Tuesday, September 17, 2019

under his eye

I can't imagine being Jeff Bezos cheating all his brazillion employees like that.  It just goes to show you that greed breeds greed. Ironically I received two packages from Amazon this week which are birthday presents for Reaves.  When I saw the dude scanning the thing out at the mailbox I thought to myself "Oh hell, another registered letter."  Only I'm cool with the IRS and they're the only ones who do that.  

Lauren's cat is steady looking for things to get into.  Stalking, perhaps.  The dogs are just tired and hot and grateful for a cool house. On the other hand, she creeps up while I'm blogging wanting attention.  No biting though.  

One of several journeys today took me to a couple of  historic sites in downtown Dyersburg. Three actually. I love it when happens.  I was visiting with Gay when Larry and Ms Joy came in to join us.  We had a big old time with Huck the therapy dog.  I even got a puppy kiss.

Y'all hang in there.  I don't have any answers to what's wrong with the world.  It's in God's hands ^j^

Monday, September 16, 2019

open book

You know how sometimes people say "stop me if you've heard this"?  Sometimes I forget that I'm telling my story day by day and have a lot of readers. Many of these readers are real life friends so if I start a tale and they "know" it's because they've read it here.  They are always kind and complimentary even when I ramble.  

I have a house watching gig for several weeks.  Not sitting exactly but checking.  That will work well for me as I'm in and out all the time.  Yesterday I did three things which I hardly ever do and today I'm tired.  That's what getting old does for you!  Well, plus the heat.  It literally zaps me to get in and out of a hot car 5 times a day.  

So poor Purdue has filed for bankruptcy to protect them from that ginormous opiate judgement.  Typical corporate behavior.  Will oil prices go up or not?  We shall see.  With only 5% of our supply coming from the Saudis if it is handled correctly they should be stable.  Trump is "locked and loaded" which is his usual stance.  Nobody even pays attention anymore except to speculate on war and the markets.

Corn dust + ragweed equals major allergy symptoms.  The heat doesn't help.  Anywho, you can't change the weather unless you do it globally over several decades but I think we already did that one.  It's a real thing y'all.  

Happy Monday to you and yours!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

the lord's day

It is about a week until the first day of fall and today's high was 100.  Honey please.  We were fanning in church this morning.  I sat with my family and got fed like I always do.  My client needed groceries so I worked that in before an arts council meeting.  I basically just went to check it out but was amazed when two other people were there for the very same reason as me.  I love it when that happens.  Strength in numbers.  

This particular venue is a museum of Dyer County History among other things.  As I was listening to business I glanced over and saw an old FFA jacket hanging on the wall.  I remembered that Mom had donated Daddy's so after the meeting I turned it around and there was his name.  Billy Stafford, President.  

Daddy had a rare opportunity to attend UT Martin school of agriculture on a scholarship arranged by Sam Reed, his teacher.  That's a big achievement for a sharecropper's son.  I swear if he were alive today he would "get" the science of hemp production.

All in all it's just another brick in the wall ^j^

Saturday, September 14, 2019

the network

I am involved in a lot of different things right now and have to watch myself on over commitment.  The plate is full so to speak.  I haven't had a girls' fix in over a week except for FB pics.  We will be together all of next weekend for their birthdays.  Lauren will be 35 on the 22nd and Reaves will be the big 2 on the 21st.  I'm hoping the 'zon delivers before the party.  

This gives me a pause to remember both births.  My labor lasted 12 hours once I finally got up in there.  Lauren's went for THREE days ending with a late night emergency section.  I was there and was the first to hold Reaves.  I'll spare the details of the procedure, but it wasn't pretty.  She had a CRNA on one side and me on the other talking her through it and holding her down.  Seems the epidural didn't work.  I will never forget that experience.  

We are all born for a purpose.  Sometimes it takes half a lifetime to discover what that is.  I am easing into what I see as my own future with guidance from above.  If I hit a wall, I know to go in a different direction.  That's what happens if you live long enough.

Peace and Grace ~

Friday, September 13, 2019

random acts of sweetness

I went to my exercise class this morning in spite of my lazy ass turning the alarm off.  Hey, I was awake so use it or lose it.  There was a gentleman there that I've not seen in ages and we started chatting about a mutual friend.  "She's a democrat" he said.  "Yes I know.  I reckon God loves all of us no matter what party we affiliate with."  Dontcha' think.  I smiled that Jesus loves us southern belle grin and that was that.  

Though I'm not surprised, it kind of blew my mind to see the depths of hatred that were reached with that RNC ad during the Democratic debates.  That is pure stirring of the pot and capitalizing on dividing people.  As for the debate, I don't know who won or lost.  I saw a lot of turning upon each other instead of unity.  I expect this to change as time goes by.  

Since Lorna moved to FL, I have found that our best chance at a proper chat is when she's in the school line.  She said it's about 300 cars long so she normally gets spot 2 or 3 and we talk about life.  The universe has lined her up with exactly what she needs which is pretty cool.  She has the knowledge and experience to help a lot of people.  

Kroger....done.  DG...done.  Dog to vet.....not done.  That's okay though.  There's always tomorrow ^j^

Thursday, September 12, 2019

going with the flow

I guess I'm getting rested up because I woke up before daylight this morning, laid there a bit and drifted off again.  There was a list of things I needed to get at the 'gentral so I went through the carwash and headed that way.  The trusty old Camry looks a lot less sticky from tree sap and rock dust.

Since I'm "almost a nurse" I am the go to girl for my brother about all things healthcare.  We chatted this morning before he went to work and I headed off for a ladies' lunch.  I was privileged to sit right next to a ten month old who was absolutely adorable.  She's learning to walk and let go.  Pretty soon, it will be on like Donkey Kong.

I don't know what's going on in Washington today but I don't care at this point.  I'll watch the debate or highlights of it.  On the other side it's the same old same old.   People who are brainwashed to support a candidate in spite of obvious dysfunction are not critical thinkers.  That goes for both parties.  

Note to self:  corn = change AC filter.  Y'all have a good one! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

remember when

There are certain moments in life that make a big enough impact personally that you remember exactly what you were doing when it went down.  When JFK was shot I was a student at Alice Thurmond Elementary and I remember hearing the news in the restroom.  At the time I didn't really know what it meant, like most of the country.  I stayed with my grandmother down the street after school and I arrived to watch it all on her black and white TV.  Though I cannot tell you what I was doing when I heard about Bobby or MLK , these assassinations also stuck with me.  Peacemakers, all of them.  Yet they were taken out because of their influence.  

On 9/11 I was at work ( as usual ) when Miss Anita came and got me with a panic stricken look oh her face.  "Miss Janie...come with me."  She and the Little General and I snuck into the doctor's lounge and watched as our worlds changed forever.  Sometimes I wonder how that could have ever happened to US!  But what was really amazing is that we all pulled together to realize, as a world leader, we had been attacked from enemies within who literally flew under the radar for five years.  Hmmmm.  

I remember as hours became days and months and still Ground Zero was not cleaned up.  There is a nice memorial there now but it is a stark reminder of a dark day.  I wrote a tribute for DC Roe's project some years later about one of  the victims.  He was a high roller in politics and the money world, just what the terrorists hated most.  As I researched his life, I paused to reflect that there were thousands just like him who lost their lives that day, a large number of them fire and emergency crews.  Their chaplain never gave up, ministering to these first responders as they lost their own lives to save other.  He was carried out but it was too late.  

That was the beginning of a huge crater forming in our country.  Muslims were the target of a lot of hate because the terrorists just happened to be Muslim.  That struck me as wrong, right off the bat.  Things have gone further and further down the road to the point that global warming is past real and mass shootings are the norm.  We are better than this.  If only we could come together as if this 9/11 were a remake with a chance to bring hope and peace to our citizens.  No more Twittering the government.  I'm sure he has some troll staying up all night to do that.  

Be nice.  Love thy neighbor as thyself.  Keep the faith ^j^

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


I had an appointment at 1:30 so I left early and ran a couple of errands.  To my horror I realized that I would be getting my picture made and I looked a hot mess.  After running home to change shirts and slap on some makeup I' meandered around and found that Trish Warren's studio Beaver Creek was open so I stopped by to introduce myself.  We have been in conversation about some artsy things so I gave a quick lowdown to her students on what may be coming up on the local art scene.  I'm going back tomorrow to tell her other class.  That just came out of the blue like most things these days.

There is now a shooting range about two miles from my house and I can hear them.  It's easy to  differentiate from shots in the bottoms.  So far all I'm hearing is single shots.  You bet your sweet ass that if the repetitive action starts I'll raise some hell.  I also saw a newly redone building called Cedar  Creek on 51S.  It definitely looks like a destination place with a lot of brands.  

The southern entrance to our city is a disgrace.  It floods so often on south main that making a go of a business there is dicey.  There is NO grocery store outside of the magic Kroger Walmart perimeter.  Someone could make a freakin' killing by building one just south of the 'burg which would catch traffic going south as well.  There's not even any place out here to get a burger except gas stations.  I've even approached one person about it who owns property near my house.  It could be right by the airport.  See?  He said "no thanks!"  I'm such a dreamer it ain't even funny.  

Anywho, thanks for all the birthday wishes.  It made the day totally about me which I needed desperately.  Now if I could just afford a spa day!

Rock on ~

Monday, September 9, 2019

and found

After numerous trips around the yard and acceptance, I found my phone where I had left it on top of the microwave.  Duh.  I probably walked by it 20 times before I noticed it.  Praise Be! There is no wiggle room in my budget right now for something like that.  As I was cruising through town I got a call from Mo wishing me a happy birthday and I took the chance of getting caught and talked while driving.   Hey...it's my birthday!  

I had noticed when I left that they were starting to shell corn so I stopped by and visited with Wade and Mr. Neely on the way home.  It was break time so I climbed up into the cab to catch a shot of Wade.  Same for Mr Neely parked in the shade on the lane.  We talked about prices which he said are horrid because of the tariffs.  He estimated about 3.25 a bushel which is not sustainable for even a large farming operation.  He also said he has seen nothing of the aid they are promised.  I guess it went to fund the wall.

We have a full blown humanitarian crisis in the Bahamas and now the powers that be are refusing entry to these people.  Yes, they are a sovereign nation but compare and contrast with the aid to our own US territory Puerto Rico.  Pretty dang hard hearted in my opinion.  

Annnnnd now the arts budget is being cut yet again by this administration.  That brought to mind Mr. Holland's Opus which is much akin to my Uncle Jimbo.  He saw the size of the DHS marching band cut to the level that he left there after 30 years to go to Obion County Central.  When he died at an early age I remember there being standing room only in the church with OCHS all dressed in field uniform.  He was that kind of guy, like Mr. Holland. Lauren was about four years old as I held her little hand down to the family pew.  

I am blessed in so many ways.  With family and friends.  With a beautiful place to live.  With talents which I try to use wisely.  And most of all with freedom to choose and speak my mind.  Many many of those in the military have given their lives for that right.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As our freedoms are being chipped away, I refuse to go gently into that good night.


Sunday, September 8, 2019

if it ain't one thing it's another

I was outside taking sunset pictures yesterday and wandered over to clean off my nasty windshield.  Somewhere along that route and back into the house I lost my phone.  It's dead so it goes straight to voice mail.  Alrighty then.  I've walked the yard about 20 times looking for it and there is no phone to be found.  Searched the car.  Walked the yard again.  It's so maddening to know that it's somewhere here and I can't find it.  I took comfort in a post that my daughter did today about acceptance.  It is what it is.  No phone.  Deal with it for a few days.  Maybe it will turn up.  If anyone has an old one I can use, help a girl out.  Buying a new one will cost me over the next 30 months and I will have to pay the bill in full and the sales tax on the device.  Definitely not in my budget.  

We went to the fairgrounds today to tear down our booth and left it in better shape than we found it, pulling out years old staples from the wall.  All in all it was a good week.  We registered some voters and got names and numbers of people who didn't know anything about our local party.  We were consistent in having somebody there even when traffic was slow.  We were present.  It takes a lot of volunteers to pull off something like the Dyer County Fair in general, then factor in the individual contributions of those who are furthering their cause.  

I slept through church....again.  My body is telling me I need the rest and I'm listening.  As for me and mine we will manifest the lost phone and hope for the best.  


Saturday, September 7, 2019

mini pigs and history

I spent a few interesting hours at the fair today in the Dems booth.  Traffic was slow because  local industry had rented it for their employees for family day.  We managed to stay busy anyway and chatted with whomever came strolling by.  Most of them were looking for a relief from the heat!  I got to touch baby pig snouts and see lots of kids light up over a sucker.  And I got to give a history lesson.  

We had a TV set up behind us running constantly with footage of famous Democrats through the this century.  A kid, who looked about 8, stopped and stared at JFK like he was under hypnosis.  " Do you know who that is?" I asked.  He shuffled around  a bit and came back to say " I know but I can't remember."  Henceforth came a brief history of President Kennedy and how he died.  "Did somebody run over him?"  I replied no that someone shot him from window in Dallas.  "He was a good and honest man of much wealth who cared about the citizens of this country and took the office of president seriously."

He stared at me, and at MLK behind me on the screen following JFK and I swear I saw the light bulb go on.

Friday, September 6, 2019

riding the wave

I'm getting caught up on rest after that two weeks of interrupted sleep.  It still kinda' hurts but it doesn't wake me up in the night.  I played errand girl for a client today and I have to tell you I'm dang good at it.  Give me a specific list and I will deliver.  Plus change the bed and take out the trash.  Of course it's hotter than hell again so I'm glad not to be a parent at the fairgrounds on kids' day.  Just saying.

The year after my Daddy died the fair was dedicated to he and Jerry Jackson.  I told my brother I would show up and sit with Jerry's wife.  That afternoon I went into a complete meltdown over the thing and called the office to tell them I couldn't make it.  Too soon.  Y'all I was a hot mess.  Thankfully Joey was there and graciously accepted the award on behalf of our family.  He and his father Neely have been here for many MANY years.  

So, the farmer's daughter is working on something different that involves art.  I think that there is enough community in this little town to pull it off.  I'm looking at it through several different lenses and trying to create a picture of what would be aesthetically pleasing and profitable for all.  We've all heard the term "starving artist."

My friend Rachel and I are scheduled to meet about a story in the magazine she writes for.  And yes, the credits all go to my mother!  The library lady said "your momma would be proud of you."  

Stay cool.  I hear it's gonna' be 97 next week.  That's got to be a record in the making.  


Thursday, September 5, 2019

Plan F

I have no idea what that is because I am not Medicare eligible but it will be gone by the time that I am able to get MC.  I am about to turn 64 which should be close enough but nada.  Of course I think everybody should have it.  That's not socialism y'all.  That's heading the chronic illnesses off at the pass by early detection and treatment.  Lifestyle modification.  So who is against this, you say.  Big Pharma.  Big Insurance.  Imagine how much of the US consumer's debt is because of corporate healthcare practice.  I am a living breathing survivor of what can happen when your employer gets greedy.

I'm not going back to the fair until Saturday but I'm enjoying everybody's pics.  Today was cooler for Senior Citizen day.   I had one mission today and got some quick down and dirty training on a process that I had never seen in action.  Since I'm not a "yuge" financial contributor I figure my service is good for a tithe.  

The earth is parched.  I can't remember the last rain but there's dust flying and pretty soon it will be corn dust.  I think it's embedded in my skin!  My sink and counter are covered with dirty dishes which must be attended to.  Laundry.  Etc.  

God is good.  Lauren is still driving a rental WITH air until the insurance company pays.  She's headed to a nearby town to check out one for sale.  Fingers crossed.

Faith ~

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

fair day

Lauren and Reaves rolled in a little after noon and we headed to the fair.  It was 94 degrees if that tells you anything.  We packed her into the stroller and headed toward the goats and pigs/  Lauren fell in love with this one little black one that kept licking her.  There was a llama and mini horse and chickens and bunnies.  Nothing else was open except for Fatty's and you don't eat loaded ribbon fries outside when it's that hot.  They sure are good though.  After wandering through the commercial building we headed to the air conditioned car and went to a cool place to drink water and eat a bite.  Since I didn't spend any money on admission or tickets, I could afford a nice lunch at Neil's. There was another try with a booster seat which ended when she learned how to roll it over and dump herself out.  Memories in the making. She was so timid with the animals that I doubt she would have gotten on a ride.  

I came home with artwork for the refrigerator and tonight's supper.  That's a win-win.  I have never seen so much freakin' John Deere in one place except at Jim Rice's.  These were all shiny and new, showcased for the ag crowd.  

Hope y'all pick a lucky duck out there on that midway!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

something old and something new

We have a super nice library that I don't visit nearly enough.  I went by and the staff painstakingly took me through the process of finding old newspapers on microfiche.  We were successful in finding two of my mother's articles from The Dyersburg Mirror.  The lovely lady who helped me scroll was sitting in a room FULL of boxes containing fiche that is being computerized.  She said it would probably take her three years!  I also noticed a large art display which rotates monthly.  Hmmm, I said to myself.  I then picked out a Stephanie Plum novel and was on my merry way out into the heat.  Lawd have mercy.

My friend Adrian shared a recipe the other day for Snickerdoodle bread and I was intrigued.  I made it last night and OMG.  It is seriously to die for.  The recipe will be coming up soon in On the Back Burner.  

I've developed a thick skin when it comes to trolls.  Most friends respect me enough not to go on a full frontal rampage when I post something.  Now it's mostly passive aggressive kind of crap like "bless y'alls hearts.  I really don't need your pity.  The decision that I made early in life to work for a party that is of the people is one that I do not regret nor have to defend.  Compromise is the only answer to any situation.  I'm not a "flaming" liberal.  I refrain from name calling except for Mitch McConnell because, please.. Just go away.  I refuse to honor Trump by compromising MY standards to meet his.  The polarization is astounding which is how countries fall when they don't really know what the leadership is up to.  

If all goes well we'll be petting baby animals at the fair tomorrow.  The way our luck changes, you just never know.  Stay strong and close to your tribe.  Grow that tribe with trust and you will never be alone.  

Peace ~

Monday, September 2, 2019

investigative reporting

My friend and her children are safely tucked into a little cubby at a shelter in Sebastian, FL.  Mandatory evacuation and all that.  She said it's filling up fast as Dorian approaches the mainlanId after destroying the Bahamas.   It has already broken records.  Peace be still.

No labor for me today.  I slept in and went to the 'gentral.  That's it.  Not to be a whiny ass, but my body still isn't over the whatever the hell I had intestinally.  The pain is better but I feel like I've been hit by a truck.  Literally.  This too shall pass.

I visited with my friend Gigi today on the way to Four Points and since she is also retired, we've got nothing but time to talk.  She put Bella outside because she's so hyper and she barked the whole time I was there.  

As a society I think that we have become numb to things like natural disasters and mass shootings.  That happens to "somebody else".  Until you have experienced losing your home or a child shot on the streets, you don't deserve to have an opinion.  That's the whole theory behind support groups.  We hold each other up and celebrate successes.  

Just imagine.  Purely hypothetical.  What would happen if those legal gun owners turned in their AR style weapons to keep them from getting stolen and into the hands of crazy people.  Will you miss it?  Probably not.  There's not much use for it except for killing.  It has been been business as usual since the latest string of shootings with thoughts and prayers and NRA pandering.  Until we the people stand up and do the next right thing, it will always be thus and so.  

By the way I want a pistol for my birthday.  Janie's got a gun...ha.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

god bless texas

And Florida.  And all the rest of us, for that matter.  By the numbers, there has been a huge surge of mass shootings, about one a day.  I just watched the governor of Texas deliver a speech and didn't have a clue he was the one who rolled in with a wheelchair.  Police spoke first.  The governor spoke from his heart making sure to cherish that 2nd amendment.  

Regardless of what you may think of us liberals we are pretty much happy with the right to bear arms.  You never know when some crazy guy will get in the car with you are the chicken store.  I am against automatic weapons for personal use.  Period.  Law enforcement and military only.  Just because you WANT one to play Big Ike with one, doesn't mean you get to do it.  Try not paying your taxes and see what happens.

I feel this on a personal level because one of the victims was a 17 month old little girl.  A bit younger than Reaves going along her merry way until a bullet hit her.  Seven people lost their lives including the officer who did the initial pull over.  Beto is fired up enough to be using the F word and get bleeped so I'm right behind him.  

We live in a country where we are so divided and so disrespected that sometimes I lose hope.  But just for a few minutes.  I always remember that one good deed at a time can change the world.  It's called paying it forward and doing something good just for the sake of it.  

Do the next right thing ~

Saturday, August 31, 2019

more fair

Things are ramping up at the Dyer County fairgrounds this weekend.  Entries in every category you can think of are being hauled out for judging.  There will be animals which I hope Reaves can interact with.  She's probably too little to ride but that's okay.  Several of us were sitting around our booth chatting when we spotted the other party working hard on their construction.  Always the rebel, I wandered over to have a chat with them.  I knew them all and even got a hug from one.  I'm not kidding when I say I believe in reaching across the aisle.

Looks like Lorna may be spared a direct hit by Dorian which is a blessing.  It will still be unsafe because of the King tide.  I listened to a 911 call today from a young lady who was running her paper route early morning and got stuck in floodwater in the dark.  She didn't see it coming until it was too late.  The dispatcher kept her on the line and questioned as to why she had driven into the water, yada yada.  The girl was frantic and knew she was dying slowly.  According to dispatch she was "legit freaking out."  Her car moved and she was found dead about an hour later.  It just so happened that this was the dispatcher's last shift at the end of a two week notice.  Girl.  If you're gonna' show up, do the job til the end.  People's lives are depending on you.

Lily has started biting me on the elbow when I'm on the computer because I'm ignoring her.  Right now her engine is running so I'm safe.   Dogs are asleep.  All is well in my world.


Friday, August 30, 2019

dinner with a two year old

The girls surprised me and showed up unannounced yesterday afternoon for an early birthday dinner at El Patio.  We are all September girls.  Reaves is one of those who is all about it until you get settled and then she gets restless.  She stayed in the booster seat approximately five minutes before she started going back and forth to me and Lauren in the booth.  She laid down and curled up.  She climbed the walls.  But we had her trapped between us!  We literally have not had a sit down meal together since she started walking.  At Lauren's place we usually eat standing over the stove.  Such is life.  She was thrilled to see Gaga and was smooth worn out with that glazed over look in her eyes.  

If we get to L on the hurricane name list, I suggest we name it Lorna because she is a tropical depression magnet.  She and the kids just got settled into a quaint little place called Sebastian Florida about two weeks ago and are now under mandatory evacuation orders because of Dorian.  They will be leaving as soon as the shelter opens.  She is no stranger to hurricanes having dealt with one on each of her last trips to Florida, one in Appalach and the other toward Miami.  This storm sounds particularly ominous because it is occurring at a time of the bi-annual high tides.  I pray for them and all those others in the path.  

I had to snicker at how Fox news became Fake news once they started calling out Trump.  Of course now he's tweeting that we need a "real" news outlet which, in his mind, would be one that agrees with what he's doing to our country.  A simple picture post of us working on a fair booth brought forth a tirade about Socialism that went on FOREVER.  I gently engaged but my friends got in there for me with gloves on.  I just don't have the energy to argue with somebody who doesn't have an open mind. 

I am proud to be a part of these movers and shakers in the Dyer County Democratic Party.  Every day I meet someone who is thrilled because they've been in the closet and didn't even know we HAD a local party.  Networking, my friends.  That is the key to unity.  I do not believe in every single little thing that our party does, but I do identify with the core standards which include a heavy emphasis on inclusion and access to healthcare.  I am also pro-choice.  And I hate automatic weapons.  I actually had a guy tell me the other day he should have one "because he wants it."  Lerd.

I'm slowly improving but I have to admit it's been teeny tiny baby steps.  I finished the antibiotics so that should make me feel 100% better.  They do their job but are hard on the body.  

It's the last official weekend of summer and a three day holiday for many.  Enjoy y'all.  I worked every other labor day my entire career which made it kind of a moot celebration.  I seek to honor those who work hard in spite of insurmountable obstacles both on the job and outside in the world.  It's a hot mess y'all.  Like others I'm praying for a well placed lightning strike.  


Thursday, August 29, 2019

construction detail

I went to the fairgrounds today to witness the beginning of our booth.  Fortunately the leadership is there in the shape of Steve and Debbie to get the ball rolling.  It was odd being in that cavernous building in our little corner on a mission.  Some other girl came up asking for a nail and we didn't have any.  It was push pin city at our place.  I wandered around looking at the spots carefully marked for various businesses, churches and civic groups.  Some dude brought in a shitload of tractors!  

I noticed the carnival setting up as I was leaving.  You won't dare find me on a midway.  Just saying.  We have two each of gate and parking passes and a schedule that is pretty much filled out.  I haven't been to the fair in at least 20 years before now.  My work always had a booth but I was not one to spend time off the clock for the job.

I had a small job offer today and will pray about it.  A friend and I are cooking up some local art venue to give the talent in this area a chance to display and sell their works.  More later on that.  

Y'all be nice.  And kind.  Consider the least of these and act accordingly. ^j^

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

church jeans

Like my mother before me, I have always that one who believes that one should be dressed as finely as possible for worship.  Now, not so much.  If the kids can wear jeans I can too.  The ones I have are much more comfortable than being stylish.  I don't really think Jesus cares one way or another.  I had a much needed pastoral session this morning and cried through the whole.  It is in the re-telling of the story to those who have never heard it that release finally comes.  We prayed for closure and for blessings on our little tribe.

I was going to check out the seed bank at the library but headed on toward lunch with the secret society.  We go sit in the corner so we can hoot and holler as we please.  Plus it's next to the bathroom.  I've been through everything on the menu twice at least.  

As I made my way home I noticed the late summer trying to give it up.  The corn is parched and the beans are lush.  It's been a good bean year for those who got to plant.  I'm always glad when the corn is gone even if it's not planted up next to me. It's like driving around in a bad Halloween movie.  

So just to tease me Colbert has taken off yet another week.  I mean, since G7 aka G6 it's been pretty quiet except for the Amazon burning.  I passed the tipping point long ago but I was slack jawed at the out and out lies.  Who the eff is in charge here???   Oh yeah.  Mitch.

The Senate needs need blood of all sides of the fence.  When you've got a bunch of old white guys stonewalling the House, nobody wins.  That's where compromise goes out the window.  

Carry on with faith ~

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


To my surprise there actually ARE pecans up in some of those trees because they're dropping off and getting squished in the road leaving little black spots.  The dogs and I went for a walkabout today under that cavernous canopy of pecan trees.  The song of the cicadas followed us.  They love it when we walk together.  Presently they are all napping.

So Trump has acted predictably and the MSM is screaming about it.  We do need to know what's going on and that empty seat at G7 said a lot.  "Fake news" they say.  Uh, no.  Merkel and the Indian guy were at the table and he was not.  All you conspiracy theory folks could claim that he was photo shopped out of that picture!  These world leaders are trying in the best ways they know how to be allies to the United States and help save the earth.  Unfortunately they are dealing with one who is never open to compromise.  I wonder what would happen if we completely ignored him for a week?

I am better physically.  I cannot tell you how this has humbled me and it gives me a great appreciation of how people tolerate chronic pain every day of their lives.  I cannot imagine.  I kind of threw out that I was looking at getting a Masters when I figure out what I wanna be.  I have many talents but my heart is in patient advocacy.  Nobody knows how to navigate our fractured system of healthcare , especially the mental health piece.   Look at the number of fentanyl deaths in the past few years and you can clearly see that what you get is not what you expected.  Personally, I am moving away from pharmaceuticals and toward holistic medicines.  The best thing I take is Magnesium powder under the brand name Calm.  It's fizzy and fun!  Most folks at MG deficient, by the way.

There are no limits to dreams ~

Monday, August 26, 2019

in my head

I see resolution in my future and I'm almost there.  Diverticulitis usually runs its' course in two weeks.  I talked to my doc today and we agreed on a wait on CT.  Maybe it'll just go away!  And it will.  Next week it will be a bad dream with a lot of lessons learned.  

I had lunch with our usual pack today and it was good to have face time with them.  Also hugs.  We saw a video tour of Patsye's new bathroom.  Good times!  Me and Carol just kind of sat there being sick but enjoying the company.  The big room was open so we huddled around that 10 person table.  One of the checkers told me that she remembered me from Hamilton's Deli where she worked for years.  I was there every freaking day because they were the first to offer them steamed.  I miss that store and what it added to that little corner of the 'burg.  

It's nice to be remembered ^j^

Sunday, August 25, 2019

daily regimen

My friend remarked after spinning down my blood the other day "that's the prettiest plasma!" It was so clear you could tell that the lipids were way low.  Overnight fast does that.  My diet has changed dramatically since retirement.  I ate a lot of fast food when I was working  and that's death to gut.  My favorite things are pasta, rice, hummus, purple hull peas and turkey.  Oh, and chocolate.  I'm not big on dairy except for cheese. I like spinach and romaine and poppyseed dressing.  Wait....that's what caused the diverticulitis...poppy seeds!

I wake up about the same time everyday with an alarm and sometimes without.  Exercise is either walking the lane or Silver Sneakers.  That's a cute name for "old people's class."   There are lunches and meetings and movies scattered around in there as well.  Visits at the not so round table in the kitchen.  All the usual things that make up a happy life.  

Why am I sharing all this mundane stuff with you?  Surprise...it's for me!  I find that writing on this blog and laying things out in words helps me to understand life a bit better.  I've been know to rig up all kinds of devices just to have the ability to do so.  

The message at church today was about Jesus being scolded for working on the Sabbath by curing the crippled woman.  The head guy there got all in his face.  His response was, as usual, rebellious and compassionate.  

This is the Jesus that I know.  The one who talks back and raises cain to the powers that be.  It's not about who's in charge but who can work miracles and fix people.  

But it takes faith in God ^j^

Saturday, August 24, 2019

killing trees

This deforestation thing in the Amazon has me concerned, mainly because it is being performed under the authority of a ruthless leader who doesn't get the big picture.  Sound familiar?  What I read said that complete deforestation would have the worst effect in the Midwest region of the US which is where all the farming is.  Of course they're all screwed anyway so there you go.  

I don't understand the trade wars and the tariffs.  From what I have read it's kicking our economy on its' butt which is never a good thing.  I've been through a couple of recessions and don't want another one.  Why does everybody have to make it so complicated?  Because they're all kissing each others' asses for a buck.  Yes, I am jaded.

For the first time I can tell an improvement in my belly today.  I dropped one of the antibiotics because it was evil and nasty and very powerful.  My body don't need that.  I find it ironic that I now have the time to do whatever I want with my life and I don't know what that is.  It's taken me about a year and a half to let go of my identity as a medical technologist.  All those years I dreamed about being outta' there but it was still a loss to be reckoned with.  I had lost who I was because I was one who was super focused on work.  

Now what?  I'm single except for the critters.  I have lots of friends but very little family.  I'm finally down to the short and curlies on old pictures and I bet I've filled up five garbage bags of my mother's memorabilia.  If it is old family, I'm keeping so Reaves and Lauren can remember from whence they came.  I can guarantee that she won't inherit the volumes that I did!

The piles are there for everybody.  I've delivered some and keep on digging.  I'll get there one day.  Otherwise, my brothers and Lauren will be left with it.  I've slimmed it down pretty well.

Thank you Jesus it is finally cooler, almost fall like.  I know the 90s will come back but it won't be for long.  

Peace and grace ^j^

Friday, August 23, 2019

a day in the life

I had to run to my attorney's office to discuss the status of my BK which is looking "not bad".  The end is in sight, so to speak.  All secured debt is paid off and I'm at 14% on unsecured.  Supposedly the magic number is 22%.  They will attempt, once again, to get the title to the Camry which is held by a company that missed the deadline for filing a claim but refuses to release the title.  If it ain't one thing it's another.

While I was out I went by a local graphic design business to introduce myself and made a new friend.  I had forgotten that today is a Relay for Life fundraiser at the jail until Rachel called and I swung by there to get some pics and try to pimp them out.  There was this one trustee with long dreads that I've had contact with before and he tried to ease out of the picture.  I wasn't having that! 

The nighttime pain persists in spite of antibiotics and light eating.  It must be a real hot mess up in my gut.  It's a good thing I have a high tolerance to pain.  

This is a politics free day for the blog.  It does nothing but get me upset and I don't need that.  It is what it is and what with the Amazon fire it's gonna' get worse.  There are careless leaders all over the world.

Keep smiling...keep shining ^j^

Thursday, August 22, 2019

workin' through it

I do solemnly swear that it this pain in my belly will just go away I will eat healthy for the rest of my life.  No fried green tomatoes or sweet corn.  I promise I'll be good.  I had lab work done today and it was all normal so that's a plus.  I'm trying to avoid a CT due to cost.  Broke girls can't afford that stuff.  I'm on day 2 of antibiotics so we'll see.  

The top to my pump house blew over into the beans the other day and I've been waiting for it to cool off to go drag it back up here and put a concrete block on it.  That relief should come soon with the passage of a line of thunderstorms.  I got to catch up with lab peeps today and one of the techs told me she'd heard all about me!  That could be good or that could be bad.  I figure it's mostly good now that I'm gone.  Ironically the official retirement of my license was in the mailbox when I got home.

Just as a side note, I'm tired of being told I'm stupid because of views on Trump.  Some of it is not outright name calling but a "bless her heart" kind of mentality.  Watch The Family, I beg you.  It's all crystal clear.  I stay away from the MSM except for a once a day peek.  All of the rhetoric makes me sick. I'm just going to sit here in my Pollyanna world and look for rainbows.



Wednesday, August 21, 2019


The pain from diverticulitis is much worse at night for me, waking me up several times.  Last night I woke up to some pain bad enough that I mulled over a visit to the ER just to get a morphine drip!  It passed and I went back to sleep but I headed to Ripley this morning to see my friend and GI doc.  He put me on two different antibiotics and warned me if it got worse to head to the ER because of the danger of  rupture.  I also got to visit with the rest of his staff whom I have not seen since he moved the practice to Ripley.  It's good to be among friends.

I got a random call today from someone who hired me to care for her mother one day.  The client was obviously disturbed that her daughter thought she needed a baby sitter.  Her daughter told me that since my visit she has turned herself all the way around as far as lifestyle.  I love it when that happens.

Still hot and I'm over it.  Like way past over it.  I think it's doing a number on everybody.  I noticed some dead leaves this morning in the yard so I guess it's beginning to be that time. September is birthday month for me and Lauren and Reaves.  The baby will be 2 and I can't wait to see her squeal with joy and blow out those candles.  I missed last year but she was so little she didn't have a clue what was going on.  

I am still looking for part time work, but it will be on my own terms.   The last lead would have required travel to Halls five days a week.  I could not commit to that and she found somebody who could.  Win.Win.  I'm not just looking to "sit" but to do something that keeps me active and engaged.

Ya'll be careful out there.  And keep the faith ^j^ 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

more heat

We are under a heat advisory until at least tomorrow night.  This sucks big time for people who have to work in it and also for the rest of us who get in and out of hot cars and go into cold businesses.  That stuff messes with your head and body.

I have had several requests about what Gig the Goldfish is.  There are lots of pictures and stuff but what really is our mission?  To return integrity and decency to the Presidential office.  Period.  It is a political satire on Trump and his daily moves.  Personally, I see it as one small step toward keeping him from re-election.  Yes.  I dislike him and his policy that bad.

What do we need in this country now?  Hmm.  Affordable health care, the right to choose, incentives for shopping USA instead of China.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.  Mostly I think we need to regain our reputation as a world leader and ally with countries other than Russia and China.  We need a president with a solid administration who are dedicated to doing their respective jobs without fear of retaliation from the Orange one.  Truth be told?  I'm ready to march for equality, in solidarity with others who want peace and stability and a promising future for the coming generations.  

I know that many times I sound like a Pollyanna.  Peace and love and good karma right?  There is a side of me emerging that is a warrior woman determined to do whatever I can personally to fix what's wrong.  One situation at a time.  Don't mess with me in warrior mode.  Just saying.


Monday, August 19, 2019

sparking joy

I set out on a round of errands this morning that included three stops to give people some happies I had saved.  One was a firefighter who wanted the old UT tickets.  Yet another was some old pictures of Rachel's Pop along with a mini John Ruskey poster.  Lastly was visit with Stella for some therapy and some chat with Kay.  Stella was featured in SHE magazine and I had picked up a couple of extra copies for them.  Plus an old newspaper clipping of Danny Jeffries coming back to DHS for a football banquet.  Yes, I have one of everything and  multiples of some thanks to my mother. 

The yard guys were hard at it when I got home after helping out a client and getting a new debit card.  I showed up just in time to give them one more job with old flower beds and gave dude a beer.  It's insanely hot out there, still.  The Gig the Goldfish bus should be showing up out here this afternoon so stay tuned for pictures.  

Peace and love ^j^

Sunday, August 18, 2019

i need a keeper part 3

I was in Jackson today for a visit and offered to go to the 'gentral for Lauren because she had been in and out of the heat 15 times already.  As I was walking toward the entrance some dude approached me wanting me to buy him some chips.  I said okay and he started to follow me.  No sir.  I'll bring them out to you.  I was clutching cards, phone and bags as I came out and gave him the chips.  Get this:  he wanted BBQ pork skins instead. The receipt was in the bag so I told him to have at it.  It wasn't until I got halfway home that I found my debit card missing.  This happens a lot with me so I let Lauren know to look for it over there and tried to call the store where nobody  answered after multiple calls.  It hasn't been used, thank God.  I'll just have to hang my head and go to the bank tomorrow for a new one. *sigh*

Also tomorrow I will be visiting the Gig mobile for some PR.  It's a sight to behold and will be at Parker  Plaza most of the day Monday.  Reaves and I didn't have much time except to color and her run around like a banshee with me in hot pursuit.   This is why we don't go OUT to eat!

Prayers for the heat to moderate ^j^

Saturday, August 17, 2019


My friend Larry is a rock star, no doubt.  He was flown to Colorado earlier this week in a private jet and will be returning today. My goal is to get a shot of that jet as it comes in for a landing behind my house bringing Larry back to real life.  He's a great buddy and friend.  We like to go to movies together and sit in his little oasis out back full of flowers.  We will talk about anybody and everybody.  He has a cat named Lily too that he sits with for some friends.  She was a "fat" cat until she went on insulin and I helped him learn how to give the shots.  

My plan is to go see the girls after church tomorrow as long as my belly behaves.  It's still coming and going in spite of pro-biotics and what not.  One thing I should probably avoid is the ice cream I inherited from Ms. Ruth's freezer.  I've gone through about 6 pints and I'm not used to dairy except for cheese.  It also has a lot to do with eating fresh veggies like sweet corn and fried green tomatoes.  All that stuff sure is good though.
Today is my dear friend Lorna's birthday. We had a long talk yesterday while she was in two different school lines picking up grandkids.  Gracie was on speaker with us so we had a big old time.  Tis the season for moth invasion and my house is full of them because I opened the back door in the dark and got stampeded.  I'm catching them one by one and throwing them out to freedom.  It's gonna' take awhile!

Under his eye ^j^


Friday, August 16, 2019

bellyache redux

I've had diverticulosis all my life.  Earlier this year I had an episode with diverticulitis that almost put me under.  It is very painful.  That passed and lo and behold I had another one yesterday.  Which carried on through the night and this morning.  I was supposed to go to a meeting in Ripley but had to be a no show because of this pesky flare up.  

I was headed up to the chicken store and noticed a truck parked on my road.  Another creeper.  I  pulled up and rolled down my window to see what was up ( one of these days i'll get shot doing that ) and old girl said they were good and the guy in the back was taking lunch.  Alrighty then.  I couldn't see him because of the tinted windows.  On the way back from the store, they were pulled over halfway in the ditch with the door open and the girl was getting back into the driver's seat.  There was nobody in the front and all I could see in the back was a guy with a  cap on.  I slowed down yet again and watched as they left the lane slowly.  We have creepers all the time and because it's a dead end road people like to slip off and do whatever shady thing they're gonna do on Pecan Lane.  This makes me very nervous.  My neighbor has been known to fire a shotgun as a warning to trespassers.  

So, I check the mailbox when I get home and notice something stuffed in the back which turned out to be a ladies shirt?  Wonder if old girl was hiding some evidence.  Lord only knows.  While I was at the chicken store ( in a marked spot ) some jerk parked right behind me.  I sat there for a few minutes waiting for them to come out and had to go back in the store asking who had a blue car.  The guy was eating lunch and jumped up right away.  I asked him to move so I could get out.  I've gotten to where I don't suffer fools lightly.

I'm home for the day still pondering the mystery of the shirt.  It's cute, and my size but I'd like to know where it came from!  Peace and grace to you and yours.  

Thursday, August 15, 2019

hit and miss

I was up early this morning because my handy neighbor came by with a staple gun to finish up the back of my framed Rivergator poster.  We chatted and caught up on life.  He and his bride are going to see Queen and I'm jealous.  Their little Libby and Oscar are boyfriend and girlfriend.  She looks like a mini-Oscar.  

I had planned to visit a potential client today and called her to tell her I was on the way.  She told me she found somebody else who wanted full time.  I'm glad I called before I drove all the way to Halls!  Next was Kroger and a meeting to deliver an item for a friend.  All went smoothly.  In an odd moment of karma I looked up to see Reaves' daddy rapping on my car at the chicken store.  He was doing business on the phone so I waited for him to get off so we could have a short chat.  If you need roofing done, he's your go to guy.  His truck is posted on my FB page with number!  

I am proud to see the Democratic presidential candidates picking and choosing their priorities, like Stacey Abrams.  Sometimes you can do better work outside of being the President, ya know.  I think the herd will thin out as the party unifies and figures out that we need some Dems in the Senate.  I mean seriously.  Listen up Beto.

Once again, I must clarify that I lean toward the middle though on the left.  I am not an extremist on anything.  Right now the major goal seems to be establishing some balance in our governing bodies by including independents who can afford to run. , particularly at the state and local level.  It doesn't have to be all us vs them.  Rant over.

Be kind to one another.  It's what He would do ^j^

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

i need a keeper part 2

I had it drilled into my head that my diagnostic mammogram was Thursday morning.  I got home late yesterday, stayed up late and slept through exercise with the phone on mute.  To my surprise when I finally got up and on FB Shelly had messaged me to see if I was okay because I should have been there TODAY at 8.  I apologized and told her I would reschedule but she said nah....come on in.  I thought that was super customer friendly.  The news was good according to Dr. Thompson.  The lesion was scar tissue from a previous biopsy.  How's that for a a catch 22.  Anyway, I had errands to run and places to be.  

I met some friends for lunch who are of a common cause and as I walked by noticed my pastors and a church friend making plans for something or another.  A working lunch.  There was a lot of interaction between the tables there and it was a joy to be in the company of these smart women.  And one guy who got his tennis shoes stolen ;)

After that, more errands.  I'm literally meeting myself coming and going but that's okay.  I'm in training to take frequent self care breaks and quiet time.  That day doing nothing but gazing at the water yesterday did me a world of good. Very spiritual what with the wind chimes and glowing purple lights.  

The time is now to stand up for what you believe, whatever that may be.  I refuse to be a sheeple anymore.  If you don't like me or look down on me, I don't care.  At this point in life, I have nothing to lose.  I don't have to worry about losing my job for speaking out because I don't have one, so to speak.  I will not engage you with sensitive topics unless I know you well but I will also take no shit.  I guess that's the definition of a warrior.

Y'all be happy and healthy.  Today is the last Handmaid's Tale *sniff*.  Whatever shall I look forward to?   Oh yeah.  Trae and Stephen and Kristen and them.  Onward. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Some friends and I gathered at the fairgrounds to take a look at the space  that will belong to our group.  We're right next to the Tupperware which is always a huge draw, said Larry.  He spent a lot of time with us going over the logistics of it since we're virgins at this.  Dude even drove up on a tractor to meet us!  That's pure Dyer county.  

I had an unexpected job today with one of my favorites who lives out in paradise.  Even though it was hot as hell I spent a lot of time on that deck surveying the wonder.  Plus, I got to watch Kelly and Ryan.  

Reaves visited the ENT since she's had strep SEVEN times this year.  The practitioner advised waiting and watching for six months before making a decision.  Wise move.  I have been told that dairy milk is one of the worst things you can consume for the immune system so my motherly self suggested to Lauren that she switch her to either organic or nut milk.  Doesn't hurt to try, ya know?

Things are about to get pretty interesting with this whole Epstein deal.  I love a good mystery.  Otherwise our generous POTUS moved the tariff date from September 1st to December 18th so as not to disrupt Christmas shopping.  Bah and humbug.  You have been put in the corner and trying to save face.  Lerd.  Why can the "greatest" country in the world make electronics that work?  We have the technology and know how for sure.  

I am normally an optimist but also a realist.  I believe that things will get worse before they get better and the rich will get richer.  That book I'm reading doesn't cut anybody slack and there's an Al Gore thread up in there that will knock your socks off.  There is corruption and money on both sides of the aisle.  

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  Now onto Kristin Hampton's latest PTT.  As she would say, y'all be nice.

Monday, August 12, 2019

the thrill of the game

All that most of want is to live in peace and solidarity.  There are fringe groups everywhere who want to destroy that part of society for us.  That is actually evil in action, trying to divide people and fracture our fellowship with each other.  In my lifetime, I do not remember a POTUS who did that as well as the orange one.  Which is why we must fight our way out of the dysfunction.  

I was raised in a Republican household when it was a kinder and gentler sort of deal.  Many people voted for him because they hated Hillary.  I get that and it was a poor choice by the DNC running someone with baggage along with somebody nobody knew.  I didn't vote for either party choosing the independent route.  It was not a wasted vote no matter what you say.  I got out there and voted my conscience because it is my right.  That's how change happens.

No other news here.  I exercised my little butt off this morning and loved every minute of it, sweat and all.  I've had some glass cut for a custom made frame ( by Scotty Martin ) to showcase the art of John Ruskey's poster of the lower Mississippi.  Pictures will follow when hung.  I used said frame without glass for the previous upper Mississippi which didn't last because...do it right girl.  A masterpiece deserves to be treated with respect.  If I remember correctly the dog ate the original.  Now I have both.

Lord just bless us all and their mama'n'them ^j^



Sunday, August 11, 2019

sigh of relief

West Tennesseans collectively are breathing a little easier now that murderer Curtis Watson has been taken into custody.  No details are out yet as to where he was found but that will be forthcoming.  I was looking at the massive corn fields on the way home from church and thinking what a good place that would be to hide.  Henning is covered with them.

I watched a very intriguing documentary yesterday called The Family which is about how the National Prayer Breakfast began many years ago.  Politics and religion at its' best in a conspiracy theory sort of way.  

I sure do miss SNL.  Time to bring it back kids!  Right now I depend on Colbert, Trae Crowder and Kristen Hampton for my laughs.  It's hot as heck again so I'm in for the day.  Y'all play nice even if they're mean.  Always take the high road ^j^

Saturday, August 10, 2019

coward to the end

Jeffery Epstein knew his gig was up.  He was facing the rest of his life in federal prison and so he chose to end it.  I can't say that I'm sorry, but there is no closure for those victims who wanted justice.  He denied them that with his self absorbed action.  Heck for all we know Trump may have put out a hit on him before he started squealing.  Yeah, I am a real conspiracy theorist.  

We are all behind locked doors and armed around here since the murderer is still on the loose.   As an example of how quickly things can happen, I was at the chicken store today and some guy tried to get into my car.  Luckily that can't be done on the passenger side.  I shook my head no and he wandered off to another silver car.  And yes.  I had my knife in my pocket.  

Mamye treated me to a California bowl to go last night.  She's good about taking care of me and knows I don't cook much.  Yesterday I found myself in deep prayer with tears for all the blessings I have, large and small.  I prayed for the safety of my daughter and granddaughter and that's when I got to crying.  It's a crazy world.  They will never know the good old days that us baby boomers experienced.  How sad.

Y'all be careful out there and keep the faith ^j^

Friday, August 9, 2019

didi saves the day

I was washing dishes with the phone between ear and shoulder when I smooth dropped that sucker into the dish water.  Of course I went to the old bag of rice trick.  However, I couldn't get the charger in the port.  I went to the ATT store and she told me the port was damaged and there was no fix.  Alrighty then.  To get a new phone I had to pay sales tax plus the bill that was due yesterday.  No transactions if there's any sort of balance.  I had decided to bite the bullet and go into overdraft for the sales tax but I couldn't pay the bill today so meh.  One of my friends suggested that maybe rice got in the port.  Hmmm.  I took some tweezers and dug around in there until I got it out and BAM the charger went in.  I need a new phone but seriously now is not the time for one.  Thank you Didi and Sweet Baby Jesus.  I am lost without a phone plus how would I call 911 if the Henning killer showed up????

I fight little battles like this all the time so nothing much stresses me out anymore.  As long as everybody is happy and healthy life is good.  I had been mulling over a run for a political seat until I chatted with my friend and he told me 
how much it would take to run a campaign.  That shut it down pretty quick.  It's pretty sad that you must have money to run for an office.  That's why little people get left out.  

I made it to exercise again today which is a miracle because I didn't have an alarm what with the dead phone and all.  I reckon God knew I needed to get there.  I am set for a detailed mammogram and ultrasound due to a little spot found on the screening mammo.  Let's all pray and be specific on that one  I've been through the process before all the way through biopsy and it's expensive as heck for somebody with crummy insurance like me.  The screening was free, the other is not.

All in all it's just another brick in the wall ~

Thursday, August 8, 2019

lock your doors

I received an emergency alert on my phone last night about an escapee from the high security prison facility in Henning which is in Lauderdale county, about 25 miles away.  I immediately locked my doors and pulled out the Navy seal knife.  Word on the street this morning is that he was spotted in the Lake Road area of Dyersburg.  Lerd.  You better watch your back.  He ain't got nothing to lose at this point.

Which brings me back to El Paso. The shooter's mother made an anonymous call to police expressing "concern" that a young man with his mental instability owned such a weapon.  Okay, here's what I would have done mom.  I would have handed over the AK to the cops because I'd be scared he was gonna shoot ME!  What is it with these people?  SMH.

I got some therapy from Stella this morning again.  I could sit with her in my lap all day long.  I'm now officially vetted to retire my state license thanks to Kay's help.  I had an inquiry about a possible job from an old friend so we'll see how that turns out.  You just never know.

Peace be with you.  And also with you ^j^

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

more stella

After exercise I swang by the FH to check with KayKay and Stella and Janie.  As usual when it's not busy me and Stella had extended snuggle time.  What I am attempting to is retire my license to practice laboratory medicine.  A whole lot happened during the year prior to my retirement and I may or may not have gotten the "official" document but it's all done through the state website now.  Here's the thing.  If you retire your credentials you can get them back just by paying the renewal fee.  If you don't pay for renewal you never get it back. Not that I plan on being a lab tech again but you never know when you might run across an opportunity that's too sweet to pass up.  Like working from home.

Partly because of this 40 plus years in healthcare makes me an advocate for patients who often don't know up from down.  Only that doesn't pay the bills.  What a conundrum!  There are thunderstorms rolling in as I type.  My dumb ass left a stack of very important papers on the hood of the trusty old Camry yesterday and it rained on them last night.  Duh.

Onward ~

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

the errand girl

Since retirement I have done a ton of odd jobs to make a little extra cash.  One of those is running errands for an old friend who is confined to a wheelchair.  He has a usual girl who comes by but she wasn't there yesterday so I was his go to.  Pickup at pharmacy, 3 things at the grocery store, the usual Commercial Appeal and change his bed.  I was careful to get the right kind of bread but didn't pay attention to the mayo that I grabbed.  Turns out it was mayo LIGHT which is pretty nasty.  So today I went to get him the real thing and another Commercial Appeal.  We take for granted our ability to get out and go when we want to.   He does not.

Lauren called me this morning with the news that not only does she have MRSA but somebody stole her rent money, most likely at work.  To whomever did this, a pox be upon you.  This young lady works hard for that money as a single mother in a low paying job.  Just watch out for karma.  It will bite you in the ass buddy.

More thoughts and prayers.  More condemnations of violence and blaming on mental illness.  Our Congress has the power to fix this situation yet they won't.  To me that just means they care more about the NRA money than we the people.  

I examined all the pecan trees on the way home and only found one with nuts.  I guess all those tassels fell off at the wrong time.  It's unusual to have two barren yearTs in a row.  Pecan crops are quite unpredictable.  There is a new one that is planted outside my bathroom window and I watched it thrive and host a red winged blackbird during spring and early summer.  And then the bird went away and the tree died.  I noticed today it's making a comeback of sorts.  

Please be kind and have empathy for others.  We are all in this together to find common ground and create a decent society.  ^j^