Saturday, February 13, 2016

cupid tales

I'm off today and starting early to sort and pile because...paint is coming sometime.   The trash surrounding our house is becoming an eyesore and I'm surprised the city hasn't had complaints from the golf course.  When all is said and done, it will be clean and new and stay that way.  Ryan will make the yard look good this spring and summer and I've got a little cash for some wheat straw so there you go.  Instant food.  Since we've had no horse for two years after he FROZE to death out behind the barn, there's not much poop around for fertilizer.  I guess I'll have to make some compost tea like Lorna does.  Pride is buried right where he died, by the way.   Nobody but Becca ever paid much attention to him but during that last year or two he was smooth pampered.  She would get her mom or grandmother to drive her out with grooming supplies and treats and  have a little fun with him.  All I ever did was chase him back in the gate!  No..really.  We bonded.

Once upon a time in a land far away ( called the Azore Islands ) Billie Godwin Stafford secured a leave to come home and propose to his love Janice Ann Reaves.  Following his discharge from the Air Force they were married at the Methodist church on the corner of Main and McGaughey by the Reverand Bagby, I believe.  The dress hangs in my closet minus the honeymoon suit.  I'm glad they are together in a happy place where their faith and love of God has landed them.  I miss them terribly at times and at others not so much because our quality of time spent together over the past few years has been "complicated."

The reception was at her parents house on College hill and I have vintage black and white prints of the affair. This is the very same house she spent her high school years in and entertained friends on the porch.  From what I hear it was the place to be.  There were cars, but a lot more walking than now because you could get everything you needed in the neighborhood.  Pawpaw owned the 555 service station on the corner across from the church.  The Silver Castle cafe and Roberts' Chevrolet were next door.    There was a hardware store on the square and lots of shops.  Now it's mostly lawyers and accountants.

I'm working slowly through the grief  in my own time and own way which is what it is.  The thing I remember most about their anniversary is that they always gave each other presents or at least a card.  I can't tell you how many times I took him to Walgreens for chocolate truffles.  The world in which they now live consists of nothing but that kind of love and more.  LilyCat is behind my butt in the chair because she just CAN be and I'm in her seat. BG went for supplies this morning and brought me some roses and candy.  Gawd, I love that kid.

Love ~

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