Thursday, January 13, 2011

one step forward

It was a real reality check having to go "back" to work after a three day total escape...but the day wasn't bad for a Thursday that acts like a Monday so I'll take that and run with it. Usually it only takes a day or two of real gut clenching action here on the lane to wear me down, even after a rest. What I have found works absolutely great is two days of 12 hours. After that, I'm good to go. My house should be spotless and in Southern Living by now considering how much time I've spent on it this year, but it's finally all coming together where things are where they're gonna be and the open floors can be mopped more easily. Except for the dang dining room! That's been a tornado struck lookin' thing since last summer. That will be the last and most painstaking arrangement because I plan to cook for Mother's day lunch. If I'm not working, of course :)

Things are quiet with the grands now. They seem to have reached an unspoken compromise something like " if you don't mess with ME I'll leave YOU alone. Works for me. Daddy is retreating more into his own little world with TV and rituals at every turn. But at least he doesn't pester her as much as he used to. Better living through chemistry!

I inherited her PC which consists of a tower in worse shape than mine and a keyboard with big fat black letters on yellow pads. Hell YES it's much easier to see, especially when you sit in the dark a lot like me. I'm a candle fiend so most of the time there's one burning on the desk in lieu of an energy saving bulb. After innocently starting a FB smack down after commenting about my curiosity about what President Obama would say in his address, I tuned in to see what he had to say. Tastefully done, in my opinion, it was a combination of celebration for the people who were wounded or died and an urgent plea for the rest of us to shut the f**k up and move on to something more productive for our country. I agree with that point, ya'll. So they had T-shirts? Big freaking deal. They were red white and blue for god's sake. Some folks just don't know when to quit.

Flu season has begun with a whimper according to our testing, but there's plenty of sickness around that they just didn't make a shot for this year. Everybody that I'm around....including work people...has suffered through the month long ordeal with it. Add a montezuma's revenge style stomach bug about halfway through there and you get the picture. Not a bunch of happy campers. People who NEVER call in sick did over that evil gastrointestinal thing. Yikes! Back in the day, a lot of our patients were mostly well and just there for sudden illness. Now it's much more the revolving door type atmosphere where they have multiple visits on Medicare before they die. Some are young and some are old....but most are chronically ill. We still have our share of drug seekers, but a more sophisticated method of weeding them out on the front lines has just about cut that crap out. Now all the clinics get them.

Over and out from Pecan Lane. Ya'll be careful out there ^j^

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