Sunday, September 25, 2011

that which does not kill us.....

I was headed through town this morning to air up a tire and noticed an ambulance with lights flashing over by the door of the UMC. My first instinct told me to look closely and get ready for a phone call about one of my parents. When the phone didn't ring, I went on about my usual Sunday morning business of counting pills and giving allergy shots following a scrumptious breakfast. Daddy had to settle for strawberry glazed instead of chocolate doughnuts but he ate every crumb anyways. This from the man who swore off desserts years ago to keep from gaining weight. Right now he weighs a whopping 150 lbs, soaking wet...outweighing mama by about 30. They are soooooo freakin' cute together. She's finally listened to my suggestion that she might get around better with a walker than a cane. The guy who fell today was walking on TWO of 'em.

I am in one of *those* moods where I feel like everybody hates me and I wanna go eat a worm. No one thing........just a lot of little dramas that run all at the same time with their plots overlapping at times. If I wasn't already through menopause, I'd swear I've got PMS. My always happy sister, the real estate appraiser is even in the mood too. Imagine that, looking at the housing market and what a mess it's in. More government regulations have been added to "protect" against the losses caused by predatory lending practices making the job that much more tedious. I'd lose my freaking mind, but she's a detail person so she's good at it. The pool is probably closed by now, waiting for the first ninety degree day next May.

Fall allergies have hit hard, and we are suffering mightily what with all the corn dust and defoliant. I heard coyotes the other night, howling from their stomping grounds behind the hill where the dairy barn sits. In the winter, they go absolutely nuts on cold rainy nights. That's when the bird watching is really fun too. My old metal swing will be used as a hanging place for bird feeders this winter so I can watch from the office window.

Yesterday was the most gorgeous I've seen in quite some time with lots of fluffy clouds and a nice breeze. We watched the airshow down south from a parking lot by a juke joint and I was amazed. I had never seen planes flying in formation before! Of course I thought about the older guy, bless his heart, who ran into the stands out in Nevada. I was glad to be at Linda's bar ;) After that we went to Bradleytown to check on the progress of the flood mansion. If the Mississippi backwater ever gets up to THAT porch....we might as well build an ark. I remember as a child seeing houses on stilts where people got out by boat during floods, if at all. Then we stopped for a snack at none other than the Junction Cafe where the burgers are fried up fresh to order. Got caught up on all the local gossip as well.

I am what some might call world weary...sort of burned out on trying to do the right thing and always getting smacked in the face. My ex used to chuckle and me and say "Poor darlin'" when another somebody hit me with their best shot. Burnout is not a bad place to be, considering that there's nowhere to go but up again. With new ideas, new goals and new attitudes. No,ya'll. I won't be giving up the beers, and the Michelob delivery man is assured of job security. They even come in 24's now! Way to rock ABusch! The difference is that I don't run bars anymore to see people and get plastered on three dollar beer. That definitely is not in the budget. Dollar beer can be enjoyed at home also.

Autumn does this to me every year, now that I think back. And this? This too shall pass^j^

Saturday, September 24, 2011

the "almost" recession and corn fed birds

There is nothing like a newly cleared cornfield to draw in a whole bunch of happy birds here on the lane. With the windows open, I can hear their collective tweets as I go about the usual business of a day off. More work, only at home ;) I haven't had a dishwasher in years, which is a real challenge for people who love to cook like we do. Bleach in the wash water is a must! BG learned that in the catering biz where you are often serving a lot of folks with a bitty aluminum double sink to dump in. The laundry never ends, mostly because there are three dogs in the house and they shed a lot...thus the blankets draped over every surface. My "supposed to last for a month" air filter is ready to pitch after two weeks. And they haven't even done the cotton yet.

Okay, then. I heard yesterday that the cost of living has risen something three percent and some change. My next paycheck will reflect a 2.5% raise for being a model employee. I could be wrong, but if I'm doing the math right I'm already in the hole before I ever start up the car to go clock in. Which means, I'm paying them so that I can work there. Right? I'm resigned to it, like most everybody else. It is what it is and it ain't pretty. Over fifty percent of my daughter's age group 19-29 are unemployed. FIFTY PERCENT. That's a whole hell of a lot of people without jobs, still depending on their strapped parents for survival in this dog eat dog economy. Thank God I don't have any money in a 401K to get raped and robbed right now. Living check to check beats that.

Also in yesterday's news was that twit from Pakistan..or was it Iran? who stood up at the UN and railed against the US and everybody else for not buying into his theory of government. I finally figured out who he reminds me's the bad guy in the Left Behind series. Coincidence? I think not. France and the UK, bless their hearts, got up and walked out following the US. Let's be realistic people, among that stunning lineup of rich conservative Republicans that hashed it out this week, who do you think could do any better job than the man who is in office right now? If you're a member of the GOP, you'd better be worried. This mess was inherited from your party, largely due to overspending in the military budget. Which has brought us, ten years later, to right back where we were. On the verge of chaos.

I'm hearing more and more that consumers are asking if the product is made in the USA and if not, they won't buy. This is what it will take to get our economy back in motion...a demand for American made goods. They may cost a little more, but it's worth it to put bucks back into OUR pockets. Remember that jobs thing that's on everybody's agenda right now? That would do it.

Even healthcare has turned into a for profit giant which is a real travesty. I keep up with Doctors Without Borders and they are working worldwide to eradicate disease and illness and not getting paid near what the average vascular surgeon makes. I would hug every one of them if I were there. Bless.Their.Hearts.

Now, ain't I just a little ray of sunshine today?


Friday, September 23, 2011

the american farmer

As I sit here in the living room/office and look through the fifty year old windows on ropes, I am amazed and satisfied that the view still includes hard working folks who know how to maximize crop yield with minimal damage to the wildlife refuge that surrounds us. Green farming, pretty much. There are some chemicals that are necessary, but the least till dig a lot of ditches philosophy still works around here. And that? Is because of the things that my brother learned from our father about farm management. He knows it like the back of his hand.

My KY cuzin shared a recipe for tomato basil jelly that is easy to make and to-die-for delicious on bread or as a topping for baked dishes. My partners in crime at the sawmill felt sorry for me know how I like to skip out early on a glorious fall afternoon before a weekend off. I was chompin' at the bit but managed to be graceful...take the offer and RUN to the beer store. I know..I'm pitiful.

BG had a big fat 27th birthday she'll never forget and we're both off for the weekend to clean up from two days of cooking and no laundry done. I about choked out there in the yard awhile ago taking pictures of the corn goings on but it's cool to just walk out the door and watch. Some army helicopters landed at the airport on the other side of the golf course, probably either shipping out or delivering home soldiers. Don't even get me started on that because I'm headed for the zone where it really doesn't matter. TV land!

Muah ^j^

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hard labor

Twenty seven years ago today, I was back at the sawmill after a brief hiatus thinking that surely to God this baby is gonna come sometime soon because my ankles are swollen and it's hot as hell. Daddy worked third shift at the rubber plant, so I called him about 5AM two days in a row and we timed contractions on notepads that I had lifted from the hospital. The pains were sporadic and non-productive, to say the least. On the third day, I said "I give" and we proceeded to induce Lauren to the real world. Even after a water break and pit, it took twelve hours, most of which I don't remember because it's something you never forget. My co-workers rallied around celebrating her arrival with medical skills and big smiles. There was a big pizza party going on in the waiting room but I couldn't eat, so there ya go. I was busy walking the halls.

The epidural worked like a charm, so much so that I couldn't feel my legs until the next day. When the doctor mentioned forceps, I said bring 'em on. This needs to be OVER! She was already in distress, slightly meconium stained and with a head full of brown hair. How that turned to cotton top white, I'll never know. She weighed in at seven pounds even and came home down the street in a little blue calico dress that her great grandmother bought at the gift shop. To say she was spoiled is an understatement. As the first and only grandchild for a looooong time, she got her way every time she said "let's play."

The rest is a blur, but I've got pictures and memories that will never go away until I lose my mind...probably not even then. We have become partners in life from a slow and shaky start at unconditional love. During my six week maternity leave (that's all we got at the time) we would sit in the swing hanging from the front porch on Tickle and watch the cars go by, oblivious to anything other than the bonding. We took lots of naps, and still do. As we've grown older, I've seen her becoming a woman that I'm damn proud to say that I know and nurtured. We both love to cook and make a mess doing it. Each of us sees the other side of any issue, which is a rare gift indeed.

Happy birthday to Lauren, Lisa and Jack. No...that's not the cast of Three's Company. Just my favorite people who were born on that day.


Monday, September 19, 2011

in my next life

My late friend Old Horsetail Snake always wanted to spend his eternity as a dung beetle so I imagine he's well on his way by now. I am, as my friend Sue says "on the back nine" so I often think about things I would do if money were no object and dreams came true. Since I never got to go to Disneyworld I don't think that's an unreasonable habit. And Disneyworld definitely ain't on the list.

At one time I dreamed of owning a nursery (the plant kind, silly.) My inspiration came from this funky little place about a mile from my house where the guy planted his own landscape and sold annuals and perennials from small outdoor greenhouses. There was even an inside "tropical" room where the babies thrived in that warm moist environment. His uncle bought the place when he went back to college to pursue a career in art, and it closed shortly thereafter. Gawdddd...I miss that place. It was like walking around in heaven on a warm spring day. I actually did the research on what it would take to build my own greenhouse but we all know how that went in the mad race of raising kids, working and generally trying to keep the boat floating. Maybe next year things will calm down enough for me to garden again. I seriously get therapy out of that, even if it's just pulling weeds.

If you ask anybody around these parts who is the best cook is in this town, many of them will name my mama. As a newspaper reporter she published weekly recipes from around the 'burg and eventually published a cookbook with the readers' favorites. All of the proceeds went to fund one of the new buildings at the county fair. For ten years now I have tossed around the idea of getting that book back into print and life has gotten in the way. If I don't do it now, with a few of my own favorites, I'll never forgive myself for not sharing. Sounds like a winter project that the roommates can help with.

I fell in love with the hospice philosophy many years ago and have actually practiced those beliefs in my daily life when chatting with friends and family. The principles of hospice care are rarely given a priority in today's society because, frankly, they don't make money. The whole thing revolves around a team of caregivers including a nurse, physician, social worker and spiritual adviser to help a dying person do what needs to be before the inevitable. Sometimes there is guilt or past issues that need to be resolved. Many times there is pain, but usually not because the drugs are carefully administered to relieve symptoms of distress while allowing the patient to remain at home with family. Our failure to accept death as a reality results in a tremendous overload on our healthcare industry and the powers that be have no real interest in doing things any other way than the one guessed it..makes money. Oncologists give people hope by offering treatments that make 'em sick as dogs and hopefully kill the cancer. But not always. And they make a boatload of money. I love the healing professions, but wish that compassion was more a part of the picture these days.

I continue to take every opportunity to explore a shot with my new old camera. It's been like totally hot or flooded and every other form of extreme natural disaster around here. That's not my day job so I just do it for fun when I have the free time. Old photographs amaze me...the black and white stern attitude of families gathered together and old buildings. There's this one of my great grandmother at around age 18 sitting on a stool at the Halls TN phone exchange with a corset on. I looked just like she did back in the day, except without the 18 inch waist. I need a vacation bad. Maybe next year.

It's all good. Ya'll don't ever forget that, umkay?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

obedient child

Following a long hiatus, my crazy sista friend and I have re-bonded in a number of ways. As a yoga instructor and firm believer in natural remedies, she has already introduced me to a basic yoga pose that is good for the hip and lower back that pain me. I do so love it when karma throws me a kiss that way. Speaking of which, my dear sweet Mama gave me a pedicure from Angel's Crown Center for my birthday and tipped me off on who gives the best foot massage among their staff of three. I could care less about a manicure...give me some help for my poor aching dogs!

As usual, this weekend I walked my ass off in the aisles that are my home away from home at the sawmill. It dawned on me that my days are numbered up in there because I'm too old for all that physical shit and have failed to use my brain power to come up with a plan like my hero Nancy B. Papers cost about a buck now so I usually prowl the interwebs for relevant topics like why the HELL those dickheads in Congress don't just give it up and agree to term limits which is all we want. it doesn't work out and you don't produce results that are an asset to the American way of life, you're outta there. This should not include wars related to oil rights or super powers in training. In my humble opinion, it's about homeland security and jobs for people who are willing to work when their free ride is cut off. When I look around at all the poverty in this world...and in this COUNTRY I am disgusted with how people steal and rob just to make themselves feel better: case in point...two real estate developers in the Memphis market managed to secure around 30M in bank loans with grandiose plans to build "little boxes" on farm land in northern Mississippi. Instead of putting the capital toward the project, they proceeded to buy jets and palatial homes with giant pools and tennis courts. Now THEIR lenders will have to suck it up in BK court and figure out how to keep their honest customers. Sucks to be them when the trickle down effect comes into play. They've already spent it all anyways.

Some days I feel like I'm lost in space...trying to believe in a nation that is trying its' best to believe and searching for answers when nobody cares except the ones who have the power to make our days miserable and long. But then? Something happens which seems awesomely random and it gives you the will to go on because somebody hears your voice. Usually it's not an elected politician but a trusted friend or confidante. Serendipity!

My daddy never understood why "my generation" was so against the war in Vietnam. As a child of WWII, he probably never will until we all get to heaven and agree on something or other. That's what heaven is, right?


Saturday, September 17, 2011

today's word~ underemployment

When BG and her friends were early teenagers I noticed that the exclamation that seemed the biggest tribute is uttering one single word. "Word!" We occasionally still use that one along with "Thank YOU!" and "I'm saying." Sometimes there's just nothing left to say so you stop talking and start praying or at least attempting to approach life in a prayerful way. That is NOT what is happening in Washington and I'm just about as pissed as I've ever been in my life. If Congress sees a running Stafford fit up in there, don't say I didn't warn 'em. The bottom line is that they aren't listening to US, the ones who elected them. They are, in some large degree, there because it makes them a lot of money or if they've already got that....a whole shitload of power to which MUCH stewardship is due as a thank you to voters. I can honestly say that I'm no longer a party member but a damn disgruntled voter who will take the time to wade through independents who have honest solid backing that doesn't include corporate USA and Wall street. I'd hate to have to go a second round with that fiasco.

I can't even remember how the week started except with high blood pressure because I ran out of meds and couldn't find anybody to see me until Friday. She did call me in some to get by and turned out to be an I got to bond with my old friend Cassie as well which is always good. She's even got her own desk and stuff! The BP was down, but not far enough yet. I guess it's true that you can't go cold turkey with something you've been on a while. I definitely felt the "rebound", and still kinda do. Not that my life is STRESSFUL or anything, right? Right. We all know better.

I was delighted to spot an old friend on a network today and found his smartass to be living in AZ still making music. He's Rvrguy who always tried to leave room for the drummer from back in my wild yahoo days. I'm glad they passed quickly! There was one other guy who became a dear friend and called me a "diamond in the rough" when he saw this farm and fell in lurrrrve with the wildlife and my cooking. The rest of 'em were just liars and cheaters. My one (and only official) date as a single gal was where I got hooked up with an older man who was just venturing out after a child's death and his subsequent divorce. To say I was petrified is an understatement. We just drove around after our meal and I cut it short. I was most definitely not ready for that. And I never have been.

For all of my patient waiting and giving up, a guy turned up on my front porch last year who is a long time friend. Four years out of a divorce, he had already done that head work and remains totally devoted to his three children plus three grandchildren. He works hard and plays crazy numbers of holes of golf, even in the snow and the dead of summer. And you know why? Because that's his passion! Somewhere along the way, I seem to have lost mine. I have always been a dreamer...and will never stop seeing life through those eyes. I am beginning to sense, in most every area of my life, that you gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold. I'm glad I waited.

Hopefully the weather will be vintage Norman Rockwell for the next month. Looking forward to October on the lane with a good camera is like waiting for Santa Claus to come. For the first time in several years, I see me having the spirit to make Christmas gifts for special people who "get it." Last year saw me scrambling to keep pace with work and family matters and the entire peace on earth deal just got rushed through to "git her done". The only bill that is delinquent now is to the poor old propane guy you know who. And winter comes right behind October and November on the lane. Note to self: Manage money more wisely or freeze in January.

In the words of my dear friend Marti Ann: "Let's clap hands 'cuz it's somebody's birthday!" Peace and love.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

birthday and anniversary wishes

I am floored that so many people took the time to wish me happy birthday in some form or fashion. I got more hugs yesterday than I've had in years and that's always a good thing. The only part left of that cake left is my head and that will be gone by tonight! That was SUCH a memaw gesture, and I pity me on the first birthday when she's not here to make it brighter. There was mucho beer as well, which is also always a good thing. Especially when one's birthday falls on a Friday before a weekend off.

Now about those anniversary MSM "tributes". Just like all ya'll I was absolutely stunned the day our country and sense of security went to hell in a handbasket fueled by jihad anger and passion. Nothing in my lifetime can compare to that day as far as sheer terror and WTF!!!!!! For about a week, our country reeled in the horror that was the WTC and Pentagon bombings followed by a courageous attempt by yet another plane's passengers to save each other and us. The people on the front lines and those who lost loved ones that day will never be the same....but then, neither will the rest of us. I will light a candle and say a prayer tomorrow asking Big Ernie not to let anger and hatred cause us to blow up the gift of mother earth. A tribute like that is bound to be heard.

It's a beautiful day in the 'hood and the dishes are done with laundry in process. Sounds like a good time to pull out the camera and do some wandering.

Love ya....mean it.


Friday, September 9, 2011


Once upon a time and a couple of grandchildren ago, my brother and his wife lived at the end of our pecan lined lane. This cute little beagle pup showed up and BG promptly named him "little bow wow" because he followed her around like Cody sniffed her girlfriends. We were dog poor up here on the hill so he decided to wander his beagle self on down the road. LBW followed me up and down the lane on my walks, checking out the hay fields and dairy barn with each lap. Pure puppy heaven, ya'll. After he got adopted he became a member of their family and has been with them ever since.

T told me about him lickin' on his babygirl's toes this morning before he was put to sleep. His story was a whole like that of Butterbean...deteriorated back and paralysis. Quality of puppy life = zero. When a dog can't run and play or go potty, it's time for something different. Same with any living thing, including humans. I latched onto the philosophy of hospice care many years ago and it remains a cornerstone of my belief system. It's pretty easy to figure out that this belief is at odds with for-profit healthcare which has paid my bills for the past few years. I'm not especially proud of that, but sometimes it is what it is.

My birthday ten years 46, was punctuated with a bang with the organized attack by Muslim extremists on multiple suicide missions using planes as weapons against our financial and political districts two days after my birthday. These crazy mofos had spent years in training for the chance to say fuck you to us as a nation. Our entire economy was dependent on their output from the oil wells in those desert and mountain regions where nobody could ever hope to grow anything other than a cactus or some poppies. On some level, I understood their pain, if not their methods. As my daddy says "It has always been thus and so."


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

mysterious ways

My daughter/roommate was fortunate to graduate from college during the worst economic times around. When the banks failed and the feds were slow to come up with her loan money during the sophomore year, it looked like it was all over. She had scholarship bucks and enough prepaid credits to go for two years. The rest was on paper. 25K owed to the feds AFTER the banks that extended those loans failed. If there is one single thing that the government could do to help stabilize the economy it is to forgive past student loans and start over. What the hell??? The whole thing has been bought and sold a hundred times.

She has had exactly three jobs which actually pertained to her field of study, all but one of them part time due to the shitty economy drastic trickle down of the recession to healthcare and social programs. When I read today on what some say is a "liberal" media site that the campaigns of the major GOP players are almost always funded largely by doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies I almost choked. Good thing I wasn't at the lunch table with the salsa sisters yet ;)

I am exhausted in many more ways than one. Yet I still manage to enjoy the thrill of a cool afternoon on the front porch facing the sunset over Pecan Lane. We rode around and took pictures yesterday (tyvm Count Z) in the Forked Deer bottoms which has a whole heckuva lot more sand that last fall due to the big waters of May. I showed my friend where the duck blind is hidden but we passed on walking the trails along the slough. Maybe another time.

Everything's quiet for now with the grands. Let's hope it stays that way for awhile. Big hugs all around.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

now where were we?

Oh yeah...a cool front came through just in time for fair week and everybody's ecstatic not to have to tromp around and sweat while flirting with boys or keeping up with kids. I spent the day out there Friday taking fun random pics of people bringing in their stuff for judging and was informed that the "official" photographers met at the end of each day in the office with a full card so somebody else can edit and cut. I think not, dude. When I take a photograph, especially one with people, I know that they trust me to do the right thing and share appropriately. I haven't been sued. Yet. Years ago, I made a page for the kudzu bar and wandered around snapping pics of all the fun times there. I did the same for my brother's nightclub(s). Bev called me up one day and said that somebody who was marrying somebody didn't want their pic up in there and could I take it off. That's when the whole thing went *poof* into cyberspace. Sometimes people are funny, and not haha.

I choose not to live my life that way because, frankly, it just takes way too much energy to be pissed off or mean. I love a good hug...the longer and tighter the better. My karma tells me that every time I embrace another person or animal that way, some of their happy stuff flows into me. The reverse is true for hurt or anger..the bad things that are painful but are easier to take when shared. To me, that is unconditional love. And we all know who Love is.

BG and former roommate (aka BF who travels) and I caught an episode of "Ridiculousness" and laughed our asses off, as usual. Ditto for last night's Chelsea. I love that we share comedy together because it's just so much MORE fun when everybody gets it!! As Virgos we celebrate our birthdays in the same month and I will always remember my 29th, the one in which she was born following a lot of swelling and three days of labor. I had the usual six weeks off and we sat on the front porch swing on Tickle street watching the world go by and bonding. The dress that she wore home from the hospital was purchased from the gift shop at the hospital where my grandmother and I worked. And, yes. I still have it.

This is the first time during major elections that I've had the luxury of actually following political movements outside of the MSM that is corporate teevee. Remember, this is the middle aged smartass country girl who learned about the interwebs the hard way...self taught, so to speak. It was mandatory for the technology that my job involves and that led to new and different views on the state of our world. Thanks Al...from me AND att.

I've already had one birthday celebration at work yesterday and feel sure that the week will bring a few more. That's the really cool thing about expecting nothing. You can always be surprised.

Keep the faith ^j^

Monday, September 5, 2011

ashes to ashes

Back in May of this year, the mighty Mississippi decided to do a little bit of wildwater regrouping and many MANY people lost their homes, the little communities that thrived close to the commerce there..those who know the stories of old country stores and bars with Miss Kitty lookalikes. My BF quickly became a roommate when the floodwater engulfed not only their family homeplace but his sister's house as well. Farm equipment stayed parked on the Great River road for weeks, waiting for the water to drop and planting to commence. It's very sandy there now, thanks to the big waters. The few businesses that actually have the resources to survive a flood like that will carry on with family money and a sweet deal in Lake county that involves a multi-million dollar contract to construct a river port.

We trucked it down to Bradleytown yesterday, the original home of Bob Lee's store, to check out our sister's new (almost built) house. There are doors and cabinets and paint cans on the floor so they're kicking ass and taking names to get outta' that camper and inside for the winter. The homeplace will be torn down and burned soon, just like their own home was several months ago. They are still burning chunks in the ditch out back! There's a fishing boat in my front yard which sounds mighty interesting since it's cooled off a bit. The wind is whipping away moving through the cool front that signals fair week in Dyer county.

Over and out from Pecan Lane.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

time passes by

I'm sitting here on exactly T-6 days from my 56th birthday listening to a very special gift from a Pennsylvania friend. Currently playing is a Kathy Mattea duet with the guy..Battle Hymn of Love. I know the female part to that one like I know the back of my hand. Way back when I plotted to do that one with my friend Billy who was doing construction at the hospital. We wowed 'em with "Achey Brakey Heart"...I'm just saying. We never got to sing that duet because he died of a massive heart attack in the tunnel under the sawmill. Forty three years old, and we had unresolved issues at the time. That's a killer...when you don't get to say I'm sorry.

We did the breakfast thing this morning and daddy almost choked on chocolate doughnuts in the back seat. Had to pull over and do a little back slapping. BG has my car so I was left to pick them up from church in her itty bitty doggie wagon. She takes all three for a ride most every day! Daddy had to sit with his new boots propped on a basket full of stuff. On a beach towel to cover the dog hair. Faith talked to mama on the phone yesterday and that just thrills her to no end. I wandered around at the check-in for exhibits at the fair yesterday and saw a lot of old friends. My mentor in all things feminist and Methodist was in for the day and we sat on aluminum bleachers while she ate volunteer food. We caught up with what's going on that's relevant. Mostly we just enjoyed sitting side by side again. I took Count Zubrovka's gift and took some pics. My favorite, and his, is the one of the stone entrance gate that was transported from uh? Forrest Street? Next to the old bus station.

Gotta run. Eva Cassidy's on and I feel some more ugly tears welling up. Love ya'll. Mean it.


Friday, September 2, 2011

mama said there'd be days like this

The gal who's gonna take 6AM duty off my hands is off with a bad knee so I've been up at the asscrack of dawn the past couple of days so I can pay the bills. It seems as though Big Ernie decided that I don't really NEED a sugardaddy because my character isn't quite strong enough. Thus, the continuing saga that is Poopie's life. We're all on different hours around here so I tiptoed into the kitchen for some caffeine this morning only to find the kitchen floor covered in soapy water, dammit! Must have been the washing machine blowin' a hose or something. It was only then that I discovered the old ceramic sink with glasses floating in it. And water on the lovingly placed tiles of the counter. AND under the microwave.

By golly we saved a life today though, me and my buddies up at the sawmill. The surgeon and the anesthesiologist picked up when they came on duty and dealt with a ruptured spleen. That's a big blood sort of case, and we had what they needed thanks to donors around the west Tennessee area. I give all of them attaboys for doing what had to be done in a very serious situation. I reckon Big Ernie was at the wheel on that one because the nursing supervisor showed up to fetch the first batch and the rest of us tag teamed on the end of the case. All's well that ends well. I remember one night that didn't turn out quite like that. This man had a AAA that our vascular guy got called in on, the one with the ego. Our pathologist at the time was a Cuban who didn't have much of a backbone and demanded that I do something that I knew wasn't right. We spent 24 hours trying to fix that situation before the blood bank in Memphis called me asking what the hell we had done. I will never do that again, as long as I live no matter who says what. Fire me, umkay?

Oscar is NOT gonna like this, but it's bath time for his nasty ass. Ya'll come help if you're not busy listening to John Boehner and Rick Santorum eff with Barack Obama. If you are? You're probably not interested in doggie baths. Republicans get their dogs groomed.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

it ain't over 'til it's over

Summer,that is. While the Gulf coast is staring at several days worth of rain on a money making holiday weekend, our temperature is still topping out around 100 with relief in sight by Monday. Hopefully, for good until next July. That will be mighty uncomfortable for the folks who are working hard to get things ready for the Dyer County Fair. I haven't been to the fair in probably ten years, but I've been asked to take some pics to be used for fair books, displays etc and I feel obligated by my heritage to take part if asked. Both of my parents were veteran fair people giving up a week of their lives, beginning on every Labor Day, to help keep the thing running. My birthday virtually always falls during that week, this time on Friday. However..........I have celebrated the passing of many years right there at the gates where people clamor for the midway and exhibits like crackheads lookin' for a hit of junk. There is some ancient barn wood around here headed for the Sorghum village, and some to my salsa sista' so that she can display her hand beaded creations at shows. I would have never thought of that...but she jumped on it! If the weather forecast is right, by opening night the air should be clear and cool, dipping into the fifties at night.

I'm sticking to a strict regimen of meds and support during ragweed season because it's my worst problem child. BG is allergic to something that peaks in October...I don't have a clue what. We're still sifting through stuff..even my parents, going through photo albums and putting similar things together. I realized watching my BFs family how hard it is even when the whole brood pitches in because there's always drama as an undercurrent with kids and their mommas'n'daddies and death and suffering and whatnot. Oh, and independence. Sheesh! All I can figure is that pretty soon we'll be even for the three evil years they had from me :) My mother taught just enough of the social graces to be able to pull off a running Stafford fit and still seem like a "nice girl." Not many people have seen those from me, and almost always they involve justice or the lack thereof.

Our photographer at the sawmill stopped by to get some shots of different departments today so a whole bunch of us snuggled up together between analyzers to put on a happy face for the company. And really? Most of us aren't pretending. As jobs go, I'd rather work with the crew I'm with than any other I can imagine. It's a revolving door kind of thing, especially with the phlebs, watching them leave as twentysomethings and come back years later, sometimes with a degree. Knowing how to properly perform venipuncture is a valuable skill in today's workforce. For years we have trained people off the street to do the most important task in the whole process: Proper identification of patients and labeling and transport of specimens. Many new hires are graduates of PCT classes, where basic nursing skills and medical assistant type job training are a plus for an employer considering a resume.

For the life of me, I will never understand why healthy people who claim to be faithful don't take the time to donate blood anonymously. I guess it's just so random that most folks don't stop to consider the fact that 5% of the population supplies human blood for the other 95%! That's like a needle in a haystack, ya'll. I have seen their gift used wisely and sometimes wastefully, but never without saying a silent thank you to the person who rolled up their sleeves and gave it just because it's the right thing to do. I had to quit because my one vein collapsed and I'm "saving it" for my old age hospital visits.

Hope ya'll all have a safe and happy holiday. I'll be at the sawmill pouting with my comrades.