Wednesday, January 19, 2011

monthly planning

Okay ya'll. We all know just about how organized I am, so it's a stretch to think that I can actually accomplish something that resembles a long term goal. Old Poopie has always been the the "ideal" gal....the one who who will dwell on a concept until it becomes a dream and not in tune with the current corporate image of a good American. Can't tell you how many times I've done that. There is no big money to be made from the majority of my bucket list ideas, but then again...I'm a senior citizen now so I probably couldn't manage to spend it all before I pass on over to glory anyway. I guarantee you a whole bunch of it would be spent on beach time in some form or fashion.

I find it oddly comforting that from where I sit, there are no answers and the black and white stuff kind of all turns into a gray area. It saves a whole helluva lot of energy not to feel obliged to run the world and leave that to Big Ernie. My cousin is in town staying with her mama and she dropped by to visit. There is nothing more spiritually cleansing than sharing family memories with the ones who were there and remember who wore what and how the whole thing went down. I'm fortunate to have close relationships with most of my family...a luxury that many people can't seem to find time for. I say you make time when it comes to that.

Anyway...back to the planning. It's January with snow and ice in the forecast and the trusty Camry sits (with one hubcap) out in the elements with no cardboard over the windshield. I did manage to remember that you need gas to thaw that sucker out in the mornings so I'm good to go back to the sawmill one more time, lord willing and the creek don't rise! My friendboss loaned me a movie about a puppy named Hachi and I loved every minute of it, sittin' on the couch with my own dogs and sobbing while he walked the tracks looking for his friend. Dogs are cool like that. Cats? Not so much.

Today's point of interest is the fact that Daddy is out of bananas and breakfast is coming tomorrow in spite of the winter weather advisory. My dear BG is out picking some up so that he doesn't have to endure one single morning without 'naners on his cereal. I just hope he has milk and orange juice because I'd hate for her to have to go back.

Love ya....mean it ^j^

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