Monday, February 22, 2016

true grit

I must admit there have been a lot of times in my life when I just went pitiful and cried about every little thing as if life is supposed to be fair or something.  When I wasn't playing the victim, I was busy bitching about what's wrong and not focusing on the good things.  It was a miserable way to be and I'm thankful to sweet baby jeebus that I was smart enough to figure that out.  I try to be patient with the ones who don't get it but umm.  I was greeted at the voting office today by lots of hugs from folks who know how recent my losses are and it was the quickest vote I ever button.  Not hesitation just *boom*.  That vote is my voice and one that women and minorities didn't have for a very long time.

I tend to slow down more and enjoy things like cute baby pictures of Adley in Lafayette or some other newborn.  I hug my dogs at night and know that they are my best friends and have my back like nobody's business.  Any fool who would dare try to sneak up on me would rudely get his ass tore up by the boys.  Sophie would probably just hang with me like a girl.

The weather is still horrid but I got finch crack today from cute feed store guys so there's that.  Oh, and plant food!  Dirt, too.  This asshat of a lawyer pulled out from his office right in front of my car and wouldn't move. Y'all know the type.  Recovering? addict with an attitude and all about himself.  He was court appointed for my ex when he landed in jail and rudely told me and BG " I know this seems important to you but I've got a murder case going on. "  Right.   You know the one about penis issues and cars?  Yeah.  Him. A lot of doctors have that going on too, especially the foreign ones.   A lot of ours drive pickup trucks.

This is what drives me crazy about healthcare delivery in this country.  Our reimbursement systems are all set by Medicare rates and parceled out to insurance companies and purchasing groups for contracted service. You will rarely find a doctor in private practice any longer, especially in small towns.  When I started there, the locals still made house calls.  Folks like Dr. Robert Kerr.  Those were the days.  At that time fully paid by employer insurance covered overnight stays for "testing".  The ER was reserved for the real emergencies and everybody got pretty good care.  Now everything is on an outpatient basis unless you become critically ill and they have to take you.  Trust's the way of the world.

Social welfare whether it be proper medical treatment or services to help those stuck in the cycle of poverty is a necessity to turn around the economy via decreased stress.  It's a win-win when you have happy people who support what the government does with their tax money.  Oh know you use it free for a whole year and then bill us two years later for non-disclosure.  Asshats.  I have this to say about Wall Street and mega banks....I'm damn glad I didn't invest a whole lot of my income over the years because I've seen friends and co-workers lose their entire investments and never recover.  More than once, by the way.  Remember when people were jumping off buildings years ago?    It could happen again, or maybe it did on 9/11.  Not a justification or reason but, an observation.   The horrific attacks on Muslim American people in the aftermath made me physically sick. So did the war.

Cousin Connie of Utah and the Church of Latter Day Saints answered yesterday when I rang him up to say thanks for the Valentine card.  He goes on and one about family history and now and again I catch a name I know from a neighboring county like Crockett or Lauderdale.  Hamilton and Agee are the recurring names.And then t here's Naughtie and Faughtie whomever they were!  He is delightful and has a fat tuxedo cat in his lap most of the time, or so he says.  Haven't heard from BS or Annie so I assume all is well.  They have me on speed dial.

Otherwise, I'm off for a day and mighty grateful ~

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