Thursday, February 11, 2016

the stafford story

I actually sat still and watched a documentary about the Manning family and their football careers and I have a new respect for that kind of devotion to smething, especially when you make a lot of money.  That being said, as a Vol forever I believe Peyton is pretty close to being knighted in my book.  He is the "brand" for our new "brand" at the sawmill and I'm liking the things I see so far.  Time will tell if leadership continues to be strong and able to  think outside the box and buck.  Patient satisfaction is key and as a rural catch-all type facility we struggle with caseloads of varying acuity from life to death and beyond.  Our ER is crowded with those who are uninsured, partly because of failure to expand Medicaid.  Our state's biggest industry is healthcare and insurance and the yahoos blocked some federal money on principle!  Tell you time some addict off the street hits me up at 3AM in the ER with an attitude I'll give her Bill Haslam's number.  Oh..and Wilder too.  Note to self: make a list and check it twice.

I was thinking back to this time last year and the puppies that got born under the barn floor.  It was so dark we couldn't see them for about three weeks, but could hear their squeals.  That's when I first learned you can use your phone as a flashlight.  Yea, duh.  They eventually came out into the flower beds up front where yard guy SPRAYED them with weed killer and I about had a cow.  Fortunately all 9 survived and now romp and play in new homes.  Grandpa Chester's keepers worked with me on that and we're old friends of their families and through work.  I love having deep roots like that.  It makes seeing the big picture so much more meaningful.

Miss Mary Crawford showed up out here about two years ago or so when I was outside filling up BabyMan's pool one day.  I found, to my delight, a stunning radiant well dressed 90 something year old lady being ferried around by her daughter, on a mission.  That day it was to visit the home where she lived as a four year old.  She told me stories about her baby sister almost dying in the middle room and her daddy being so upset.  There were chutes to the basement for peony shuttle in the packing area.  She remembered a pond right about where my new window points that had swans in it.   At that point, I knew she was here as an angel to help me make peace with the don't own can't defend part of my life.  

She and Ms Juanita returned and we visited with my parents and Mozella the mayor.  We tried to catch up with corporate but he was not around so there you go.  The history is rich and deep and involves many landowners prior to the current two family situation.  The Johnson family is my own and we all grew up on the farm, some with happier memories than others.   When I visited her the other day, the Mayor certificate and tinfoil sheriff star were both displayed.

The windows and doors and otherwise sprucing up around here is something that I have sorely needed.   An almost hundred year old farmhouse on  top of a hill facing northwest is a cold sumbitch in the winter.  I understand now why there's a break of pine trees planted strategically out front.

 In other news, I didn't get ashed and I'm not giving anything up for Lent except for the impatience thing which is a done deal because it takes up too much energy.  This election is set to be one that will make history because I see some serious hell raising going on by Team Bernie.  If he does not get the Democratic nomination, he could win without them.  People adore this man and one session of getting bitched out by him should set our "GOP controlled" Congress straight.  If not, I'm moving to Fiji.

Peace and love and happy ladies night ^j^

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