Saturday, February 16, 2019


Forty years ago most hospitals were county owned and operated.  Each little town had one and everybody knew everybody.  Eventually our county decided they couldn't manage anymore so they sold to a non-profit corporation.  Anybody who knows me know how that story went.  That company had a plan to use us as a feeder for their Memphis hospital and bought six others at the same time, mostly county owned.  

There was a network of ERs covering West Tennessee where each small town had one and many had inpatient facilities that were busy also.  One by one the smaller facilities were either sold off or shut down.  The latest is the one in Ripley Tennessee which leaves Lauderdale county residents 20 minutes highway time to either Covington or Dyersburg.  You can die in less than 20 minutes without acute care.  

A lot of people blame this on the ACA which is totally not true.  I believe it is, in large part, due to the lack of expansion of Medicaid.  Several ( mostly red ) states have refused the federal dollars and on what point of contention I do not understand.  Now the big city hubs are not able to handle the patient load coming to THEM, so transfers from a rural setting can be tricky.  The hospital in Ducktown near the Ocoee River is gone now with patients having to travel to either Cleveland or Chattanooga.  Don't get hurt on the river.  They'll have to airlift you out of the raft!

I spent a quite entertaining day with the family of friends and their two dogs.  A change of activity is always good.  The water is going down and it's cold again.  That's all I know for sure at this point.  Keep the faith kids ^j^

Friday, February 15, 2019

anger issues

There are angry rednecks everywhere, not just in the south.  However, this one particular incident did happen in the South just today.  My friend was at a diner eating alone and minding her own business within easy hearing distance of a table full of good old boys.  The bad guy piped up declaring loudly that the way to deal with border control is to "kill all them kids in the cages and put their heads on a stick and wave 'em around as a warning to stay away."  About the time my friend began to cry the other guys all threw down their forks, pushed away plates and one of them told the one on the bully pulpit that he did not speak for him with his warped views.  My friend was still crying and the nice dude stuck with her until she could get her shit together enough to drive.  So did the waitress.  That was bad enough.

She arrived at a business to do some chores and the TV was tuned into Trump's speech or ramble or whatever the hell it was.  She couldn't find the remote to shut it off.  About this time some country gal came prancing in shouting "There's my man!  He's the bomb!!!"  Um, okay then.  That was about too much for one person to absorb without going postal.  Instead she just cried some more and we talked it through.  I have no clue what I would do but I'll probably find out before it's all over.  

This dude was just blowing smoke but think about what he suggested:  Killing innocent migrant children that WE put into cages and camps because CARAVAN! DRUGS! GANGS!  There was no teleprompter so he kind of stumbled through the whole thing not making much sense as usual.  Plus he sniffed a lot which is habitual.  I'm thinking he snorts something.  

I prayed during that speech.  For our country and all the division that has us hating instead of reaching out.  Prayers continued throughout the day.  For peace.  For it to be over.  My own church is more than likely about to split over the issue of same sex marriage.  Traditionally, we have not been kind to gay people and they just went away.  That was many years ago but I remember it well when the topic first came up at General conference and people were jumping off the bleachers in despair.  You know where I stand.  I'll answer to God on that one.

I refuse to let the bastards get me down.  I realize the strategy here now that Ann Coulter has flipped.  They're just doing damage control for 2020.  Can you imagine how 45 is going to read in his little piece of history?  And no dude.  You don't have executive privilege to control that one.  It is what it is.

If you can't be positive, at least shut the hell up.  That's an order.


Thursday, February 14, 2019

red flag

I knew it was too good to be true that Trump agreed to sign the spending bill.  That's not how he rolls.  No, he will have his way or else by declaring a federal emergency.  So be it and good luck in the courts with that one dude.  I don't even know why I care anymore.  Our voices are not heard and our wishes are not taken into consideration.  Good old America.  

I got a valentine in spite of myself and it made my day.  When I showed up this morning I had forgotten it was the day of love but of course it was all over the teevee and FB.  It also happens to be what would have been my parents' 65th wedding anniversary.  They planned it just for cupid to be in on the nuptials.  

Looks like the water will stop before it covers my road which is, as Martha would say, "a good thing."  Those folks near the Mississippi and Obion are another story.  Lorna told me Bogota is flooded just like South Dyersburg.  It happens a lot at both places.  I don't even look down when I go over the 51S bridge because it freaks me out to see it that high.  There are so many potholes on that bridge that one bump could send you flying into Lake Forked Deer.  

Here's hoping that your sweetheart(s) remember you with love and undying devotion.  And if all else fails, just know you have that from me and the pack out here.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

like the old days

Since I have taken a  year off from the real world it often catches me by surprise when I find myself chasing my own tail like today.  I went to Jackson to "the infirmary" where they are both sick only Lauren had not seen a doctor.   Since I was there I told her to go on and get 'er done so she can get well.  Reaves went down for 3 hours solid and woke up crying so I know she's miserable.  By the time Lauren got home she was in a better mood.  I left them with Lauren's old bride doll from Aunt Granny, quarters for laundry and some hand me down clothes.  

I hauled ass back to Dburg in record time and met with some charming ladies who had been waiting for about an hour to do a meet and greet for a piece I'm working on.  A friend took the picture for me since I was elsewhere.  I didn't HAVE to this time, but I stopped by and picked up some pay from writing.  I'm so busy now I have to consolidate errands within a schedule.  My evil twin sloth side just wants to roll over and pull the quilt up!

The Forked Deer is creeping across the roads here and has southtown blocked off.  Crest is tomorrow at noon so we may dodge the bullet this time around.  I just pray it doesn't rain anymore.

Y'all keep the faith and play nice.  I mean it too because Big Ernie is watching and knows your heart ^j^

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

plan b

As a veteran of North Fork Forked Deer flooding I watch the water like a hawk.  I've been trapped too many times up here on this hill.  Residential south Dyersburg is already blocked off and the Mississippi isn't forecast to crest until March 2nd.  Plus, after tomorrow there's more rain in the forecast.  I have a place to stay should I have to make a run for it.  I am an optimist by nature but also a realist when it comes to this sort of thing.  I'll keep you updated!

I switched days on work because I was afraid to drive through the water in the dark this morning.  I ventured out mid-morning and found it still standing but passable.  It's up to the edge of Samaria Bend and will sprawl I feel sure.  Been there, done that many times.  Once, our neighbor James Frank took Daddy by boat up to the bypass for a doctor's appointment. UCMTSU.  I would have just rescheduled but not him.  

Stay dry and warm.  And keep the faith ^j^

Monday, February 11, 2019

who'll stop the rain

It started yesterday slow and steady and has continued into today with forecast for more of the same tomorrow.  When I came home yesterday the road was already covered and I haven't been out today but I imagine it's tire deep.  This is why I have asked a neighbor to take me to work in the morning.  There is nothing scarier than driving through water like that in the trusty Camry under darkness.  I remember during one backwater I had to beg and cry for permission to be late at the sawmill.  Flooding is a fact on this farm because it is surrounded by the Forked Deer river which feeds into the Mighty Mississippi.  I hope the levees hold.

Congratulations to Lady Gaga, Brandi Carlisle, Kacey Musgraves and Lauren Daigle on their grammy awards.  I adore all of them.  And of course Alicia is the bomb.  

I just heard a corporate jet fly over.  Considering my proximity to the airport I'd say my most likely way to die is by something crashing into the house.  That would be best life insurance wise!  ADD and a policy with a two year hold on natural death is where I'm at.  If it happens, y'all help Lauren out.  Do a Go Fund Me page or something.....

I'm not dancing in the rain but holed up in the house ignoring it.  Maybe it'll go away ^j^

Sunday, February 10, 2019

perception and opinion

Part of being on FB is the opportunity to exchange ideas with others on a variety of topics.  Most of my trolls have learned that I do not play that game and leave me alone.  I refrain from name calling especially in the area of politics and you know who.  I simply don't waste my time and energy on the negativity.  I shared a quite thoughtful piece today written by author and Christian pastor Jon Pavlovitz.  I was immediately told by a Trump supporter that I had offended her with the post which sort of compared his base to a cult.  I absolutely shook my head at the feelings on the sleeve mentality of so many.  Hey.  Opinions are like assholes....everybody has one.  We don't have to agree on everything to be friends.  I've learned a lot from these conversations about the current state of our union.  And it scares me at times.

I offended another person this week when I asked out of concern about a health issue.  I was shut down like a bar at closing time.  I have just enough medical knowledge to know what means what and I read between the lines of what I was told.  It's what friends do, right?  Now I understand privacy because HIPPA was my life.  That's totally different.  I'm so open with my thoughts and feelings that I tend to forget how private some folks are.  And that is their right.  I'll take that any day over somebody's facebook drama.  

It's been raining all day and will continue through the night and all day tomorrow.  I'd say I'm probably rained in until it stops because the road was already covered.  I had a snapchat messenger visit with the girls today and we had so much fun!  I can't wait to see them.

Chill out folks, and pick your battles wisely.  

Saturday, February 9, 2019

sons of other mothers

A friend and I were just having a long conversation about true friends.  He considers me A#1.  There's a another younger guy whose life is harrowing at the moment who also comes to me for a chance to vent.  Both of these men and a lot of other folks look to me for support because I don't try to talk much and just listen to what they say.  If I'm on a rant, they're on the other end and act accordingly.  If there's a natural disaster of some sort, my tribe has my back.

I remember distinctly the day I had a kitchen table full of teenage girls doing art therapy like I did on my first session with Beverly.  The arts are healing, especially when personalized in that way.  Try coloring sometime.  Great meditation.  

Each of us was born with a purpose.  In our lifetime, we may not see the full extent of that.  The important thing is to leave a legacy of kindness and integrity that inspires the ones who are still on the caravan, so to speak.  Like our kids and grandkids.  Reaves has the flu and I haven't had a shot but she snotted all over me last Sunday so I imagine I'm officially "exposed."  Daycares are being closed due to the high rate of influenza.

Y'all look on the sunny side.  Over the rainbow.  Whatever makes you happy ^j^

Friday, February 8, 2019

janie's law

It's pretty much a corollary of Murphy's where everything that can go wrong will.  Usually when you least expect it.  After yesterday's drive through the water and fifty degree temperature drop I found myself with a central unit blowing cool air and it wouldn't even turn off.  Sooo...I covered all the vents, shut the bedroom door and wrapped up with quilts and dogs.  HVAC people don't make housecalls at night ya know.  Anywho, this morning I got the word that the igniter was out and the part couldn't be here until Monday.  Holy moly and it's going to be 22 again tonight.  I went on about my business which included chasing folks around for pictures and lunch with my friends.  Cathy works at the Lake Road Amoco and I left right behind she and Carol.  As I walked to my car I noticed that I had a flat so like a dumbass I drove it down to Cathy's work ( we got there the same time ) where it was discovered that the wall was blown and I had to have a new one.  Alrighty then.  They didn't have my size so dude had to go pick one up because obviously I couldn't drive somewhere else.  So....more quality time with Cathy!  Carol gave me some beautiful jewelry that she made herself and I will cherish it.  

On the way home I stopped by Gigi's to pick up some heaters to get me through the night and as if by magic Corey called to say they had the part and were on the way.  Can you say EXCITED!  The old me would be frettin' and worrying over every little thing that happens.  Somewhere along the road God gave me the faith to let Him handle it so that it's not my worry.  

What a gift ^j^

Thursday, February 7, 2019

trudging through

When I left the house early morning it was 71 degrees and was starting to rain again.  Last night's thunder and lightning were a blur as we headed into an all day steady downpour.  The neighbor texted to tell me the electricity was out probably due to pecan limbs on a wire.  It was back on after I prayerfully drove through the biggest water I've seen on the lane in quite some time.  "Please don't stop....go girl."  I breathed a sigh of relief when I made it through that river.  My shoes were already soaked but I did NOT want to hike up the hill. Tonight's low will be 22.  There's an old saying about the weather in TN that goes something like "if you don't like it today, it will be different by tomorrow" which is totally true.  It's like we have manic depressive disorder in the skies around here.  The hatred continues for all things non GOP and I just don't get it.  I mean, sure we all need to work together on important things.  Building a wall is not one of those, in my honest opinion.  In Arizona on the border National Guard troops have been pulled and the citizens surrounded by razor wire are not real happy with the safety of that whole deal.  We have had some great and not so great leaders in my lifetime.  But I have never witnessed the disdain directed at our country like we have at present.  Once a highly respected world leader, we are a laughing stock.  MAGA my ass.  With Russia involved, we will never be great.

As if we don't have enough worries, some dimwits are taking offense to the Coke napkins to get a flight mate's phone number.  "Inappropriate" they say.  What?  It's cute and if you don't want to do it, just say no.  Seriously.  If we all got that excited about climate change we wouldn't be in this mess.  Yes people.  It is real.  Science doesn't lie.

Carry on with grace and dignity.  Love ya....mean it ^j^

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

color coded

Well y'all...I watched.  It was comical and sad and I think they medicated him to keep the rage down.  I noticed the GOP section all in red ties and dresses but the winners of the evening were the folks in white.  I caught up this morning by watching Stacey's rebuttal and Colbert's take on things with the CBS folks.  Speaker Pelosi was propped up ( in white ) over his shoulder sitting next to Pence.  Can you imagine how hard that was???  It's about to be game on with the whole deal so let's hold hands and sing Kumbaya.  Virtually, of course.

I stayed up late and got up at a decent enough hour to troll downtown for pictures.  I got one, with the others scheduled for Friday.  Joe Yates stood patiently as I got the lens unstuck on the sassy red camera.  All Yankee candles are on sale for 12.99 and I picked up a salty caramel just because.  It feels good to be able to splurge now and then.  

It was warm and humid enough that I actually have the AC on while the low for tomorrow night is forecast to be 22.  I also picked up the prints of some photographs for the Shoot Dyer County contest.  It helps that I can use older photos now because previously they had to be taken in the last calendar year.  It will cost me 55 bucks total but it's an investment.  

Peace and grace ^j^

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

into the mystic

There was very thick fog this morning on the way to work that hung around until about 9 before it drifted off. Then about two hours later it hit again harder than before.  By the time I left it was history except for in the lowlands like out here at the lane. I think the high was 70ish but that will soon be history.  The deep freeze is coming back to bite the buttercups.  

I finally have all my tax info together but haven't had the time to crunch numbers.  From what I've heard the new law isn't too kind to us little people.  Let's all pray about that one.  I'm beginning to see daylight and I sure don't need another hit.

So tonight Trump with be a sandwich filling in between two women Democratic senators which I think is pretty cool.  Whomever thought that one up is a genius!  I'll watch it all on the innerwebs when they're done.  No...surely somebody will live stream.  Technology....gotta love it.

Totally off point, I've seen all the ruckus caused by Liam coming out with his story because I think the conversation needs to be heard.  Not just with him but with all of us.  Racism is alive and real.  He had the courage to give us an inside interpretation of how it works.  

Y'all enjoy tonight.  The icing on the SOTU cake will be Colbert live.

Monday, February 4, 2019


As previously mentioned I left my phone in Jackson yesterday and sent out an SOS for anybody heading from there to here.  Within fifteen minutes my friend Anne who works at the hospital let me know that she would be there until 7.  Lauren took her the phone and I retrieved it today.  We took the opportunity to catch up on gossip, family and whatnot.  She and I worked together for years before she took the job in Jackson.  Thanks girl.  Love ya...mean it!

I stopped by the Chamber to pick up applications for the Shoot Dyer County contest and got to visit with Mrs. Judy again for the 2nd time in a week.  More lovely conversation and memories.  I love it when that happens.  Since I didn't watch the Super Bowl I went to YouTube to see the music.  Gladys did a superb job.  Adam Levine?  Not so much.  Put your shirt on dude.  Remember from whence you came.

No politics in my brain today.  Just a day off free style.  And you know what?  I like it like that.  ^j^

Sunday, February 3, 2019


It's a beautiful day in the hood and I headed over to Jackson to see the girls.  We had lunch at Los Portales and Reaves entertained everybody there.  The baby on my phone ( her ) got a big old salsa kiss right on the screen.  I am frantic without a phone which is sad, but true.  I got about halfway home and started scratching for it....almost ran off the road.  It was obviously not there.  Lerd.

I got home and messaged Lauren on FB to look for it and she found it in the bathroom.  I'm trying to find somebody who's going to Jackson today or tomorrow to pick it up.  Otherwise, I'm phoneless until she can overnight it to me.  I seriously need a keeper.  Since that is my alarm, I had to stop at the 'gentral and buy a cheap LED clock.  No Super Bowl here and not really because of the Saints.  Just because I don't like professional football.  

And then there was Lily's big adventure.  I left the door open yesterday to air out and bird got in.  It was going apeshit crazy so I just left it alone.  Early this morning I heard meowing of a strange sort and went to the bathroom to find feathers all over the floor.  Poor birdie.

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.  

Saturday, February 2, 2019

walking the yard

I have these friends who used to throw a "come on summer" party in February.  At the time I thought they were nuts but I totally get it now.  Things start popping up in February right on schedule with a couple of warm days.  There are actually buds on some of the buttercups.  The next polar vortex will kick their asses.  After work I wandered around in the sun piddling and picking up stray trash.  Ellie leaves a long trail.  

I'm going to Jackson tomorrow and I had this bright idea that I would take Reaves to the UMC up the street at Lambuth.  After sleeping on that idea I surmised that she would never sit still that long and probably would have to go to the nursery.  Too much trouble.  We'll have to wait until Lauren and I can double team her.  

A cardinal swooped in to say hello from my Daddy when I was at work.  I say hey to him every time that happens.  The way I see it I'm a real mosaic of two totally different parents.  From my mother I got the cooking and creating things.  And from daddy, well it's a love of nature.  I even watch animal shows now!  I saw a whole litter of skunks get released today on the teevee.  Them, I do not love.  Or snakes.

I will never forget the day I hit one on the way to the sawmill and went inside stinking to high heaven.  My co-workers checked me all day as I tried to get rid of the stank.  I got scrubs from surgery and carried on.  You could smell it in the car for a week.  

Y'all play nice and do kind things.  Progressive things.  Loving things.  It's what Jesus did.   


Friday, February 1, 2019

andy lives

This past week has been surreal for the Fisher family and our community.  As one faithful servant was being laid to rest another died right behind her.  I did an interview today with some folks and we remembered who owned what property back in the day.  That family's name kept coming up regarding downtown.  My daddy always referred to Ms. Charlene of the Blue Mountain Conservatory of Music.  She taught me piano in her house.  And became a teacher as did Big John. BG took swimming lessons from Mr. John. Both of their kids grew up to be pastors.  I have known the entire family including cousins most all of my life.

I worked with Andy at the hospital for many years when he was a paramedic.  He even began to teach EMT courses at DSCC.  If I called 911 today I probably wouldn't know the folks on it.  Hey...I've been gone for a year.  Dan and Joe I can count on, right?  It pays to have connections.  I feel sure there was a trail of EMS trucks in the procession.  I've been doing my own prep work on arrangements because I really don't want Lauren to be digging for pictures at the last minute.  I've even got a playlist, right Chucky?

I enjoyed the luxury of sitting and talking with peers today.  We know each other through community, family and networking and that combined history is the catalyst for something bigger than us.  All we can do is the next right thing.


Thursday, January 31, 2019

now where was i

Oh my head as usual.  Typing out my fears and gratitude one day at a time.  It's what writers do when they have their own little spot.  I honestly never worry about what people think because it's such good therapy.  My camera is charged with card in place for a meeting tomorrow.  That will be after a funeral home visit and lunch with a friend.  It feels good to have plans even if the sky might fall and something gets postponed.  That's life.  You adapt to change and don't fret about it.  That is seriously bad for your mental health according to stress management professionals.  

Each of us is the manifestation of our own sense of peace and grace with the help of Big Ernie but you gotta' wanna'.  It takes work to trust that God is in control.  It also requires that we deal with ourselves honestly.  I have never been a follower.  From the time I was 12 or so I found myself surrounded by friends who had alcoholic and or depressed parents.  My own family had a lot of that running through the genes.  Because I grew up in the 50s and 60s I saw a lot that many only know about through history books.  I learned a lot during that time about protest for human rights and inclusion.

This thing with the wall needs to stop.  Our government is reeling out of control because nobody will step up to Mitch.  I don't wish anybody ill will but umm...I had a friend who really wasn't one who told me I was an idiot for supporting Obamajama.  First time around I was skeptical and didn't vote.  Second time?  I was all in.  I didn't vote for HRC which is how we got from there to here.  Out of my control, y'all.  I did not think she would be a good POTUS.  

In other news Reaves is going viral with all her adventures and I love it.  I haven't seen my girls in two weeks.  Maybe we'll splurge on some Rock'n'Dough this Sunday.

Namaste ~

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

polar vortex

Well, here we are in the midst of a record setting freeze across the country and all you know who can say is "How can global warming be real when it's this cold."  Bless his little orange head.  I got up early today knowing that it would be colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra and bobbled my way toward town.  About Southtown, I started noticing snow which was strange because there was nothing on the lane.  Schools were called off and everything and there I was ignorant of the weather 2 miles north.  I headed on over to Kroger and stocked up because I had zero grub and household supplies.  I got a big hug from my cousin Jonathan who was busy stocking vitamins.  Same for cousin Marilyn in the meat section.  We both snatched up a cheap pork loin.  

The dogs just went nuts and when I looked out I spotted a farmer on a John Deere, probably spreading something on the wheat.  Thank you sweetbabyjesus for no corn this year.  It's the little things that mean so much.  I am actively layering and dripping faucets to survive the snap.  I feel so badly for those up north.  It's a hundred year freeze for them.  

I am writing and getting back into photography in my spare time.  There is a local photo contest that has previously restricted entries to the previous year.  That has been dropped and I have a LOT of good shots from the badass Leica, RIP.  It never hurts to try say my coaches. 

Bundle up y'all ^j^ 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

the natives are restless

I believe there is an anti-tRump campaign going on in NYC as I type.  Are we surprised?  Honey if you are, go back in your rabbit hole and wait to see your shadow.  Already the field for 2020 is filled with wannabes and enigmas like Starbucks guy.  His strategy is much like Trump's without the collusion:  Try to get elected on an ego trip joy ride based on your brand.  Everybody loves a latte, right?

Here's the thing.  Unless you are already rich, you cannot afford to finance a campaign against someone with lots of PAC money and corporate donations.  You can be the finest upstanding citizen in the world, but if people don't know what you stand for they'll just follow party lines.  It's a fact.  I supported a candidate in the West Tennessee area a couple of years ago because he actually took the time to come and visit me personally at my home. This was no short drive and he went to Martin after that.  Adrian lost that race, but went on to become a commissioner in Madison county for BG's district.  He will be a valuable asset.  Our local board of alderpeople got upended in November and it is refreshing to see new faces and ideas being put out there.  If this county is to thrive, we have to get things in order. 

Some of you won't like this worth a flip but it's my little corner of the world so here ya' go.  I've never been a big Pelosi fan just because I didn't know that much about her.  I believe with all my heart that if she had not done the SOTU threat, we would still be dealing with a shut down government.  I am extremely pleased that the show will go on and that Mueller is wrapping things up.   And also because the new AG is on hold.  Things are falling into place.

And how do I know this?  Because I stay informed and read from a lot of different angles.  I have firm belief that the state of the entire world is based on our strength as a nation and we are being splintered and turned against one another.  

All we are saying, is give peace a chance ~ John Lennon

Monday, January 28, 2019


I spent today doing things that have been on my list forever like hauling off cans and shopping at Sunflower Health.  Lorna told me what to get and Donna hooked me up.  I dropped a chunk of money but it's well spent if it improves my health.  She has a new skin care line called Wild Hippie and she showed me all the products.  I will be back!  Gotta take care of this aging epidermis.  

Lorna and I met up for a proper chat and lunch at Dave's.  Of all things we talked about serial killers because I've been watching Ted Bundy.  She told me about one I didn't remember so we googled it.  He was a trucker with a certain route and picked his victims along that path randomly.  O.M.G.  Note to self:  Stay away from truck stops.

There is a three day old thread on my FB page over the border wall which I think is impressive.  While we're all in the mood to discuss let's lay it on the table.  Statistics show...ahem...that the majority of Americans are against the construction and also not too happy with Trump.  That's not Breitbart or Huffpost or any other extremist publication.  That, is what we know as Americans.  We have blindly been fed all this bullshit and due to probable collusion with another country or two ended up where we are.  Fine then.  Let's fix it and focus on the problems like infrastructure and social networks.  If it takes impeachment to do that, so be it.  If I were him, I would just walk away.  Except that he would lose all power because the money will be gone.  Sucks to be him.  Nancy Pelosi alone did not do this.  Voters in November 2018 did.

Poopie for president ~

Sunday, January 27, 2019

blink of an eye

Our little 'burg is full of grief over the sudden death of one of our finest residents.  He and I literally grew up together in the UMC and he found his way through various careers to his calling home as a Methodist pastor.  He will be sorely missed.  I had church this morning with Steve Gaines live from Bellevue Baptist, another hometown guy.  One of the things he mentioned that really struck me was the football locker room story where they all prayed the Lord's prayer together.  He shared how little that prayer meant when all they wanted was to win.  I admire that kind of honesty.  We don't agree theologically on everything but he's a good messenger.  

Life is coming together in a patchwork fashion that still amazes me.  I re-connected with a care team member today and found that she is the wife of my neighbors' church pastor.  She is beautiful inside and out.  A hawk or something almost smacked into the windshield on my way home which would certainly have caused nothing but trouble.  I had already kind of braced myself for the impact and just missed him.  Dude was flying LOW.  

It's a beautiful spring teaser of a day like January will toss out on occasion.   Mrs. Council's straight row of buttercups in the pine grove is coming up on schedule and so are the others.  Just please don't bloom yet kids!  

Y'all be happy and healthy and grateful for it all whatever comes.  Gratitude works wonders when things look impossible.
Keep the faith ^j^

Saturday, January 26, 2019

to wall or not to wall

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings and she's not even warmed up yet.  The government is open for 21 days because Trump had a very bad day on Friday what with flight delays and Stone's arrest.  I fully expect that the deal he wants will not be struck and he will shut it down again and declare a national emergency.  That will be his legacy.  Ann Coulter called him a wimp.  Man, she's an evil one.  Lots of the talking heads on the right are fueling the fire by dissing him for a temporary reprieve for those unpaid and furloughed workers.  How incredibly sad.  

Meanwhile, I will make my first payment to the IRS on an arrangement set about 1500 bucks from a filing mistake.  I did ignore it for awhile so I guess that's on me.  I have no idea how my new life will translate into a 2018 return.  I still don't even have a W2 from CHS because they sold to WTHC this year and it's outsourced and I can't get in.  Alrighty then.  I will automatically ask for an extension unless I'm due something back which I doubt.  I'd be happy just to break even.  

It's above 40 so the ride to the 'gentral wasn't too bumpy today.  That will change over the coming week as we plunge back into the teens.  I stopped into the quilt shop to see Teresa who has been with her dying mother.  She will be going back to Florida for the funeral.  Her Mom had leukemia and it took over.  

A funny thing happened at the shady 'gentral yesterday.  The checker there is a tatted up dude from Miami and looks distinctively Cuban.  He has kids and knows a lot of the customers that way.  Also, he is a boxer.  The lady in front of me yesterday got to jabbering about wanting to kick somebody's ass and she could totally do it.  He kindly explained to her that you have to be trained and certified to do REAL boxing.  She was still kicking butt on the way out.  

Find joy and humor where you can ^j^

Friday, January 25, 2019

the plot thickens

Alrighty then.  Stone is indicted and arrested.  I'm not sure what the bond situation is for that many felonies but it doesn't matter if he's in jail right this minute.  He has a big fat X on his back delivered by a very smart and powerful team.  And as a bonus, many more will follow in his footsteps.  The only thing I felt was relief that just maybe it's the beginning of the big shakeup.  Assange is very crafty.

I stayed home from the Jackson trip today due to the bouncing car syndrome when it's cold.  Faucets are dripping and whatnot.  I'm warm enough and that's all I ask for.  Thanks propane guy.  My epizootie has returned or else it's a different virus.  

It is quiet here vs the constant TV noise that is a part of my life now.  I actually enjoy that because it helps me to stay informed and amused.  Days of Our Lives still takes my breath away.  I was watching it in the era of Grandpa and Grandma Horton.  I'm showing my age there!

Y'all have a lovely day.  It's time to piddle and play and make piles.  Love ya....mean it ^j^

Thursday, January 24, 2019

the worry gene

We parents have a sixth sense, particularly mothers.  We feel when something is not quite right or sometimes just dream up reasons to worry about our offspring whether they are children or full blown adults.  I'm guilty as hell.  Thinking back over the years I can remember several times when my gut told me "just say no" and I turned out to be right to follow the voice.  One was when a car full of girls went into an icy ditch on New Year's Eve and Babygirl wasn't there because I said not just no but hell no.  It was Y2K y'all.  I'm so glad we survived the manufactured crisis!

More votes and more deadlock are normal which is sad.  I have no idea how this is going to play out but a lot of people have already been hurt.  It will trickle down as long as the madness continues without OUR interests at heart.  You know....we the people.  I would think some of those Republican senators are feeling the heat right now from their constituents.  How long will they hold out?  Only God knows.

The Camry isn't doing too well in its' 18th winter.  It's not just hooptie looking but getting unsafe.  I'm waiting to see what the tax situation is to make a move toward getting something more reliable.  Let's pray on that one.

Stay warm~Call your mother ^j^

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

over the river

I have been to town two times today and drove through the rivers of Pecan Lane both times.  Since I live on a hill, it all goes downward toward the end of the end of the lane in a small pond.  There are a couple of flat spots right past my house that hold water as well.  I just prayed that the Camry would get me out and back and she did.  The next challenge will be thawing the door at 6AM.  

I just viewed a video of a whole bunch of pissed off people in McConnell's office.  The *partial* shutdown seems to be affecting people's moods. Like the ones who are not getting paid and can't eat.  Do I buy gas to get to the job where they don't pay, or food for my family?  The struggle is real.  "Have a yard sale" he said.  What compassion!

I'm doing the Kondo thing around here when the spirit moves and also watching Roma.  Both are good for the soul and a great escape from reality.  I've been through the closets and now I have to move onto folding.  I met some friends today for lunch and we hit it just about right before all the guys came in.  The temperature dropped ten degrees while we were there.  This can't be good.

Anyway....the sun will come up tomorrow ^j^

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

on and on

That was the title of one of my favorite songs back in the 80s by Stephen Bishop.  It came to mind today as I was processing the 4th refusal of Mitch McConnell to do the next right thing for our country.  If the man has a shred of decency he will realize that he won't live long enough to spend his riches while folks out there are literally dying because of his actions.  He has put himself between Trump and the rest of the country.  Meanwhile John Boehner is laughing all the way to the bank with his pot business.  

It is a game, the whole thing.  A fiercely fought political game with us as the players.  Okay, so maybe the kids in the MAGA hats were traumatized by the small crowd of hecklers that cussed them out.  And the elder who intervened got taunted as well.  The entire country is in a debate over which tape is real.  I think it's just another diversion from the business at hand which is restoring our government.  

When I woke up early this morning the wind was howling again, this time from the south.  There is a crack about two inches tall between the medicine cabinet and the wall and a huge draft in Lauren's closet.  It was COLD up in there.  More howling sustained winds tonight will precede a day of heavy rain.  Ugh.  

I did my job today as best I could.  I'm in training to learn organizational household skills by a master.  Every thing has a place and should be put back there,  There is simple truth there for an ADHD person like myself.  Squirrel!

Don't happy :)

Monday, January 21, 2019

bumpy ride

The trusty old Camry has presented me with another dilemma which is a problem with the struts when the weather is really cold meaning that I bounce all around the crappy streets of Dyersburg and the pot hole filled lane when it gets really cold like it is now.  I got an estimate on new ones and it's way out of my budget as in about 900 bucks for front and rear.  Alrighty then.  We will have to pray over that one.  

In all my years, I have never been to a Martin Luther King Day memorial but that changed today.  I showed up right before the marchers at the courthouse where the event was moved inside due to the cold weather.  That place was packed out with people of all races and ages.  The speaker brought up a point that I had never considered.  He spoke of folks who claim to "not see color" as those who are not being true to the cause of diversity and went on to expound on that thought.  I had never considered it that way.  We were all there to celebrate his dream of equality for all races, genders and ethnic groups.  Very uplifting.  I saw a lot of people that I knew and met some more.  There was a little boy about Reaves' age who was giving his grandma a fit so I held him for awhile to calm him down.  He went from lap to lap and arms to arms and did some gymnastics on the floor where there was not much room.  Precious boy.

Unlike a lot of southerners, I was raised to respect and live in community with African Americans.  Integration did not become a reality until I was in the 5th grade and I remember the tension all over the country during those times.  The violence.  The hatred.  But most of all the message of hope delivered by those who were committed to overcoming oppression.  We still fight that battle today over equal rights.

Always, remember who you are and what you stand for.  Like the preacher said...change requires action.  ^j^

Sunday, January 20, 2019

ice ice baby

Fortunately we didn't get much here on the lane but it still took me awhile to get the car doors open.  I got the back open and with a lot of gymnastics crawled into the driver's seat and gave that door a big shove.  For a minute I thought I was gonna' have to call for help to get unstuck!  Did I ever say how much I hate winter?  Um..yes.  I'm sure Ellie has seen snow because she came from Arkansas but she has been loving her first snowy day on the lane.  All three dogs were in and out during the howling windstorm which is unusual for them.  You could literally hear it roaring for hours.

I thought I had seen it all until the kids in the MAGA hats showing their stupidity live.  Now the debate is over whether is the fault of their parents or the culture of the school.  Something tells me these guys learned it at home.  They were supposedly there for an anti-abortion thing which is predictably Catholic.  Who knew that Trumpsters will go to any length to get attention.  Ahem.

Multiple solutions to end the shut down have been countered by an offer to put DACA back in place and extend it for three years when he's the one who ended it.  Instead of keeping these folks out,  how about making it easier for them to become tax paying citizens of the US?  I don't get that one at all.  Hey....we need the money.  

I'm about to watch Tidying Up and seek inspiration for some order in this chaos of a house.  Wish me well.  


Saturday, January 19, 2019

rain rain go away

Oh boy, is it gloomy.  The cold front is making its' way through with a chance of snow following a 30 degree drop in the temperature.  Ack!  My daily outing was to the 'gentral of course.  More deicer and a shower curtain PLUS Nutella.  I am so easily pleased.  

Reaves will be starting in a daycare on the 28th in a class of 6.  That's just right for her and sounds very one on one.  My schedule won't allow for a visit until next Friday but I have pictures to keep me from going into withdrawals.  

I asked Larry to go see the lost dog movie and we both decided that we shouldn't see it because we would cry the whole time.  We definitely have a soft spot for the fur babies.  I would love to see VICE but it's only on at 9:30ish PM.  Nada to that.  

My friend and MFR therapist did her magic yesterday and I have to say that I still feel a bit high from the whole experience  I have been in terrific pain for awhile.  She is opening a new office that will include other goodies like hypnosis, sound therapy and women's health.  She is indeed a mystic and true holistic healer.  That's what's up.  

And of course, the struggle is real and ongoing for our government while Melania vacations in Florida transported by the military because FLOTUS.  Sounds like today's offer is to re-instate  DACA in exchange for the wall.  Umm.  Okay.  There is a package floating with a realistic expenditure of 1B bucks to improve border security but what's his name is ignoring the offers.  Live!Speech!Today!  He so loves those live photo ops.  Since he's chained to the White House he figures it's something fun to do.  

Little blessings of the day:  SNL is back.  I'm in for the day and talked to my Babygirl who sounds strong and peaceful.  You can't ask for much more than that.  

Gratitude ~

Friday, January 18, 2019

the unwinding

If I wrote until bedtime I couldn't explain to you the relief of getting two hours of MFR by the lake today with purple rain.  A mixture of bad posture and dumb assery has had my right shoulder hostage for quite some time.  I contract while sleeping, usually curling up into a ball.  This can't be healthy.  Gay suggested a pillow between the legs.  She's a side sleeper like me.  The treatment was intense and focused and I had an out of body experience.  'Nuf said.  I sort of relate to it like the regulator in my driver's side window of the trusty old Camry.  All the wires are squished down in there where sometimes the glass will go up and sometimes not.  It's the same with the muscles and joints in your body.  

Right smack toward the end of our session I wondered if I had made a required payment in December.  Didn't remember doing it at.all.  A quick phone call to my attorney assured me that I am in compliance.  One.More.Year.  You do not play with Timothy J Ivey.  Just saying.  

Trump v Pelosi?  Who the hell knows.  I think it's at a tipping point and all the gossip is that Cohen will tell all and so will Mueller.  I sincerely pray that they both have adequate security, unlike Pelosi had for her scheduled trip to try and make nice.  It's beyond ridiculous and I can't laugh much more.  

I miss my girls and it's only been four days.  That is a signal to figure out how to get a plan of action to travel safely to and from Jackson when I'm not otherwise occupied.  Her days off are sporadic each week.  We do the best we can to stay a family under the circumstances.  

Tomorrow the deep freeze comes and thanks to propane guy I won't freeze this round.  Nor will the dogs.  ^j^

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

hot spot

My internet is perpetually on the blink because I am literally the last one on the line out here.  I've been rebooting the modem for months to keep it going but today that was "no help".  I called my friends at ATT and it will be next week before they can send a technician out.  Alrighty then.  I shall use my phone.  Only this time when I did a reboot I got online.  Go figure.  Since I have no TV, I am lost without the innerwebs.  

Today is wash clothes/dishes/anything that doesn't move day with a side of get your shit together girl.  My shoulders are killing me and I have an appointment with Gay's magic hands on Friday to try and loosen that stuff up.  I can literally feel the fascia constricting my body.  

We all knew this was coming in Syria.  And also in Kenya.  It's predictable in an unpredictable sort of way.  Add to that our poor national security right now and you've got a disaster waiting to happen over a border wall that has tunnels running underneath.  We have an unhinged President and an unofficial Presidential race two years away.  Most people do not support the wall OR the shutdown.  Yet we are held hostage because nobody will step up and take the middle road to keep this country running safely.  When this is all over if there's anything left there will certainly be a movie.  I hope Alec Baldwin plays Trump.

After checking my propane yesterday and finding I had 5% to get through, I called Butch and put in an order.  When I called back today he was frantic because he had one guy on the road and the office dude didn't show up so he was stuck there instead of hauling.  This guy doesn't shake easily so it must be pretty hard for the company right now.  He's never let me freeze in all these years but he ain't superman.

I have one humble suggestion that could save the government a whole bunch of money.  EBT and SNAP are essential for some folks to eat.  On the flip side, this money is often used for sodas and candy.  If those two things were cut off, think of the money that could be saved.  Vendors who accept this form of payment would have to take the loss.  Baby steps.

Gonna' go see what the opposition is up to.  Things change pretty quickly but then they stay the same.  I do realize that the Dems are using this shutdown to make a point prior to another election.  That being said, the GOP is acting like a bunch of bullies.  When they go down, it will be of their own making.  No more...but Benghazi!  Emails! ACORN!  yada yada.  Stay on point and do something constructive to move this thing forward.

Rant over and bless us all ^j^


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

never give up hope

I saved all the cards, books and gifts that my blog fairy sent.  That fairy gave me a reason to believe during some very dark times.  She or he remains anonymous to this day.  The thing that struck me the most was that all the gifts were chosen with a personal attention to detail.  There was a large amount of money spent on me and mine during that time.  We were a couple of struggling working girls.  Somehow we stayed warm.  And somehow we survived.  

If I were not ignoring him I would make a cheeseburger joke here.  Bless his little heart for paying during a government shutdown.  MAGA!  Buy fast food for the top college team in our great nation.  It makes you look really "special".  One of the upsides of sitting with a client is that we get to watch real TV while the talk shows are on.  I've totally learned to get into that because it's a great escape from our reality at present. 

We have to stand up together, in solidarity, for peace.  This old hippie refuses to give it up.  ^j^

Monday, January 14, 2019

the book of me

I found myself trying to explain what a blog is to someone who's never been on the internet much.  I still don't think he really gets what I meant when I told him he got blogged.  I write everyday so there are about 14 years worth of tales out there under a Creative Commons license.  "You should write a book" they say.  I already have, is my response.  If somebody wants to work with me editorially on fleshing out characters and putting stories in order, I'll self publish.  Otherwise it's day by day tap by tap.  

I got my grandbaby fix today while Lauren ran errands.  She's always so busy that we rarely have time to sit and talk.  She has her stuff and I've got mine.  We struggle, parallel to each other, to do the next right thing.  Our tribes are shared as are our struggles and joys.  Dat' baby is the cutest one ever birthed in my line ( only ) and has a fiery fun spirit.  She loves to laugh and giggle and (sometimes) snuggle.  When it's time for the chair and the bottle she wants to settle into the little rug that KayKay got her when she was born because she adores soft.  She will entertain herself for long periods of time playing and exploring.  And she dearly loves her people.  She's on whole milk now and is coming off of it slowly due to constipation.  

I woke up today itching like crazy on my right shoulder and neck.  There's a rash and all I can figure is it's from wearing jackets that rub there all the time.  Within the next week we'll move from jacket to full fledged coat weather.  Note to self:  check propane.  

I will no longer give Trump the attention he so desperately wants.  At this point I think it's time for somebody to take the wheel and give the country a break.  We didn't ask for this bull.  Somebody rein him in and do some damage control.  As it stands now we've got an entire year of adjustment over a month long stonewall.  

That's all I got.  Y'all stay warm and keep the faith ^j^

Sunday, January 13, 2019

secret shopper

Okay, so I slept again today.  It gave me the energy to get out and get what I needed which was crab salad and a few clothes at Penney's .  Nothing big, just jeans to work in and shirts without bleach spots.  The place looked bare of merchandise and checkers yet I was fortunate enough to get prompt kind service by 2 lovely ladies.  Same for the girl who grinned at me from the Taco Bell window.   I had intended to watch church  live stream but I even slept through that.  

Once upon a time some creep commented quite harshly about my intentions to go to church and my practice of NOT going.  The truth is I go when the Spirit moves.  I believe that the church is out in the world, one human at a time.  A one on one ministry with someone can make all the difference in that person's life.  I have several friends that discuss religion and spirituality with me and we all agree that God is Good.  All the Time.  Do not attempt to do harm in the name of the Great one or you will be smacked down Old Testament style.  Just saying.

How's that for a sermon?  Some of the most influential ministers in my life have been female.  Marti Margrave.  Dell King.  Susan Sharpe. Patti Lou Parker. Kay Curry. Delores Jones. Donna Locke. Annetta Camp. You don't forget it when someone sees the potential in you as a fierce woman with a soft side.  It is that fierceness and determination to preserve human rights that keeps me believing that all will be okay with the orange one.  The worse things get, the stupider he looks.  Sorry fans.  He's demented.

Not my circus ~

Saturday, January 12, 2019

pass the popcorn

Several friends and I hit the matinee today to see The Upside and we were not disappointed.  This group brings their buckets for free refills on popcorn and uses coupons.  I passed and bought a Sprite and then nibbled on theirs.  I've been a Bryan Cranston fan since Breaking Bad so I know his talent.  He outdid himself with this one as did Kevin Hart and Nicole Kidman.  It's full of emotional ups and downs and has a happy ending.  I'm all about the happy endings these days.  

I am blissfully unaware of the real world today.  Sleeping late was delicious but that's over for a while.  I've got places to go and people to see like my girls.  I sincerely hope SNL is back tonight.  I about died without them and the Colbert crew.  I was delighted to get a live Kristin Hampton video post-flu.  This gal is hilarious.  Her car is full of beauty products that she buys and product tests on camera.  

No bitchin' here.  Peace be with you ^j^

Friday, January 11, 2019


Lauren and I are both big believers in conspiracy theory when it comes to government.  People in power with their own agendas have access to a lot of ways to push us ordinary citizens around.  I still believe with all my heart that someone here had it out for JFK and framed Oswald for it.  Thanks to Wallace Milam I know a lot about the subject and it has just never added up.  That was many years ago when Cuba was all up in the mix.  Fast forward to current times and we still see Russia playing with us and being helped by a willing partner.  Disgusting.  

Today's outing was to where else but the 'gentral.  They have a whole new staff, of course, because nobody lasts there very long.  The aisles were packed with inventory to put up.  They have PIN pads now only the main one died after I was rung up so we had to take the bags down to the other register and redo the whole thing. When I left the spunky little manager guy was attempting to fix the whole mess with a screwdriver.  Just bless his heart.

There is ice to the north of the 'burg but just rain here.  It is predicted to last through tomorrow.  More gray and cold but hey, it's winter.  If the sun is out, I can deal with it.  When it's like this I want to hibernate.  I have a few days off if all goes as planned.  I'm slowly easing back into a routine as is my client and her team.  She got her hair did yesterday and was excited!

As Lauren would say, stay in your lane and take care of you and yours.  Find joy where you can and expect nothing.  Be grateful.  Remember who you are.  And always, keep the faith ^j^

Thursday, January 10, 2019

mexican standoff

It continues on.  I really have nothing left to say which is unusual.  That may change by tomorrow and normally does.  I should just quit reading about what this is doing to our country and play pretend it's not happening.  You know, things like no FEMA for California which just got burned out again two months ago.  Like kids in cages at the border and people not getting paid for weeks on end.  Joshua trees cut down and the park vandalized.  As much as some folks hate the government, it provides a lot of valuable functions that are removed during a shutdown.  Like FDA inspections of food.  That's a healthcare crisis waiting to happen.

99% of the people who know me and the decision that I made to retire early say it's the best thing I ever did.  It has taken me a year to overcome the stress of that career.  I hate to say it, but it's all about the money.  If you are fortunate to have a caregiver who does the right thing count yourself as very blessed.  We do what we do mostly for the patients while jumping through corporate and governmental hoops.  The 1% that never fails to gig me about not having a "real job" get some sort ego shot from putting me down.  I know how the game is played and I can take it.  The trolls don't even bother me anymore!

I have absolutely no idea where I'm headed.  I dream and have desires to do this or that but nothing has smacked me in the face yet and said "this is your life."  Learning patience and discernment has allowed me to sit back and think about what brings me joy but can also bring cash flow.  I'd like to be closer to my girls but not in their laps,  ya' know?  Reaves is growing up quickly and recklessly just like her mama and me.  That spirit can be a dual edged sword and I pray that she will be focused on her self esteem.  She hears the word love so often that should be the first thing she says.  They've been practicing.

Otherwise, the world keeps on turning.  The sunrise this morning was a brilliant orange and yellow bomb as I left the house.  Dark is obviously later now.  I found a premature buttercup in the back bed and it stirred the spring lover in me.  I know we have a way to go, but it helped.

Soldier on ~


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

out of shape

I went to exercise class today for the first time in 3 weeks and BOY could I tell I had not been.  We were all pooped after 30 minutes except for Amy the energizer bunny.  Snoozing the alarm, I slept through yoga choosing to take it easy on the start back to routine.  Lorna and I had lunch at Dave's afterward and got caught up with a proper chat.  

Yes, indeed I did watch the President's speech but there was no watch "party" so to speak.  It was predictable and more grandstanding.  I also read the fact check and wasn't surprised at all the stretches of truth and outright lies.  But hey.  Not my circus, right?  My theory is that he's shooting for a record on the longest shutdown in history.  That will be his legacy.  Meanwhile, people struggle to get by.

I aim to keep on the sunny side.  All things pass, and this will too.  Justice prevails we just don't always see it.  With all the hoopla about the wall it's refreshing that the mass shooters have taken a break to re-load.  I guess they don't want to compete with Trump for media coverage.

Y'all keep it in your own lane.  Be kind and tolerant with healthy boundaries.  Celebrate diversity.  And keep the faith ^j^

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

bridge building

Tonight's performance will be our POTUS live broadcasting all the reasons that he must and will have his wall.  And it will be huge!  The biggest ever!!  After much debate and waffling the major networks have decided to interrupt regular programming to deliver this to us live and in person.  Even if I had cable, I wouldn't watch.  I know that it will be more of the same.  Of course Pelosi, Schumer and Sanders will have the last words.  I'm thinking we maybe need popcorn and an extra six pack for this one!  Ms Ruth has promised to fill me in if she stays awake long enough.  And she still thinks that it's all gonna' work out.   Meanwhile, Mueller is waiting in the wings.

I ran into an old classmate today that I have not seen in 45 years.  My horoscope told me that would happen but it's usually not right.  It's odd how we reconnect with people from our past in the most unusual ways.  When that happens, I say thank you to Big Ernie for making it happen.  If you live long enough, everybody gets to do it.  That is the beauty of age and  the opportunity to go down memory lane one last time. 

And this, my friends, is what life is all about ^j^

Monday, January 7, 2019


I was kind of on the fence about the congresswoman calling Trump a motherfucker.  My first instinct was that it was stooping to his level but the more I thought about it the more I liked that she now has a voice.  When I  made a post yesterday stating that I was calling him that before she did I was called out for my "shitty" attitude.  "I'm sure you've accomplished a lot in your life" he said.  Me to myself : Do not engage.  There is no point in trying to have a discussion with the die hards.  The truth is that the underhanded tactics of this POTUS have driven people to become angry and desperate.  And he blames it on the Dems for not giving him his wall.  

Would my mother be proud of what I did?  Of course not.  She probably never said that word in her life.  The worst I ever heard was shit or damn.  Same for Daddy.  I am personally of the George Carlin generation that believes that a word like fuck loses its' power if said a lot.  And that's true.  I save it for really horrific things like this presidency.  Snoop Dog said it best and I won't repeat because my Mama would hear it and haunt me.  Nice girls don't do that!

I saw my girls a bit today and that was a treat.  Reaves is much better now and we had quality time until she turned over the lamp and broke the bulb.  I had to keep her jumping in the recliner until I got the glass up.  I know how to read her so when she started rubbing her eyes I pulled out the bottle and got only a little bit down before she passed smooth out.  It was an easy transfer to the bed.  We watched lots of Peppa Pig.  That's her favorite.  

She is a beautiful child inside and out and brings a lot of joy to a lot of people.  Her hair is finally growing out and it's a beautiful light auburn color that goes well with her dark eyes.  She is quite adventurous and I see plenty of minor injuries in her future.  Lauren and I are both the kind that can walk into the door facing so she'll have to train really hard not to be clumsy!!

I am sad that our country is going through this.  If it were over something that was a real threat to our safety I might understand but it is not.  It's about one man's ego and desire to win.  We are the hostages.  

Walk with faith ^j^

Sunday, January 6, 2019


I spent the afternoon at a residence surrounded by the country club golf course where every house has a little trail taking the golfers from green to green.  Y'all that place was covered UP today because it got over 60 and the sun was out.  It was a rare treat to sit in the January sunshine that was just a teaser, I'm sure.  

If my Daddy were still at the USDA he would more than likely be working without pay as part of Homeland Security which is where it went after he retired.  His career was spent mostly tracking the spread of farm pests in West Tennessee by sticking little pins on a map after the traps were set and read.  Plant protection specialist was his title.  A family friend got his post when this office closed and ended up working the airports like Daddy did during his last year.  That's when he said "I'm done." He was 55 years old and had 35 years of federal government service.  Back then it meant something.  His retirement was 75% of his final pay and it provided for he and Mom for many years.  

Mama was retired too and we lived a mile away when Lauren was a kid so they had lots of adventures.  She was the only grandchild for two decades and got the royal treatment of two grandparents who totally enjoyed her.  They had a special bond, especially she and Mama.  The first time I ever heard Daddy say I love you was to her.  He rarely told me even at the end.  I would tell him anyway just to watch him squirm.  Because I never heard it from my own parents, I was determined to tell Lauren often.  Everybody deserves to know unconditional parental love.  When I look at Reaves, I know that she has that love from both parents and indeed an entire tribe.  That explains the joyful attitude.  

The sunsets yesterday and today were to die for.  Thank you Lord for the beauty of the earth.  ^j^