Friday, January 21, 2011

slip slidin' away

What can I say? There's snow in the Southeast this winter and we just ain't used to dealing with it. Why...back in the day it would snow on Easter sometimes and we'd have to put sweaters over our new dresses to go out and find those eggs buried in the buttercups. Ethel used to take her parakeets to the sunrise service so that they'd all sing with the choir, or so I'm told. She was a stern woman with false teeth that she clicked relentlessly while dialing the rotary phone with a freebie plastic thing from some furniture store. In her younger days, she was an honest to god telephone operator when they had to plug the wires in on the bank of party lines. I have one picture of her at that age, and she looks eerily like me except with a smaller waist. There is a handsome man leaning over the place where she worked and a few other odd folks with period hats and dress. I need to find that thing and remember who I am, ya know?

Things are stable at Casa Grands for now. We said we'd never see another winter out here together but by golly we've got a good start on it. The propane tank is empty again *sigh* and we've resorted to heating a circa 1918 house with electric space heaters. TVA loves me and Butch never did get the cake I promised him for Christmas two years ago. As a matter of fact, neither did my friend the attorney. Both of 'em are just good old country boys who are suckers for nice girls who try real hard to take care of things like history and their mamas and daddies and the birds. I do so love me some pretty birds. Especially ones that sing.


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