Saturday, February 27, 2016

on a mission

Today that goal includes finding my bra because I have not a CLUE where anything is right now including said undergarment.    Early morning chores and visitation were done in my Bernie hoodie which doesn't require support.  Maybe later as the day warms I can shed that and let the girls flop under a t-shirt.  I got sad news on the way to town from my friend Annie about Babysister's beloved husband Fred.  "Mr. Babysister" as I call him, passed yesterday after a long ordeal with Alzheimer disease.  She and her children managed to care for him at home up until a week or so ago when hospice became their only option.  They are now gathering, as families do, to plan his military funeral.  Salute to you Fred Boone.

My daddy asked for that as well and it was chilling to hear Taps played by the officers present at the graveside.  That was AFTER the tornado siren went off which I thought was appropriate for a soul like his.  He could definitely be full of strong wind!  My youngest brother is a weather reporter so that fit as well.  There was no such send off for Mama, just mud and cold as we laid her to rest.  I've been back once with Bubba but am still not ready to see the final date engraved on that stone.

It's been a whole moon cycle since she died following a heavy snow and a lot of sickness and drama.   Since then the grass has greened up and robins have arrived.  It is amazing to sit at this huge window and watch nature roll past.  The fields are waiting to be planted so birds are everywhere picking around and hanging out.  The hum of the washing machine tells me that life will be somewhat back to normal in the *cough* near future.  Whatever the hell normal is!!

So, for today i'm focused on gratitude and love and sweeping up sawdust.  My heart is in a lot of other places like Cedar street and Casa Grands as we process and move onto the next chapter.  Estate sale ladies are still doing their Saturday thing and I've got more crap stuff for them to sell once I get it sorted.  My visit this morning was a truly humbling experience and one I hope never happens again.  Faith can make that happen.

Growth ~

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