Monday, February 8, 2016

pick your battles

 I finally gave up on talking to the billing department at ATT because me and agent #1 brokered a payment arrangement including a dispute on the way the new modem hit me all at once.  PLUS, I have a UVerse account and don't even have the service.  Sounds like they might be creeping on over toward the lane!  I do so love me a good rollout of services.  I have no internet or television contract so I'm easy picking for them. Cell service with them has always been a pleasure.  Shit, I've still got a freakin' Bellsouth email address.  DirecTV and Dish are asshats with good sounding deals up front on impossible to get out of contracts.  When I switched from one company to the other, company #1 ran my debit card on file for early termination fees totaling 500 bucks.  It took my bank three months to get it back from the bastards.

Here's the way I feel about all that: If contracting for your service demands  trust on my part then I should choose how I am treated as a customer or client.  This goes not only for mega-global companies but for the Wall Street boys as well.  Certain "commodities" should be out of the financial sector, and healthcare is the most important.  Our entire delivery system is so fractured and littered with opportunistic practitioners who push pills instead of promote health.  Because it makes them more money for Porsches and expensive suits. I've watched these assholes drop a door on my face as I trudged up into the sawmill to do my job.  There's a special place in hell for you folks, just saying.

So from what I hear that's what the heroin epidemic is about, more or less.  A couple of generations of folks have been tempted by opiate addiction and once Oxy hit the street it was not affordable.  Heroin is cheap and readily available thanks to the Mexicans.  That wasn't just WEEDS they were smuggling, ya know.  The poverty of the people there has left them in harm's way of drug cartels and their violent tactics.  Next time you pop a hydro or percocet, thank about where it can lead.  Needles in arms y'all.  Sad.Sad.Sad. I remember reading the news of hundreds of immigrants from the south being captured and ransomed only to be murdered in droves.

 Meanwhile Bernie and Hillary are giving each other hell with Bill all up in there defending her which is, um.  Not cool honey.  If she stands tall, she doesn't need you to be mean to the Bern.  A hallmark of Democratic politics is a leaning to the left with a progressive slant toward a better future. I don't know about y'all but I would LOVE love love to see EW kick some corporate ass.  My favorite conservative gave me a big old "sorry 'bout mama" hug today and actually got me to crying as we talked.  It comes in little cries now, not the big ugly ones from before.  My house is looking tons better and it's a work in progress.

Faith ~

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