Tuesday, January 25, 2011

important documents

We all know that you have to keep on your person certain pieces of paper that keep us out of trouble out there in our lives. Gotta have insurance on your car(s) lest some drunk sumbitch with NONE does not. If you don't have health insurance (which, by the way, many people do not) your life becomes one big chinese circus trying to figure out how to get the care you need to stay healthy enough to do the job that pays the bills for the life you live to get up and go to work again just to survive. A true vocation is a blessing because at least you don't HATE what you do. It would just be nice to get a few more perks for being loyal. I'm just saying.

Which brings me right smack to the state of our union country. You don't have to be a nuclear physicist to figure out that we got lost along the road to imperialism, as Don Henley calls it. Sammy D's grandaddy made me a copy of the Long Road Out of Egypt CDs and I listened to them until they wouldn't play anymore. Then, I bought my own. I've always been a sucker for the Eagles. Uh, and owls. Last night we were sitting around on the couch in the warm room surrounded by puppy love and my friend accused me of totally leaving him out of the storyline on the rescue. Truth be told, he's the one who scooped him up off the cold wet pavement.

It's snowing again and I'm not the least bit amused. In the southeast, we are accustomed to mild winters since we were bitty babies and this past couple of years has been rough. I know....I know! At least we don't live in New England. Or Haiti.

A funny thing happened the other day. I sent an email to one of the ministers at my home church to thank him for a personal favor, and it got returned as in "no such address". I took it straight out of the church bulletin too. It's kind of sad to see what's happening there right now with the older generation that includes my parents dying out. There was some major money that kept the business of that church going, paying apportionments and funding high salaried preachers and associates who pretty much turned their lives over to the congregation. In my opinion, that's not what a real church is. A living church is one that shows tolerance and patience for those who can't help it, and expects a whole lot from the ones who can. I was never a big financial donor, but I was there doing stuff to work off my tithe so I figure me and Big E are even. I'm even optimistic that I will be a sheep :) If not, I'll sure go down trying.

At this point in my life, I'm ever so grateful for comedians and their writers because I sure do love to laugh my smart ass off. It's the best medicine, hands down. BG and I were sittin' in the warm room this afternoon and Lily was curled up on the barstool that we took from Bubba's club as a "happy". My precious daughter walked by and knocked that cat smooth off the stool....and she managed to hang on with her claws! She was pissed though. Ya'll do all know the pissed off cat look, right?

And yes. It's still snowing.


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