Wednesday, July 8, 2020

plan ahead

I had my route all mapped out this morning and Lowe's was the first stop.  I need more chalk paint and a few other things for some projects I'm working on.  I gotta' hand it to those folks...they know their stuff, row by row and if you can't find it?  They will.  I scooted on over to Mickey D's for a dolla' breakfast and then over to see my brother and drop off the rent.  Since I was in the 'hood, I dropped by the pharmacy and got my refill of arthritis medication.  

I talked to the election commision yesterday about voting by mail but you can't sign electronically so I stopped by there and filled out the form so that I can vote absentee in August.  Anybody over 60 can do that in the state of TN.  Now for today's big political back to school cluster.  The task force is mandating that schools re-open even among the recent surge in COVID cases.  News flash feds!  It's not YOUR decision but will be made at the local level by districts.  If they don't think it's safe, online learning will continue.  Most teachers would prefer that anyway.  It's a more up close and personal way of educating young people.  One of Pence's excuses was that kids who don't go to school don't get to eat or get mental health assistance.  How about we treat that problem at the source which is poverty.  

The rich will get richer, that's for sure.  Yet I am happy with my little world of avoiding folks and being at home, all the while writing my little heart out. I am blessed to have an air conditioner that works and food to eat.  Good friends and loving family.  In the end, that is what matters.  

If y'all need a kudzu bouquet I'll take your orders now.  Keep the faith ^j^

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


In case you were wondering, and I know you were, I feel like I've been rode hard and put up wet.  I'm talking worthless.  I do believe it's the heat and the whole crazy mess that is our world right now.  This will be an indoor and hydrate day.  Here is a really good reason to wear a mask.  I forgot to put mine on before going into the store where the spots are marked for safe distancing.  Some redneck got right up in my face while I was checking out wanting to put his four bucks in lottery on a gas pump.  Old girl told him after he stood in my face a bit that she didn't do lottery.  Talk about some hand sanitizing afterward!  Lawd.  I promise never to forget again.  

My new banking app is kind of hard to navigate and I found myself 9.50 in the hole this morning.  Thus, I commenced to counting change and asking my sweet cashier to help a girl out, apologizing in advance .  I did, however, have it bagged up by amount to make it easier.  The eagle poops tomorrow if the government doesn't take my SS and use it for something stupid like a wall.  Just saying.

I'm taking the meds as prescribed but my joints are sore and tight.  Probably because I spend so much time on the laptop and phone.  I never have learned to just relax and be....always doing something even if it's not urgent.  As Don Henley sang to me "Learn to be still."  I heard something go "bang" in the night when the washer was in spin cycle and I just prayed that it wasn't the iron skillet full of oil that I had fried squash and green 'maters in.  That was such a treat and the first of my crop.  Fortunately it was just a dollar store casserole dish that fell and broke.  I'm such a procrastinator I walked around it for two hours this morning.  All is well now.  

I remember Dr Algee telling me that the number one hazard for elders is falling.  I am becoming acutely aware of what is in my path and moving it because I can't afford any more incidents.  That one with my butt about did me in.

So now that you know all about me, I pray that you are having a blessed day and shining your light on others.  Lord knows, we all need to stick together ^j^

Monday, July 6, 2020

be the light

I just did another FB live devo at the church complete with props and bad singing.  Hey...Jesus loves me anyway!  I got twisted on the ending of "this little light of mine" of all things.. I have known it by heart since childhood.  The scripture that it was based on came from 5:14-16.  "You are the light of the world."  Indeed you are as we ALL can be if we put aside petty differences and show the love of God in our words, actions, faith and hope.  I have been in the darkness many times.  Living in the country I am accustomed to the power going off but I have a lantern that Mamye gave me to light the way when that happens.  I have been in that dark place of the soul where all seems hopeless.  Others have shone their lights on me during those times and brought me grace.  I am grateful for that and so much more.

Mayberry's crew took on the poison ivy for me today in spite of the heat.  It's a rough time to be weedeating and mowing.  Or spreading asphalt or anything that requires manual labor outside.  Y'all stay hydrated.  I have learned to love ice water, especially Propel which has electrolytes.  Kroger was out of my favorite Mandarin Orange but I did score some asparagus this time around.  

So the COVID keeps on spreading with no regard for income status.  I have heard that Trump is the bogeyman once again by being in cahoots with big pharma over the drugs used to treat.  Nothing surprises me anymore.  Nothing.  

Y'all let your light shine and share it with others.  Especially the least of these ^j^

Sunday, July 5, 2020

i am a wimp in the heat

My hat is off to all you folks who work out in it all day.  One or two hours kicks my butt.  Me and the girls had lots of adventures today beginning with a swim at Doonie's house and continuting on to the sprinkler where she watered my garden.  And us.  Then we ate and painted and chased Lily.  By then she was delerious and of course, never wants to leave.  Poor thang didn't know what she wanted she was so tired.  

We did a little learning about light at the roundtable and she actually helped me with a visual for an upcoming devotion.  She could not understand why the light wasn't bright when the battery powered ones were.  That's where the magic came in.  She used the tiny LED flashlight to put light on that light bulb that couldn't shine.  And the light went on in her little eyes.  I showed her pictures of her mommy as a child and her grandaddy.  She remembered them all when we went back and looked.  "Who's that?" she asked.  It melted my heart and made me grateful that my mother was a camera nut.

It's on with me and the hornworm and if I can ever find him, he will burn.  So far he's only been on one of four plants but I know how those things take over.   I showed Reaves the baby squash and tomatos and she smelled lemon balm.  

In clarification of what I posted yesterday, I believe in the power of peaceful protest.  I do not believe in destroying property in the name of peace.  I detest violence in any form or fashion but when it comes down to it, I would kick somebody's ass in a heartbeat or cut a bitch if they hurt my family.  My neighbor has a new gun and I'm a gonna' ask her to teach me how to shoot down in the holler.  I believe in the right to bear arms in the hands of properly licensed and trained citizens.  Also for hunting.  But no automatics kids...geez Louise.  Have we not learned our lessons on mass slaughter of innocents?  

I will not give politics the time out of my day to comment.  The media and most of America have gone face down in it.  I have faith that God is at work in more ways than one here.  And I believe in the power of the mask and social distancing.  It ain't rocket science.  

Y'all be well and blessed.  And remember who you are ^j^

Saturday, July 4, 2020

hotter than than the 4th of july

I have a lot of July 4th memories but one stands out among all others.  My neighbor Nelson Mitchell needed to go to a nursing home because Margaret was long gone and he had some problems. His sister Annie Laura asked me to do the honors of transporting them to Lake County.  It was hot and humid and the tiger lilies were in full bloom.  Sweat dripping off of bodies and windows.  She packed a small bag and then we took that man away from a place where many memories were made.

Nelson used to cook pork in an underground pit that took all night.  He was a fixture in my life as a child and so was Margaret.  Heck...the whole family.  Years after that we gathered at Mozella's house for a feast of everything grilled and home grown.  I always took my parents and they loved every minute of it.  Mozella was our mayor, by the way.  I have pictures of all that, Lord only knows where they are, of days past.  But these things live on in my mind as long as I have it.  We were a perfect storm of  " i love you always."  

The irony is that the family on that side of the road was African American and we were white as Europeans.  Both lands were deeded over to heirs and it stretches a long way down Samaria Bend.  It is where I grew up and became who I am now.  Mozella came to Daddy's funeral and sat with the family.  Mom was in a wheelchair then.  It's all a blur.  But I remember who I am.  That's good enough for me.  

My brother Bubba set fire to the cotton trailer across the road with the baby boy inside.  That would be Tommy.  That was very traumatic, I'm sure, but he survived it and lives to tell the story to his own kids.  This is what community is about.  Daddy always had a garden and everybody shared the produce.  Lord knows, Mama spent many a hot July night canning and preserving.  

My point is this.  Why can't we do that now?  Why does everybody have to get all pissy and pull down statues and flags.  These are history that should never be forgotten, and this is coming from a demolibard,  Without reminders of what was we forget how it all went down.  So you want to be PC?  Don't send people to rallies where the cops have to be on standby to avoid violence.  Just stay home and enjoy the day.  I mean, really.

I may never have a surgery to reverse the poop situation.  But I will do EMDR to deal with it.  It all depends on that virus.  And please....somebody please.  Tell Melania that was the most hideous dress ever.   Reaves could have done that with a Sharpie

That's all kids.  Let freedom ring!

Friday, July 3, 2020

independence day prep

As usual my first go to was the 'gentral and it was there that I noticed I had a grasshopper riding on my window.  He went to  the fireworks store with me and even over to Pig'n'Out to get ribs.  He is a good totem to have meaning to take a leap of faith and all outcomes will be positive.  I'll take it!

It amazes me how may people recognize you even with a mask on.  I ran into a couple of guys at the bbq place and both knew me in spite of the masking.  Of course nobody had one on at any of the places I went except for me.  I have heard that masking is now mandated in Madison county which is gonna' piss a lot of people off and make a lot of money for the county in fines.  So be it.  If you are going be non-compliant, that is what happens.  It could be worse.  You could be on a ventilator and I can tell you from experience that is NOT fun.  I had to be sedated with Propofol to calm me down.  

I missed not one but two Zoom meetings yesterday because I let the time get away from me and was otherwise occupied.  The girls will be here Sunday and I'm saving the ribs for that after we swim.  Plus sparklers!  Reaves will be tickled.  

Y'all be happy and safe.  And keep the faith ^j^

Thursday, July 2, 2020

race to the finish

Well, I thought I had seen it all until I spotted a Trump2020 car that will run 8 Nascar races. And who is the sponsor?  None other than some Republican super PAC.  Way to use those donations guys.  I see the logic.  Sponsor a fast car in the months prior to the election and try to win.  Like win YUGE.  I would be scared to drive that car personally fearing that it would pull a Big E on me  Or get run over by the pack.  Many trumpsters ... not all, are NASCAR fans so he's kind of preaching to the choir.  

I wore my controversial shirt to the store today and nobody even noticed.  I can't wait for some cracker to get in my face and I can call the law.  I was all masked up as usual and saw none other than mine.  I just do not get it.  Here's a tip y'all: if you do not do it voluntarily it will be mandated and cost you some money in fines.  And please don't bitch about your constitutional rights.  This is a global health emergency where Europe has declined to accept any travelers from the US.  Yes, that's how bad we're dealing with it.  Testing labs are now way backlogged due to the surge that followed opening up bars and restaurants.  And the most God awful thing I read about today is a contest among young folks in Alabama, of course, to see who can get it first.  Jesus H.  They are purposely infecting people like a rite of passage into a secret society.  Oh, but there's a pool of money involved too for the winner/loser.  

I have nothing on the agenda for today.  Tried sitting on the porch but it was so humid I gave it up.  The air is thick and heavy and yesterday I heard the cicadas warming up.  I will be hitting up the fireworks store to get some sparklers and roman candles which is all I care about.  I think we all take for granted the meaning of Independence Day.  We are a free country because we fled from and fought the British over several issues, one of which was the Church of England.  In many ways we are still fighting that fight even though the US constitution clearly mandates separation of church and state.   Let that sink in.

So here we are in the land of the free and home of the brave.  I love this country and what we stand for.  But I am also a rebel who will take the bait every time somebody steps on my rights.  I know what they are.  So should you.

God bless America ^j^