Saturday, February 16, 2019


Forty years ago most hospitals were county owned and operated.  Each little town had one and everybody knew everybody.  Eventually our county decided they couldn't manage anymore so they sold to a non-profit corporation.  Anybody who knows me know how that story went.  That company had a plan to use us as a feeder for their Memphis hospital and bought six others at the same time, mostly county owned.  

There was a network of ERs covering West Tennessee where each small town had one and many had inpatient facilities that were busy also.  One by one the smaller facilities were either sold off or shut down.  The latest is the one in Ripley Tennessee which leaves Lauderdale county residents 20 minutes highway time to either Covington or Dyersburg.  You can die in less than 20 minutes without acute care.  

A lot of people blame this on the ACA which is totally not true.  I believe it is, in large part, due to the lack of expansion of Medicaid.  Several ( mostly red ) states have refused the federal dollars and on what point of contention I do not understand.  Now the big city hubs are not able to handle the patient load coming to THEM, so transfers from a rural setting can be tricky.  The hospital in Ducktown near the Ocoee River is gone now with patients having to travel to either Cleveland or Chattanooga.  Don't get hurt on the river.  They'll have to airlift you out of the raft!

I spent a quite entertaining day with the family of friends and their two dogs.  A change of activity is always good.  The water is going down and it's cold again.  That's all I know for sure at this point.  Keep the faith kids ^j^

Friday, February 15, 2019

anger issues

There are angry rednecks everywhere, not just in the south.  However, this one particular incident did happen in the South just today.  My friend was at a diner eating alone and minding her own business within easy hearing distance of a table full of good old boys.  The bad guy piped up declaring loudly that the way to deal with border control is to "kill all them kids in the cages and put their heads on a stick and wave 'em around as a warning to stay away."  About the time my friend began to cry the other guys all threw down their forks, pushed away plates and one of them told the one on the bully pulpit that he did not speak for him with his warped views.  My friend was still crying and the nice dude stuck with her until she could get her shit together enough to drive.  So did the waitress.  That was bad enough.

She arrived at a business to do some chores and the TV was tuned into Trump's speech or ramble or whatever the hell it was.  She couldn't find the remote to shut it off.  About this time some country gal came prancing in shouting "There's my man!  He's the bomb!!!"  Um, okay then.  That was about too much for one person to absorb without going postal.  Instead she just cried some more and we talked it through.  I have no clue what I would do but I'll probably find out before it's all over.  

This dude was just blowing smoke but think about what he suggested:  Killing innocent migrant children that WE put into cages and camps because CARAVAN! DRUGS! GANGS!  There was no teleprompter so he kind of stumbled through the whole thing not making much sense as usual.  Plus he sniffed a lot which is habitual.  I'm thinking he snorts something.  

I prayed during that speech.  For our country and all the division that has us hating instead of reaching out.  Prayers continued throughout the day.  For peace.  For it to be over.  My own church is more than likely about to split over the issue of same sex marriage.  Traditionally, we have not been kind to gay people and they just went away.  That was many years ago but I remember it well when the topic first came up at General conference and people were jumping off the bleachers in despair.  You know where I stand.  I'll answer to God on that one.

I refuse to let the bastards get me down.  I realize the strategy here now that Ann Coulter has flipped.  They're just doing damage control for 2020.  Can you imagine how 45 is going to read in his little piece of history?  And no dude.  You don't have executive privilege to control that one.  It is what it is.

If you can't be positive, at least shut the hell up.  That's an order.


Thursday, February 14, 2019

red flag

I knew it was too good to be true that Trump agreed to sign the spending bill.  That's not how he rolls.  No, he will have his way or else by declaring a federal emergency.  So be it and good luck in the courts with that one dude.  I don't even know why I care anymore.  Our voices are not heard and our wishes are not taken into consideration.  Good old America.  

I got a valentine in spite of myself and it made my day.  When I showed up this morning I had forgotten it was the day of love but of course it was all over the teevee and FB.  It also happens to be what would have been my parents' 65th wedding anniversary.  They planned it just for cupid to be in on the nuptials.  

Looks like the water will stop before it covers my road which is, as Martha would say, "a good thing."  Those folks near the Mississippi and Obion are another story.  Lorna told me Bogota is flooded just like South Dyersburg.  It happens a lot at both places.  I don't even look down when I go over the 51S bridge because it freaks me out to see it that high.  There are so many potholes on that bridge that one bump could send you flying into Lake Forked Deer.  

Here's hoping that your sweetheart(s) remember you with love and undying devotion.  And if all else fails, just know you have that from me and the pack out here.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

like the old days

Since I have taken a  year off from the real world it often catches me by surprise when I find myself chasing my own tail like today.  I went to Jackson to "the infirmary" where they are both sick only Lauren had not seen a doctor.   Since I was there I told her to go on and get 'er done so she can get well.  Reaves went down for 3 hours solid and woke up crying so I know she's miserable.  By the time Lauren got home she was in a better mood.  I left them with Lauren's old bride doll from Aunt Granny, quarters for laundry and some hand me down clothes.  

I hauled ass back to Dburg in record time and met with some charming ladies who had been waiting for about an hour to do a meet and greet for a piece I'm working on.  A friend took the picture for me since I was elsewhere.  I didn't HAVE to this time, but I stopped by and picked up some pay from writing.  I'm so busy now I have to consolidate errands within a schedule.  My evil twin sloth side just wants to roll over and pull the quilt up!

The Forked Deer is creeping across the roads here and has southtown blocked off.  Crest is tomorrow at noon so we may dodge the bullet this time around.  I just pray it doesn't rain anymore.

Y'all keep the faith and play nice.  I mean it too because Big Ernie is watching and knows your heart ^j^

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

plan b

As a veteran of North Fork Forked Deer flooding I watch the water like a hawk.  I've been trapped too many times up here on this hill.  Residential south Dyersburg is already blocked off and the Mississippi isn't forecast to crest until March 2nd.  Plus, after tomorrow there's more rain in the forecast.  I have a place to stay should I have to make a run for it.  I am an optimist by nature but also a realist when it comes to this sort of thing.  I'll keep you updated!

I switched days on work because I was afraid to drive through the water in the dark this morning.  I ventured out mid-morning and found it still standing but passable.  It's up to the edge of Samaria Bend and will sprawl I feel sure.  Been there, done that many times.  Once, our neighbor James Frank took Daddy by boat up to the bypass for a doctor's appointment. UCMTSU.  I would have just rescheduled but not him.  

Stay dry and warm.  And keep the faith ^j^

Monday, February 11, 2019

who'll stop the rain

It started yesterday slow and steady and has continued into today with forecast for more of the same tomorrow.  When I came home yesterday the road was already covered and I haven't been out today but I imagine it's tire deep.  This is why I have asked a neighbor to take me to work in the morning.  There is nothing scarier than driving through water like that in the trusty Camry under darkness.  I remember during one backwater I had to beg and cry for permission to be late at the sawmill.  Flooding is a fact on this farm because it is surrounded by the Forked Deer river which feeds into the Mighty Mississippi.  I hope the levees hold.

Congratulations to Lady Gaga, Brandi Carlisle, Kacey Musgraves and Lauren Daigle on their grammy awards.  I adore all of them.  And of course Alicia is the bomb.  

I just heard a corporate jet fly over.  Considering my proximity to the airport I'd say my most likely way to die is by something crashing into the house.  That would be best life insurance wise!  ADD and a policy with a two year hold on natural death is where I'm at.  If it happens, y'all help Lauren out.  Do a Go Fund Me page or something.....

I'm not dancing in the rain but holed up in the house ignoring it.  Maybe it'll go away ^j^

Sunday, February 10, 2019

perception and opinion

Part of being on FB is the opportunity to exchange ideas with others on a variety of topics.  Most of my trolls have learned that I do not play that game and leave me alone.  I refrain from name calling especially in the area of politics and you know who.  I simply don't waste my time and energy on the negativity.  I shared a quite thoughtful piece today written by author and Christian pastor Jon Pavlovitz.  I was immediately told by a Trump supporter that I had offended her with the post which sort of compared his base to a cult.  I absolutely shook my head at the feelings on the sleeve mentality of so many.  Hey.  Opinions are like assholes....everybody has one.  We don't have to agree on everything to be friends.  I've learned a lot from these conversations about the current state of our union.  And it scares me at times.

I offended another person this week when I asked out of concern about a health issue.  I was shut down like a bar at closing time.  I have just enough medical knowledge to know what means what and I read between the lines of what I was told.  It's what friends do, right?  Now I understand privacy because HIPPA was my life.  That's totally different.  I'm so open with my thoughts and feelings that I tend to forget how private some folks are.  And that is their right.  I'll take that any day over somebody's facebook drama.  

It's been raining all day and will continue through the night and all day tomorrow.  I'd say I'm probably rained in until it stops because the road was already covered.  I had a snapchat messenger visit with the girls today and we had so much fun!  I can't wait to see them.

Chill out folks, and pick your battles wisely.  

Saturday, February 9, 2019

sons of other mothers

A friend and I were just having a long conversation about true friends.  He considers me A#1.  There's a another younger guy whose life is harrowing at the moment who also comes to me for a chance to vent.  Both of these men and a lot of other folks look to me for support because I don't try to talk much and just listen to what they say.  If I'm on a rant, they're on the other end and act accordingly.  If there's a natural disaster of some sort, my tribe has my back.

I remember distinctly the day I had a kitchen table full of teenage girls doing art therapy like I did on my first session with Beverly.  The arts are healing, especially when personalized in that way.  Try coloring sometime.  Great meditation.  

Each of us was born with a purpose.  In our lifetime, we may not see the full extent of that.  The important thing is to leave a legacy of kindness and integrity that inspires the ones who are still on the caravan, so to speak.  Like our kids and grandkids.  Reaves has the flu and I haven't had a shot but she snotted all over me last Sunday so I imagine I'm officially "exposed."  Daycares are being closed due to the high rate of influenza.

Y'all look on the sunny side.  Over the rainbow.  Whatever makes you happy ^j^

Friday, February 8, 2019

janie's law

It's pretty much a corollary of Murphy's where everything that can go wrong will.  Usually when you least expect it.  After yesterday's drive through the water and fifty degree temperature drop I found myself with a central unit blowing cool air and it wouldn't even turn off.  Sooo...I covered all the vents, shut the bedroom door and wrapped up with quilts and dogs.  HVAC people don't make housecalls at night ya know.  Anywho, this morning I got the word that the igniter was out and the part couldn't be here until Monday.  Holy moly and it's going to be 22 again tonight.  I went on about my business which included chasing folks around for pictures and lunch with my friends.  Cathy works at the Lake Road Amoco and I left right behind she and Carol.  As I walked to my car I noticed that I had a flat so like a dumbass I drove it down to Cathy's work ( we got there the same time ) where it was discovered that the wall was blown and I had to have a new one.  Alrighty then.  They didn't have my size so dude had to go pick one up because obviously I couldn't drive somewhere else.  So....more quality time with Cathy!  Carol gave me some beautiful jewelry that she made herself and I will cherish it.  

On the way home I stopped by Gigi's to pick up some heaters to get me through the night and as if by magic Corey called to say they had the part and were on the way.  Can you say EXCITED!  The old me would be frettin' and worrying over every little thing that happens.  Somewhere along the road God gave me the faith to let Him handle it so that it's not my worry.  

What a gift ^j^

Thursday, February 7, 2019

trudging through

When I left the house early morning it was 71 degrees and was starting to rain again.  Last night's thunder and lightning were a blur as we headed into an all day steady downpour.  The neighbor texted to tell me the electricity was out probably due to pecan limbs on a wire.  It was back on after I prayerfully drove through the biggest water I've seen on the lane in quite some time.  "Please don't stop....go girl."  I breathed a sigh of relief when I made it through that river.  My shoes were already soaked but I did NOT want to hike up the hill. Tonight's low will be 22.  There's an old saying about the weather in TN that goes something like "if you don't like it today, it will be different by tomorrow" which is totally true.  It's like we have manic depressive disorder in the skies around here.  The hatred continues for all things non GOP and I just don't get it.  I mean, sure we all need to work together on important things.  Building a wall is not one of those, in my honest opinion.  In Arizona on the border National Guard troops have been pulled and the citizens surrounded by razor wire are not real happy with the safety of that whole deal.  We have had some great and not so great leaders in my lifetime.  But I have never witnessed the disdain directed at our country like we have at present.  Once a highly respected world leader, we are a laughing stock.  MAGA my ass.  With Russia involved, we will never be great.

As if we don't have enough worries, some dimwits are taking offense to the Coke napkins to get a flight mate's phone number.  "Inappropriate" they say.  What?  It's cute and if you don't want to do it, just say no.  Seriously.  If we all got that excited about climate change we wouldn't be in this mess.  Yes people.  It is real.  Science doesn't lie.

Carry on with grace and dignity.  Love ya....mean it ^j^

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

color coded

Well y'all...I watched.  It was comical and sad and I think they medicated him to keep the rage down.  I noticed the GOP section all in red ties and dresses but the winners of the evening were the folks in white.  I caught up this morning by watching Stacey's rebuttal and Colbert's take on things with the CBS folks.  Speaker Pelosi was propped up ( in white ) over his shoulder sitting next to Pence.  Can you imagine how hard that was???  It's about to be game on with the whole deal so let's hold hands and sing Kumbaya.  Virtually, of course.

I stayed up late and got up at a decent enough hour to troll downtown for pictures.  I got one, with the others scheduled for Friday.  Joe Yates stood patiently as I got the lens unstuck on the sassy red camera.  All Yankee candles are on sale for 12.99 and I picked up a salty caramel just because.  It feels good to be able to splurge now and then.  

It was warm and humid enough that I actually have the AC on while the low for tomorrow night is forecast to be 22.  I also picked up the prints of some photographs for the Shoot Dyer County contest.  It helps that I can use older photos now because previously they had to be taken in the last calendar year.  It will cost me 55 bucks total but it's an investment.  

Peace and grace ^j^

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

into the mystic

There was very thick fog this morning on the way to work that hung around until about 9 before it drifted off. Then about two hours later it hit again harder than before.  By the time I left it was history except for in the lowlands like out here at the lane. I think the high was 70ish but that will soon be history.  The deep freeze is coming back to bite the buttercups.  

I finally have all my tax info together but haven't had the time to crunch numbers.  From what I've heard the new law isn't too kind to us little people.  Let's all pray about that one.  I'm beginning to see daylight and I sure don't need another hit.

So tonight Trump with be a sandwich filling in between two women Democratic senators which I think is pretty cool.  Whomever thought that one up is a genius!  I'll watch it all on the innerwebs when they're done.  No...surely somebody will live stream.  Technology....gotta love it.

Totally off point, I've seen all the ruckus caused by Liam coming out with his story because I think the conversation needs to be heard.  Not just with him but with all of us.  Racism is alive and real.  He had the courage to give us an inside interpretation of how it works.  

Y'all enjoy tonight.  The icing on the SOTU cake will be Colbert live.

Monday, February 4, 2019


As previously mentioned I left my phone in Jackson yesterday and sent out an SOS for anybody heading from there to here.  Within fifteen minutes my friend Anne who works at the hospital let me know that she would be there until 7.  Lauren took her the phone and I retrieved it today.  We took the opportunity to catch up on gossip, family and whatnot.  She and I worked together for years before she took the job in Jackson.  Thanks girl.  Love ya...mean it!

I stopped by the Chamber to pick up applications for the Shoot Dyer County contest and got to visit with Mrs. Judy again for the 2nd time in a week.  More lovely conversation and memories.  I love it when that happens.  Since I didn't watch the Super Bowl I went to YouTube to see the music.  Gladys did a superb job.  Adam Levine?  Not so much.  Put your shirt on dude.  Remember from whence you came.

No politics in my brain today.  Just a day off free style.  And you know what?  I like it like that.  ^j^

Sunday, February 3, 2019


It's a beautiful day in the hood and I headed over to Jackson to see the girls.  We had lunch at Los Portales and Reaves entertained everybody there.  The baby on my phone ( her ) got a big old salsa kiss right on the screen.  I am frantic without a phone which is sad, but true.  I got about halfway home and started scratching for it....almost ran off the road.  It was obviously not there.  Lerd.

I got home and messaged Lauren on FB to look for it and she found it in the bathroom.  I'm trying to find somebody who's going to Jackson today or tomorrow to pick it up.  Otherwise, I'm phoneless until she can overnight it to me.  I seriously need a keeper.  Since that is my alarm, I had to stop at the 'gentral and buy a cheap LED clock.  No Super Bowl here and not really because of the Saints.  Just because I don't like professional football.  

And then there was Lily's big adventure.  I left the door open yesterday to air out and bird got in.  It was going apeshit crazy so I just left it alone.  Early this morning I heard meowing of a strange sort and went to the bathroom to find feathers all over the floor.  Poor birdie.

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.  

Saturday, February 2, 2019

walking the yard

I have these friends who used to throw a "come on summer" party in February.  At the time I thought they were nuts but I totally get it now.  Things start popping up in February right on schedule with a couple of warm days.  There are actually buds on some of the buttercups.  The next polar vortex will kick their asses.  After work I wandered around in the sun piddling and picking up stray trash.  Ellie leaves a long trail.  

I'm going to Jackson tomorrow and I had this bright idea that I would take Reaves to the UMC up the street at Lambuth.  After sleeping on that idea I surmised that she would never sit still that long and probably would have to go to the nursery.  Too much trouble.  We'll have to wait until Lauren and I can double team her.  

A cardinal swooped in to say hello from my Daddy when I was at work.  I say hey to him every time that happens.  The way I see it I'm a real mosaic of two totally different parents.  From my mother I got the cooking and creating things.  And from daddy, well it's a love of nature.  I even watch animal shows now!  I saw a whole litter of skunks get released today on the teevee.  Them, I do not love.  Or snakes.

I will never forget the day I hit one on the way to the sawmill and went inside stinking to high heaven.  My co-workers checked me all day as I tried to get rid of the stank.  I got scrubs from surgery and carried on.  You could smell it in the car for a week.  

Y'all play nice and do kind things.  Progressive things.  Loving things.  It's what Jesus did.   


Friday, February 1, 2019

andy lives

This past week has been surreal for the Fisher family and our community.  As one faithful servant was being laid to rest another died right behind her.  I did an interview today with some folks and we remembered who owned what property back in the day.  That family's name kept coming up regarding downtown.  My daddy always referred to Ms. Charlene of the Blue Mountain Conservatory of Music.  She taught me piano in her house.  And became a teacher as did Big John. BG took swimming lessons from Mr. John. Both of their kids grew up to be pastors.  I have known the entire family including cousins most all of my life.

I worked with Andy at the hospital for many years when he was a paramedic.  He even began to teach EMT courses at DSCC.  If I called 911 today I probably wouldn't know the folks on it.  Hey...I've been gone for a year.  Dan and Joe I can count on, right?  It pays to have connections.  I feel sure there was a trail of EMS trucks in the procession.  I've been doing my own prep work on arrangements because I really don't want Lauren to be digging for pictures at the last minute.  I've even got a playlist, right Chucky?

I enjoyed the luxury of sitting and talking with peers today.  We know each other through community, family and networking and that combined history is the catalyst for something bigger than us.  All we can do is the next right thing.