Wednesday, February 24, 2016

change is eternal

I'm sitting here lookin' like this with painters in two rooms and country music to boot.  It was raining at dark yesterday and the bed, though not in its' usual spot, felt like heaven.  I can feel the puppies waking up during the night and propping a little nose on some body part.  People think I'm crazy but there's nothing like it except for snuggling with a baby.

I had a meeting at work this morning which was brief and productive because we stay connected and organized.  Always.   Michelle and I discussed the future of our common ground and decided that it's just the way of the world these days.  I heard some crazy news while there and we're all on a mission to find out what's up.  Time will tell.  Sounds like all roads lead to Cedar street eventually.

I remember visiting the jail with a picnic lunch back when Doober was incarcerated for some charge or another.  His girlfriend and I worked together as young med techs at Parkview. David ended up as the all time high blood alcohol walking that I ever witnessed which was .52 by the way.  He never went down until the night of his murder.  The guy who was charged with strangling him has died as well.   The way I see it, they were just a toxic combination.  Happens all the time when addiction takes over.

So the painters are busy busy busy and we're listening to none other than Party Line thanks to Burks Beverage and all them.  This is happening at warp speed by construction standards and is supposedly much easier than doing a newly built home.  My room is done except for pain and I gave away a thousand pound TV and scooped up Mama's.  DirecTV is on the way sometime today if they show.

And yes, we had snow today.


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