Saturday, February 6, 2016

the new normal

It feels very peaceful to have a free weekend.  For years there has been something to do on days off, after work and whenever one of the grands had a crisis, which was pretty often lately.  I'm just now realizing that reality.  Oh sure, I have about 100 thank you notes to write but that will come with time.  Yet another person asked how mama's doing and I had to tell the story again.  At least I know that people care!  As an introvert I require a fair amount of time to think too much reflect on life.

Tiffany's angel up at the wreck site has lost her wings but is still standing in the mud where she died.  It's obvious that somebody is tending that little corner, most likely her mother or sister.  The door and window guys are almost finished on this floor except for the one window that got shorted on the order.  Thus, a piece of plywood over BG's absent one.  Plus, the frame on one of them is rotten so there's a big hole around the bottom that lets cold air in.

Some local scammers are calling me with an offer for a free Bahamas vacation. If I knew who to tell I'd report them.  I could care less about the Bahamas when there's Okaloosa in my future.  I'm headed shortly to get my hair did at Headlines which is owned by my dear friends.  Ever since they opened, except when I was dead broke, they have taken care of my head and kept me up with who's doing what.  Nothing like a salon for gossip.

Flu season is here officially so the sawmill is ramping up with masks and whatnot.  I visited with a patient and his daughter yesterday who knows the story of  how Oscar was abused by the neighbors and came to live with us.  Katie is still mad over that!  They have a new Jack Russell puppy and he was giving me tips on how to "train" a terrier not to be spastic.  Good luck with that one y'all.

Going with the flow ~

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