Wednesday, August 7, 2019

more stella

After exercise I swang by the FH to check with KayKay and Stella and Janie.  As usual when it's not busy me and Stella had extended snuggle time.  What I am attempting to is retire my license to practice laboratory medicine.  A whole lot happened during the year prior to my retirement and I may or may not have gotten the "official" document but it's all done through the state website now.  Here's the thing.  If you retire your credentials you can get them back just by paying the renewal fee.  If you don't pay for renewal you never get it back. Not that I plan on being a lab tech again but you never know when you might run across an opportunity that's too sweet to pass up.  Like working from home.

Partly because of this 40 plus years in healthcare makes me an advocate for patients who often don't know up from down.  Only that doesn't pay the bills.  What a conundrum!  There are thunderstorms rolling in as I type.  My dumb ass left a stack of very important papers on the hood of the trusty old Camry yesterday and it rained on them last night.  Duh.

Onward ~

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