Thursday, February 18, 2016

forward motion

I'm in the zone right now with thank you notes and about to be current, Lord willing and my hand doesn't cramp.  After sleeping in a bit I hit the streets for caffeine and thistle seed only to find that my "dealer" is out of finch crack.  It was funny because he acted like he was searching while I browsed and apologetically said it would be there tomorrow so "y'all come back!"   He's also the straw bale guy.  Since I was in the neighborhood I stopped by for early voting and found them locked up tight so I guess it was too early.  By that time I just headed on back home with my Coke Zero and started writing.

Carney gifted Bubba and I with her famous pimento cheese and I called to thank her this morning which ended me up in tears.  She and Mama go allllll the way back and our tribes have blended through friendship and work.  They played bridge together for a hundred years and Carney still plays!  She's one of the "serious" ones as Mama called them.  These gals play for blood.   Babysister and Annie and I have been burning the phone line up because BS is in transition with her hubs  and we just need to stay in touch because...Mom.

As I look around me and feel the shift in time and space that comes with embracing reality, there is a calm that I haven't felt in many years.  There is no worry about what WILL happen next when two elders reach the point of needing care but not wanting it.  It was like being on call 24/7 as a healthcare advocate.  Now the crises are small things like cars that won't start or frozen pipes.  This, I can handle because it is a way of life.  And if you don't get your note soon, holla.  I might not have made it to the post office.

Love ~

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