Monday, January 3, 2011

let's do lunch

Adding insult to injury at the sawmill this most recent holiday, our corporate IT department decided to do a year end back-up during the wee hours, with a downtime set to expire at 7AM.  It's a little complicated, but we manage most times, even when it's busy.  It's perfectly normal for us to experience a few issues following a downtime but THIS time, it sat in computer limbo until today.  As we say in the south " how nice."  Happy 2011 Poops!  I spent the better part of the work day calling various IT guys and gals knowing that everybody is a little bit slower on New Year's day what with the partying and all.

Take me for instance!  I was in bed by 8PM.  Any questions?  My brother dropped by awhile ago to pick up the rent shoot the shit and we talked about going to pick up his new little girl puppy on Friday.  Breeder says they're eatin' good and ready to go.  It just melts my heart to see that love develop between a pet and their best friend.  I guess I have three best friends, which is never too many.  I don't count Lily the cat except when she's in the mood to cuddle.

Mom is downsizing  in the cabin, finally cleaning out crevices and corners that haven't been touched in years.......all thanks to Miss Fay.  She has moved from the passive crying afraid-to-be-a-burden state into full fledged entitlement.  I only hope I can do it quicker when I get there because she sure did spend a lot of time being miserable just because.  She is 77 years old and just last month decided that it's okay not to care what people think!!  She just called right up to the furniture store and asked the nice man to come out and help her move some stuff.  She's in a mood.  I'm just saying.

In a way, I think it's her method of letting go of life there.  She's always been organized to a fault, until her eyesight failed.  In her day, she was a newspaper columnist for a couple of locals and then moved on to a tenure  with the state in the unemployment division. For some odd reason, social security wasn't deducted from her wages so she now draws less than 500 dollars in benefits.  Without daddy's federal retirement, they'd be screwed.  She is sending boxes and parcels of stuff up our hill for quick perusal as to sentimental value or yard sale potential and we trash the rest.  Plain and simple.  That's the new "peace and love" ya'll.


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  1. I should email ya my resume, sounds like you need some good IT staff!!