Tuesday, February 25, 2020

days of our lives

My neighbor James Frank took me to the store today and I was amazed that I only saw one face I recognized among the staff of the chicken store.  Of course I haven't been in the real world for six weeks, so there ya' go.  They change managers and employees like we change underwear.  It's a "i need work bad" sort of job for all involved.  I don't go there often because the parking is like a jigsaw puzzle.  

After Gerald buried Sam yesterday I pulled a red rose from the bunch that Millette brought me and stuck it in the dirt.  It's still standing today!  This is a do nothing one for me with no appointments and such.  Just me and the critters and the rain.  Bah.

Tomorrow I will do an intake with my new PCP who is a lovely woman that I've been blessed to work with for many years.  I am impressed with her work, to say the least.  I don't doctor hop by any means, but I know that being paid attention to even when not on the every 3 month refill visit grind is not acceptable if your meds don't change.  She will get to hear all about the surgical adventure of course.  

James Frank reminded me that he saw me in the nursing home which I had totally forgotten.  I'm glad I don't remember much of all that because it was a real other worldly experience.  I do distinctly remember being extubated, however.  They asked me "have you ever done this before?"  Umm..nope.  I'm a virgin.  It will probably happen again when I do the reversal though maybe not.  I will be more healthy that I was that time!

The routine is set now with wound changes and ostomy care a given.  I have plenty of food but no Propel but I sure ain't going to WalMart.  The Camry is still dead and will have to be checked out thoroughly by Bart and his crew to see if it's worth salvaging.  The battery is good so it must be the alternator or starter.  That will come in time.  Right now I'm just hitching rides.

Mardi Gras is upon us and Ash Wednesday looms as a solemn reminder that all is not party and play.  I pray that our journeys will be ones of sincere reflection about how the wilderness precedes new birth ^j^

Monday, February 24, 2020

like a good neighbor

My down the road neighbor Gerald is 76 years old. While the nurse was here this morning I heard a knock on the back door and found him there ready to bury Sam.  I felt bad about him out there digging in the wet by himself so I put on my coat and joined him.  Ellie and Oscar were present too, poking between the boards of the ancient barn.  Once upon a time I crawled up and in that thing on a whim.  Now I'm afraid it would fall in.  Literally.  

I think he was waiting to say goodbye to Lauren which happened yesterday.  He camped out in my office and when I checked on him during the night he was gone.  There's been so much going on this morning that it really hasn't hit me that the sweet little Jack Russell mix that was delivered to me as a puppy is now in puppy heaven after 14 years of fun on the farm.  For a dog, it's a wonderful life out here and he explored a lot of it with his brothers and sisters.  He was riding in Amy's lap when Tim pulled up and they handed him over, supposedly to be for my parents.  That last one night!  My mother said it was like having a "stranger" in the house.  

My physical therapist just returned from a trip to his homeland in the Phillipines and we chatted about airports in this day and time of the virus.  People are complaining about being "isolated" when the rest of the world just wants to avoid being exposed.  Get a grip y'all.  This is NOT a drill.

As for the political scene, I'm over that too.  All we can do is hope and pray for the best.  ^j^

Sunday, February 23, 2020

stir crazy

Yep...that's me these days.  I want to do and go and just don't have the energy most days.  I've had the Camry boosted by the service station twice in the past week and it won't stay charged.  It's only a year old so it's bound to be good.  Or not.  Unless I'm driving it every day it won't stay charged so there you go.  A conundrum, if you will.  

Trump congratulated Bernie on Nevada because he thinks he will beat him like a drum if he's the nominee.  I'll just say this....stranger things have happened.  

Watching the church service online this morning was a treat.  Almost like being there and in pajamas to boot.  I miss the fellowship and will try my best to get ashed this Wednesday.  If I don't make it to the chapel, I'll just do it myself with sage.  The season of Lent is very special to me.  A time for fasting and prayer and meditation....inward searching.  

I posted an article yesterday entitled Between 65 and Death.  It hit me hard and rang true on many levels.  Now is not the time to save things.  It is the time to live life fully and with no regrets.  So many of us wait to truly live until we reach some sort of milestone.  New job...lose weight...kids are grown.  I sincerely wish I had lived more in the moment while Lauren was growing up.  At that point in my life it was just a succession of chores and work.  

Sam is not well and it will be time to make a decision soon unless the good Lord makes it for me.  He's my road dog from way back when.  I've lost so many pets over the years that you would think I'd be hesitant to ever have one again.  I guess I'm just a sucker for furbabies.  They're buried all over the yard like a little pet cemetery.  The last was Ryder and before that Faith and Butterbean.  When Lauren and I were going to take BB to be put to sleep, she was driving and I had a towel wrapped Butterbean in my lap.  Evidently Sam figured out what was going on because he ran out in front of the car and we hit him.  He took off into the field and I had to go back and look for him while Lauren did the job by herself.  

Mary Beth's sermon was about building foundations on sturdy ground.  As usual, I ate it up.  Lauren and Reaves were going to come today but it's just an outing for the moms this time.  No nap last week before the visit was a disaster with a capital D.  Dat baby needs her rest.  

Keep on keepin' on.  ^j^

Saturday, February 22, 2020


By the calendar it's not here yet, but soon.  Very soon.  I went out this morning to pick some buttercups and got tangled in a vine.  My back porch is covered in some kind of flowering vine that will grow through cracks even!  Not to worry, I'm not taking any chances and being very careful.  I just had to get in the sun.  

I'm avoiding the news because it just pisses me off.  Instead, I read thought provoking articles or escape with Netflix and YouTube.  I seriously don't miss having  "real" TV.  And I sure don't miss the price tag.  I'm assuming Nevada is bustling with activity about now what with the caucus.  I saw where Trump supporters launched pigeons with little MAGA hats on.  How cruel is that?  PETA needs to jump on that one big time.  I voted yesterday so my duty is done.  

Is it just me or does all this Russia stuff scare you?  I know it's always been thus and so but the technology makes a big difference.  So does the corona virus.  I've been in medicine long enough to know that viruses are tricky and hard to treat.  Bacteria, unless they are resistant, will respond to antibiotic therapy.  That's what I learned in 41 years of being "almost a nurse."  I posted a good article today that tells exactly what lab rats do.  In big hospitals the techs are pretty much doing the same thing all day but not in the rural ones.  Med Techs do everything from stocking supplies, drawing blood, running tests and reporting them in a timely manner.  All the while the phone is ringing off the hook.   

The Camry is dead again and I don't think I'm going to get the service call I requested early this morning.  So be it, because I'm not driving it YET.  If I don't start running it every day I'll be paying for a boost once a week.  It hasn't been driven but once since January 11th.  Go figure. 

I hear birds singing so I'm channeling my Daddy.  Y'all enjoy the weekend and keep the faith ^j^ 

Friday, February 21, 2020

false alarm

Home health folks came bright and early today first for a bag and wound change and then for PT.  I had just taken my meds when PT showed up and he checked my BP before we started to the tune of 220/100.  OMG.  He sat me down and I rested while waiting for the medicine to kick in.  It took about 15 minutes and it was down to "normal for me."  We were both pretty freaked out to say the least.  I have no idea why it was so high because it never has been before.  Ever.  I didn't even feel different but we passed on the exercise and he released me because I'm doing so well.  Umm..except for that rogue blood pressure.  I have an appointment with the doctor next week so we will explore that.  

My friend Debbie offered to be my driver today because I needed to vote, buy groceries and other stuff.  I probably over did and it will catch up with me.  I checked the mail to find that the Marketplace Appeals Center wants me to have my ex-employer from two years ago fill out a form saying that I'm not eligible for insurance through them.  Alrighty then.  More paperwork.  

It was a quick in and out at the polls.  From what I hear Trump is all pissed off because the intel community warned Congress of Russian interference in this year's election.  How dare they do their jobs!  It's getting pretty scary if you ask me. Meanwhile, his base just keeps picking up steam.  I totally don't get it.  

I had some quality face time with Reaves last night as she called my name over and over again.  What a spunky grandgirl I've got.  The dogs are loving the sunshine and I found them laid out on a hill sun bathing.  So far I can't tell that the puppy Prozac is making a difference in Ellie.  

Y'all have a good weekend.  I'll be here trying to make some sense of the maze that is my house with all the art retrieved from the library show.  Be strong and remember who you are.  


Thursday, February 20, 2020

blustery and bored

I am not normally one to sit still.  Errands are done in the morning and chores after unless there are special plans.  That being said, I must admit I'm getting cabin fever.  I miss getting out and mingling with people.  Getting caught up on sleep has given me some momentum to try to find normalcy in this forced relaxation.  I know to some that might seem silly if you're running your ass off with work and kids.  

I went to bed way before the Democratic primary and caught up online this morning.  No comment.  Things are getting very divisive on all levels with both parties and I'm about over it.  I will vote my heart like it makes a difference, and it really doesn't seem to these days what with all the election interference.  I've been watching Better Call Saul this morning and enjoying flashbacks to Breaking Bad.  There's really nothing that has caught my eye lately.  

The snow came quick and light this morning but was pretty while it lasted.  Now it's just blowing cold with a low in the 20s predicted the next couple of nights.  Spring fever has everybody longing for sunny warm(er) days even though we've had an above average temperature for most of the winter.  

Once I get out and about there will be more to talk about.  For now, that's all I've got.  Keep the faith ^j^

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

as the crow flies

They are every freakin' where!  It's greening up around these parts and looking like early spring even though it's still chilly.  The Camry battery is dead again so I'm just going to leave it until I get ready to drive and have it boosted again.  Lerd.  The trip to Memphis kind of wore me out but that's part of recovery from this whole thing.  My house is a mess as usual but I don't even care.  At this point it's all about me getting stronger.  

The news just makes me mad so I limit it to a once a day peek.  The great state of Tennessee has introduced a law or something that will designate CNN and the WSJ as "fake news."  It makes me truly ashamed to be a TN citizen.  I mean really?  That's about as un-American as you can get.  While you're at it throw in Fox and Breitbart.  Geez.  Meanwhile, all the people with any scruples are jumping ship from Trump as he becomes more and more authoritarian.  The boss of our country, he says.  To hell with the judicial process, he says.  Sound familiar?  My income tax refund of two hundred some odd dollars will be confiscated by the IRS to pay back taxes on unreported income.   The rich spend that on lunch!  But hey...I don't mind being a pauper as long as I've got my family and friends.  

On the sunny side, there is no rain in the immediate future and the swelling is gone from my legs.  Plus the bag has been on for two days.  The nurse came by early this morning and checked things out before drawing blood to check potassium.  My days consist mostly of piddling around the house attempting to keep things halfass straight and going to bed EARLY.  I should be able to take a shower in a couple of weeks and that will be pure heaven.  Soon as the wound heals, it's on like donkey kong.  

Ellis is adapting to being home and loving being able to run with Oscar.  They are all enjoying leftovers from here there and yonder.  As I type, there is a Japanese beetle crawling around the keyboard like it's a maze.  Comical, to say the least.

There is so much that I want to do and it's just not in the cards right now.  Patience dear Poopie.  Wait for God's time.