Friday, August 16, 2019

bellyache redux

I've had diverticulosis all my life.  Earlier this year I had an episode with diverticulitis that almost put me under.  It is very painful.  That passed and lo and behold I had another one yesterday.  Which carried on through the night and this morning.  I was supposed to go to a meeting in Ripley but had to be a no show because of this pesky flare up.  

I was headed up to the chicken store and noticed a truck parked on my road.  Another creeper.  I  pulled up and rolled down my window to see what was up ( one of these days i'll get shot doing that ) and old girl said they were good and the guy in the back was taking lunch.  Alrighty then.  I couldn't see him because of the tinted windows.  On the way back from the store, they were pulled over halfway in the ditch with the door open and the girl was getting back into the driver's seat.  There was nobody in the front and all I could see in the back was a guy with a  cap on.  I slowed down yet again and watched as they left the lane slowly.  We have creepers all the time and because it's a dead end road people like to slip off and do whatever shady thing they're gonna do on Pecan Lane.  This makes me very nervous.  My neighbor has been known to fire a shotgun as a warning to trespassers.  

So, I check the mailbox when I get home and notice something stuffed in the back which turned out to be a ladies shirt?  Wonder if old girl was hiding some evidence.  Lord only knows.  While I was at the chicken store ( in a marked spot ) some jerk parked right behind me.  I sat there for a few minutes waiting for them to come out and had to go back in the store asking who had a blue car.  The guy was eating lunch and jumped up right away.  I asked him to move so I could get out.  I've gotten to where I don't suffer fools lightly.

I'm home for the day still pondering the mystery of the shirt.  It's cute, and my size but I'd like to know where it came from!  Peace and grace to you and yours.  

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