Thursday, January 27, 2011

it's a job

As we all know, the job market is getting slimmer by the day what with all the cheap labor elsewhere. My daughter, who put herself through college working third shift, has been unemployed for almost a year. Not that she hasn't tried, mind you. This gal has applied at every gas station and superstore around here and they wouldn't even consider her because they all knew that if she found a job in her chosen field she'd be history. The possibilities for change that social work represents is something that only the most faithful can navigate because you see so many sad things that can't be changed, only endured. She was offered a job in her field yesterday, and promptly embraced the idea that home care is one of the things that the future of social work consists of. We have struggled mightily with this long stretch of waiting for a miracle, and it happened right in Big Ernie's time. Thank you.

Every time I pull in the driveway I glance to the left to see if any early spring flowers are up. Snowdrops are supposed to be first, but usually the crocus beats it. We haven't seen the sun in days, but it's warming up to the fifties so I'm good with that. It gets mighty cold when you're not in front of a heater around here. Not to worry though, propane guy. The refund is in cyberspace and you WILL get paid. With interest and a chocolate cake. And probably a big hug. The finches are doing their hang on the feedsock thing. Those little birds are so much fun to watch...especially when they turn all golden.

BG has gone to pick up her Memaw from hair and Daddy has lunch because Ms. Fay is working today. All is well on the lane.


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  1. My daughter was lucky. She too put herself through college, getting her BS in the social fields. She applied to ONE place, 10 minutes from home, AND GOT the counselor's job. Thank you Ernie, indeed! Been there 2 years now.
    BG will get the call soon, I've a feeling. All things in His time.