Monday, February 15, 2016

those happy golden years

I just had a nice little visit with Bubba as he made his rounds on the farm.  After being on call for each other 24/7 all these years, now we get to relax and chat about what's important like home improvement!   The view out of this bay window is pretty dismal today like a cross between the Moors and Transylvania.  I keep looking for zombies to come up out of the dairy barn.  It is warmer though, and I'll take that.  This is about the time when I begin to believe that in spite of isolated winter events that can be um..unpredictable, spring is on the way.

It struck me today when I started a head count that my blood kin now consists of two brothers, one daughter, one aunt and a few cousins.  Four of my cousins died in the years prior to their own parents.  I suppose it's the luxury of time that allows me to go back down memory lane and smile at my grandmother's painstakingly organized scrapbooks.  Those were moved by Mama down to the Bizzle house and then up here when it was demolished.  Like I've said before, we keep shit forever and a day.  Some of my happiest moments in this house were decorating with linens and baubles passed down through generations.

Contributions to the church keep rolling in enough so that I stopped by to pick up more thank you notes today.  KK had Mama's picture book and crystal portrait all ready for me too.  The prism is a muted version of the cover photo and it makes me wistful in a way I can't describe.  There's another one with Daddy's grinning face down the road somewhere.  Interest is running high on the sale because you just never know where a treasure might end up.

I'm pretty sure the Republicans have all lost their minds, what little they had.  Now they're suing each other for slander and whatnot while the little people die of lead poisoning in Flint and get shot in schools.   Not that there's a link between that behavior and the GOP agenda except *NRA* and "other" special interests.  I should seriously get to the point where this stuff doesn't piss me off so bad.  It's not good for my inner child.

Happy President's Day people ~

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  1. Hold on to your inner child!
    Persistence and passion
    Never letting go of your dreams!