Saturday, June 30, 2018

change of plans

Well, the weekend switched from me going to a visit to a chance for Lauren to come home when Heather blew through Jackson.  The problem was finding somebody to keep Reaves until Daddy turnover.  We brainstormed and decided I'd just come over there today.  It's a long story but as it turns out nobody is going anywhere today until I travel on Monday.  This not having a car thing sucks for her on a lot of levels.  If she had one, she could load that baby up and come anytime.  All in God's time as they say.  

Mamye is also carless because her timing belt broke so I went out to Fowlkes to give her a ride up to Four Points for essentials.  On the way home I noticed a couple outside with two HUGE pit bulls.  It's a horrible feeling to be without a way to go especially if you live way out in the boonies like she does.  

There are huge protests going on all across the country over Trump's immigration policy.  I admire these folks for raising hell over what many of us believe in.  Something's gotta' give, seriously.  As it turns out Justice Kennedy was outed just days after his resignation for "pandering."  How convenient for the GOP.

That big old tree is still laying in the yard but I could care less.  There's not a thing that I personally can do about it.  It will take a crew with chainsaw to clean up the mess.  That sucker split right down the middle and has been here since I moved in.  

The windows aren't moving anymore and I don't get it.  Those two stained glass ones are epic and gorgeous.  The others are just as good.  I guess you have to appreciate art to understand the value of the history that took place behind them.

Y'all stay cool cuz it's another scorcher.  Peace and love ^j^

Friday, June 29, 2018

mother nature

There was a fierce storm going on right as I was getting ready for bed.  When I got up the first time I could see that it had taken a tree down across the driveway which ( thankfully ) didn't take the power line.  As I ventured out late this morning I found more big pecan limbs scattered along the road and it was obvious that the neighbors had to move a few just to get out.  There's a big one down between my house and theirs.  I'm assuming it was straight line winds because there was a lot of thunder and lightening.  These ancient pecan trees are bad about just dropping a giant limb even without bad weather.  I barely missed getting squished by one.  The one in my yard is a redbud split right down the middle.  According to my friend, her tree cutting friend is "very busy."  

Another day, another mass shooting.  More thoughts and prayers.  Meanwhile the powers that be are plotting to replace Justice Kennedy with somebody hand picked to overturn Roe v Wade.  I have a real problem with this, but that doesn't seem to matter.  As a teenager, when abortion was illegal, i heard horror stories about illegal ones which amounted to torture including the old coat hanger trick.  I hope there's a plan to care for all these to be born children besides putting them in cages.  

I'm a feminist by nature and I believe that a woman's right to choose is the sanest way to go.  I am against late term abortions  exceptt when the mother's life is in danger but from what I've read they're targeting as early as 15 weeks.  Women are being denied access to birth control because of the right wingers pulling funds from Planned Parenthood.  When I was in college I went to PP for my birth control.  If not, I probably would have been pregnant before I graduated.  Federal funds have NEVER been used for abortion.  

Honestly, I don't know what to think.  Our freedoms are slowly but surely getting stripped yet the only people hollering are the gun owners because they can't have bump stocks.  Boo fucking hoo.  Somewhere along the line we have lost the meaning of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  

Build your wall.  Have your parade.  Listen to lying dictators and piss off all our allies.  Because YOU have the power dude.  It doesn't matter what the people think who didn't elect you.  Russia did that.  I had to snicker at Trey Gowdy telling them to take what they have to "the damn grand jury."  This is the man who had the HRC emails and Benghazi like a dog with a bone.  SMH.

I get to see my babies tomorrow.  Yay and yay!  In the end, that's what's important.  My insurance agent just called ( bless his heart ) and he's been working trying to find me an affordable life insurance policy.  Brian Hinson will work like a dog for you if you're a reliable customer.  

I delivered a batch of cucumbers to my friend today and she offered to pay me for them!  I don't eat the things...she can have as many as she wants fo' free.  I just like them because they grow fast and give me something to pick.

Time to go see if the garden blew away ^j^

Thursday, June 28, 2018

lost in space

I tend to piddle by nature going from one thing from the next and never finishing anything.  I sleep late unless I have a reason to get up like church or an appointment.  And I have time to let my mind explore and my body heal.  I am currently watching a thunderstorm develop just like yesterday.  It's amazing to watch when you take the time to cloud watch.  Last night's 99% moon was gorgeous and I watched it rise and move over my bedroom window during the night.  I silently said hello to my dear friend Hazen.  

My outing du jour was to pick up a tshirt for a friend's campaign and a stop at the chicken store.  Oh, and of course, the 'gentral.  I like Forrest Street now that it's been remodeled.  I'm planning a Jackson run on Saturday to see if Reaves is walking yet.  It wouldn't surprise me at.all.  

I just read about the pipeline explosion in WV and that makes me really sad.  The community in Virginia where my brother lives has been fighting Dominion for months to try and stop their pipeline from running through the area.  And this is one of the many reasons.

No Trump talk today except to express EXTREME concern over the vacant SCOTUS seat.  With that swing vote gone, the GOP has total control.  But then they do anyway so there you go.  Midterms people.  Get out and vote.  

Over and out from Pecan Lane ^j^

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

civil discourse

As defined by Wiki it is engagement in conversation to promote understanding.  This does not include trolling people's FB pages and picking fights.  When you start the name calling, you've lost me and have, in fact, crossed the line of civility.  People of all political persuasions do it, and I'm not defending one party as being better than the other when it comes to this matter.  If you agree to disagree with me I love you like chicken.  We can have adult conversations about issues and policy.  It's very hard to discuss things like religion or politics because everybody insists on being right.  

I do not like Trump as POTUS nor did I like him on The Apprentice.  It is my right to believe that way.  Nothing you can say or do will help me see any redeeming value in what he has done since taking office, especially the musical chairs game with staff.  Would HRC have been any better?  We'll never know.  All I know is that the changing cast of characters up there is very unsettling for a country that seems at a loss for how to stop the madness.  The ONLY way, is to vote.  Even though there was collusion involved in the last presidential election, it was exposed and I don't believe it happens that much at the state level.  Consider the stunning upset in New York where a twenty something progressive beat an incumbent.  Grass roots is what's up kids.  This chick was literally a nobody and managed to beat the odds.  That's what happens when you care enough to listen to the candidate and vote with your sense of moral responsibility.  And  BTW, the incumbent conceded to her with congratulations!  That's civil discourse.

Which brings me to the local scene and how dirty it can get even at that level.  There is a race going with an incumbent who is actually calling people who have her competition's signs in their yards asking "What did I ever do to you?"  If it were me I'd be campaigning on "what can I do FOR you?" which is precisely what her opposition is doing.  

I don't play politics well because I'm very naive about the inner workings of the good old boy system.  I just do what I think is good and right for our community, state and country.  

My one stargazer lily has finally bloomed after I cut off the branches that were hiding it from the sun.  I have two in the kitchen that I can smell from here.  It's the little things that make me happy.


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

for the beauty of the earth

It's always beautiful but often complicated by people who think that it will last forever.  At the current rate, your great grandchildren will be underwater if on the coast.  There are wildfires everywhere.  Plus people shooting kids at school.  I do not blame any of this on Trump.  It's been happening for years.  I remember the tsunami in Indonesia with Nate and his friend.  The earth is shifting around so to speak.

As the glaciers melt, sea level rises.  At the same time there are droughts in forested areas that result in horrific fires of fine wood lands.  You gotta' believe that when you plant a tree it will grow. Most of mine have.

Lest you think I have lost my mind, I'm just pensive today about a lot of things.  I picked two squash and another cucumber and watered.  That's what I've accomplished but laundry is coming up.

Peace out ^j^

Monday, June 25, 2018

the non-lunch

I had plans to meet a couple of friends at El!Patio! *clap clap* today.  As I was getting out the shower one friend called to tell me that the other was in the ER with high blood pressure so, no lunch for us.  I was dressed and ready so I went on up to the ER to hang out with her and watch the monitor.  After two doses of Clonidine and a 2nd dose of her usual BP med, they let her go to follow up with her provider in East Tennessee when she gets home.  She was worried about her doggie and praying not to be admitted.  I was impressed with her care.

While I was there a couple of co-workers saw me sitting there and stopped to chat.  One was Joy, the super nurse in OR that I requested as my own for this last surgery.  The other was a nurse who works in case management almost exclusively in ER.  We had nice long chats about life and such and it was just like being home.  I miss those folks a lot....ALMOST all of them.  I will always be a part of their family but there's a lot of new faces.  

I'm mulling over quitting smoking for a couple of reasons including my health and the expense.  It will be hard because I've been at it for a lot of years.  The other day as I sat outside with Reaves in her walker I noticed her watching me with a cigarette and it struck me that's how we learn.  Not a good thing to model for your grandchild.  Let us pray on that one. Both of my parents smoked when I was growing up but Daddy quit in his 30s.  Mom kept right on until her second hospitalization for pneumonia.  Neither of my brothers ever picked it up.

It's hot again, but not so humid which helps.  Gotta to check on the produce shortly and give it some much needed water.  Plus some food.  

Y'all have a great week and consider a sale at Poopie's house of windows for your next project!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

another blessing

My old picker friend Bill came by to check out the windows I'm in love with for a guy who is building a house.  He took some pictures and will get with his guy.  They are VERY old and fragile, probably not suited to be used as a real window.  He had money in hand but decided he'd better wait so we wandered around the house like pickers do and he ended up giving me a nice sum for a small piece because he's kind that way.  We go all the way back to childhood.  It was good to catch up with him.  

My cousin Millette is cooking home made mozzarella which sounds pretty cool and labor intensive.  She's adventurous like that.  We talked while she took me through the steps and promised a picture of the finished product.  Sounds great.  

I'm working on batch 2 of cucumbers, this one for Aleece.  The maters are taking their time and squash too.  I haven't checked today but I'm sure there's some little surprise out there.  So, I'm still in the business of selling windows.  Come and shop!

And always, remember who you are.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

grammaw time and window slinging

I hit the road early this morning to keep Reaves for several hours so Lauren could get some sleep following an all nighter.  At about the Crockett county line I hit fog so dense you could barely see.  Right past Friendship there was a BAD wreck and I prayed that whoever was in that mess of a car lived.  I got to the apartment before Lauren did so I picked Reaves up from Aunt Erica who had an "eventful" night where nobody got any sleep.  

Reaves is a Mama's girl and doesn't like the routine to change.  Now that Lauren is back on odd shifts, she senses her absence acutely.  It was all cool until Mama walked in the door and she began to act like a heathern refusing to go to sleep.  Once Lauren was out of sight and in the bed, we worked things out.  We played and she ate and we played some more.  She crawled everything in the place, including me.  Girl  has some speed on her now and you have to watch her closely.  Somehow she managed to pull the door off the kitchen cabinet which didn't really hurt her, but scared the crap out of her resulting in more wailing.  She was busily playing when her Daddy arrived to pick her up.  

When I got back I had a window delivery to make so here we go with our wares out Finley way where I got to visit with my old friends Patsye and Cyndi at "the cottage."  Patsye's dog Sally was hiding in the bushes when I left.  I guess she was hot.

I have put a high price on the windows I got yesterday because they are worth it.  Not only are they fine pieces of work, they are quite old.  And this is my retirement income, so to speak.  Eventually I will run out and have to find another source but for now it's keeping me (barely) floating.  Praise be.

Y'all keep smiling....and shining ^j^

Friday, June 22, 2018

what a day can bring

When I went to bed last evening at sunset, the phone was turned off charging.  Bubba came by this morning and reminded me that it's 1030 and he couldn't believe I just got up.  We walked the yard looking for what the tree guy needs to do.  When I got woke up enough I found that I had a message from a friend.  This is the guy who has gotten a triple fudge bundt cake (almost) every year.  They're moving to a new place and he found the Christmas plate I asked him to save plus he had a couple of windows he thought I  might like to have.  I headed down there and found the plate already in bubble wrap.  When I saw that window I went into antique geek mode.  They were too big for my car so I rounded up a friend to help me transport.  

Jonathan and I got 'em into the house and then sat on the porch enjoying today's breeze and talking about life.  We went to high school together and have kids the same age.  His wife Sheila and I used to be lab rats back in the day.  Long history, to say the least.  We agreed to disagree on politics.  As for religion, we are of kindred heart.  

I have early grammaw duty tomorrow, picking Lauren up from work and playing with Reaves while she sleeps a minute.  Maybe we can swim again!!  I'll take my suit just in case.  

Let freedom ring.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

yo mama

I just watched the latest episode of Handmaid's Tale and bawled my eyes out.  For some reason I see Gilead as sort of similar to what's happening at the border.  Like the handmaids, many of these people are separated from their kids and just waiting for the next shoe to drop.  When Hannah remembered who June was I lost it.  Being able to keep our kids in a safe home is the #1 priority for parents.  

Here's the thing with the immigrant situation.....everybody who lives in the USA is an immigrant from some country.  Being "born" here doesn't always happen.  If illegals are treated as such, they are not able to become productive citizens who pay taxes on their wages for the "free benefits."  Hispanics normally take the jobs Americans don't want because they're used to working hard.  The reason more of them have not become citizens is because the process is lengthy and cumbersome.  I say if anybody from ANY country wants to live and work here, have at it.  There should be an entire cabinet position dedicated to solving this dilemma and it ain't ICE.  Building a multi billion dollar wall when our country is teetering is the most absurd thing ever.  

I got the sad news that another co-worker has passed....Kelly Jo was only 33 and the sweetest kindest soul you would ever hope to know.  Kickass nurse.  Recently married and got a diagnosis not too long after.  Makes you wonder.

We had rain last night and more is on the way I believe.  Field corn is soon to be ready for that one day it's good to eat.  I wonder though about the chemicals it's treated with.  That can't be good for you. I haven't dipped my toes in the water that is today's news except to see the headline that the family separation reversal only runs for 20 days.  God bless Melania for showing up.

Praise be ~

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

celebrate life

I just left a little country church where the life of my friend is being celebrated.  I got there 30 minutes early and was amazed at the already packed pews.  I mixed and mingled and got a lot of hugs.  Her daughters are like my own, especially Allison.  

We had another planning meeting this morning for the Damascus benefit with a rep present from the company that runs the competitions.  As it turns out he lives just down the highway from me.  Small world.  I then went on a tour of the facility under construction and was amazed at how much has been done already.  Steep steps lead up to the living quarters which overlooks the new dog park.  There will be 16 beds when construction is complete.  This is a sorely needed ministry in our little 'burg.  All of this is in the same building with the thrift store.  

I noticed on the drive to Finley there's a new 'gentral at Middle City.  I bet folks down that way LOVE it because it keeps them from going all the way to town.  I dropped off a bag of cucumbers for my friend Vicki at the salon this morning as promised.  The way they're growing there will be plenty to go around.  

Looks like rain is pretty much on the way tonight but I'll probably water anyway.  And then?  Start rolling pennies!

Y'all be blessed.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

sage wisdom

Cousin Marilyn has this saying that we both understand all too well.  "A mother is only as happy as her least happy child."  I thought of that today as I talked with my only child about life.  She is exhausted in every way possible and there's nothing I can do to help.  She tries so hard to do the next right thing and be true to herself and has been at the mercy of a system that doesn't serve her or Reaves well.  There's lots of spiritual and emotional support from the Aspell community but pretty much, she's on her own with a 9 month old who is teething and miserable yet totally adorable.

I wish I could fix it but I can't.  I trust enough in God that I believe the doors will open for them at the right time.  That's what I do with my own life, basically.  I've seen enough miracles in 62 years to know that the universe is good and so are people.  When you least expect, karma comes around.

I am literally sick about this cage situation and separation of kids from parents.  It is a legitimate humanitarian crisis at our border and still the back biting and blaming continue instead concern for these kids.  Jesus doesn't like that, I guarantee you.

As you can tell my mood is "meh".  I'll get over it like I always do but more and more it's becoming a struggle to believe in good with a world gone crazy.  Come on mid-terms.  


Monday, June 18, 2018

one day at a time

I had to go pay the past due utility bill today and thanks to a loan from a friend was able to not get cut off.  I'm still struggling with trying to make ends meet, so to speak.  What I make from selling things on the side is a real help.  There's another multi window deal due to go down later this week.  It costs about 120 a month to keep the yard mowed which will run from now through August.  I haven't heard yet what my BK payment will be post petition.  The word on that should come this week.  I'm three years in *sigh*.  I knew when I retired that things would be tight but didn't really feel it until now.  

Speaking of yard mowing, they're out there at it currently.  We've had just enough rain to keep it , shall we say, lush and tall. Yaya came for a much needed visit last night after walking laps at the park.  We have this ritual of saying "love you more" and seeing who gets the last word in before hanging up.  She brought me a picture that says just those words.  We go all the way back to early childhood.  Our mothers worked together and played bridge together forever.  

I know I shouldn't look ahead, but I'm ready for fall and it isn't even the first day of summer until Thursday.  The heat is relentless with only a breeze here and there for relief.  I feel really bad for folks who are out working in it, especially if they don't have a place to cool off when they go home.  

It's time to go piddle and purge.  Y'all be careful out there ^j^

Sunday, June 17, 2018

my daddy

When I was born in 1955 Daddy was finishing up his ag degree at UTM so me and mama stayed at her parents' house on College street until he got out.  The next year we moved to the cabin and he began managing Calcutt Farm and working as a plant protection control specialist for the USDA.  He did both jobs until he was eligible for federal retirement at age 55.  He was raised Southern Baptist but converted to the UMC when I was little.  We were there every Sunday until I left to go to college.  My brothers came along 3 and 7 years later respectively.  

When I was growing up I failed to appreciate the finer points of farming knowing only that when the crops came in there was a little extra cash.  His father was a poor sharecropper who put Daddy and the girls to work early.  I don't think he was a very good father to any of them but then he didn't know any better.  They were poor and he often walked or caught rides to town from RoEllen.  By the grace of God and Sam Reed he was awarded a scholarship to get that degree in agriculture.

I don't think he knew quite what to do with me since I was the girl so he just kinda' left that to Mom.  I remember us going to family reunions in Blue Mountain Mississippi where his kinfolk lived.  Daddy was a hard worker, a faithful Christian and a rabid UT fan, not necessarily in that order.  Because he retired early he immediately began giving back to the community in a million ways.  He was a Paul Harris fellow in Rotary and former president and lifetime board member of the Dyer County Fair Association.  

I see a lot of  him in me now.  I learned to love gardening from him and I'm sure he smiled when I discovered those squash yesterday.  He instilled in me honesty, loyalty and a sense of giving to the least of these.  His volunteer service included Redcoat at the hospital and on and on.  He was never one to be idle.  If nothing else, he would walk the yard to see what was coming up.  We did that a lot together in his last years.  

Lauren was the apple of his eye and when we moved out here when she was 4 they became constant companions on the tractor and whatnot.  She was the only grandchild for many years and got all the attention.  

He's been gone for almost 3 years but he's with me all the time in the form of nature.....birds, the seasons of growth and change.  I miss him and there are so many things I wish I had told him including how much I admired him.  

Our church now has a baptismal tub for those who choose to be dunked vs sprinkled.  Today was the first day I had witnessed that via live stream from the chapel to the congregation.  That was followed by a very moving sermon based on an Old Testament story I had never heard about Ichabod and how that name means "glory is gone."  Who among us has not felt that an Ichabod?

To all you fathers and mentors who act like fathers, enjoy your day and your kids.  It's what life is all about.


Saturday, June 16, 2018

in loving memory

Elizabeth, aka Liz and I go wayyyyyy back.  Not only were we co-workers for years but we raised our girls together.  She's the one who taught me to use dryer lint for a fire starter because she brought it to Camp Hazelwood when our kids were all in the same tent.  Lauren broke out in hives from the woods and lake water the first time around so we dosed her up with steroids the next year.

Liz was one of those who went above and beyond for the company.  She was always in the middle of every fund raising event that our company was a part of.  As mentioned before, she and I did the dirty work of an IT conversion when CHS bought the hospital.  We rode together to Jackson for months to learn how to code and build tests and whatnot.  It was one of the most stressful times in my life but I enjoy teaching so there ya go.  The install guy told me that normally the company pays for them to do the training but they were converting seven hospitals and decided to "cut costs" by using employees as super users.  

Liz loved all things country, especially horses and trail rides.  She was a loyal mother, wife and friend.  We last talked about a month ago and she sounded very weak.  Heaven has gained another angel and I'm grateful she's not suffering anymore.  

When I called my friend Janie B at work to tell her the news she told me that another co-worker is in about the same shape at a local nursing home. I immediately took off to visit Sharon and startled her when I touched her sleeping face.  She was struggling to breathe and talk so I kept it short.  Carol called when I was getting in the car and we had a 2 hour chat after I got home.  We both needed it. 

Life is short people. Do all the good you can wherever and whenever you can.  I believe that's a Wesley quote.


Friday, June 15, 2018

gettin' my hustle on

I didn't wake up dizzy today so there's a good thing!  I'm pretty much sure it's dehydration so I've upped the water and gatorade.  I had to deliver a window today and there's no steps on the cabin so I took my own and still had to scoot on my butt to get up there.  Bubba pulled up while I was loading it and we chatted until the heat got too much.  Laurie did the happiest dance you ever saw when I brought her that window.  She's a repeat customer and I'm a former client of hers.  I didn't notice but one of the panes was cracked and she immediately conjured up the notion of hanging a silver star in that space after the glass is removed.  Very creative, she is.  

The carpenter is due to start on steps, windows and fireplace in the next week or two.  That will really spruce it up.  Bubba wants me to collect things to go in a time capsule and even has a spot picked out for it.  100 years from now, history.

I'm grateful to be in here under the air again.  That one little outing did me in.  Ya'll stay safe and hydrated!  Muah*

Thursday, June 14, 2018

dizzy redux

For the second day in a row I have almost passed out on a parking lot.  It scared me enough to go get my BP checked and it was 145/68.  I believe the 68 is the problem.  I've been told by a couple of nurse friends that heat does that to folks who are on BP meds.  I'm just trying to lay low and stay inside.  If this continues, I'll be headed to the FNP.  I've also noticed that after I've driven for awhile, when I get out of the car I'm dizzy.  Who knows.

Enough about me.  I'm blessed beyond measure in spite of the aches and pains of getting older.  I have a lot of friends and a daughter and grandchild who fill me with joy.  It really makes me mad to hear people whining about the little things because really?  It's all small stuff.  

Sounds like the Trump foundation is in deep dodo and that doesn't surprise me a bit.  Evidently some of that non-profit money went for campaign expenses or something like that.  I don't even read the whole stories anymore because they make me sick.  

Hoping all is well with you and yours.  A big shout out to my friend Cheryl Patterson who is recovering from a horrible accident in which her mother died.  She's back on FB so that's a good sign!

I'm still on the learning curve with the new finances and it's kind of a stretching of funds to cover the basics.  I usually end up a day late and a dollar short.  My attorney petitioned the court to lower my BR payment to the lowest level and the motion was approved.  Not sure what it will be but at least it's in the system.

I read a piece today on why humid heat is worse than dry heat and it makes sense because of the lack of evaporation of sweat when the humidity is high.  Which is almost always is here in the burg.  


Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I don't know if it's the heat or what but my stamina is not worth a dime today.  I woke up kind of dizzy headed so I decided to pass on going to Jackson.  While I was running errands I almost fell out talking to Bubba on the parking lot at Kroger.  He said I was literally shaking!  I've noticed a problem with my balance before, and usually the dizzy spells are preceded by bright flashy lights kind of like an aura.  Maybe I'm catching migraines in my old age.  

We got a heckuva rain yesterday and the most severe part of the storm system went north through Lake county.  I just turned off the air, opened the doors and listened to the thunder.  The wheat cutting is on hold until it dries out.  The corn children are now adults and closing in.  

One of my errands was an oil change and I went to a different place this time that I highly recommend.  Burks Auto Lube is the bomb.  Quick, thorough and sweet as pie.  It already runs better.

I'm hunkering down for the day so as not to overheat and fall face first in the yard.  The garden got enough rain that it'll be fine without water today.  Who the heck knows.  That monster of a storm  yesterday came out of nowhere with a 40% chance.  Heat and humidity.  Ack.  

Carry on young people ~ Frances Yarbro

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

hills and valleys

Oh my goodness did we have a good time.  All three of us are exhausted but it was great to be a family together.  Like really CLOSE together.  All three of us plus the two dogs slept on my bed.  Even after a hard 2 hour nap she went down at 9 and except for a bottle or two during the night lasted 'til 6:30.  Lauren went to Java and Reaves promptly went back to sleep about the time we got ready for breakfast.  Hey...WE were wide awake!  We watched Pim and Pimba and did a bit more swinging after that nap while Lauren loaded the car.  Which included the pool in the trunk.  We stopped by the cabin to take a couple of pics on the way out of town.  That's when it happened.

Lauren drove which is half the burden off me.  As we pulled into Jackson proper she discovered she didn't have her phone.  Ugh.  We back tracked where we had been and she remembered it falling out at the cabin but she got distracted with something else.  So we're unloaded this old ass car with her looking at another trip to Dyersburg and back for said phone.  As we pulled up Aunt Erica came out and we told her what was up.  As fate would have it her husband was in Dyersburg for an appointment so we got in touch with him and he went and found it.  What a save Uncle Bo!

I can tell the difference in gas prices now, even with my one little trip to Jackson each week.  Of course it's prolly because the damn car is 17 years old with no hubcaps, tail light cover or passenger side door handle.  It's like a mini-series watching me try to keep that thing alive.  But if I don't?  I'm screwed.  The manifold is damaged and you can hear it roaring a mile away.

Something I failed to mention is that Liz and I were co-workers at the sawmill for our entire careers.  She gave her all to everything she did and got a bit used like me.  When Methodist sold us to CHS, she and I were part of the IT conversion which was the biggest cluster you'd ever hope to see.  SEVEN hospitals at once.  And now, they're doing it again.  

Monday, June 11, 2018

the thunder rolls

It's right across the river again and we need it.  I scooped up the girls this morning and we hit up the 'gentral for an 8 dolla' pool for Reaves.  That lasted about 15 minutes which is all the heat we could take.  The company chair that has been holding the redneck water hose is officially dead because I sat in it and my ass fell through.  

After that she swang and LOVED it.  That thing has been there since Jordan was a baby and it's still a source of joy.  Reaves is growing a lot of teeth which is kind of painful.  She had mashed taters and meat loaf twice today!  My Mama would be proud.  

I'm not exactly sure what time it is in Singapore but it should be almost a meeting of minds.  Note to DT:  Never bullshit a bullshitter.  Or at the very least, don't piss 'em off.

I'm still pimping windows to try and afford an Ed Sherhan ticket.  Blessed be the fruit.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

snooze and lose

I thought I hit snooze when the alarm went off this morning for church.  When I woke up it was 10:30 and church half over.  Hmmmm.  Must have turned it off.

Anna and her crew came out yesterday to get an old door she bought and we decided pretty quick that since she had a back seat passenger it wasn't going to work.  She and Steve came back this morning with the back seat down ready to haul that baby.  It was just BARELY sticking out.  I love me a woman with a trusty Camry.  I've hauled everything in mine from wheat straw to furniture.  The trunk is scattered with straw and minus a spare where the thief took it.  Wonder if he's still in county?  That was two years ago.  

We did, indeed, get a good rain yesterday and I had already watered so the garden is happy.  The way it's looking I'll have plenty of yellow squash to share!  I have to go out there now and then and train it to go a different direction so as to not overtake everything else.  Same with cucumber.  I've never used tomato cages but I think it's gonna be a necessity because of the compact area.  I gave 'em a little dose of calcium nitrate yesterday before the rain.  

As usual Trump is pissing people off and the ones like Trudeau who stand up to him are summarily dismissed as collateral damage in his quest to take over the world.  Woe is the USA right now.  I suspect that Mueller's investigation is dragging out as long as possible to have an impact on mid-terms.  Good move.  If nothing else, it should mix Congress up a bit.  

It's blazing hot still.  Reaves and Lauren are coming for an overnighter tomorrow so she will be confined to my room!!  That's okay....she can watch the penguin cartoon after we swing.  That being said, I've gotta get this house in order so we can cook dinner and have a clean fork.  

Happy Sunday to all y'all and your mama'n'them.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

chicken fried

I love to cook but don't do it much because I hate washing dishes.  Yesterday I laid out some chicken strips for the afternoon and fried those puppies up with an egg and flour batter, Mama Stafford style.  Me and Helen ate good just saying.  She needed some oil earlier in the day so I poured out half the bottle for that bird.  Nomnom. I've discovered that one of the culprits of cooking dinner is that we always have to have sides.  Heck, if it's good stuff I'll eat it all and save the mashed 'taters for another time.  I ate grilled squash, onions and goat cheese ravioli for two days.  

It's so hot and humid I don't go out until mid afternoon to water my little garden with the redneck hose getup.  I have several green tomatoes so it's calcium nitrate time to prevent rot.  The squash blossoms are every where.  The cucumbers are blooming also.  Gonna' have to watch that mowing crew!

Meanwhile in Trump talk, he has alienated just about every ally we have and is trusting Putin.  Um.  I have no words, just a prayer that when I die, it's quick.  Aw heck, I might even move to Canada even though they burned down the White House.

I was chatting with a guy the other day who has traveled the world and asked me what three places I'd like to visit.  Belize was #1 followed by Canada.  I had a hard time picking #3 but after seeing Julia's post I'd say Ireland.  

There's a rogue thunderstorm coming so I might not have to do the redneck hose thing after all.

Don't stop believing ~

Friday, June 8, 2018

feed the need

I cannot tell you the last time I had a steak.  When I go out it's usually to El Patio or something like that.  Last night Mamye and Steve were here visiting and the conversation turned to "what's for supper."  Mamye wanted a steak from Abe's and bought me one too!  All the silverware was dirty but we just ate with our hands....I mean wolfed it down.  They are true friends.

Bubba called this morning to see if I wanted to go look through death records with him.  They are bound in books in the garage of the funeral home.  We covered a lot of years looking specifically for the names of the farm owner's family but just for kicks looked up my PawPaw who died the year Bubba was born at the age of 45.  We also found HIS mother Allie whom we called Granny.  As usual it was nice to visit with KayKay and Janie.  Kay and I have been friends since about the age of 2 and have more tales to tell than you can imagine.

Reaves' daddy posted a video of her with this little push toy that she can hold onto while she learns to walk and she's doing quite well with it.  She will be 9 months old in a couple of weeks.  Our big girl!

Ya'll be safe and happy.  And always remember who you are ^j^

Thursday, June 7, 2018

what a dilemma

Part of me wanted to laugh and other part to cry when I watched the video of Trump's self congratulatory little celebration where he didn't even know the words.  I guess they weren't on the screen like at any other sing along.  It scares me to see things like this especially in retaliation for the Eagles RVSP of two players, the owner and the mascot.  Yes I will sing the national anthem and God Bless America at the top of my lungs but you cannot MAKE me.  

Meanwhile all these kids are in cages at the border, separated from their parents and sleeping on the floor in little "camps" wondering what the hell is going on.  It's despicable.  

I could vote for a decent Republican, don't get me wrong.  This man is out of control and it probably takes a billion in payroll to keep him floating.  My friend Carl mentioned that the Dems and progressives ( besides Bernie ) are not doing enough to pump up some strong leadership.  I agree wholeheartedly.  He scares me for myself, my future and that of my family.  Anybody who is that self absorbed can't represent what America stands for and represent our people.

It's been a train wreck since the beginning and while I don't fight about it, it baffles me the loyalty that so many people have for the current POTUS.  Anybody can make a power point on economy growth and make it all look rosy.  Fake news goes both ways.

So...I'm broke as a joke and pimping windows on the side until the eagle flies.  I've been blessed with a lot of acts of kindness lately and that makes me feel loved and appreciated.  It also tells me that if you do the next right thing?  It always comes back around.

Integrity ~

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

networking 201

Kathy and I had a brainstorming session and exchange of info at The Mill today concerning the benefit for Damascus which is still in its' infancy.  I'm networking my little heart out and still have lots of calls to make and doors to knock on.  The good thing is that I've lived here all my life and if I don't know somebody I know somebody who does! It was just us for awhile and then another member came in so we moved on armed with lists of things to do.  We were both tired anyway.

I know that there are deer living here but it still startles me when one comes in my path.  Today's deer was swift and on a mission to get back to the woods.  They live in two places, one on each side of the lane.  Beautiful creatures.

My last totem was a black widow spider which I didn't even bother too look up because uh.  It can't be good. He's living in the kitchen window between glass and screen.  Good luck with that buddy.  That window will remain closed.

Today is "no political chatter" day on my blog so no rants.  Mamye was out here yesterday when her neighbor called and said there was a helicopter landing in the field across the road.  Seems some guy used GASOLINE on a fire and blew himself up.  Bless it.  I hope he's okay.  

I had a cherry limeade from Sonic this morning and I had forgotten how good they are.  They're not on the discount menu though.  


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

and so it goes

That was one of the favorite lines of my late friend Old Horsetail Snake.  It pretty much sums up life in general.  Change is constant and there is no way to predict what the future will bring.  Knowing that in your heart takes a huge load off of a control freak like me.  If you had asked me this time last year where I saw my future, it was in that lab.  Sure I looked around and shopped for an out when I got frustrated, but I was so far in it seemed pointless to start over at my age.  I was trapped and overworked and knew it.  The surgery in December is what made the decision for me.  And I left on my own terms.  

Kate Spade hung herself which makes me sad.  It just goes to show you that fame and fortune don't always bring happiness.  It's primary day in a lot of states and I'm hyped about seeing the end result.  I suspect the trend away from the GOP will continue with gusto.  Sounds like you know who could possibly lose his freedom on bail because of witness tampering.  Some people never learn.

As you know I'm an activist for cannabis rights and availability.  Tennessee would be the perfect state for production yet we can't even get the powers that be to accept Medicaid money to care for those who have no health insurance.  Mark my words, Big Pharm is behind the cannabis battle because it cuts WAY into their profits.  Meanwhile THC is not only NOT a dangerous drug, NOT chemically produced and an effective method of opiate withdrawal. 

I can't wait to get Reaves in that little swing out front.  She'll be swinging in a diaper!  

Monday, June 4, 2018

out on a limb

So SCOTUS ruled in favor of the dude who wouldn't make a wedding cake for a gay couple.  There is no telling how much money was spent to carry this to a decision which finds one baker not guilty of discrimination for refusal of sale.  I am a huge gay rights supporter and will stand for anti-discrimination involving any group.  However, IMO this man as a business owner can choose not to serve a customer.  Is it a biased decision?  Hell yes.  Dude, I'm a Christian too but I don't throw all that hatred around because to me Jesus is love and tolerance.  A friend posted earlier today that per the Bible " Every miracle started with a problem." I read a piece that actually explained what the decision is about and there was a lot of urging for tolerance.  That would serve us all well.  As long as what you're doing doesn't hurt me or mine, carry on. This is America not puritanical New England.

Which brings me around to the evangelicals and separation of church and state.  This is a real pet peeve of mine and I was profoundly aware of the total absence of government at the latest service I attended.  It was all about church which is how it should be.  I also believe public schools should be the same way.  It is the job of parents or mentors to train a child in spirituality, not a school teacher who has to go to work armed.  He or she has enough on their plate.  

The Parkland kids are taking a road trip prior to the midterms urging young people to register and vote.  THIS is action.  We all have the opportunity to vote  and it's one thing we can do to bring change.  Research your candidates.   Find out what they have done not just what people say.  That's wasting your vote if you are swayed by a political group or their smear tactics.  

So see?  I'm not a total snowflake but pretty damn close.  Y'all keep smiling...keep shining ^j^

Sunday, June 3, 2018

another day in paradise

I slept late (again) because my body needs the rest.  My friends Julia and Albert came out to sit a spell on the front porch with a nice breeze and reasonable temps.  Lovely.  Albert is a carpenter by trade and they were both wanting to see the cabin up close and personal so we went down there and did a walk through.  It still amazes me to see what's happening at that old house.

I've not looked at anything resembling the news in two days and I'm good with that.  It's all he said she said being blown way out of proportion and is dividing us a nation. I hear all the time that the liberal MSM aka the devil is running the show.  Actually I think people are tired of the partisan bullshit and looking for another way to live.  I would like to personally thank President Obama for the health insurance that I have in between employee sponsored and Medicare.  

Speaking of which, the transition of Tennova Dyersburg to West Tennessee Healthcare is now beginning, starting all over with paper payroll.  I see a big IT conversion on the horizon so I hope Jason gets some help.  

No other news here.  Time to water the tiny garden ^j^

Saturday, June 2, 2018

grammaw time

Lauren had two meetings today and I was gonna' head that way around 9 but she called to ask if I could come earlier.  I jumped out of bed and got my errands done then hit 412.  Traffic was light and Jack FM good as usual.  I didn't do too well on "name that band" today.  Reaves and Lauren and Sarah pulled up right after I did bringing breakfast from Starbucks.  I didn't know they had food!  Anyway, off they went to do meetings and whatnot.  Layla and Holly showed up right after that and Layla is at just the right age to play dress up the baby.  We finally managed to get her all dressed up, including silver sparkly sandals but she was NOT happy.  This child lives in a diaper unless she's going somewhere.  

After all that diaper and clothes changing we ended up with no shoes, headband or bloomers.  Just a cute short little dress.  She was exhausted so Layla went home and I rocked her to sleep with a bottle.  She slept hard for 45 minutes and when she woke up she was wailing with teething pain.  Fortunately Eric and BayBay showed up and helped with the gum numbing.  As a value added piece,  my Aspell hero Galen came by to give me a hug.  

All that baby wanted was her Mama who showed up quickly.  Poor thing.  Erica bought her a tiny silver crown for her first birthday which is coming up quick.  She will be 9 months old on the 21st and stands holding onto the coffee table to watch cartoons.  She wants to walk so bad she can't stand it, cruising around that table and laying over it like a desk while she watches BabyTV.  Where has time gone?

A lot has happened since she was born.  The postpartum period was "complicated" and then I had surgery and retired.  Boom.  It was like her birth was the catalyst for life change with all involved.  Praise Be.  


Friday, June 1, 2018

beauty and gossip day

I keep my hair short because it's zero maintenance.  Every couple of months i visit Marla the wonderful at Headlines and she hooks me right up.  That includes facial waxing which is something I should have started years ago.  Even my elderly mother did it!  Besides getting the royal treatment from her, I got to witness a young black child get his afro tamed in the chair next to me while his Mom entertained him with her phone.  Cutest little dude EVER!  A visit to Headlines also offers a chance to get in a corner with Chucky and gossip.  Lord, the tales we can tell.  As I was leaving his next appointment was my late mother's lifelong friend Ms. Anne whom I have not seen since her son died.  We hugged and caught up and I showed her pictures of the cabin restoration.  Anne was part of the bridge club that rotated through that house for years.

On the way home the mailman was in front of me and he stopped and back up so I did too.  I wasn't sure what was up until he moved on and I then backed up to see the huge dead snake in the road. Okay, enough with the snakes already.  New life and all that.  I get it universe.  This one was unmarked and solid brownish.

We had some hella' storms here last night with about 2 inches of rain.  My brother the farm historian called to say he had spent time looking through death records for farm ancestors.  And he found a lot of what he was looking for.  The owner is trying to trace the property all the way back to 1800s land deed or sale.  Fascinating story.  

I'm not one to be adventurous on FB but I noticed a friend of a friend who looked kind of interesting so I sent him a request which he accepted.  I was kind of taken aback that he actually messaged me this morning and we had a proper chat once I got home from the running.  Friends are good.  All the time.  

Ya'll carry on with humility and keep the faith ^j^