Sunday, February 21, 2016

virgo moon rising

Just another day in sawmill paradise for me this Sunday.  Things were steady but not overwhelming which is how I prefer.  My adrenaline stores don't last very long anymore even with caffeine.  I'm babying the bitch shoulder and stretching comfortably to keep things moving.  Torn up joints are a combination of too much yard work and osteoarthritis for years.  Chair yoga is my new BFF along with my sleeping pal the MFR ball.   We had some friends over for pizza last night and I checked out on 'em early because...4:30 wakeup!   I had the wildest dream about breaking the damn BRAND new picture window by knocking something over and I was steady trying to figure out how to not get killed or evicted.

Bubba and I reviewed progress on the homestead today and didn't stay long because actually, it's a sad feeling to be there now.  It passes of course, but it's pretty intense at the moment.  Everything is moved and it looks nothing like when they left months and months ago.  And yes.  there is a TON of stuff.    Hopefully I'll get gas money for the beach out of my part of the sale.  Interest is ,as they say, trending upward.  We begin a new chapter here on the lane soon with sprucing up and moving here there and yon.  It's seriously time to just find a happy place for all concerned.

Note to HRC from Poopie Jane:  Do not smack down Bernie Sanders when you know he's calling you out on things that should be addressed, namely disclosure.  If the DNC sees fit to let you not run a fair race, they will be terribly surprised when he runs independently and kicks not only YOUR ass but Trump's.   Or Cruz or whoever.  I could care less at this point. I've never pointed fingers at her for anything, most especially Benghazi because, hey.  Shit happens.  But here's the thing:  If you know and you cover it up?  It's like being a part of it.  Not cool sister.  That being said, I'm not sure what scares me more than a country led by Donald Trump unless it's Duck Dynasty people or the Bundy bunch.

After growing up conservative and flipping over to bleeding heart liberal, I find myself pleasantly in between party lines and looking across the aisle for strong points.  Not all Republicans are tightass control freaks.  Some are honestly devoted to the party's major goal of fiscal responsibility.  It's the trying to undo all things that have protected workers from industry over the years that will  ultimately sink them.  I hope I can be a fly on the wall when the Koch Brothers get beheaded by ISIS.

Call your mama'n them.  Tell them to keep the faith ~

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