Thursday, February 4, 2016

cards and letters

One of our vendors and a fellow Methodist dropped in today with an extremely tall new sales rep who, as it turns out, played pro basketball.  Dude had to duck to get under the door frame.  George gave me a huge hug and we chatted about his grandchildren.  It's the little things, y'all.  Every time I turn around somebody is just finding out about Mama or sending me well wishes and that is such a comfort.  What a tribute to her life! The cashier in the cafeteria asked about her yesterday and was mortified to hear that she had passed.  I felt bad for her, really.  Everyone knew and loved my parents from their years as volunteers there.  Those careers ended when she dropped something on her head outside ICU and he tore his hand up pushing a wheelchair.  Plus, he got mad when their station got moved.  That's my daddy!

Heather and I have been trolling South Walton and she booked us a place for vacay this morning.  Lord willing and the zombies don't come I'll be on Okaloosa Island in about three months.  The Emerald coast is what's up kids.  There's a bunch of mud at the bottom of Alabama that shifts when you cross the state line to FL. Mighty Mississippi I reckon or maybe FloriBama is tipping point for white sand and clear water.  All I need is a swimsuit and comfy shorts.  Low maintenance, no?

Window guys came and went today and got almost done.  I haven't been to the basement in six months but I bet there's light down there for a change.  My father's legacy to the family that he served was to go cheap and repair what can be nailed, wired or bolted together.  I found some peace with his situation this week in the form of a phone call from a healthcare provider whom I trust who just ALSO happens to be my late cousin's husband.  He explained to me the timeline of Daddy's acute illness and how it was discovered and it was good for my soul to know that standards of practice were followed.  

This is Go Red month aka American Heart Association fundraising bonanza and my bossfriend gifted me with a red dress pin this morning.  She even stuck it into my badge for me because I was too lazy.  Gotta' love it.  Mitzi Lou was there when I arrived today and we talked about what's up with her mama which is about where I was a few weeks ago.  I can certainly relate.  Freda mentioned to a new employee the other day that we have all grown up together and are now doing the same with growing old.  

My favorite line of the day : " is what it is."  


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  1. Yep. Found out today I broke a tooth that has to be pulled, and the options range from $600 to $6K