don't get it.  At all.

I'm still reading Clyde, now on Where Trouble Sleeps.  Trouble is the dog that sits on the porch at one of those places in Listre NC.  I'll finish that one before the deadline and return all of them and renew the Rick Bragg.  I have several donations to read while I recover from surgery.  

I saw the cutest baby today at Headlines and she got passed around to all the stuff for snuggling.  Her skin was brown and smooth and she had a pacifier.  Little bitty thing not more than six months.  I don't care who you are, if you can't love moments like that you are dead inside.  I miss when Reaves was that age wanting to be held and rocked.  They grow up quick.

She is currently glued to a tablet with unicorn headphones that are seriously cute.  I'm hoping I can get her out of that mode and into some fun this weekend.  Cookie making perhaps?  Nah.  It's too hot for that.  It will be saved for Christmas.  I think I'll go outside and watch the sun set in a smoky haze.  And let the cat eat.  

Love ya.  Mean it ^j^

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

a joyful day

I had errands to run today and when I asked Joy if she wanted to ride shotgun she looked like I had give her the winning lottery ticket.  She really doesn't like being cooped up when it's pretty.  Pearl was mad at  her ( so she said ) for leaving but she got over it.  Plus I got gas, meds and paid my brother's water bill.  We read a lot these days but like to get out of the house as much as possible.  The weather on the deck was perfect for porch sittin' so that's how we ended the day.  

Sadie got two new dolla' store balls and we played fetch forever out front.  Bubba and I are both amazed at how fast she's grown and how fast she is. Oscar still won't play so we just let him watch the whole thing.  He lets me know when they're Wecoming.  There is a cooler breeze today in spite of the haze.  I see fall.  If anybody wants some free Halloween decorations see me in September.

My plans are to got to a funeral for one of mother's oldest friends with one of my oldest.  They have a shared history with the Cumberland Presbyterians of Dyersburg.  There ain't a dime's worth of difference between the Cumberlands and the Methodists.  Trespasses and whatnot.  It's all in the way we say the Lord's prayer together.  "Our father, who art in heaven...."

I watched Bezos and his crew go into space and it was interesting at the liftoff.  I'm really impressed with Wally.  She earned that ticket the hard way.  So the rich people get to auction offer outer space adventures for 28M.  Absurd.  Once again, that kind of money could feed and house a lot of homeless folks.

Namaste ~

Sunday, July 18, 2021

a whole lot of ephesians

This morning's sermon included two different passages from Ephesians that Mary Beth expertly explained.  The bottom line was and is that we are all believers in one true God and though we come from different backgrounds and experiences, we are brought together as a vessel for God's will in our lives.  Power in numbers, so to speak.  It was good to be able to sit with my buddies Delores and Hubert again like in the old pre-pandemic days.  We even have bulletins again!  Praise be.  

I am going to a concert in Memphis next month and am already thinking that I will have a mask in my pocket in case I feel not socially distanced enough.  Even though I am fully vaccinated, there's all those people who are not.  Like about 50% in the state of Tennessee and Mississippi is a Delta variant hotspot.  Missouri is right behind it and Tennessee and Arkansas are also in the mix.  Does this surprise me?  Not at all.  We are all red states and this thing has become a political hot potato.  

The girls were here when I got home from church so we had some pizza and a short visit.  We are planning a sleepover next weekend so Reaves can sleep with Gaga which is what she wants.  Bring it on.  If there's one thing I've learned it is to make the little moments count.  We are not promised tomorrow.

An old friend stopped by unexpectedly yesterday with a toddler in tow who is a most beautiful little girl named Kennedy.  She was scared of Oscar so we left him in the house and she had a popsicle on the back porch with me and Del.  I just love kids.  

I am a peaceful loving soul until you abuse another of God's creatures and then it's on like donkey kong.  That includes kids and dogs and old people and disabled people and on and on and on.  That's when I can either blow a fuse, or make a difference.  

Keep the faith ^j^

Saturday, July 17, 2021

janie's got a gun

Well of course I don't....I would shoot my eye out.  One of Lauren's old boyfriends used to sing that to me.  I am such a music trivia type gal that I play "guess that artist" from the opening bars of a radio song.  Rock 92.3 makes it easy to cheat because they show the name of the band on the car screen but I usually guess it before it shows up.  I remembered having a conversation with somebody the other day about the original members of the Eagles.  Randy Meisner was the one we forgot.  He played both guitar and bass and was replaced by Schmidt.  According to Wiki his feelings were terribly hurt when he was not included on the Hell Freezes Over tour and Schmidt personally recognized him on several occasions for his history with the band.  So now you know.  He was very involved with the band and left only because of the constant bickering and a desire to spend more time with his family after touring 11 months out of the year on the road in the Hotel California days.  He was also a member of Poco.  

As for Joe Walsh, I first remember him with the James Gang.  I never heard of Don Henley or Glenn Frey before the Eagles but man....what a combination they were.  I have tried unsuccessfully to find a video of Long Road out of Eden with those famous Walsh guitar riffs that sound like gunshots. Of course, it was about the Iraq war.  I had two copies of the CD at one time and lost them both.  

It's hot 'round here.  And humid as hell.  I'm longing for the days of a 2.50 per day electric bill like when I first moved here.  I now pay for water because there is no well.  The big challenge is going to be keeping this thing heated during the winter.  Since I moved in February I missed most of the really freezing weather and made 30% last until it warmed up. 

It's now two days after I started this post and I'm finally publishing it.  I have one particular reader who gets concerned when I go off the grid for very long!  It's good to know folks care.  Y'all be careful out there and tell mama'n'them Poopie said hey.