Sunday, June 30, 2019

fun in the sunI

I get drenched with sweat when I do the flower watering thing so today I planned ahead and wore my swimsuit then headed straight to Chucky and Vicki's for a few dips.  It made a huge difference!  I had forgotten that a cop lives next door and when I glanced up and saw the car I was sure they were gonna' come arrest me for trespassing.  Not to worry.  It's just little old me.

I may end up back at urgent care with the dog bite.  After ten days of Augmentin and a shot of Rocephin the larger wound is still a little puffy and sore.  We shall see.

The no-till wheat beans are already up thanks to a good rain.  I am so thankful not to be living in a corn box this year.  One of the most dangerous things about that is watching out for deer that dart out.  I've almost hit one many a time.  One of my neighbors has a sweet corn patch about a week from being ready.  I absolutely LOVE that stuff.  We always had it when I was a kid because Mama put it up for the whole year.  Same for purple hull peas.   More often than not, Daddy's dessert  would be an extra piece of cornbread soaked in pea juice.

If I had somebody to help me I would totally do a garden but I can't do it by myself anymore.  I need to live in one of those co-ops with a community garden.  

Heat advisory.  Stay cool, always ^j^

Saturday, June 29, 2019

never forget

I just read that the 9/11 first responder who testified to Congress with Jon Stewart has died. There were pictures of him before the tragedy and along his road with chemo.  After testifying in Congress, he placed himself in hospice care.  He was 53.  Luis Alvarez tried along with Stewart to get from Congress the healthcare that so many first responders desperately need.  Nearly four thousand people died in that one day and many more have succumbed to blast related illnesses.  Remember the thick clouds of dust?  These people worked in it months clearing debris and trying to restore the area.  What happened that day was a series of well planned terrorists attacks by people who "should" have been on somebody's radar.  I mean geez man.  They worked on this for five years. It resulted in our country entering a ten year war that was not won.  That was the politically correct response to 9/11.  How sad.

Flowers are watered and I'm in for the day.  I just don't do well in the heat.  I've always hated to sweat from getting in and out of a hot car or working in full sun.  The humidity here in Tennessee makes it 100 times worse.  All the fireworks joints are cranked up for their big week.  For me, that's the turning point of summer even though it's only two weeks old.  The shadows will begin to change soon.  I listened to a chorus of ree a rees while I was watering.  They are at their prime!

My daddy's 88th birthday would have been on July 17.  I didn't see him ON his last one, but the day before and day after.  When I told Mama I would see him the next day she said" But that's not his birthday."  That is a regret for me. I'll eat some fried chicken, fried green 'maters and purple hull peas to celebrate his 88th.  

Oh say can you see ~


Friday, June 28, 2019

up and at 'em

I was determined not to be watering flowers in the heat of the day and got up early to get on with business. After that I ran some errands and a couple of chores for a friend who can't get out.  After that I hit up Sunflower Health which is also like crack to me.  I went in for probiotics and came out with a tshirt and bracelet.  They just have such fun cute stuff!

After that....the deadly Kroger run.  They did, however, have my crab dip in stock so it was worth the trip.  I posted AOC on Colbert regarding the subpoena to Kellyanne and immediately my trolls came out of the woodwork.  I just don't engage. 

I still can't stop seeing that picture in my mind of the man and his 2 year old daughter floating face down in the Rio Grande. These people are so desperate that they still try, knowing that if they make it they'll be separated at the border.   I feel for them, just like the Syrian refugees and the others trying to make their way to a better life.  

I stopped in and got my facial hair waxed while I was out and it's smooth as a baby's butt.  I'm way too young to have a beard.  My mother used to call it "honey" when she got it done at Angel's Crown Center back in the day.   If I had a buck for every delivery and pickup I made there I'd be rich.  Sure do miss her.

My prayer is for some normalcy in this country and the ability to reach across the aisle and listen in a non-partisan way in order to find solutions.  The people being hurt are us, the citizens of the US.  We deserve better.


Thursday, June 27, 2019

another day in paradise

A line of thunderstorms moved through last night that put us without power for about an hour.  I was asleep and the neighbor let me know he had called DES.  I promptly went back to sleep and woke up when the fan came back on.  For some reason my alarm didn't go off this morning and I just happened to wake up in time for work.  It was pouring which is all good except I had left my window cracked and the whole seat was drenched.  Lerd.  I went back in, grabbed some towels and dry shorts and headed on my way.  My bad.  The regulator is finicky and often if you can't get the window up, fifteen minutes later it will go.  I just failed to do that last check.

I cracked the bedroom window when the power was out and went to the potty with my lantern that Mamye gave me for just that kind of emergency.  She's resourceful like that.  Anywho I called ATT and they are shipping me a new modem at the bargain price of 99 bucks.  The tech support guy in St Augustine FL was hilarious and informative.  He told me to get a surge SUPPRESSOR. Duh.

Got a tentative date for a Jackson visit, Lord willing.  A new trial gig tomorrow plus watering paradise.  Other than that, nada until Tuesday.  I had almost forgotten that the 4th is next week until somebody mentioned it today.  Must get sparklers.  

The love you take is equal to the love you make ^j^

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

babies in cages

The more I see and hear about the separation of children and their parents at the border the angrier I get.  The picture of the guy from El Salvador and his dead daughter is the most horrific thing I've seen since that other little fella' trying to get to Turkey.  The story I heard was that the man had made it to shore with his daughter and left her there to go back for his wife.  Only the little girl jumped in after him.  Sad, sad stuff.  I have also heard that donations of basic life necessities to the migrant camps are being refused.  WTF.  

I really don't have the energy to be really pissed off because the heat is kicking my ass.  My dumb ass was out watering flowers at noon today because I slept late.  I know well enough to hit the bottom near the root ball and not the leaves.  They will burn in a second and I'd be fired!!

I miss my baby and my baby's baby.  I don't have a clue what their schedule is at this point.  Between my jobs and hers it's like working a puzzle to figure out a visit.  That's okay though.  It is what it is and at least she's close.

Namaste ^j^

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

the handy woman

Since three months after I left the hospital. I have slowly but surely explored ways to make a buck.  Not much is off limits unless it requires liking Trump.  Or blowjobs.  During that time I've tried my hand at writing and photography which I claim as talents.  I don't know how to use all the bells and whistles but as one photographer told me long ago "you have a good eye."  I have shuttled canoeists and pimped out ancient windows.  Watering flowers is now a side job.  You just never know what life is gonna' pitch  your way.  

I think about that a lot when I encounter self centered people and the way they treat others.  You know the type...hell I know at least 20!.  These are the ones who use other people and don't even realize it.  I've been given some great opportunities in the past year to get my feet wet.  As a matter of fact they're wet now!  

The sad thing is that these narcissistic personalities don't know what they're doing.  Their reality is I am wonderful and great and right all the time.  I avoid them at all costs.  This is why it's so important for somebody who can WIN take the presidency away and find some order for our country.  It will happen.  Hide and watch.

Over and out ~

Monday, June 24, 2019

forgive us our debts

Y'all all know I'm a Bernie bro and I was thrilled to hear of the law he is sponsoring to forgive all student loan debt.  As the mother of one who owes a chunk from 2008, I say right on.  With the economy what it is and the lack of jobs that pay well, eliminating that debt would give students a clean slate where they can actually afford to buy things like a house or car thus boosting the economy exponentially.  

When I went to college, the cost was not cheap but it was reasonable and student loans weren't a thing.  I had a scholarship for two years, did work study for a year and my parents paid for the last year which was only about 6K.  That was a lot to them in 1976 but my last year was so intense I would have never graduated if I had tried to work.  I see public education as one of the top three issues to be addressed and not just with student debt.  The school voucher program is absurd.  If you want your kids to go to a charter school go for it, but don't expect the rest of us to pay for it. Our tax dollars are committed to public schools and improving them not paying for someone to go to a Christian based private school.  I am a Christian myself, but I don't believe religion has a place in the public school system.  That's the parents' job, or the job of that charter school that they pay dearly for.  

The Sanders plan proposes not only forgiveness of ginormous debt but also free college education at public universities.  Imagine what an opportunity for those who cannot afford to go to post secondary schools.  It's not socialism or welfare...just a good solid start for kids of this generation.  An investment, if you will.  Tennessee already offers free community college.  Let's expand on that.   The very banks that ran all this smack were bailed out by the feds.  Turn about is fair play.
I joined some friends for lunch and a visit then went to do my watering.  It rained hereT during the night but there, not so much.  It was already dry again.  It was ten degrees cooler than yesterday with a nice breeze and low humidity but I was still drenched with sweat by the time I was done.  

The beginning of the Dem debates is two days away.  I just hope everybody plays nice and acts for the good of all instead of splintering.  That would be another win for you know who.

Carry on folks ~


Sunday, June 23, 2019

sweet tea

Sometimes my mind wanders back to the time when folks sat on their front porches with a sweaty glass of ice tea on a hot afternoon.  Like today, for instance.  I went to water and despite a nice breeze and cloud cover it was hot as hades.  

My next mission was to find Rhoto drops and that was quick and easy.  HOWEVER, Kroger is still out of my crab dip that I'm craving and I asked the guy "What?  What day do I have to come to get it???"  Somebody besides me loves it.  Nobody likes the cajun style so it just sits there being ignored.  I settled for spinach artichoke and headed home.  Beggars can't be choosers.  

This is how I eat now ....small portions many times a day.  If I down a huge meal it makes me sick because my body ain't used to it.  Eating small meals throughout the day also stabilizes blood sugar.  

Keep the faith ^j^

Saturday, June 22, 2019

looking for the rainbow

Driving back from Jackson I ran in and out of rain storms which reminded me of the capricious nature of those summer pop-ups.  The lane was bone dry as it has been for about a week.  I noticed the irrigation systems going full force when I got home.  We had a huge hot wind yesterday afternoon that blew crap everywhere, but not a drop of rain.  

Reaves was just waking up as I walked in the door and Lauren scurried out to work.  I gave her time to get the fog out of her head but she had stayed up until midnight ( LP worked last night too ) and awake at six thirty.  In other words, they both woke up tired.  By nine o'clock she was already rubbing her eyes.  She wouldn't eat breakfast or lunch and somewhere in between there is when the trouble started.  Typical toddler stuff with fatigue plus cutting molars. Tried to get her to lay down.  Nada.  Put some gel on the gums and got bit gently.  Nothing I could do could help her so I just let her work through it.

The magic trick turned out to be a little android pad that they use.  We found kiddy stuff on YouTube and watched forever and a day.  She finally went to sleep in my lap listening to sing song nursery rhymes. This was after she had a try at gymnastics hanging from the bars on the bottom of the high chair.  Dat baby!  She was still snoozing when I left two hours later.  

I'm just beyond words about all this Iran stuff and I think the Goldfish is playing another very dangerous game.  Just remember Iraq.  No WMD found.  Thousands of lives lost.  Saddam found hiding in a hole.  Is there a new press secretary yet?  I'm out of the loop except for headlines like the Philly gas explosion.  This is why people don't want pipelines on their property aside from the fact that petroleum is killing the planet.  

My car is 18 years old with relatively low mileage for a Camry but it's beginning to cost me money when little things break.  Like the seat belt latch.  I've begun to cling to that feeling of safety with being buckled up.  It only took three tickets to convince me.  

Y'all stay cool and pray for peace ^j^

Friday, June 21, 2019

flower power

I slept in today and headed out to my friend's house where I'll be watering flowers while she frolics on the beach.  This yard is a masterpiece all the way around.  Skillfully designed by her it winds all the way around the house.  It will be fun.  I've pretty much given up on my stuff except for what's easy to water.  I haul buckets out to the 'maters and squash.  I actually have a squash blooming in an aluminum pan from Mozella's on the back porch.  

I get to be Gaga this weekend for the first time at a long stretch.  This should be interesting!  I figure we'll play a lot.  It's good therapy for me just to have fun and see life in the wondrous eyes of an almost two year old.  When she goes into drama queen mode, I just say no.  

It's nice to have a day off with details wrapped up by noon.  God is sending me a message because there is no Old Smokey salty caramel in town.  I'm hooked on it and nothing else will do.

It's blowing a big hot wind around here and it's humid as hell.  Rain chance is low but you never know.  


Thursday, June 20, 2019

day by day

The older I get the more predictable I see how my life was before I was retired.  Work. Eat. Sleep.  Rinse.Lather.Repeat. Me and my generation had that kind of work ethic because it was expected of us in order to have the "American dream."   Somehow it didn't work out that way for me and so I walked away.  I remember the euphoria of not having to be there at 6am every day and sleeping for 12 hours at a stretch for days.  My mother did the same thing.  I had given too much for too long and my body was shall we say "killing me with stress."   The first year was an adjustment and pretty soon I realized that I needed extra income to maintain my style of living.  I dabbled in this and that doing odd jobs for cash after I got past the resting part.  

I started doing things for myself like going to lunch with friends and exercising.  I began to network seriously and discover new ways of thinking.  In short, I began to dream again.  I still have deadlines and commitments to keep, but they are on my terms.  I got a sweet letter from the IRS today telling me my refund for 2018 was applied to what I owe for 15.  Dumbasses should have done that in 2017.  Just saying.  

So I hear there was a drone shot down over who knows who's water and Trump's response was "they'll be sorry."  Wise move dude.  If we make it 'til everybody doesn't bomb us with your provocation, we are blessed.  

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

the orchard

I spent today in Lake county, first at a meeting in Ridgely and then lunch at Boyette's plus kid sitting in Tiptonville.   We got along fine once I made a believer out of Jasper.  Gracie helped.  We had a three way snuggle while his phone charged enough for him to lay quietly and play.  While he was occupied Gracie and I watched Grace and Frankie and she painted a picture for her friend.  Pretty laid back.  Thunderstorms rolled in and it was amazing to hear the rain and thunder at that particular spot.  

I had to pick up a shirt that Lauren ordered at Flirty Birds for  delivery.  That's when I will get a double dose of Reaves for the weekend.  Let us pray that we are both in a playful mood and there's plenty of milk.  

Dyersburg got zero rain.  It's funny how those rogue thunderstorms just creep up on ya'.  Y'all be safe and blessed.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

the battle

I had a lovely day with a lot of interaction including an early morning visit to Hometown Urgent Care for care of persistent cellulitis.  I was there when the door opened.  The FNP saw my wound and said "hmmmm."  I got a shot of Rocephin and a script for an antibiotic.  And still made it to work.  In one day's time I witnessed an elder surrounded by family and love who also got therapy twice, a shower and a hairdo.  Plus pizza for lunch.  You can't beat that with a stick.

I have a day of meetings tomorrow and an appointment for a yard walk on Friday for a week long flower watering job.  Karma just keeps smacking me in the head with blessings.  I'll take 'em.

I do not want our troops in Iran.  This is just a replay of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The time has come for us to cease creating war where it cannot be won.  Like Daddy said " it has always been thus and so."


Monday, June 17, 2019


I have a state of Tennessee medical laboratory supervisor's license that is still active.  It comes up for renewal in September and I will more than likely retire it.  I got a phone call this morning with an opportunity to get back in the game part time.  For a few minutes it sounded good, but not much longer than that.  I put in a lot of time at the local cancer center over the years and it was rewarding and frustrating all at the same time.  I've gotten used to doing my own thing on my own terms and the thought of working for a company again makes me want to crawl in a hole.  The work I do now is quite rewarding in a different way and I am my own boss.  

I am valiantly fighting mild cellulitis and self treating.  I may end up having to give in and get some antibiotics as much as I hate to.  Those things wreak havoc on your body!  I now have a paddle laying on the kitchen tables where the dog fights usually break out.  We had a little training session yesterday and I think they get it.  Somebody's ass will get whipped over the next one.  

I haven't checked the news today so y'all let me know if the zombie apocalypse is coming.  Later ~

Sunday, June 16, 2019

the drive

I was out this morning and stopped by my parents' grave.  Immediately I noticed the little flag was missing from it's holder.  Mama's angel was still there, praise be.  I went around to the back where his military plaque is and actually read it for the first time in four years.  He was really proud of that service to our country.  Traffic on the paths was light but I'm sure it will pick up.  I noticed entire families in clusters near a stone, no doubt trading stories.  

This is what keeps family history alive.  I feel so sorry for those who don't have at least ONE person who remembers what they do.  All of these stories are woven together in community to explain how we got from there to here.  My parents were fierce about recording family legacy.  And yes, it's in a box in my living room.  

I am not a good historian.  I dropped doing the yearly book for Lauren in kindergarten.  Like a hamster on a wheel I was saving lives and raising a child.  A strong willed child.  She has grown into an incredible woman and mother herself.  

Happy father's day to anyone who has ever acted as one.  Big hugs ^j^

Saturday, June 15, 2019

unspoken words

Lauren came to town today for lunch and a quick visit to the cabin.  We chose a quiet dark place and proceeded to talk about whatever came up like normal people do.  We couldn't get into the cabin but peered through the windows at the progress.  Then we took a selfie with a log background!  I think that everybody in our family is ready for that to be a place that is alive again.  We spent our entire lives there until we went our separate ways.  The homestead, so to speak.  

She did a little pickin' with the stuff I've got out but it ain't over by a long shot.  Her plans were to go home and soak with a bath bomb then get current with The Handmaids.  Simple pleasures are the best.  

I saw where a friend of  mine had triple bypass surgery and is doing well.  They had to jump through hoops to get somebody to get him in and get it done.  This is becoming more and more frequent in rural areas.  If you don't PUSH for answers, you will get lost in the system.  Being an informed patient includes having some knowledge of what your treatment plan is.  If you're lucky there's a healthcare provider in your family to interpret.  

Happy father's day to all ya'll and your mama'n'them ^j^

Friday, June 14, 2019

honor thy father

I have no idea how I honored my Daddy on his last Father's Day four years ago.  That was the beginning of a string of deaths that knocked us all for a loop.  Aunt Nancy has just recently been buried when we got the news that Pnoler was found dead at his residence. On the day BEFORE father's day.  Lauren was at work when she the call from his phone with someone in the ER telling her that he was gone.  They had plans for lunch the next day.  Instead, we were planning his funeral.  

Within a month my own father was hospitalized for what would be his end of life journey.  He died in early August.  Five months later, Mama was gone.  It was a lot, to say the least.  I was still working at the hospital during all this.  I had just been put on an action plan at work, my first in 40 years.  And yes, I was a hot mess.  That was the beginning of the end for me.  I soldiered on for a few years but in the end I took the damaged shoulder as a sign to leave.  

It is during harvest times like right now that I think of daddy most.  He ate, breathed and lived agriculture.  You know the stories going around now about farmers sadly peering out windows at the rain?  I remember him doing that.  He didn't quite know how to deal with a girl so he left that to Mama. He was a great man who lived his life working hard to support his family and honoring God and country.  Oh.  And the least of these?  He served faithfully.  

He never told me he loved me until the end and then only when I said it first. He never told me he was proud of me, though Mama said he bragged on me all the time.  We found peace with our relationship during the last five years of his life as he became to see me as runner of the ship along with my brother.  He never gave me a whipping which I probably deserved with all the crap I pulled.  I might have been a bit of a quicker learner regarding lessons in life.

I am happy to see fathers of the younger generations taking a more active role in their children's lives.  Ain't nothing like a good solid bond with your daddy that includes not only play but true emotional exchange.  ^j^

Thursday, June 13, 2019

was lost but now is found

Sammy D is a homebody and a Mama's boy.  He rarely leaves the yard and truth be told, prefers laying on the cool laminate indoors.  Late yesterday they started the wheat harvest up next to my house and all three canines had to go outside and explore.  The other two came back and I went looking for Sam then spotted him on the south lane.  I figured he would be back shortly but he never returned.  

Of course I assumed the worst but I had to go to work so Mamye came out to look for him.  The farmer told me he had spotted him in a wheat pile and he didn't look like he was going anywhere.  Mamye came with a flashlight to look under the porch ( we have had several deaths there ) and a knife in case of bad guys.  Lo and behold when she opened the door he was standing there.  Be still my heart.  She fed and watered him and left him asleep under the kitchen table.  I wonder what he did all night?  

Gumbler used to call him Swaggles because of the constantly swishing tail.  He's been here for at least 14 years and had that old sad look in his eyes yesterday.  I fell in love the first time I saw him in Amy D's lap.  He was a bit too active for her apartment and needed room to run.  It's perfect doggie heaven out here.  Welcome home Swaggles!

I'm watching the farmers doing their precision transfer of wheat from combine to buggy to truck.  They're all on the same page and each knows what to do when.  It's pretty amazing to watch.

Y'all enjoy the cool spell while it lasts.  I've seen lightning bugs but haven't heard the reearees yet.  That's when I start looking for fall.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

breakfast date

I love eating at Dave's on the square for breakfast.  Not early mind you, but around 9.  Today I got to sit by Jasper who kept me in his love bubble the whole time he ate a girnormous pancake.  Me and the girls had omelettes, hashbrowns and biscuits and gravy.  Time is dwindling on our real face time so we try to make it count.  I drew an invisible boundary on the table and would not let Jasper cross it.  All phones went away.  We took turns talking.  Cool beans.

I am seriously in the mood to paint something so I might just do that tiny table today instead of getting into the chaos.  There's something about creating that just makes me happy.  Somebody's leftover becomes a totally new piece of furniture with a bit of chalk paint.  Coral, because that's what I got for the dressing table. I still have to sand the top of that before I paint.

I'm such a live in the moment person I've already watched today's Handmaid's Tale.  I'm loving the direction this thing is moving.  That is all.

I'm doing stream of consciousness living today going from one thought to another and looking for order in the household.  And you know what?  It's working.

Namste ~


Tuesday, June 11, 2019


The TV was on the Lifetime movie channel all day so I got my fill of murderous crazy asse bitches and cheating guys.  It's not usually my thing but it was something different.  I've been trying to read a book I started once and put down called Griftopia.  It details the financial collapse of 2008.  It's good accurate history but kind of boring.  I think I'll pick up Ann Patchett next.  

My shoulders are still bothering me so I'll have to drop back down to one pound weights or none at all.  This getting old stuff sucks big time.  I've neglected my little garden and it's drooping.  It pretty much wants to make me give up.  I used to love it but now it's a chore.  I can go to the Farmer's Market and get what I need.  Right now I've got too many irons in the fire to deal with it.  I passed an eighteen wheeler hauling what I assumed were Vidalia onions yesterday.  Nom Nom.

I am tired of Sonic finally.  I've had everything on the menu at least once and it all tastes the same.  Like a heart attack waiting to happen.  In a perfect world I would be more mindful and cook. Fast food is the devil.  It can be quite expensive to eat healthy.  

I don't read the news much because it's all negative and political.  Last night I watched Vice which was a very good chronicle of Dick Cheney's life.  It didn't dwell on Halliburton, but it was quite clearly a story component that should concern us still.  War makes money.

I do not want to invade countries or build walls or take away the choices of women.  I want less partisanship, more transparency and a more favorable standing globally for our country.  Right now we're not very well respected and losing allies left and right.  Canada will only hold so many people.

Be safe and keep those boundaries strong ^j^

Monday, June 10, 2019


I went to Lake county to see Lorna, Gracie and Jasper today and I was in awe of what she's accomplished packing wise.  It was a beautiful breezy day with windows flung open.  And, of course, I got lost.  Like a dumbass I didn't use the GPS on my phone because I was just sure I knew how to get there.  I ended up at the prison!  There is still huge amounts of Obion back water up there visible from highway 78.  Lorna gave me some chairs and other goodies and it took all three of us to get the car loaded.  This is where I truly feel my age.  

Mayberry took me on a very fast ride in his whatever ATV he has and it was fun.  I will be working a couple of days this week which is plenty.  I try very hard to set limits when it comes to self care.  

Oscar and Ellie have been teaming up lately on Sammy D getting into huge fights which I normally successfully break up.  Yesterday I got bit when I kicked at them to stop.  Here we go with "let's hope for no cellulitis."  I'm soaking in epsom salts and doctoring heavily.  I don't know who started it or who bit me.  Sam is the elder and my road dog of many years.  He WILL NOT be mistreated.  It happens so fast it's like a gas fire.

It's odd driving from Dyer quickly through Obion and then into Lake County.  You can tell that the population is dwindling and businesses are scarce.  There's this one place with old timey washing machines sitting abandoned at somebodys ex-repair shop.  Memories.  

My brother and I were discussing stamina the other day and he says "what causes me to feel like that?"  Age buddy.  Age.  That is why I retired early enough to be able to enjoy being able to do some things.  You just never know.  My "normal" blood pressure still seems kind of not right but I reckon I'll have to live with it.  

Carry on people!

Sunday, June 9, 2019


Celebrated on the 7th Sunday after Easter, it is a celebration of the Holy Spirit coming down and touching all the apostles and believers with fire.  In essence, it was the beginning of the Christian church.  The risen Jesus had appeared to many of the apostles prior to that.   It is by far my favorite church holiday.  I sat all the way down front with my cousin and her family.  We will be getting a new senior pastor soon which is the Methodist way.  

There was a creeper at the chicken store who kept talking to me like we were old buddies.  Said he remembered my car.  When I asked the cashier who he was she said he's a perv who digs through the trash for cans.  Great.  

Reaves made it through the wedding and she and Lauren are both worn out.  She wore a cute little white dress and pink converse like the bride.  I'm still looking at the pictures.  

One thing that Lauren and I have very little of is time alone.  The plans are for her to come this way next Saturday and us have some girl time.  It's been a looooooong stretch since that happened.

See y'all on the flip side :)

Saturday, June 8, 2019

hunt and gather

I put off going to Kroger until I was forced to get up in amongst them today.  The highlight of my trip there was a very young mother with three little kids, or so I thought.  When she turned around I noticed that was a 4th one on her back in a snuggly thing.  This little old lady was amazed at the contraption and had never seen such a thing!  As I passed the young mother and her tribe up and down the aisles I heard her steadily discussing her choices with the kids as in sugar content, etc.  Cool.  Evidently somebody besides me is addicted to crab dip because they're ALWAYS out.  I got the last one.  If they're stocked when I'm there I get three.  It's my go to snack.

Reaves is going to be a flower girl at her daddy's wedding today.  Mike and Kim are a perfect couple and I consider them part of my family as well as Reaves'.  We are all dat' babygirl's tribe!

Mayberry Lawns crew was working away when I left the house.  I came home to a beautiful yard with the smell of freshly cut grass lingering.  I was getting worried that I couldn't see Mr Snake so well.  I'm constantly on the alert for him.  

Y'all have a great weekend and remember who you are ^j^

Friday, June 7, 2019


I find myself in a quite teary and humble frame of mind today.  One simple phone call said it all this morning before exercise class.  I am needed and loved.  That's all that matters in my world.  

The rain is off and on but not as bad as predicted.  It will, however, take a while for the wheat to dry out.  Then the beans go in.  

I've discovered that spandex is my new normal.  I just like the feeling of being skin tight so to speak.  We had a tape at exercise today with virtual Amy.  She never ceases to inspire.  I'm not very graceful and get confused easily with the reps.  That's okay though.  I'm moving and that's "a good thing."

I just got my periodical call from Mama's best friend and she is always a joy to talk with.  She kind of stepped in after Mama died and became my otha' motha'.  Praise be.

It's Friday for ya'll who are ready to wrap up the work week.  I'm just glad to not be one of them.  


Thursday, June 6, 2019

got my fix

I've gotta say that Handmaids Tale did not disappoint.  Tiny little spoiler alert:  Serena Joy's mother could be Aunt Lydia's sister for the role she plays in indoctrination.   The show has really made me think long and hard about how women have had to fight to be considered intellectual equals and team players.  Men have always gotten paid more and ruled the roost, so to speak.  There's a good old boy club in every vocation around.  

I needed retail therapy today so I went out and about picking up things I really need like stronger reading glasses.  Sunflower Health has really cute ones.  I visited with the Donaldson tribe in their car while they ate cookie dough sundaes.  It was raining but people were still lining up for Roy Boy's and Dough Desserts.  I got one of each to go.  I also treated myself to a new bar of Buff City Soap and got a couple of spandex things for exercise.  I have decided to baby the left shoulder for a bit and get an MFR treatment or two very soon.  

While I was standing under the tent waiting for food I got to have a nice chat with Dakota about conference.  I totally love this guy.  Not only does he make worship an inspiring experience he's an everyday person who cares.  So is his wife.

Other than that, it's gonna' ran for the next 4 days so buckle up.  And always keep the faith ^j^

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

i can't go 65

I had heard that the speed limit on 412 in Dyer county was lowered to 55, supposedly because of road construction.  Lord knows we need it.  Crockett was finished two years ago and is smooth as a baby's butt.  I hit the road before dawn because I was the designated baby sitter for Reaves today because she's been covered with a strange rash.  As it turns out it was enterovirus AGAIN which evidently there are 8 gazillion with no cure.  Plus it's very contagious up to the point where the rash breaks out.  Then it's home free.

We had a typical day for a grandma and a 20 month old.  She had gotten up at 5 like me so after breakfast and some Word Party I made multiple trips with a pail to fill up the tiny pool.  Didn't bother with a swimsuit, just let her go at it.  She's got this tiny cart filled with rocks from the flower bed and pool toys.  When she got tired of that, I took her in for dry clothes and a nap.  She slept for almost three hours and didn't even fight me on the way down.  In case you've never heard of Word Party it is the ultimate in toddler programming on Netflix.  Very educational and cute.  It even soothes me! She is to the age where you can just see the mischief oozing out of those eyes.  Plus she's quick and can outrun me.  

Today is the day that fans of The Handmaids Tale have been waiting for.  I freakin' can't wait.  See how low maintenance I am?  Gah.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

god save the queen

The highlight of my day was watching Her Majesty proudly displaying the brooch that President Obama had given to her while meeting with Trump.  She may be an elder, but her mind is razor sharp.  I listened to her part of the state dinner speech and moved on when you know who took the podium.  Evidently Londoners are not really fond of him either.

Out and about again, I didn't realize that my phone was set on travel mode which means when somebody texts me it say I'm driving and will call back.  This comes on as if by magic and I turn it off all the time.  Some gremlin during the night did it.  Probably the cat.  I missed two important messages because of it. 

Some friends and I had a leisurely lunch today on their patio and talked and everybody and their mama'n'them.  It was fun and I got to meet a new furbaby named Sparky.  

Otherwise it's rainbows and unicorns so ya'll don't stop believing!

Monday, June 3, 2019

marvelous monday

Out and about this morning was my plan.  I made about 4 trips to town gathering supplies and visiting folks. Things looked quite "unbusy" except at the hospital.  I saw my old friend Dr. A who advised me when it was time to let my daddy go.  I will always cherish that gift.  My friend came in the room with her loud and proud chorus of "Jeeeeesuuus."  Dang I miss her.

I can't believe that even Trump is dumb enough to insult the mayor of London while he's being hosted in that country.  I hope the Queen trips him.  That's a pretty great visual!

So, one writing gig ends.  We gave it our best and had fun doing it.  That project solidified a couple of life long friendships.  My blog will always be there but I have discovered that I need more.  With my healthcare experience, I could be a tech writer.  I'm particularly excited about a new friend who is doing healthcare quality and safety exploring all sides, from caregiver to family to how to get from point A to point B. 

I'm terribly grateful for a lot of things.  To name them and own them is empowering.  Not that there's a list or anything.  Just a running mental inventory.  Hero of today for me was the Sysco driver who parked discreetly out of the way of customers and hauled his stuff into the chicken store.  You, sir, are a gentleman.


Sunday, June 2, 2019

minute by minute

Well, all I can say is that today was not predictable and that's not always a bad thing.  It keeps you on your toes and adaptable to change.  It helps when you know people who know people.  I got to visit with some folks I used to work with and it was all good.  

Life is such a fragile thing and yet we take it for granted.  One minute you're in high school and *boom* you're retired.  I don't miss having to punch a clock and play by the rules in a little cubicle called the lab.  My passion has always been first and foremost for the patient and family.  

My plans for the week include three days of exercise and a few dips in the pool.  Gotta' take my buddy to Jackson for a procedure on Friday.  She promised me a good lunch.

Me and Kevin had church/therapy this afternoon which I always enjoy.  Seeing the light back in his eyes is an incredible thing.  High five dude.

Grace ~

Saturday, June 1, 2019

product testing saturday

The air is out in Lauren's car and she ordered this thing from the 'Zon you fill with ice and water to use in your car.  The instructions were in Japanese no less.  I'm anxious to get an update to see if it works.  

I had an amazing day with lots of interaction with healthcare professionals.  There was this lady in housekeeping that I recognized and I even remembered her name.  She was shocked to say the least.  I discovered a soul mate in the area of healthcare advocate related things and I can only believe that God put us together for a reason.  Small world.

Meanwhile, it's still hot and the flood ain't near over.  AND the aid package is stalled in Congress.  "How niiiiice."  This is not just a fluke.  Climate change has been proven time and again yet we continue to pollute the environment.  When a giant ice shelf from the north pole smashes into your coast line I'll just say "yep....saw it coming.

Stay positive, inquisitive and fearless ~