Thursday, November 8, 2018

when tennis shoes die

You can pretty much tell when it's time.  The support isn't there like it used to be.  I've been shopping online for Black Friday deals for Brooks and Sketchers.  I bought the Launch that I'm wearing almost a year ago and they lasted longer than usual because I haven't been pounding the concrete halls of the hospital.  Now that I'm in an exercise class, I need something new.  Sketchers are cheaper, by a long shot.  

Freezing temps are on the way so buh bye kudzu.  The heat lamp in my pump house is broken so I made a trip to Lowe's for a replacement and hit up Sonic at the same time.  Also the 'gentral for cat litter.  I am animal poor.  

My friend remains in critical condition and it's a wait and see game.  She has a large circle of friends and family who are worried and praying ^j^.  Hang in there sister :)

Soooo....Sessions and Rosenstein are history and Mueller is getting ready to pull the trigger.  It gives me little comfort to think of the possibility of Pence as president with a Republican Senate majority.  Meanwhile some fool with a Glock committed mass murder and then shot himself.  I am clueless as to what the resolution is to this when nobody is willing to make the changes necessary.  If mental health is the issue, tighten that control.  From what I understand this dude was an active duty Marine for several years.  Never underestimate PTSD and the danger of putting a gun in someone's arsenal.  

Mental health is in crisis and has been for several years because of all that we have experienced.  The system, for the most part, is for profit and is actually reached only by those who realize they have a problem.  There's a lot of drugs involved yet mental  health issues are at the root of most addictions.  Co-occurring disease, if you will.  Hey...i'm almost a social worker too!

My yoga instructor brought up Melody Beattie yesterday and I immediately felt her.  The Language of Letting Go is my favorite book of all time.  She reads them religiously like I did at her age.  I should probably go to the library and get that one for a refresher course.  

Stay warm.  Don't worry, be happy :)

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