Sunday, January 23, 2011

meanwhile, back on the hill.....

My day has consisted of breakfast at Perkins, sans my mama and a very intense networked attempt to figure out what the hell to do with an injured screech owl. My friend and I were headed home last night and picked him up off of the road with a bleeding beak. He never tried to fight me as I gently tucked him under my coat for warmth. The nice man from the wildlife place that came by to pick him up today said that he looked in pretty good shape. He'll probably get rehab at Reelfoot and live to screech again! I love it when that happens.

We went exploring yesterday for a photo shoot on the old 51 bridge that runs behind the kudzu bar. The view there is really fascinating when considering the history of that part of town. Back in the day, Dyersburg was known as "Little Chicago" because of the rampant corruption and crime. Being on several rivers didn't help matters. This particular bridge is an old iron one that is impassable for vehicles but makes a nice little hike until you get to the part of the woods that doesn't have a clear path. The new and improved 51 bridges are visible with traffic whizzing by on the way to work and church and whatnot. Covered in snow it was a beautiful sight.

Everybody's watching the Bears, so I guess I will too. Peace out people ^j^

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  1. We were given dominion over the animals, so the Good Book says, and you did well with that trust Janie.