Friday, January 14, 2011


When I first began blogging, it was like a whole new world...a venue, if you will, apart from the bots and horny people in chat rooms looking to score. I met exactly two real live guys who remain my friends to this day, and the rest were history. I poured my heart in a daily diatribe against all things greedy and mean and somehow managed to find my inner writer along the way. No subject is off limits in blogland but the names are always changed to protect the innocent. I'd hate to give the lawyers something to chase after because they should be preserving the state of our union or something equally as admirable. In my opinion, that doesn't mean suing people who do the best they can with what they have. Sometimes you're the windshield? Sometimes the bug. Malpractice law is the biggest joke in this country. Many claims are legitimate, but most are all about some quick cash to raise the crackheaded kids. Remember Johnny Cochran et al? Yeah.

When good faith...does the right thing or what they BELIEVE to be the right thing then the law should honor that. Predictably for me, this does not include mentally ill people who buy guns legally and proceed to kill innocent folks with 'em. But that's a whole 'nother chapter about how people are too bored or tired or just fed up to pay attention and watch out for that crazy sumbitch who likes bullseyes. I'm just saying. Sarah Palin...go open a fish store or something. I'm tired of your stupid ass already. Dancing for the Stars is about as low as you can go.

My friend Sue had a knee replacement done a couple of weeks ago and seems to be recovering nicely with a little help from her friends. She is a mentor to me, of sorts. Ten years older and much wiser, she shares my love of comic relief and understands why Chelsea is totally "screamin'" hilarious. Once Katrina hit, we were over it with federal emergency response. Helloooooooo.......where did the dam(n) money go? The way I figure it's gonna go down is like in that movie with Tea Leoni and Morgan Freeman where we all just get washed into the muck by a big wave. I just pray that somebody's holding my hand when the wave hits.

Call.Your.Mother. And don't forget the clean underwear thing.

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