Friday, August 30, 2019

dinner with a two year old

The girls surprised me and showed up unannounced yesterday afternoon for an early birthday dinner at El Patio.  We are all September girls.  Reaves is one of those who is all about it until you get settled and then she gets restless.  She stayed in the booster seat approximately five minutes before she started going back and forth to me and Lauren in the booth.  She laid down and curled up.  She climbed the walls.  But we had her trapped between us!  We literally have not had a sit down meal together since she started walking.  At Lauren's place we usually eat standing over the stove.  Such is life.  She was thrilled to see Gaga and was smooth worn out with that glazed over look in her eyes.  

If we get to L on the hurricane name list, I suggest we name it Lorna because she is a tropical depression magnet.  She and the kids just got settled into a quaint little place called Sebastian Florida about two weeks ago and are now under mandatory evacuation orders because of Dorian.  They will be leaving as soon as the shelter opens.  She is no stranger to hurricanes having dealt with one on each of her last trips to Florida, one in Appalach and the other toward Miami.  This storm sounds particularly ominous because it is occurring at a time of the bi-annual high tides.  I pray for them and all those others in the path.  

I had to snicker at how Fox news became Fake news once they started calling out Trump.  Of course now he's tweeting that we need a "real" news outlet which, in his mind, would be one that agrees with what he's doing to our country.  A simple picture post of us working on a fair booth brought forth a tirade about Socialism that went on FOREVER.  I gently engaged but my friends got in there for me with gloves on.  I just don't have the energy to argue with somebody who doesn't have an open mind. 

I am proud to be a part of these movers and shakers in the Dyer County Democratic Party.  Every day I meet someone who is thrilled because they've been in the closet and didn't even know we HAD a local party.  Networking, my friends.  That is the key to unity.  I do not believe in every single little thing that our party does, but I do identify with the core standards which include a heavy emphasis on inclusion and access to healthcare.  I am also pro-choice.  And I hate automatic weapons.  I actually had a guy tell me the other day he should have one "because he wants it."  Lerd.

I'm slowly improving but I have to admit it's been teeny tiny baby steps.  I finished the antibiotics so that should make me feel 100% better.  They do their job but are hard on the body.  

It's the last official weekend of summer and a three day holiday for many.  Enjoy y'all.  I worked every other labor day my entire career which made it kind of a moot celebration.  I seek to honor those who work hard in spite of insurmountable obstacles both on the job and outside in the world.  It's a hot mess y'all.  Like others I'm praying for a well placed lightning strike.  


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