Monday, January 17, 2011

keepin' the faith

If I were the least bit ready to end my life like on purpose or would have been the day to climb the water tower. I seriously hate winter around here because it's always raining and dreary. Since I'm not a duck hunter there's no upside to that for me personally. My car is ten years old and still not paid for but almost and I give a big fat hat tip to TMC for making engines that run long after you've replaced them for oil leaks. It's got three bad tires, no driver's side door handle and the brakes squeak. I have hauled about a ton and a half of garbage from up here on the hill to anonymous dumpsters all over the 'burg through the years. Sometimes I burn, but never EVER when the fields are dry. We all know where they ends us up at...with rakes and middle aged women doing fire duty on the lane, just like back in the days of the Ferguson farm.

Me and my friends watched a movie this afternoon about having babies which is pretty right on since it seems to be in the cards for all of us this year. JA was actually the one who first uttered the phrase that will be, if not the title, at least an interesting chapter in the book. Let's all think positive that I don't get hit by a tsunami or a volcano before it happens. You never know. I don't think the sawmill is earthquake proof either.

You can't make this shit up...the experiences of a life lived freely and fully. I thought today about the random violence that has silenced great voices in American history. If I were a writer for NCIS I'd probably be rich by now. Instead, I choose to write about hope and faith. Not much money in it...but it helps me sleep better at night so I can get up and do the right thing on another day. This is how we learn and grow and make life better for others. Peace and luv ya'll.



  1. Faith isn't hoping for things unseen; it is KNOWING that those things are there.
    Keep on keepin' on Sister Janie, for I think I hear horns.

  2. Follow where the heart leads. Your stories will be well worth reading and making everyone shake their heads with the great memories.

    Hugs and prayers