Tuesday, February 2, 2016

the sound of silence

It's never completely quiet around here due to the constant hum of my mother's ancient Dell.  However, there are no power tools or hammers going so I'll take it.  Not that I'm ungrateful or anything...we just need breaks  from constant activity which is something contractors are famous for!  All doors are installed and a few windows.   I picked up a few paint chips but wasn't really in the mood because I'm easy like that.  Give me a neutral and I'm happy as a clam.  Gone are the days of getting off on decorating.  Mo can help me with that as soon as we have a viable plan and clean floors.

Heather is booking us a beach trip as I type that that's lifting my spirits by the minute.  It's been forever since I've had anything much to look forward to but more of the same.  To those who have not experienced caregiving in some form that might seem strange.  I remember it being that way when BG was a kid too. We are forever putting off enjoying the moment until that time when we have reached a goal like " being done."  In true unbroken circle fashion, it's never really a done deal.

I am taking deep breaths and reminding myself to keep doing that over and over but it comes more naturally now.  There is severe weather in the area and my teacher friend in Jackson spent her last 30 class minutes in the hall during a tornado warning.  It's sunny and windy from the south here, reflecting that activity our way.  It's supposed to be an early spring according to Phil and the buttercups are out so there you go.  Global warming.

So, how about Iowa kids?  It was no surprise that Trump and a few others went by the wayside but the rest of it was very heartening.  If I were to be a conservative, which on occasion I can be, Rubio would be the one for me.  I mean, we need a cute president right?  As a hardworking taxpayer/socialist I'm elated that Bernie is kicking ass and taking names.  He and EW have been my ticket all along.  Her home state has one of the most successful health insurance plans in the country for which Romney took a lot of credit.  I figure she and Bernie together can send Jamie Dimon to China on a slow boat.

Gotta' go round up some beads. It's almost Ash Wednesday.  ^j^

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