Saturday, January 29, 2011

walkin' the yard

By some odd miracle, the temp on my John Deere thermometer is somewhere between 60 and 70. See exhibit A on the other social network * I just about got a bad case of sun blindness walking around in the yard today. It's kinda sort like being a mole or groundhog who comes out to see what the weather's like. Way to early yet for anything to bloom, I still wander around dreaming about how pretty it will all be come Easter. That's what keeps me going right now. I hear there's snow in next week's forecast so I might as well soak it up while I can. This also means that the golf course will open, much to the delight of my friend who lives and breathes the game. Funny how that whole proximity thing worked out. Hmmmm.

Slowly but surely, the boxes and piles at my homeplace are being sorted through and trashed. I remember doing a cleanup gig post-tornado, sponsored by my employer/church at the time. What amazed me the most was walking around and poking through the paper trail that this deceased couple had left behind in the remnants of their mobile home. Everybody thinks they might "need" that particular piece of paper someday. In my experience, if you really DO need it, you'll never find it in the middle of all that crap. Burn it it or take it to the shred it guy. That way you don't have to move the boxes anymore!

It has been bittersweet, to say the least. First pass was one fell swoop of cleaning out Daddy's office so that the owners could get a grip on the finances. We sat in my kitchen going through papers with spiders and such, looking for anything that looked like something other than a hand written receipt. Daddy's dementia had been in full force for a several years, if you get the picture. You talk about one pissed off old dude, that day I could have totally lived without. I think my brother sent me up in there to do it because he knew that Daddy would have choked him. I'm a girl so he just cussed at me.

The history that is our family and the others who have lived here is something that I cherish. The oldtimers are almost gone. Sounds like a plan to me.

Please, please, please! Do not go to your local ER tomorrow with a sore throat. We need a break, umkay? Peace and love. And God bless Egypt'n'Tunisia'n'them.



  1. Yeah, I'm lookin for the flowers which usually start coming up about now out here. Unfortunately I have yet to see them.

    Gettin' old is not one of the things I'm lookin forward to. And going through other peoples hoards isn't either, luckily for my "adopted" parents, their daughter is doing it, I just look at it all and roll my eyes.

    Keep smilin' Janie, sending Hugs and Prayers.