Tuesday, August 27, 2019


To my surprise there actually ARE pecans up in some of those trees because they're dropping off and getting squished in the road leaving little black spots.  The dogs and I went for a walkabout today under that cavernous canopy of pecan trees.  The song of the cicadas followed us.  They love it when we walk together.  Presently they are all napping.

So Trump has acted predictably and the MSM is screaming about it.  We do need to know what's going on and that empty seat at G7 said a lot.  "Fake news" they say.  Uh, no.  Merkel and the Indian guy were at the table and he was not.  All you conspiracy theory folks could claim that he was photo shopped out of that picture!  These world leaders are trying in the best ways they know how to be allies to the United States and help save the earth.  Unfortunately they are dealing with one who is never open to compromise.  I wonder what would happen if we completely ignored him for a week?

I am better physically.  I cannot tell you how this has humbled me and it gives me a great appreciation of how people tolerate chronic pain every day of their lives.  I cannot imagine.  I kind of threw out that I was looking at getting a Masters when I figure out what I wanna be.  I have many talents but my heart is in patient advocacy.  Nobody knows how to navigate our fractured system of healthcare , especially the mental health piece.   Look at the number of fentanyl deaths in the past few years and you can clearly see that what you get is not what you expected.  Personally, I am moving away from pharmaceuticals and toward holistic medicines.  The best thing I take is Magnesium powder under the brand name Calm.  It's fizzy and fun!  Most folks at MG deficient, by the way.

There are no limits to dreams ~

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